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  1. It's ok if you can't name him but such a test when we don't know anything how the test is done, what psu are used, etc, says nothing to me. I would like to see a real, with open facts, test done by, for example CA, 6 Moons or Hans etc, of these two units but it looks like that we have to wait for that. BTW, About skipping with DSD64 , I have an 200 Ultra with a sPS-500 and I have no issues with DSD at all but my DAC is a Bryston BDA-3. Running Roon on a Mac mini. And, it sounds fantastic. Before the Ultra I used a Bryston BDP-2 as an endpoint. The Ultra sounds better. Moore open
  2. Thanks! Around 50 hours now and I had some time to listen to more different kind of music and I am really impressed! To be honest I didn't really believe that a better psu could have such an impact of the sound quality. But I was wrong. I thought that the 200 Ultra as an endpoint to roon on my mac mini was one or two step up in sq compared to my Bryston BDP-2 but with the sPS-500 I got even more and better sq. The first impressions are still there. Especially the bass is more precise and the total sound picture is more clear. Impressive!
  3. First the original wallmart and then ifi ipower. sPS is a huge step in sq.
  4. Got mine sPS-500 to my 200 Ultra now. But already after 30 minutes listening there are an increased SQ! Better and more exact bass, more transparency...more report will follow after more listening!
  5. Yes! I am still waiting for mine. Want it now!
  6. this is from Lebouwskis thread about the sMS-500. Posted July 19. He asked May at SOtM about this: I've asked May from Sotm about the lps/smps discussion, this is what she answered: The sPS-500 is not the linear type power supply, but we applied the linear regulator circuit for some part, and designed to perform the better audio performance with the special power circuit and the noise reduction technology which we've designed by ourselves for a long based on own technology. the sPS-500 converts ac power to dc power and then convert this dc po
  7. I am also running my Ultra 24/7. No problems at all with that. Not specially hot at all. I am using the ifi ipower 9v at the moment, waiting for my sPS-500 and ISO-CAT6. As I said before, the Ultra sounds better than my Bryston BDP-2 as an endpoint.
  8. Yes, I hope so. I have also ordered an ISO-CAT6. Both will arrive in about 10 days.
  9. Hi, I have run the SOtM sMS200 Ultra for 4 days and I must say that I am very positive. I have earlier test to have my DAC as an endpoint compared to have my BDP-2 as an endpoint and then to The DAC via USB and using the BDP-2 as an endpoint have create the best sound so when I now compared that with Ultra, the Ultra wins. Not a day and night different but absolutely better. The bass is more precise and the midrange is more analog like and at the same time very clear and with higher resolution without being sharp. I have the 9v version and use the std wall mart and a ifi ipower but I
  10. Yes, me too. The Ultra is now up and running. No problems with set-up for roon ready. I want to listen to it a little bit more before a comparison but initial I already can say that the Ultra sounds good. Right now I am using an ifi ipower but have also ordered a sMS500. Stay tune, I will come back.
  11. I received my sMS-200Ultra today. Will be vey interesting to test it against my Bryston BDP-2 as endpoint to roon. I will start with original wall mart power adapter for 9V. I have also ordered a sMS-500 but have not received that one yet but I also have an Ifi IPower to test with. Will come back with reports.
  12. Maybe I managed to miss it, sorry for that if that is the case, but had you done this test?
  13. Very sad if Classé is closed. https://www.strata-gee.com/letter-dealers-classe-status-mysterious/
  14. As the title, that is the question? Which one will have the best SQ? Who will be first to test? Is there anyone who can explain the differents between these two, if any? Thanks!
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