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  1. Thank you for your reply. I may not have been clear in my post. The issue is not locating a specific file so much as the underlying organization of the files on my hard drive. Below is how I want it to look. How do I do that without iTunes, that's the question.
  2. I used to use iTunes to organize my music files, which it did by album and artist. Worked well for me. But now as I am using Roon, I've been adding FLAC files and other formats that iTunes doesn't handle and I'd use as soon skip the iTunes step. But newly-added files on my hard drive are no longer organized as before. Although Roon organizes them for its UI, I still want the underlying files organized for when I need to grab, say, an album for some reason. How do people deal with this?
  3. Pear Audio Blue turntables, which have been extensively reviewed in Stereophile and elsewhere, are based on the engineering and design thinking of the late Tom Fletcher of Nottingham Audio. The Pear designs reflect Fletcher’s "final" ideas for improving on what he did with Nottingham as he handed the torch to Pear Audio. Like Nottingham tables, the Pear uses a low-torque motor; you start the platter spinning with a small push and brake it to a stop with your hand. Quite cool! The Robin Hood (list $1,995) is their least expensive table, but it is a superb performer. Mine is fitted w
  4. For sale is pair of Harbeth P3ESR SE speakers, Harbeth's latest version of the venerable BBC LS3/5a, though these sound much more modern and better than the classics. This matched pair is from a limited release Special Edition that includes Studio Grade Ultra-Pure OFC Cable and they are in the premium (extra cost) Rosewood finish. They are gorgeous, like pieces of furniture. I am the original owner and the speakers are in near-new condition with no scratches that I can see. Grills are immaculate. All factory packaging (ships in single box for the pair) and documentation is included. Shipping c
  5. Selling my Uptone Audio USB Regen in perfect shape with all packaging and components. Shipping (CONUS only) and PayPal included at my asking price.
  6. Audiophilleo2 in Gray, serial # 01710. Complete with all adapters and full factory packaging. Original owner. Original cost $579. Asking $225, Paypal and shipping negotiable. USA only.
  7. For sale is a BADA Alpha USB, the premier USB to S/PDIF converter on the market. This unit works perfectly and is in very good condition cosmetically. Comes with User Guide and original factory packaging. New $1895, asking $1175. Paypal and shipping negotiable, USA only.
  8. Excellent -- thanks. I've ordered one and will give it a try with the second FMC (the one just before the microRendu). Dan
  9. Agree with all the rave reviews. After years of playing with DACs, software and cables, the microRendu was the biggest improvement I had ever had with computer audio. The LPS-1 powering it seems to be a similarly huge leap. Major kudos to John and Alex. i had been thinking that I should replace the Mac Mini wth a dedicated server solution, but now I wonder if these Uptone products have made that unneccessary. Dan
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