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  1. I received my international order today. Great speed from FedEx (2 days), that’s the same shipment timeframe for our local delivery. Mightily impressed. Looking forward to the weekend trying it out .
  2. I joined back in 2010, but it’s really no big deal to me for such a generic sig, to have others to be similar. I’ll be out of this discussion as it’s out of my scope. Just alerting Audiodoc for discussion continuity.
  3. From their website: I think they need some small print here, otherwise this is false advertising.
  4. @The Computer Audiophile OP covered all bases in the first post with the quote above.
  5. @Confused I actually liked your post, having went to the other forum to read it. I too share your healthy skepticism, particularly with UpTone products, but in the end purchasing one says it all. I ordered mine for the Jan batch.
  6. One day I hope @Confused will have his name changed to @Sussed (Or Cleared or Schooled..)
  7. You want to revert back to firmware V1?!?! YOU KIDDIN' ME!!
  8. Paw tapping or tail wagging frequency are valid measures.
  9. Thanks for that clarification. Look forward to hearing your results- FWIW I would use a spare 1.2 to power up the eR. And update the firmware for better (or worse ).
  10. “The internal power network in the switch will be extremely good, the result is that there should be no advantage to using an LPS-1.2.“ That was JS’s quote from last year in the original post. I believe that is why @BigAlMc was surprised at his own findings. For others without a spare LPS 1.2, I would hesitate recommending one for an extra $435 and follow the manufacturer’s recommendation.
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