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  1. Sometimes I wonder how transparent the Kii's really are to upstream changes. My old Devialet seemed to be much more revealing ...,
  2. Relaxing a bit today, sitting here watching Bohemian Rhapsody on Blu-Ray, with the Kii's rocking the stage. Awesome!
  3. Interesting, I like the „concrete“ example. 😉
  4. What makes me a bit skeptical of the Kii Stands is that with the recessed bottom plate of the speaker, the cabinets fits over and around the mounting / resting plate of the stand. It looks great but would seem to create all kinds of possibilities for vibration ... Please note: This is only speculation on my part, as I do not use the Kii furnished stands.
  5. All good, I have added it. You have also made me curious and looking forward to giving the album a listen.
  6. Could it be that the title of the song is „Journey of Life“ ?
  7. Actually something which I also have contemplated given that the cabinet vibration of the Kii‘s has been measured (read it in a review somewhere...) to be fairly high. Would seem that sand filled stands certainly help but have their limits if the cabinets just rest on top of them ....
  8. I have now incorporated these into our Tidal List. 186 Tracks and growing ...
  9. Rumor has it that Paul Bunyan and Babe are also Wilson owners ...
  10. Absolutely massive. Feed them some Pearl Jam and you might blow the roof off the house!
  11. Here the link: https://tidal.com/browse/playlist/768432eb-b8ba-4a1d-b90a-a4c9a9ba8d85
  12. Exactly, and if there are any you would like to add, just let me know.
  13. Thanks and point taken. The only difficult part about that is that the tastes vary so it is a bit challenging to find a list which sounds "really good" for everybody.
  14. Enjoy them! They are really fantastic speakers imo! Btw., I have added most of your playlist (95%) to the Tidal KII Community one referenced on page 25.
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