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  1. I had enjoyed the Nuforce ICON and S-1 speaker pairing for a good number of years, but I haven't thought about them for a while since the Optoma takeover.
  2. I should have mentioned as an ideal desktop system. I'm afraid some of those valves would melt any nearby plasticky equipment (Router, NAS, etc).
  3. Any other amps out there that also "deliver the audiophile-like experience without the audiophile price"? Actually I just meant to ask anything that will pair well with these 4i's for no more than $400?
  4. @Superdad You need to see this thread to see what this ‘forward thinking’ approach is all about. This will please the Bridge Gang a lot.
  5. Woah! I was thinking you were just procrastinating with fervorous forum activity. Just like the rest of us.
  6. Sadly there will be a mix up between him and Chris Thile.
  7. Very true. 😅 Corrected.
  8. @manisandher I hope you don't mind me making some correction to your MQA file description:
  9. Songs of Our Native Daughters https://ournativedaughters.bandcamp.com/album/songs-of-our-native-daughters
  10. You can do, but that would be a path that would under-utilise EtherRegen’s killer feature. The best scenario I can think of is connecting the SFP to an existing optical network, and utilising the super duper single clean port for the endpoint that is connected to the DAC. @thyname is correct to say there is no “dirty” side, so I hope my statements don’t confuse things further.
  11. And he sells a $2299 listening chair (and some more with the optional extras $125 iPad holder, $125 large cup holder, $75 remote control pouch, $150 footrest extension). Yes, he obviously is saving us 'audiophiles' from the shirts and tie wearing corporate guys 🙄
  12. From a non-expert perspective (but hear me out please..) Since you review lots of gear, particularly the source end (DACs and transports) I will suggest from your list of 3 to pick the most 'unforgiving' one. This will help differentiate or reveal the best and worst characteristics of your reviewed items, whereas one set of speakers that play nice with anything, or impart a particular characteristic will likely shadow over what you need to review. I have the Focal Utopia Scala V1, and the one before that (Alto Utopia Be), so I believe the Maestro EVOs should serve you well as ideal 'monitors' for the purposes as outlined above.
  13. There’s a bit for audiophiles to ponder about the quality of commercial ‘sources’/servers, but I would not buy into that. For me, the data remains the same from source to DAC. I’d say what influences or degrades the sound is what is connected to the DAC and can potentially pollute (electical) the rest of the chain (at home). Even through non-wire delivery (optical and Wi-fi) it’s the receivers that need paying attention to, otherwise that noise will end up reaching the DAC. Hence it is for anyone to speculate (or not) if an OpticalModule improves things further over alternative FMCs. If one hears a big difference between music sources from the internet of lossless quality and local playback, then they have got their setup all wrong or it needs some investigating. Ultimately a one box (Innuos) or 2 box approach (Roon server+rendu) depends on if the OP likes it all in one place, or if the dedicated server needs to be separated away from the music system. FWIW I have followed a few occasions a recommendation from Charles Hansen in one of his AudioAsylum posts about unplugging every single electrical equipment from the mains, and boy did he have a point. I can’t recommend that for every listening session, but it does help to find practical solutions to elimate such interferences.
  14. 2 cracking posts from you Jesus (R)!😆 It must be that early morning riser effect.
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