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  1. There is an opportunistic sale for you. Non-official selling rate is $3000, but some punters are pushing upwards quickly
  2. £160 + Paypal fee. Includes UK delivery. Can deliver to Europe for additional shipping fee.
  3. Includes eMMC + reader and microSD memory. PSU and original boxes included. £90 + PayPal fees, including UK delivery. Can ship to Europe with delivery fee.
  4. £500+paypal fee for the pair. Includes UK delivery and ghent audio DC canare cable (JSS360 and oyaide plugs). Can ship to Europe plus delivery.
  5. @wwc Have you considered the ISO Regen+ LPS1.2 after the Mac Mini? I think this is a critical component to add before the USB DAC. Quite a few posters on this listening impressions thread will have already benefited from such an optimised approach.
  6. Here’s a thought! How about designing a DAC streamer utilising the best parts of the etherREGEN and ISO REGEN? No fancy box, <$3000-$4000. dCS killer
  7. Looks quite similar to @The Computer Audiophile's treated room.
  8. FWIW I also enjoyed the Bartók review by Chris Thomas in HiFi+. His reviews of some David Berning amplifiers got my attention, and I ended up buying the pre/power pair after audition.
  9. Chick Corea Solo fans look away please
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