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Found 74 results

  1. I have a Chord Hugo 2 (black) for sale. It is lightly used as it was my travel DAC and I have about 100 hours on it. It is in excellent condition, comes with original packaging and all the original accessories. The remote has never been used. It retails at $2695, asking $SOLD. Will entertain reasonable offers. Will ship free CONUS. Buyer pays PayPal or use Friends and Family. Happy to answer any questions.
  2. My Chord Blu MK2 is for sale asking $6650.00. I'm the original owner. Unit is Silver and in absolutely excellent condition. Comes with all original packaging,remote and manual. (Unit has been in smoke free environment at all times.) For your convenience here is Chord official link for Blu2 which gives you access to all features, pictures and specs https://chordelectronics.co.uk/product/blu-mk-2/ Top review link: https://audiobacon.net/2017/08/22/chord-blu-mk-2-m-scaler-cd-transport-review-digital-dressed-in-analog/?doing_wp_cron=1546880917.6251780986785888671875 (buyer pays fees/ will ship worldwide)
  3. Up for sale two RWA Black Lightning dual battery powered power source. It has 2 LiFePO4 battery pack and smart charging circuits to charge automatically so it ensures the long long and ultra clean supply. The first has 3 outputs: - 12V with 2.1mm standard plug - 9V with 2.1mm standard plug - 5V with Molex plug The second has 2 12V with 2.1mm standard plug I have 2 Paul Pang PPA battery adapter 12V -> 5V The price is for 1 piece. Shipping from Hungary or Germany is possible. Prices: - Black Lightning: 550,- EUR / piece - PPA 80,- EUR / piece
  4. This item is SOLD. I am selling my ZENith SE Mk.II Std, which was built and sold as a limited production run of only 100 units. Mine is #57 of 100, and I am the original owner. This coveted model sold out very quickly, and rarely appears on the used market. This is your opportunity to own one of the finest music servers available today at any price. According to John Darko: “I find myself haunted by my memory of its sound. It was like no other digital source I had heard to date: richer and smoother.” https://darko.audio/2017/10/richer-sounds-with-the-innuos-zenith-mkii-se/ https://darko.audio/2017/12/dars-favourite-bits-of-2017/ This music server is among the most user-friendly music servers available today and is housed in an attractive, minimally-resonant, single chassis with very effective integrated anti-vibration footers. This is a well-thought out design implementing low latency “direct from RAM playback” and a very low impedance custom power supply designed by Dr. Sean Jacobs. It incorporates cascaded linear regulators and the finest Mundorf capacitors resulting in harsh-free musicality, incredible dynamics with wonderful immediacy and rich saturated tone. It is virtually “plug and play” and is remote controllable by any iPad or Android tablet, PC/Mac, or iPhone/Android phone. It is a Roon Ready device that is also capable of Qobuz and Spotify playback. It comes with 2TB of SSD storage although it can also stream files from any NAS providing virtually unlimited capacity. The unit came with a 2-year warranty, and the remainder of this warranty (until December 2019) will transfer over to you. In my experience, Innuos have provided, and will continue to provide outstanding support. Moreover, they have a track record of delivering software updates that improve both the usability and the sound quality of the product. I have rated my unit 9/10 simply because it is not brand new. In all other aspects, it would rate as a perfect 10/10. It is blemish free. It was unboxed, placed in my rack, and his lived there ever since, in a smoke-free home. I will ship it in the original box. Free shipping within the continental US and PayPal fees are included. Please PM any inquiries. MSRP: $7000 Asking: $4700 SOLD
  5. DiminishingReturnsOfficer

    Curious USB .8M

    Just got this cable about a week ago. I'm very happy with it, but need a longer length due to changes in system configuration > already ordered a 1.2M Curious as replacement Price is $285 + shipping *it cost $12 to have it shipped to me (TX to DE via. USPS) / I prefer dealing with UPS, but I don't try to make a profit on shipping
  6. The Blu MkII is a compact, FPGA-based upsampling CD transport which offers the world’s most advanced filter technology. Used with DAVE, Hugo 2 or TT2 the combination delivers class-leading CD sound quality and technical performance for DACs. I bought it new last fall, looks brand new and in perfect working condition. It comes with all the original accessories and the original packaging. I used it primarily with USB input, but occasionally used the CD transport as a reference to test my digital front end. Asking $xxxx, US only, Ships free and insured. (Will entertain reasonable offers) Find details and pictures here: https://superphonica.com/all-products/components-digital/digital-to-analog-converters-dac/chord-blu-mk-2-the-ultimate-cd-transport/
  7. This item is SOLD am selling my Zyxel GS108v3 gigabit switch. I'd rate the condition as 8/10. This was modded by SOtM with the following enhancements: requires an external 25MHz clock, supplied via SMB cable, by an sCLK-EX board, typically in an Ultra component like the sMS-200ultra or tX-USBultra upgraded capacitors upgraded regulators modded to accept 7V input. Please note - this is not a standalone device. The target buyer is one either putting together an SOtM trifecta, or a subset. If you buy the switch for the trifecta from SOtM new, the retail price is $300, as per the link. As a bonus, I will provide a couple of SMB clock cables (one is shown in the picture below): a 12" Digikey SMB cable I used and liked for most of the time I've had the switch an 8" Pasternack RG-400 SMB cable that I recently bought, that I think has slightly better SQ. You, the buyer, can decide which you prefer. The cables together are a $80 value retail. I'm offering the switch (plus 2 bonus SMB cables) for USD $150, inclusive of free shipping and PayPal (CON US only). International offers will be entertained, but buyer will have to bear the shipping and PP fees.
  8. Excellent condition. $295 $275 including PayPal fees and free shipping within the continental USA. USA buyers only. See Superphonica link https://superphonica.com/all-products/power/power-supplies/sonore-ultrarendu-uptone-lps-1/
  9. Perfect for a desktop system. Price includes a free Cambridge BT100 bluetooth wireless audio receiver (supports aptX). https://superphonica.com/all-products/components-digital/digital-to-analog-converters-dac/cambridge-audio-dacmagic-plus/
  10. This is obviously a USB cable. Perhaps not so obvious is that it is a rather stiff (!) USB cable. I’ve moved to i2S now, but haven’t used this cable for a few years when I moved from CAPS 2 to my own custom AV server. In spite of the stiffness and color it’s a very nice cable IMO. (I know the photos are redundant, but its a freakin' cable for goodness sake!) Per the manufacturer: “Cables feature deep cryogenic-treated 5N UltraPure solid silver conductors, air dielectrics, transparent pure PTFE Teflon isolators, discrete shielding for each pole within the array, and Ceramic MicroSphere™ Conduits, with independent power and signal cable runs. The USB cable employs an entirely new ground-breaking structure — DualConduit™ — separate cables for the power and signal lines. The cable actually has two design-specific cables each with high-quality USB 3.0 Type A connectors for connection to your source. One Type A connector and cable handles only the delicate digital music signal; no corrupted computer power runs through this cable leg. Its design is that of a ultra high-end digital audio cable. The other Type A connector and cable handles only the DC power; its design is that of an ultra high-end audio power cable — the digital music signal does not run through this cable leg. On the other end of the "Y" shaped cable is a single high-quality USB 2.0 Type B connector that connects to your processor.” I am new to selling on CA, but have an impeccable reputation on eBay (wwalker82s8k), Audiogon (wmmwalker) and generally (I hope!). I am (very) ‘old school’ and not in the business of screwing people. MSRP $649, Asking $270.00 I accept PayPal and green money. PayPal sellers pay fees (You will note I am the seller in this transaction) and shipping will be free to the CONUS only (non-negotiable, sorry).
  11. I purchased this BP30 from an ad on CA in 2015 or 2016.. I’ve not really used it as I bought it, tested it and packed it in a home with more toys than time to play. The Alpha-Core BP30 is a balanced symmetrical power supply specifically designed to eliminate the noise and hum caused by unbalanced AC power lines. Unbalanced AC power contains noise and hum generated by every electrical device connected to the power line. The problem is caused not only by fluorescent lighting, light dimmers, air conditioners, refrigerators and other appliances, but also audio and video equipment. Since the mid-1960s, commercial users such as motion film studios, video studios, audio recording studios, semiconductor manufacturers, as well as many military users have installed balanced isolation transformers, a concept developed by Bell Labs, to remove undesirable noise. The BP30 is an affordable balanced transformer for anyone seeking noise-free operation of equipment. The system was designed by inventor Dick Sequerra and is built around a unique balanced and shielded isolation transformer design. The transformer uses a toroidal core construction, known for its low losses, low heat and low electro-magnetic interference (EMI), compared to conventional, stacked lamination type. The transformer design includes a static shield between primary and secondary windings to reduce the capacitive coupling and a built-in thermal cut-off, activated at 105 degrees Celsius. When operating continuously at full power, the temperature increase is a maximum of 85 degrees Celsius, well below the limit of 105 degrees Celsius for a class A transformer as required by UL standard UL506. Due to the exact degree of balance, common mode noise and reactive components are reduced by at least 60 dB. The Alpha-Core BP30 Power Supply can handle a continuous power of 1,000 W (8.4A) with input and output voltages of 120V for 60 Hz operation. There are four duplex grounded receptacles providing eight separate outlets. There is a 15A time-delay fuse. The choice of a toroidal transformer also allows a low profile enclosure made of black anodized aluminum which measures 14.5" (368 mm) x 9.0" (228 mm) x 3.5" (89 mm) L x W x H and weighs 26 lbs.(11.8 Kg). Price new was $895.00. I’m asking $400.00 which includes PayPal fees and shipping to CONUS only. Thanks for your interest!
  12. I'm selling my Cybershaft OP-14 10MHz reference clock, as I'm upgrading. For more information, see http://www.cybershaft.jp/a-products/premiumop.html (allow Google to translate). For the impact this clock can make on sound quality, here are some impressions: @hols Cybershaft 10MHz reference clock driving tX-USBultra @hols Cybershaft update @austinpop Listening Impression with the Cybershaft OP-14 Reference Clock - Part 1 & Part 2 @limniscate Listening impressions with Cybershaft OP-14 The OP-14 unit will ship with: all original packaging calibration certificate for this particular unit, with phase noise measurements Cybershaft 0.5m 50Ω cable: http://www.cybershaft.jp/option01/option_bnc1.html Please PM me for pricing.
  13. I have 3 2 0 left. Will ship for free if my asking price is met. Sole owner. Purchased less than a year ago and have been used in my system. No cosmetic issues. All functionally perfect. Original Boxes included. 1.0m - $65 (original retail price was $100) SOLD 0.5m - $60 $50(original retail price was $90) SOLD 0.3m - $55 $45 (original retail price was $85) SOLD
  14. Free Shipping to USA addresses. Inquire for outside US. Will sell individually or combined. USB Type A to USB Type B connectors on both. Like new condition. Original boxes included. SOLD 0.8m $275 (was $340 new) SOLD 0.2m $100 (was $140 new)
  15. All in good condition. I have the original boxes for the Microrendu and the LPS-1. Looking to sell as a bundle for $800 net to me.
  16. Selling my Uptone Audio USB Regen in perfect shape with all packaging and components. Shipping (CONUS only) and PayPal included at my asking price.
  17. For sale is pair of Harbeth P3ESR SE speakers, Harbeth's latest version of the venerable BBC LS3/5a, though these sound much more modern and better than the classics. This matched pair is from a limited release Special Edition that includes Studio Grade Ultra-Pure OFC Cable and they are in the premium (extra cost) Rosewood finish. They are gorgeous, like pieces of furniture. I am the original owner and the speakers are in near-new condition with no scratches that I can see. Grills are immaculate. All factory packaging (ships in single box for the pair) and documentation is included. Shipping charges and PayPal fees, if any, negotiable. Reasonable offers considered. U.S. sale only. Thanks for looking. Dan
  18. For sale is a BADA Alpha USB, the premier USB to S/PDIF converter on the market. This unit works perfectly and is in very good condition cosmetically. Comes with User Guide and original factory packaging. New $1895, asking $1175. Paypal and shipping negotiable, USA only.
  19. Audiophilleo2 in Gray, serial # 01710. Complete with all adapters and full factory packaging. Original owner. Original cost $579. Asking $225, Paypal and shipping negotiable. USA only.
  20. Feb 11: Reopening this listing as I have one more LPS-1 for sale. I have simplified my digital chain recently, and have a surplus Uptone UltraCap LPS-1 unit for which I am seeking a good home. The LPS-1 needs no further introduction on CA. It includes all the original packaging and accessories: Meanwell energizing power supply AC cord DC cable. MSRP Prices: $395 Asking Price: $310 Terms Payment via PayPal Price includes USPS Priority shipping within continental US only, and PP fees I will consider international buyers, but they must cover actual shipping and international PP fees. Update: Sold
  21. Hi This is a real treat. This Big 7 was upgraded to make it sound the best, Lukasz did his magic, goal was to get as close to GG as possible. It's a balanced version with custom mix of Jupited Copper (0.22uF) and Duelund Silver (0.1uF) coupling capacitors for the ultimate sound, there are also some wiring upgrades. This unit was customized for a friend of mine that has a really nice patiently built 200K$ system. It shamed a few much more expensive units on multiple occasions. With this Lampi you get 2 set of tubes: KR 45 and Psvane WE 101D replicas + multiple different rectifier tubes. He used this Lampi mostly with EML mesh 5u4g, but there are few other rectifiers included. This Big 7 was fully checked before sale at Lampizator just last week. It will be packed for shipping at the factory as well. New owner can customize it to his liking as well. Please ask for prices directly, I will talk to Lukasz. The specs of the unit are: - PCM/DSD256 (not R2R, the better PCM and DSD can be upgraded to 512 if needed) - Jupier Cu/Duelun Cast Ag caps - USB, SPDIF, AES/EBU inputs - RCA, XLR outputs - Tubes: 4x KR45, 4x Psvane WE101D (all with boxes) - Rectifiers: EML mesh 5u4g rectifier, USAF 596, Sylvania JAN 5u4g and more. - Dual voltage (USA/EU friendly) - Superclock upgrade New price of this unit with upgraded that it has would place it at 11000E+ without all the GG rate tubes that it has. Unit was manufactured on 07/2015 and has number 778. Feel free to contact me with questions.
  22. This listing probably only makes sense to those who have been following the "A novel..." thread, and know what an SOtM trifecta is! Up for sale is my modded sMS-200. It has been modded to accept external clock signals of 24MHz (for USB) and 25MHz (for Ethernet and the mobo) from an external Ultra component. Typically, this would be a tX-USBultra, or a dX-USB HD Ultra, that has also been modded to supply these 2 clock frequencies to the sMS-200. CAUTION: This unit does not work standalone unless connected to a clock source. Please make sure you understand this before buying. I will not be responsible for any confusion on this score! See my listing for the Uptone LPS-1 for a perfect power supply for this unit. Update: the LPS-1 is sold. MSRP Price: sMS-200: $450 + $170 for mods = $620 Asking Price: $450 Terms: Payment via PayPal Price includes USPS Priority shipping within continental US only, and PP fees I will consider international buyers, but they must cover actual shipping and international PP fees.
  23. I am selling a Curious 0.2m USB cable, in perfect condition. Comes in the original box. Asking Price: $75 Terms Payment via PayPal Price includes USPS Priority shipping within continental US only, and PP fees I will consider international buyers, but they must cover actual shipping and international PP fees.
  24. I have simplified my digital chain recently, and have an Uptone ISO Regen unit, for which I am seeking a good home. The ISO Regen needs no further introduction on CA. This unit comes with a standard USPCB USB A>B adapter. There is no included PSU. Please see my listing for the Uptone LPS-1 for the perfect companion PSU for the ISO Regen. I am also offering both at an attractive combo price. MSRP Prices: $325 Asking Price: $260 Combo Price (with LPS-1): $550 Terms Payment via PayPal Price includes USPS Priority shipping within continental US only, and PP fees I will consider international buyers, but they must cover actual shipping and international PP fees.
  25. A HeadAmp GS-X Mk2 in black with the DACT option. This amp is in mint condition both physical and sonic (also non-smoking, no pets). I am letting this go as I got a Chord DAVE, and find very little use for this fast and transparent Amp. A little more than a year old. Comes with all original accessories. Shipping free and insured and includes Paypal Fee, US only. Asking $SOLD, retails at $2999, will entertain reasonable offers.