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  1. I read Apple's reply in full. Actually I would Apple is making a fair point.
  2. I personally find her too “messy” live... Her studio albums are amazing. Nina De Fuego is an amazing album, Mienteme Bien and Volver, Volver particularly amazing.
  3. You’re an NPR junkie too? Love it! I listen to it over an FM radio every morning. Very analog!!!
  4. In my case, since I like to download what I really like, Sublime+ will pay for itself!!!
  5. Firstly, LOVING LOVING LOVING Qobuz... Thank you!!! I am a Sublime+ subscriber, use it mostly over Roon. Are all your current streaming agreements with labels in place and streaming? Or is there a tail end that is still in the works? Asking because I want to cancel my TIDAL subscription but want to make sure all my favorites on TIDAL are mapped over (using Soundiiz for this). Thx!
  6. My directory structure starts with the source of the file - CD, HDTracks, SACD, etc - so I generally don't have a physical location overlap. What I do is actually tag the album's metadata with a variant like "Cosmic Thing [24/192]", "Cosmic Thing [DSD64]", etc. I do this because I use the same library for Audirvana (where I need this tagging) and Roon (where I don't). Roon recognizes the stuff in [] as an album variant and shows them accordingly. However, I will point out that Roon does not need this variant - it will recognize the same album in a different resolution is another version of the album, and will group then together. It will choose the highest resolution album as the primary, but you can change which one is the primary if you wish. I much rather have an option in Audirvana to separate tracks of different format as different albums.
  7. I would like to be able to tell A+ to separate the albums...
  8. I have the same issue. I have a bunch of albums in different resolutions, formats, etc. A+ merges them. And when I look at the album, since the track numbers are properly set in the metadata, I get something like: <track 1> <16/44> <track 1> <DSD> <track 2> <16/44> <track 2> <DSD> ... which is really terrible. One way I have coped with this is renaming the albums with like [DSD] or similar, but this is a really sucky solution. I would like A+ to have an option to split albums by format, or something similar. I am open to suggestions obviously.
  9. Hi @blackarcanis - Soundiiz is super useful, thank you. I use it to sync Spotify, Tidal, and Qobuz. I managed to get exports of favorites from Tidal and Qobuz independently, and I can use a vlookup in Excel to figure out what is in the other's list. But exporting the results table would really be simpler.
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