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  1. dCS support forum: https://dcs.community/c/support/5
  2. Why not call this Audiophile Style Server? Has a bit of a kick to it 😉
  3. Another consideration will be to exchange a 75 ohm EtherRegen with a 50 ohm version.
  4. A few Statement customers have moved onto the Extreme, and have passed on information about the mini to those who cannot afford the Extreme.
  5. There’s a bit of talk around about a Taiko Extreme ‘Mini’ which can be half the price or less of the Extreme. I would expect it to perform better than the Statement.
  6. He had loads of those 60 days free coupons to use up.
  7. Choose a side. Pick your poison. Blue pill or Red pill? Here's a few threads to lead you to your path of truth or uncertainty: That's the easy bit. You might want to explore some music software that takes things up a notch from the now obsolete iTunes: Don't go slow, otherwise you'll never keep up
  8. RAAL SrXX - future giant killers at $2k?
  9. When you have done so much in your life, I can only say you have most definitely earnt that right to be quite liberal in how you can get or spend your system for your hobby, especially as it’s your last. I am a little more than half your age with 2 little kids to feed, and being a NHS essential worker (thank goodness not the brave frontliners), that puts my spending in priorities other than hifi.
  10. Yes, no one needs saving, and I agreed with the previous post that people with 100k systems can be inclined to do so. My point is mainly that the 3.5k clock won’t make the EtherREGEN an attractive 3.65k device. It is an impressive device in itself with all the component choices inside to improve many systems.
  11. It is ridiculous to spend 3.5k to feed the EtherRegen. The option is there to appeal to those who are likely to already own one based on connecting it those existing devices (mainly the SOtM gear). Think of the amazing things one can use the 3.5k for..new music server, DAC upgrade.
  12. I got this response by Superdad from the EtherREGEN write-up. I’m glad he shared such great info here, but it may adversely be the reason why the LPS1.2 is not the obvious choice to power the demanding ER. The Paul Hynes SR4 (especially the new T version) might be the sweet spot because of the higher output, and PH is well regarded for addressing the above.
  13. @Superdad I hope JS can measure the difference between stock PS and JS-2 PS when powering the etherREGEN. Thanks for responding
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