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  1. Agree, mine is also inactive. The only thing which got me wondering was that if the terminal is inactive, is it then properly terminated, and if not, does that affect ground?
  2. Cable length and the quality of the shielding are definitely contributing factors according to Mutec. @Confused Are you leaving the BNC Connection Terminal on the Ref 10 active, or inactive, for the additional Habst Ground connection?
  3. Check out the following: https://audiobacon.net/2018/10/25/mutec-ref-10-master-clock-the-digital-audios-heartbeat/ Jay makes a few recommendations in regards to cables in the review
  4. Totally agree about the ambient noise. Probably the biggest disadvantage with High End Event. (or any other audio happening of that size..) Give them a try in a suitable environment and I would be surprised if they disappoint.
  5. I have added a few highlights from the Munich High End Show (Tracks 18 - 28) to the Kii Three Community Tidal Playlist which you can access here: https://tidal.com/playlist/768432eb-b8ba-4a1d-b90a-a4c9a9ba8d85 Enjoy
  6. Approx. 2 meters (6 feet) from the back and side walls. The Innuos Statement Server was located behind the white curtain with the printed interior scene.
  7. So finally had the chance to listen to the Bxt Extensions at the High End In Munich over the weekend. They had them setup in such a way that you could turn the extensions on or off during playback which provided a good opportunity to hear titles with or without them. My impression was very positive and they certainly warrant a dedicated session in a more suitable environment to further explore their full potential. Attached is a pic of rig used to toggle between with / without the Bxt.
  8. Thanks for clarifying. Didn’t understand it to be a stand alone switch.
  9. Also a first for me. Considering everything they are wanting to modify, they could just offer the SE owners a trade-in, and be done with it.
  10. Guys, Honestly the Rep did not appear to be super knowledgeable so let‘s hope your sources are more accurate.
  11. No, unforetunately not. He stated that they have focused most of their attention on the MK III during the past months and the upgrade for the SE was still in a „development“ phase. I also asked if they would offer an official upgrade program (i.e. SE to Statement) and he mentioned that it was not being considered at the moment.
  12. Stopped by the Innous Booth during the High End in Munich yesterday and asked if the upgrade for the USB port was still on the roadmap for the SE and the Rep stated that “yes definitely ” both the USB and Ethernet Port upgrades were going to be released within the next 6 to 8 months...
  13. Owned the Musical Fidelity for about a year and then swapped it out for a Gold Note PH-10. IMO a more appealing sound signature at about the same price point. Something perhaps worth giving a try if you are still looking?
  14. Also agree, I am quite certain that all active filters do not perform the same. I can only reflect the experience I have had with my setup and perhaps the opinion of a few others. Think the loaner suggestion is a good one.
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