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  1. If you're ever bored, I would be interested in a comparison of Roon v Mosaic I'll be perfectly honest: I don't love to do those comparisons. Why? Because at some level I have to actively stay away from futzing around with a myriad of comparisons that detract me from the music. Roon over RAAT sounds great, the user experience is unparalleled, and I just want to avoid rabbit holes... However, since you asked... My expectation is that Mosaic would be the gold standard and Roon over RAAT (ie network) would be ever so slightly not as good. But like I said, this is speculation.
  2. You're absolutely correct, but then I cannot listen or browse or search or look at my favorites as easily from the web-based store.
  3. I often use the TIDAL and Qobuz apps on my computer (away from my main system). In my main system I use Roon, not Mosaic. Also should point out that I also use Audirvana on my computer(s) away from my main system. However, I find Audirvana a bit like Windows 3.1 when it comes to searching for stuff. Plus the only way to buy Qobuz downloads (that I am aware of) is the Qobuz computer app.
  4. My TIDAL updated yesterday and you're correct: it kept my settings... Thx.
  5. I often use the TIDAL and Qobuz apps on my computer (away from my main system). In my main system I use Roon, not Mosaic.
  6. Rereading I realize maybe I posted too quickly... The albums listed above are NOT available in Qobuz US. There are quite a few misses, especially in the electronic genre, in Qobuz US. Many are available - at least for download - from Qobuz UK.
  7. Well, maybe you should be making the argument you will cut off Europe if they don't do what you ask...
  8. I don't mean remixes, but the electronic genre. There are probably more "studio" albums in this genre than any other... Examples: https://tidal.com/browse/album/71515060 (released 2017) https://tidal.com/browse/album/16849992 (released 2006)
  9. Are there any articles comparing TIDAL and Qobuz catalogs in various genres/artists/etc? I haven't seen any. To me this is key.
  10. Quite right. The EU version of Qobuz have a deeper catalog, I presume it's Qobuz still negotiating with US-based rights holders (or not getting those rights at all). I still have a download (not streaming) account with Qobuz in the UK and I get emails of new releases that are not available in the US. When I joined Qobuz in Jan 2019 (Sublime+) I intended to get rid of TIDAL. However, I have found the TIDAL catalog in some areas (eg electronic music) to be deeper. I don't know if this will improve on the Qobuz side.
  11. I subscribed to Sublime+ in January 2019 for $299 for 1 year. I just changed my subscription to Sublime+ with the new $249/year pricing and got a refund for the remainder of my higher rate subscription. I am one to buy the music I really like, in hi res if available. The Sublime+ discount often makes the hi res version even cheaper than the CD quality one. I have saved more than enough money to pay for the subscription in the first place.
  12. I subscribe to Sublime+, paid $299 in Jan 2019. However, I am one to buy music I like, and if available I would generally buy the hi res version. With Sublime+'s discount for hi res, which often means cheaper than even redbook quality, I have effectively saved more money than the subscription price.
  13. It maximizes my anger to find that what I set has been reset.
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