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  1. Thx for the guidance, will take a look at the log file and let you know.
  2. Hmmm, seems like there might still be a few things missing (i.e. USB reclocker, case, etc) plus the standard DC3 is not built to Statement specs. Of course you will have to build and test it yourself, so please don‘t forget labor ...
  3. I would be curious as to how you would quantify that assumption?
  4. Thx, but where do I fing the HQPlayer Log file on a Windows 10 Machine? I looked through the Signalyst Folder (in Program Files) but couldn‘t find anything which resembled a log file ... ☺️
  5. Agree on the genre sequencing approach, I just have to figure out the easiest way to go about it ....
  6. They are in: https://tidal.com/browse/playlist/768432eb-b8ba-4a1d-b90a-a4c9a9ba8d85 Lots of content to enjoy! It is now growing to a size that we may want to think about putting them in some type of order, thoughts?
  7. I have added Mitcho's tracks to the PL: https://listen.tidal.com/playlist/768432eb-b8ba-4a1d-b90a-a4c9a9ba8d85 There are some good ones in the list, but unfortunately Flim and the BB's + The Brooklyn Funk Band were not available on Tidal.
  8. I reached out to the guys from Kii Audio a while back regarding SW integration and XO. You can find their response here:
  9. I had my DC3 built to the same specs as the Zenith SE and am not regretting the purchase one bit. Sean was even nice enough to provide me with longer connecting cables at no additional cost when I changed my mind at the last minute. Fantastic service and product.
  10. Thanks for sharing the link. Could you help me to understand the Stereophile graph?
  11. Correct, in my case it is an Amethyst. Yes, in a 2.1 mono constellation. My Kii‘s are mounted in the upper corners of the listening room with a 15 degree downward tilt. Tweeter at ear level.
  12. Received my Sean Jacobs DC3 PSU a couple days ago and am using it to power my HQPlayer PC. With this purchase, I am now powering 90 % of my digital signal chain with Sean's PSU designs. (Server, HQplayer, Endpoint, and Switch) Just wanted to mention that the improvement in overall SQ was (in my sincere opinion) immediate and apparrent. So with all the interesting scientific discussions going on in this thread, the proof for me is in the SQ pudding. My perception: The quality of a PSU clearly makes a distinguishable difference throughout the signal chain.
  13. I am running the HQPlayer OS image on an Innous Statement with the HQplayerd service disabled. (i.e. Statement is functioning as an NAA endpoint) I am streaming to it via a windows based HQplayer Desktop (v4). Everything works great but after every 2-3 songs it pauses playback for approx 5 seconds and then continues. Could it be a buffering issue? Would appreciate any advise.
  14. I have listened to both the BXT and separate Subwoofer setups and my personal preference clearly lies with separate Subwoofer(s). IMO they enhance the soundstage imaging more than the BXTs.
  15. Thanks for providing the link. Got a bit impatient and decided to just purchase a Statement instead. You only live once ...
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