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  1. I have used XLD on mac, both with an internal and external CD drives. This works great.
  2. Yate is a pretty powerful piece of software and I am sure it can do the rearranging you need. XLD might work as well, but I think it is worth trying to figure it out in Yate. Yes Yate can be hard to use. I think this is partly because of how many features it has and partly because the makers are rather strict with what things are called and where they belong in terms of tagging norms and conventions, so some things like adding custom tags can be pretty hard to figure out. But all in all I think Yate is the most powerful of the taggers on mac.
  3. I see it fine. If I look at the raw data in Yate, I see multiple artist lines (even though they show as one line separated by ;;; in the tag browser - I understand this is just for display). If I look at it in Metadatics, I see multiple lines actually (there's an up/down arrow in Metadatics to go through each entry). As for Roon: It understands the multi-item artists properly, either by separating artists with a semi-colon (which is what I've always done in Yate) or having multiple artist entries. Saying this just in case people want to know, I checked it works fine.
  4. Ok, understood. Is there a way to keep JRiver from separating the artists and instead preserve the semicolons? BTW... Your knowledge of these matters is impressive!
  5. Yes figured that out (see my PS2) above
  6. @stefano_mbp: MC21 is doing something very odd with the semicolon separated fields: The original AIFF files have only one semicolon, MC21 likes 3??
  7. Well, that has not worked for me so far... I loaded my FLAC library onto MC21. My process is to manually copy the new album's directory from the AIFF library to the FLAC library (so that all files including image and pdf files get copied). Then I created an MC21 view that will only show me AIF/AIFF files in that library so I can easily identify and run AIFF-->FLAC "Convert Format". This all works except the WORK and PART tags are lost, and I have found no way to tell MC21 to preserve all tags. PS: The setting "Update Tags When File Info Changes" is selected. PS2: Figured it out: Need to define the new tags in MC21 and set them to be saved in file.
  8. Yes, you understood perfectly. This is exactly what I have been doing with XLD - use finder to copy the directory holding the new album (which copies everything of course) and then use XLD with "delete source files" to transcode AIFF to FLAC. I was hoping I could streamline it a bit more with MC. Thx.
  9. Hello @stefano_mbp - quick question: I have made JRiver MC21 transcode files to a different location. However, is it possible for it to copy EVERYTHING in that directory to the new location? The reason is that I can have image and pdf files (and sometimes text files) in that directory.
  10. I actually own a license to JRiver v21. But it's such a mammoth tool for such a simple job... Having said that, I used to use it specifically to transcode AIFF and DSF to ALAC with some logic (like anything above 96 transcode to 88 or 96 depending on the family). But that library is long gone... Thx, I think I will try JRiver.
  11. Having said all this, the original question: Can I make XLD pass-through all tags so that the Roon tags I curated in the AIFF do not get lost when I transcode? PS: There is a "Preserve unknown metadata if possible" checkbox in the Metadata section in XLD preferences, but this is not preserving WORK and PART.
  12. Thanks, figured it out. I did find Yate instructions rather cryptic, but for the record, this is what I did: 1- Preferences > Audio > Common - At the bottom there's an "Application presets" - Choose Roon. This will define the custom fields Roon likes 2- Right-click on the editing panel, got to "Edit Custom Panels" and create a custom panel which you can call "Roon", and add the Roon tags by right-clicking on "Unused" buttons on the left of the edit screen. Save it and now you can bring that custom panel into the edit panel. FYI, the WORK and PART tags I added in Metadatics are showing properly here now. And it has the advantage that those tags are always there now (as opposed to have to add them every time in Metadatics).
  13. well, Roon does offer many features to manage this, some that are quite unique. And adding the WORK/PART tags always works.
  14. How do i define custom tags? I tried but Roon did not understand, Honestly, as much as I like Yate, that was very cryptic. Did you manage to use Yate to tag work/movement in a way Roon understands?
  15. I use XLD to rip and transcode files (mac user). I normally use Yate to tag/curate my tags. I have started to use Metadatics because it allows me to add two specific tags I need in Roon - specifically the tags WORK and PART to indicate to Roon how to group multi-track works (it usually knows but sometimes not with obscure stuff). I add these WORK and PART tags in my main library which is mainly AIFF (AIFF and DSF files except for MQA albums which stay in FLAC). But I keep a parallel library where all AIFF is transcoded to FLAC (for size). I use XLD for the transcoding and herein lies the problem: the WORK and PART tags get lost. Any solutions to this? Thx.
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