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  1. Good news that Amazon is letting access to other UIs... Maybe there's hope for Roon.
  2. Couple of weird things: 1- In Qobuz, there are two of these albums: one at 16/44 and one at 24/192. However, the last one will not play at 24/192 but only at 16/44 - and pretty sure this is not MQA since to get an MQA file at 24/192 final rate would require an input file at 24/48. 2- File plays MQA from TIDAL app on Mac - DragonFly is purple (ie rendering MQA). 2- Normal hires files on Qobuz play hires just fine - even 24/192 gets downsampled to 24/96 --> pretty sure the album above is mislabelled and it's just 16/44, not 24/192. 3- The Amazon Music app on Mac is upsampling to the max rate of the DragonFly (24/96) even thought the file on the Amazon Music app indicates it is 24/48 --> No MQA to be found here. (I actually own the 24/352 version)
  3. Might be a limitation of your S/PDIF implementation. Can you try a USB connection to the DAC? Sure about that? The Amazon app is upscaling? That’s the DFC max rate. Ok, I guess you’re answering my question above! Very surprised the Amazon app would do this as that would have an impact on battery life, and I would have expected Amazon to try and minimize any possible drawback of the new service/app.
  4. Actually I would NOT like to see spotify-connect-like functionality as this in all likelihood would lead to no Roon integration. I’m sure Spotify’s reason for Connect is to force the use of their app as a navigation tool to collect data on much more than what you play: playlists, what you browse, etc.
  5. Unfortunately most Echo devices are terrible sounding. I would like to see something like Spotify Connect - but much more than that I would like to see Roon integration.
  6. Two slightly OT comments (but I would deem useful): I subscribe to Qobuz Sublime+ for $299/year. This includes purchases of high res (higher than CD) at a discount. When I really like something I always buy it - I have saved more than $299 from the discounts! So the subscription pays for itself. As for MQA, it is odd that not every release is for sale AFAIK. For example, where to buy Amy Winehouse's "Back To Black" (the MQA version sounds best)?
  7. Signed up as well and installed the Amazon Music app on Mac. Working fine so far. Very happy they are not using MQA but rather true high res (although in my experience it rarely improves past CD quality...). However, if no Roon integration, this is a no-go for me. I already have both Tidal and Qobuz.
  8. I can understand reviewers refusing to review oddball products. However, this is not such and I totally appreciate the negative review. Well done!
  9. Damn! I waited like 3 months for my Noble K10 at the time. However, tbh, I would go with a universal these days - the customs are a pain to put on/off, etc, and I find good eartips (foam or spinfit) more comfy and easy to deal with.
  10. Agree, but the vast majority of the design of the board was already done with the multiple versions of the DFs. Justifying $100 for basically the same - and then botched in my opinion - design is a little bit “funny”.
  11. I disagree. There’s no difference in the chips used here vs elsewhere. Yes, they designed a motherboard to house the whole thing. Big deal.
  12. Yes, and I regret endorsing the Cobalt previously. I guess I was drunk with “Bloom”... I travelled with my Red and Noble Kaiser 10 customs yesterday and had a blast...
  13. The stuttering has nothing to do with the Cobalt really, more likely it is whatever is downsampling to 24/96. Frankly I don’t think any DAC below $1000 will make any difference when limited to 24/96 vs playing higher res. The Dragonflys are all at home with a mobile device, or when you’re out and about with your laptop. They are not the best you can get for the money for a desktop computer or audio system. The Cobalt in particular is truly the worst choice for use as a pure DAC at 100% volume as it introduces clipping distortion - neither the Red nor Black do this. This is the most clear statement of a flawed design in my opinion (and why I returned my Cobalt). For details see: https://archimago.blogspot.com/2019/08/measurements-dragonflies-audioquest.htm
  14. Thx Chris. "Bloom" is the exact impression I got from the Cobalt. I liked it. But I returned it since I have the Red. The more I listened to it, the more it seemed that it was like a different color (which it is!) more than an improvement. I am not going for a rainbow of flys, I will wait for an improved DAC (from Audioquest or someone else).
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