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  1. I use a 5V switch mode power supply with a MPAudio SD-HPULN PS in between. Input of the SD-HPULN PS is 5V, output is 4,4V. The opticalModule works fine at 4,4V. I'll tidy op the connectors and housing once I'm settled on the use of the SD-HPULN PS. The large heatsink is not necessary. The opticalModule does get warm without but not hot. This heatsink keeps it luke warm.
  2. Hi, what color belongs to what measurement (resp. Synthesis, RR1, B & K, Bob Katz)? Thx!
  3. I'm going to buy the Sonore opticalModule to use down stream just in front of my network player. Upstream I have TP-Link MC220L or Trendnet TEG S51SFP. What would you recommend? Or should I sell both and buy some Cisco SFP switch?
  4. If you have a dedicated streamer like a Sotm sms-200 it would be useful to connect this with fiber and a TP-Link MC220L converter to your dac.
  5. The above curve I like best. Below the straight curve I used to compare.
  6. Using Dirac on Minidsp SHD Studio I decided I like the response of my speakers except for the boomy bass region. So I made the target curve follow the original curve. Smoothed it a bit and only really reducing the peak of the bass. The resulting target curve still has a downward slope but isn't straight. I like this better than the EBU and Harman curves I tried.
  7. Made my own adapter where I cut the +5V wire. It works fine. No sound quality difference compared to before I cut the pin.
  8. Minidsp SHD Studio does Dirac room correction with ethernet in and spdif out. Sound quality is great.
  9. I had an ultraRendu. It can be used as input for the Minidsp SHD Studio. But I did not hear a difference as a streamer. So I sold the ultraRendu. The big difference is the room correction the SHD Studio provides.
  10. Had an Aries Femto with SBooster before. In my setup the SHD Studio sounds better.
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