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  1. baconbrain

    HQ Player

    Thx, but with the last proposed setup, that would mean that my Trinnov would have to function as a NAA (which it does not) to be reachable via Ethernet, correct?
  2. baconbrain

    HQ Player

    I am considering using HQ Player again. My last install was about 2 years ago with a mR as NAA. The mR is now history, but I have an extra DIY Audio PC that I could use. Perhaps I am having a brain cramp, but I am struggling to understand how I would go about setting HQ Player up within my system chain. Currently I am running Roon Server on my Zenith SE and the Trinnov is a Roon End Point. All via Ethernet. Would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction?
  3. I have added a couple more to the playlist which you can access here: https://tidal.com/playlist/768432eb-b8ba-4a1d-b90a-a4c9a9ba8d85 Just let me know if someone would like to add ...
  4. I don‘t know wether it was the the new flagship streamer, the basic room treatment measures, or a combination of both, he put into place during the last upgrade, but the sound imo is now heavenly.
  5. I have. Fantastic vehicle but it definately doesn‘t sound like a Ferrari 😉
  6. It is a top of the line Naim System (but not the Statement) with the supporting infrastructure and Verity Audio Sarastro II speakers.
  7. Thx, if family and work permits, definitely.
  8. Guys, Have you ever driven a Ferrari? You know before you even start the engine that it just doesn‘t compare to the upper mid class sports sedan that you currently own. It is in a different league, and mostly likely in a price class you will never be able to afford, but if you are a car buff, the experience will more than likely be unforgettable. Does expectation bias play a role? Most definately, but the experience is undeniable when you press the throttle to the floor. Are you humbled when you drive off in your sports sedan at the end of day? Probably, but reality tells you that it still is the best sports sedan that you can afford. I really enjoy my Kii‘s, but I still find it incredibly fascinating what is possible when listening to the Ferrari‘s of the audio industry.
  9. A humbling moment ... occurred yesterday evening when I visited a good friend and listened to his newly updated system. (Speakers alone cost 40 k Euro ..) The experience was absolutely mind boggling and intense. Regardless of genre, his system tackled it all with a finesse and detail which sometimes left me speechless. As much as I really like my Kii Three 2.1 setup, it is definitely in another class when comparing to such heavyweights. Unfortunately for me (and my budget) experience continues to show that truly top level electronics have their price .... Is there a end of the audiophile Rainbow?
  10. Guys, Thanks for contributing. Really good stuff and very diverse. Reflects well on the Kii's capabilities with various genres. I am putting together a playlist in Tidal but struggling a bit when searching for the classical stuff. Could you check and let me know if you can find your classical selections in Tidal? Will publish the playlist once I have them all in. Don't currently have a Qobuz account, so I am limited in that regard for the moment. Please feel free if anyone else in the community would like to contribute. The more the better, regardless of preference.
  11. Hi fpalm69, So your attempt with the 205 didn‘t work?
  12. Not sure how this topic will resonate, but I thought it might be interesting to gather some feedback from the Kii Owner Community as to songs one likes to play when showcasing (or showing off) their systems. If enough interest is given, we could put together a public playlist in Tidal/Qobuz? Realize that our tastes will certainly vary but perhaps it is worth giving a try. Here my first few recommendations with no order of preference (format Title - Artist - Album - Comments): 1. Paradis Perdus - Christine and the Queens - Christine and the Queens - Female vocals 2. Tin Pan Alley - Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Can't Stand the Weather 3. Electrified - Boris Blank - Electrified - Electronic 4. When the Funk Drops - Far East Movement, Deorro, Uberjak'd - Single - Party Music
  13. I personally would prefer a compact size as opposed to a blingy expensive case.
  14. Thomas, IMO it is a great piece of kit with the advantage of allowing the user to go as deep into the topic as desired. Depending on your listening environment, the impact on SQ can be significant.
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