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  1. Very nice. One rig I like is: iPhone -> Camera Connection Kit -> Dragonfly Red -> Fiio FH5 IEMs. About $500. Also, I replaced the stock cable as one of its MMCX connectors became lose for: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07ZQC9MZB/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and it's remarkably good and nicely made.
  2. Hmmm... As long as Apple has the albums I care about, what is the difference? And you're assuming Qobuz will be around...
  3. It is so pathetic really, to be honest. 1TB is not only a really small amount, but to many people (most in the Roon sphere?) it is too small! So sad.
  4. To be honest, $500 is not enough to try and figure it out. I would prob consider a $350 headphone and a $150 dongle DAC if I really cared.
  5. I think many people listening carefully would be able to tell between lossy and lossless CD quality. CD to higher is much harder. Listening carefully is key here - most people are not really paying attention or are patient to decide. It takes more than 10 seconds of listening to assess any sound differences.
  6. Reality can be horrible. Frankly, I don't see much future to Tidal or Qobuz to be honest given Apple and Spotify. As a side note, I agree with Darko to hi res doesn't matter much. DEAD is a bit of a strong word, I would say more like unimportant.
  7. This is quite interesting. If I were Roon, other than looking for a sugar daddy, I would create a slimmed down version of the app that can rely on a slimmed down version of the db and would do this bit with 7digital. You could offer the "cheap" service or buy into the "big" version.
  8. Surely what Roon had wanted all along. Question is at what valuation... I am sure the Roon team dreams with being acquired by Apple or similar. I don't think this is likely to happen. The reasons: 1- Has only 100k users 2- Is a complex piece of software, and most potential users have already tried it and stayed on or dropped it 3- Is tied to your local network - no streaming client in your mobile device, and the complexity of the database precludes any changes to this that does not involve putting your machine in the cloud somehow 4- Is too complex to be used ef
  9. I think there are a LOT more nuances to this. Qobuz surely has a lot of venture funding with expectations of performance, it is almost certainly not as simple as buying the firm.
  10. I don't want it to happen, but I fear it will. Tidal has (purportedly) 3m users, Qobuz has say 200k. Roon has about 100k. So a small fraction of Tidal and Qobuz users are Roon users, which means by and large the vast majority of those users use the native apps. For those users, switching to Apple Music is not a big change, and at 1/2 the cost at least (I actually get Apple Music free with my phone plan). So when you do that math you realize Tidal and Qobuz are at high risk of losing a large number of subscribers. If Tidal and Qobuz fold, and without Apple Music integrat
  11. My impression is Roon is pinging its servers ALL THE TIME. In my opinion this is horrible software architecture, but I cannot explain the lags every now and then any other way. I have a very fast internet connection and Roon core and dCS Rossini DAC are wired with gigabit ethernet. Also to someone else's point, yes Roon sometimes decides to go berzerk and use a lot of CPU for some time. Maybe it's doing some database work, who knows. For the record, I have been a lifetime Roon subscriber since July 2015, so I have seen every iteration of this software up close. I find i
  12. I don't think this is the case. Moderators do moderate and suppress people going off the rails. Having said that, I don't think the Roon team has a real interest in listening to their customers seriously. It feels like all they care about is being bought out by a large firm, and to be honest that's the only way Roon the company would really make a lot of money. However, with the advent of Apple lossless and Spotify lossless (soon) and the unlikely event of integration into Roon (Spotify already said no, Apple unclear) it might be the case that neither Tidal, Qobuz, nor
  13. I don't think this is true at all. But to support your point, no feature requests of mine or any other I have seen on the Roon forums, have ever made it into Roon. Ever. And my requests are both quite popular and relatively easy to implement.
  14. Hi Chris, Nice interview! I have never seem a thorough analysis/test of what matters when you're using a server to stream over the network, and what servers do this best. Specifically of interest to me: What servers running Roon core and sending data to a streamer/DAC OVER THE NETWORK sound the best? Does it make any difference if we use a cheap vs an audiophile server in this situation? What other components matter?
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