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  1. I just downloaded 27.0.15 for mac and I can confirm the cover art is read properly now. Thx.
  2. Thx. But I run this on mac. When will there be a mac build?
  3. And btw... Every album I download from Qobuz has this problem, so this is pretty serious.
  4. Thing is it shows fine in: Mac's finder Audirvana Roon Yate Metadatics iTunes So something is wrong with the way MC26 and MC27 are dealing with album art.
  5. Ok so now I am on 27.0.12 (early bird special). The image problem persists. Example: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OUUckT7S7oUfbcDt0bpE0aqlEqdArdGF/view?usp=sharing
  6. Any chance you could fix this bug now please?
  7. Matt, The original Qobuz file shows properly in: - mac finder - iTunes - Audirvana - Roon - Yate - Metadatics In fact it is only MC21 and MC26 that fail. I purchased the MC26 upgrade given I expect you guys to support it but not MC21. Pulling the text version of the tags using Yate, I get the attached comparison file. As you can see, there's a custom tag that is present in the original file that Yate is ignoring. My hunch is MC chokes here and stops reading the remaining of the ID3 tag. Given that all other software
  8. Yes no problem. Just sent you email. It's quite possible Qobuz changed the way they tag/identify the image in the file, but like I said it shows properly everywhere else so should work with JRiver MC.
  9. A bit more insight here: When I open up the Tag feature in MC26, I see file tags but the image says it is not there. This is a file directly downloaded from Qobuz, and I know the image is there because I see it in Audirvana, Yate, and Metadatics (the last two are two tagger programs I own). If I open up the file with Yate or Metadatics and resave the file, then JRiver Tag utility sees the album art. So there seems to be an issue with how Qobuz is embedding the album art into the file - and it does not always fail. But still, what gives? Why does
  10. Tried MC26. Same flakiness on reading album art from files. I know the album art is there because I see it in Yate and other apps.
  11. I am using MC21 to transcode my AIFF files to FLAC into a separate library (for size reasons). MC21 has recently stopped reading the cover art from the AIFF files - this results in FLAC files without cover art. So I would like to: 1- Have MC21 read cover art from my files 2- Keep MC21 from ever adding anything it thinks I need from a cover art perspective Any pointers please? Thx
  12. I've been impressed by both the content selection and recording quality of Naxos recordings.
  13. I considered processing a track to add some DSP (eg compensate for a lack of bass) but there are too many drawbacks: duplication of tracks, the DSP settings are stuck in the processed tracks, you might need different DSPs for different sound reproduction (eg main system vs headphones). So it’s a no-go for me. The Roon way is a lot more useful I think. Plus in many cases the DSP is pretty common - I have an “80’s” eq curve in Roon which I can select and works well for most 80’s albums that are thin in the low end, and a little too sparkly in the top. What Roon does not do today is t
  14. Hello Miguelito, I saw your Audiophiliac video wherein you mentioned measuring the rise time of two different types of interconnects.  I make my own very low capacitance interconnects and have a proposal for you.  I send you one of my interconnects that you keep as yours forever.  In return, you measure its rise time and tell me what it is.  Thanks in advance for considering it.  I realize that we're all busy.  Regards,  Terry

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