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  1. Question please,, Is it worth it to lug a camera bag around? I assume by some of the dark rooms you would need an accessory flash. Thanks in advance.
  2. Mansr Thanks I guess I didn't go back far enough, thought the article was just out.
  3. So the latest Stereophile, June 2018, has yet another article on MQA. This time by a Jim Austin and is an email interview with Bob Stuart regarding the Claude Shannon theory of sampling and how MQA relates to that and specifically aliasing. Disclosure , this article is beyond my understanding. Hence I'm asking members here for their take on it. Not their take on MQA please, but their take on Stuarts defence of the questions asked by Austin in this article. Thanks in advance. Steve
  4. The best description of MQA to date for me. The quote by Spenser Chrislu about 24/192 being the crown jewels that are not to given away speaks volumes about motive for MQA. If the current 24/194, or variations of, are better or the same as MQA then how much will all this matter when Spotify and Apple Music manage to capture 90 percent (or more) of the streaming market in the coming years? Those of us who want more will resort to our playing our own downloaded file or ripped files and isn't that where we are at right now?
  5. I started with my phone camera getting photos for gear to sell then went to a Canon 7D to get better photos and now love popping the top on audio gear and using a macro lens to get a small part of the circuit board or control dials. Everything goes into Adobe Lightroom where digital corrections are easy. My question to you would be if your shooting in analog with that great glass and a Hasselblad, do you then print and scan the photo to get it on the web site? Don't you deprive yourself of photo correction that way, unless your correcting the digital scan, then what's the point other than to try to get the shot right first time with film.
  6. Congrats on your milestone, CA and it's community is truly a great resource. Your writing quality and style are a delight to read. Digital has come a long way in ten years and at this pace predicting the next ten years to 2027 would be tough. Here's hoping you walk us through it.
  7. Andy man,, the new Ultra Renu has both the ethernet and usb on the same side of the case, makes this configuration awkward. But thanks.
  8. Hi First I want to congratulate this site for a very soon 10 year anniversary. Excellent reading all around. Second I want to apologize if I'm beating a dead horse with this question. I did search ,,,,, a lot! If you look at my profile you will see my gear. ( in short form , QNAP- Net Gear-ultra Rendu- Schiit Yaggi and onwards) Previously I used Schiit PYST USB cables with a Wyred to connect to my dac. I also used a SimAudio Mind 180 with a AES / EBU connection that I really liked. Now I'm going to Roon, the new Ulta Rendu and Schiit Gen 5 USB. So I will be connecting with USB now and looking for a cable. There is a lot of thought that a 1.5 m cable negates jitter by reading data before the jitter can interfere. Does the Gen 5 usb negate that? Is the Gen 5 USB super cable sensitive or less so? Can I just buy a Audioquest .75 m carbon USB and not worry about loosing anything? Is there something shorter, I dislike cable mess and already have a ton in this digital/ analogue/ tv system / network rack. I just want to put my best foot forward, avoid the upgrade path and enjoy my music without wasting money that may not be needed with the new Gen 5 usb. Yaggi Gen 5 users experience please, Thanks very much in advance. Steve
  9. Tom "You honestly think I don't realize that most people earn their money? I have zero bitterness toward anyone in any tax bracket. Plus, you have no clue about my financial situation. " Dude, there you go again, of course I realize that, I was just calling it the way I read it. Isn't the comment section for feedback?
  10. Hi, Good read, thanks, A couple of points, re " For music, for gear, or to spend all the money you inherited or married into, is of no concern to me" You should know some people earned their money, intended or not i sense a bitterness there. re music. Music taste is very generational. People tend to like the type of music they listen to when they came of age. Each generation tends to think "their" music is great and the other stuff is just OK, The music played at RMAF is more varied than at most shows. The neat thing about headphones gatherings is every one brings their own music on drives and plays it for them selves and no one cares about who listens to what. We can appreciate each others gear listening the stuff we like. Some how that needs to morph over to shows with loudspeakers.
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