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  1. Great first episode! I have been a Roon user since July 2015 (lifetime subscriber since then). It is a completely different experience from anything else out there. Another important thing is that the support team is very responsive to pointed issues. Since the product is complex - though generally not complex to use - sometimes there is a need for support, and the Roon team is extremely responsive. I was particularly tickled with your question as to how much they listen to user requests... I have been a regular in the Roon forums, and I have requested man
  2. I can connect the HDMI out of the Oppo (setting the Oppo to output bitstream I think it is called - DSD over HDMI), into this adapter, which in turn transforms the DSD stream into a DoP stream and sends it to the Rossini over coax/SPDIF. The Vivaldi or Rossini transports send DSD to the DACs over a double-AES connection (only). I don’t now if that is DoP but it is almost certainly not. As for this device, I had someone buy it for me in China (costs ~$450) but you can use other methods that will buy it for you and send it over.
  3. This device sends DSD from SACDs over DoP (aka DSD over PCM) over a coax SPDIF connection. My dCS Rossini DAC reports DSD is received. The player in this case is an Oppo BDP-93.
  4. I actually purchased a similar device a few years ago: http://www.hifi168.com/bbs/showtopic-249820.aspx Works fine.
  5. I thought about that, but the inductance from that is minimal. There is so much detail like that that I am willing to deal with... :)
  6. Hi all, Pedro Garcia interviewed me for his spanish-language "De Audiofilos Y Locos" Youtube channel. The interview is (obviously) in spanish:
  7. Gorgeous album! Had never heard it! Honestly, something I would have never listened to. Thank you.
  8. I care for the artists/producers. Streaming for me is a means of discovering. Anything I really like I buy. My buying sequence is: 1- Bandcamp (if available) 2- Artist website 3- Qobuz (Sublime+ gives you amazing discounts on hi-res) 4- HDTracks 5- Physical media (CDs or SACDs - I can rip SACD to DSD) It is important to support those that make the music you like. Or soon enough there will be nothing new to listen to.
  9. I imagine their agreement with MQA includes not streaming albums in hi res.
  10. You are right... On TIDAL, I only see the first track as 24/88, the rest is 16/44. On Qobuz all tracks are 24/88.
  11. I use both TIDAL and Qobuz. It is likely that this was a mistake. There are many hi res albums on Qobuz that don't have an MQA version on TIDAL, TIDAL would only have the redbook.
  12. It is a mac mini 2012, i7quad, 16GB RAM, 250 SSD main drive (recently refreshed), 4TB FW800 HD. The mini is modified with an Uptone JS-2 linear power supply and an internal MMK board to deliver power and electrically isolate the fan. I currently play Roon over RAAT (ie network) to a dCS Rossini. I am not sure if the linear PS makes any difference in this setup. A while back I used to play over USB to an EMMLabs XDS1-v2 and in that case it mattered.
  13. I wonder if JayZ got tired of paying Bob Stuart for, well, not true hi res.
  14. Yes, of course. But my understanding is TIDAL was either redbook or MQA, no true hi res on it.
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