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  1. I got this response by Superdad from the EtherREGEN write-up. I’m glad he shared such great info here, but it may adversely be the reason why the LPS1.2 is not the obvious choice to power the demanding ER. The Paul Hynes SR4 (especially the new T version) might be the sweet spot because of the higher output, and PH is well regarded for addressing the above.
  2. @Superdad I hope JS can measure the difference between stock PS and JS-2 PS when powering the etherREGEN. Thanks for responding
  3. Despite a growing number of etherREGEN users who are reporting benefits with better power supplies, I still don't quite understand why this is so. The white paper unfortunately doesn't have an answer to this, as well as the initial claims that it shouldn't make a difference. I'm glad to have read the PS comparisons here, since not everyone has that many of them at their disposal. With the design of the etherREGEN, I expected it to protect the high-source-impedance leakage coming from its own PS. I've sussed why Taiko Extreme users are avoiding the B moat, why choosing the right SFP (eg Planet tech>Startech) matters for the etherREGEN with lots of reading (and over-reading) at WBF, but I hope to get a satisfactory explanation about power supplies from anyone.
  4. I predict he will go with the whole climate change rant later. Meanwhile he will be totally oblivious to deforestation while he sells his 100% leather made Brazilian chairs. How convenient .
  5. I so regretted watching this video (as with the one he did on his take on the Innuos). It has dishonesty written all over it. Justifying the end to his dealings with Denafrips on a single vocal woman in Wuhan is frankly in poor taste. It is ironic he blames US customers who chose to directly purchase the DAC direct from China for 'stoking' up the price- as the sole US dealer, he would be the first to be blamed for the price escalation. I was just about to say there might be some truth into this, hence the sour grapes, and 'political' red herring. Good guy? Not based on this! It must have been all roses when he made a few sales based on online reviews and forum influencers.
  6. Sadly it’s just the way the original developer(s) lose their motivation to carry on with their project, since they don’t get the funding to have it updated, and their app sales have reached saturation point. I was reading on the Minimserver site that they have moved towards a subscription model to sustain development since that side involves more work than the initial software write-up.
  7. And since 2017, from this review (giving details of the UK distributor). When where these made?
  8. I’ve been using Tidal Hifi on a student rate of £10 which is decent for CD quality music (I pay little attention to any MQA offerings). I’m sure Tidal will settle for a similar pricing structure as Amazon and Qobuz, but it’s a no brainer to move from MQA to Hi-res.
  9. It’s a shame the Pono player never got a similar streamer attachment, it might have sustained its lifespan.
  10. I could have left this thread to speak for itself, but my post from Superdad's update was spurred because of what I came across in the Buy/Sell forum: While the OP might protest his innocence on keeping to using the OEM supply, it is something I distrust, and Superdad was right to be inquisitive on the original failing LPS-1. While people do buy UpTone stuff without the original supply, this particular transaction makes me more suspicious, hence the post. Whilst it is respectful of @PeterSt to play nice on both sides and make the customs inspectors the bad folk in this pantomine, without returning back the LPS 1.2, it is fraud via the backdoor.
  11. I can’t imagine you can convince these manufacturers to name them anything else more appropriate without hurting their sales. 🤑
  12. My suggestion was because of the many products in this field that will be put into the DDC category because of the handling of the digital transmission; it’s going to be a crowded category . Since the clocks I mentioned don’t process digital data (only making another clock be slaved to it), I thought it be best elsewhere. The other Mutec products have digital inputs and outputs so by definition remain in the category.
  13. I would move the ‘Master Clocks’ out of the DDC category to Accessories: dCS Vivaldi MC Auralic LEO GX reference MC dcS Rossini MC Mutec REF10 MC
  14. Either Paul Hynes SR4, or cheap LPS/SBooster plus LDvor DXP ( @Middy’s tip). Both highly endorsed here.
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