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Found 12 results

  1. £160 + Paypal fee. Includes UK delivery. Can deliver to Europe for additional shipping fee.
  2. Hi, I am looking for any possible suggestions/ user reviews, etc for a Y Split USB Cable (one USB B going to two USB A). Anyone have any experience yet with the brand new IFI Gemni USB 3.0 Y split USB Cable? I am thinking about buying one to use with my IFI Micro iUSB 3.0, bit was hoping to see some reviews or opinions from CA Members first if possible? I have tried the Pangea Preimer Y Split USB cable, and for the price ($99-$150), it really wasn’t too bad, however I am looking for “more”. I also had Ghent (cable maker in Hong King) make me a custom Y split USB Cable, made from Silver plated copper, Teflon insulated, good copper braiding and a JSSG sheild (John Swenson technique attaching an external wire from one end of the copper braiding to the other, but not connected to the connectors). - The Custom Ghent cable had a bit of Harshness in my system and did not sound as good as the Pangea Y Split USB cable. Neither of these cables sounded as good as my Reference USB cables (to date), which are the Cardas Highspeed 2.0 USB Cables. (These are a split design (separated shielded cable for power and data), yet the USB A and USB B connectors both join at each end. Since I have the IFI Micro iUSB 3.0 reclocker, I want to use a Y split USB cable with separate USB A connectors (1 for power / 1 for data). Ifi has just released a brand new version of their Gemni cable (Gemni USB 3.0), so I am tempted to buy it. However, overall, I’ve notived not much mention of the original Gemni USB cable within Audiophile Reveiws, Blogs, Magazines, etc, so I’m a little unsure about how they “stack up” vs some more commonly praised USB Cables. The availability of USB Cables that come in a Y split design is pretty slim. Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions!!
  3. Brand new, never used 1m Lightspeed 2G USB cable, comes in a padded box with serial number. This is a split configuration, with separate and isolated power and data legs. Price: $175 From LH Labs description: "A one meter ultra-wide bandwidth USB-A to USB-B cable (over four times the USB 2.0 Spec) that allows for perfect delivery of all USB audio information. Innovative dual-connector design separates power and data conductors to minimize noise and interference for maximum performance. Note: requires two USB ports on your PC or Mac." Price includes free shipping within the continental U.S. Buyer pays Paypal fees.
  4. I am selling a Curious 0.2m USB cable, in perfect condition. Comes in the original box. Asking Price: $75 Terms Payment via PayPal Price includes USPS Priority shipping within continental US only, and PP fees I will consider international buyers, but they must cover actual shipping and international PP fees.
  5. Cable in original packaging. Split (white) version. US only. I will ship UPS - buyer pays shipping. Payment via Paypal, buyer pays Paypal charges if any. Thx.
  6. Great stocking stuffer! Retails for $120+shipping, asking only $70 including shipping and PayPal fee! Gently burned-in with a choice selection of Davis, Coltrane, Debussy, Reich, and Osborne (Ozzy). Flawless pedigree, only connected to Sonore MicroRendu, Uptone Regens, W4S Recoveries, or Schiit Multibits. Only powered by linear power, of course. Never switching partners. More info: Curious Cables - Usb Cables Paypal only please, no trades. CONUS. Includes box. If you want info on me, see my feedback under the same name at head-fi dot org.
  7. Hi First I want to congratulate this site for a very soon 10 year anniversary. Excellent reading all around. Second I want to apologize if I'm beating a dead horse with this question. I did search ,,,,, a lot! If you look at my profile you will see my gear. ( in short form , QNAP- Net Gear-ultra Rendu- Schiit Yaggi and onwards) Previously I used Schiit PYST USB cables with a Wyred to connect to my dac. I also used a SimAudio Mind 180 with a AES / EBU connection that I really liked. Now I'm going to Roon, the new Ulta Rendu and Schiit Gen 5 USB. So I will be connecting with USB now and looking for a cable. There is a lot of thought that a 1.5 m cable negates jitter by reading data before the jitter can interfere. Does the Gen 5 usb negate that? Is the Gen 5 USB super cable sensitive or less so? Can I just buy a Audioquest .75 m carbon USB and not worry about loosing anything? Is there something shorter, I dislike cable mess and already have a ton in this digital/ analogue/ tv system / network rack. I just want to put my best foot forward, avoid the upgrade path and enjoy my music without wasting money that may not be needed with the new Gen 5 usb. Yaggi Gen 5 users experience please, Thanks very much in advance. Steve
  8. Hi, I am looking for a quality USB cable (rather short, 1m max) for a "reasonable" price...considering that reasonable is a relative concept, let's say $100 to $300 max. Used is perfectly fine too. Any brand/model you would recommend that I consider? Thanks!
  9. I have a playback delay problem using a USB Cable on Rpi3.. I have cheaper USB that plays with 4 seconds between tracks. When i try the 'Posh' expensive USB cable, it turns into 30 + seconds between tracks! (sounds better though!) I am using Rpi3 to USB/SPDif converter to a DAC. Picoreplayer and LSM. Squeezebox app on iPad/iphone to control.. Any thoughts??
  10. 2 months old, nearly used. The perfect S/PDIF converter, read all about it on the internet for all the specs. http://www.audiophilleo.com/specifications1.aspx The AP1 comes in a luxuary alu-box, has an OLED screen and joy-stick for navigating (however it works right out of the box) Color blue. The case has: The AP1, blue coloured 3 plugs to connect the AP1 direct to your DAC, saves a costly cable A beautiful Wireworld Ultraviolet USB cable (very good quality) UPS to power the infrared remote receiver. (You can use your own remote to control the AP1) Divers power plugs that will suit you in every european country 24/192 In the US this one cost $949. This one is for sale for 500 Euro. Shipping within Europa. My location is Holland, ofcourse you are free to listen.
  11. I have several USB cables I’d like to find new homes for. Locus Design Polestar USB cable, 4 feet. Originally $199, asking $75. Anti-Cables Level 3.1 Reference Series USB Digital Interconnect, 3 feet. This is the version with the 5v USB leg included, for DACs that need USB power, which most do. Originally $240, asking $130. Light Harmonic LightSpeed USB Cable, 0.8m. New: $999. I’d like to trade this cable for something else, though not another USB cable. Let’s talk. Thanks for looking. Dan
  12. SOLD For sale: Curious Cables 200mm link Purchased in March of this year for $120. Sounds awesome. Perfect condition - comes with the box as new. $75 or best offer
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