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  1. What an excellent looking build! Extremely clean and sleek. Congrats on what you have accomplished. The case is fantastic and the guages are really the icing on the cake. Very impressive.
  2. Excellent educational article. Absolutely love it!
  3. I owned the first version of the SIM Audio Mind and although the SQ was quite good, their App was just the opposite. Of course, that doesn‘t mean that V2 is the same. Also owned a micro rendu and was really impressed with it. Excellent SQ and ease of use. Haven‘t had a chance to play with a Lumin.
  4. Missed this post ... Not sure if you have placement restrictions in your listening room, but I wouldn’t worry to much about going to all the trouble of building a fancy box for the SW‘s. Sometimes the most unorthodox placement of them in a room can give you the best listening results, and if you successfully find that sweetspot, then you have won 70% of the integration battle. IMO your idea about freeing up bottom end for Kii‘s, while increasing SPL, (and soundstage btw.) is spot on. I would start with a good sealed SW, plus a quality bass management solution, and take it from there. I would be really surprised if you are disappointed. Have fun!
  5. Hey Cazzesman, No such plans. The Kii‘s are still the setup of choice, but who knows what the future might bring ..? 😃 BB
  6. No, but having used a Trinnov with 3 different bookshelf speakers & similar placement in my listening room, each had distinct differences when comparing the measurement results. If you find the sound of the 8c to be more engaging, then they are probably the right choice for you. (trust your ears) Deficits in bass response can always be compensated through a good subwoofer integration. (which with a Trinnov is quite easy to do)
  7. Fully agree with Firedog's suggestion regarding a home audition of both speakers if possible. That really affords the best opportunity to determine how well each integrate with your system and listening environment. Out of curiosity, which speakers were you using when you measured them with the Trinnov back in 2015?
  8. Note: Selling Price lowered to 4,500 Euro plus Shipping and Duties/Fees.
  9. Haven‘t tried it on yet but the size is right!
  10. Well somehow the rubber ring on the knob of my Kii Control dried out and started to break apart. (sometimes in the afternoon the sun shines on it ..) So I sent a mail to Kii Support and one day later they said they would send me a replacement. Well the replacement arrived and look what they sent me ... Two rubber rings and some cool promo gear! Big thanks to Riu the Germany Area Kii Sales Manager!!
  11. Well that is important isn't it .... 😉 The device currently retails for 9,800 € in Europe and I am asking 4,950 €. Thanks for mentioning.
  12. I am selling my Trinnov Amethyst, which is probably one of the best Audiophile Grade Pre-Amplifiers with Room Correction available today. This unit will be shipped together with an original Trinnov 3D Measuring Microphone, and all standard accessories. I have rated my unit’s condition 7/10 simply because it is not brand new and the display has an area where the brightness varies (see picture). In all other functional aspects, it would rate as a perfect 10/10. It has the current firmware installed and is Roon Ready certified. I will ship Internationally in the original box. The buyer assumes cost for shipping, duties and payment fees
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