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  1. Power mod with Audiophonics case 😀
  2. Minidsp SHD Studio does Dirac room correction with ethernet in and spdif out. Sound quality is great.
  3. I had an ultraRendu. It can be used as input for the Minidsp SHD Studio. But I did not hear a difference as a streamer. So I sold the ultraRendu. The big difference is the room correction the SHD Studio provides.
  4. Had an Aries Femto with SBooster before. In my setup the SHD Studio sounds better.
  5. Buy and try an Audioquest Dragonfly dac. If you buy second hand you can sell it for the same amount. Done this twice myself 👍
  6. Minimserver (on NAS) / Tidal --> Minidsp SHD Studio --> Job INTegrated --> Penaudio Cenya (speakers) 😃
  7. I don't hear differences between cd quality streaming and 24/96 or higher. But I've experienced several streamer upgrades. Streamer quality does make a difference. I haven't heard the Elac Discovery. Using Roon must be great!
  8. I replaced my streamer recently for the Minidsp SHD Studio. The SHD Studio sounds very good but also has Dirac room correction. Reduction around 56Hz really makes a difference in my system/room.
  9. In case the broken plastic parts can be easily broken into smaller parts or if the surface is a little white(ish) I think the deoxidising lubricant could de well be the cause. But I would not have thought this likely before hand.
  10. Plastics can become brittle under influence of time, sunshine, heat and solvents. It depents a lot on the choosen plastic and it's ingrediënts. The supplier should choose a suitable plastic that is up to the task.
  11. With Bubbleupnp server you can add equalization to streaming audio. This works with music stored on a NAS and with streaming services like Tidal. The equalization format is "equalizer=f=53:width_type=q:width=8:g=-10". You can add PEQ filters comma separated. You can add PEQ filters comma separated: "equalizer=f=53:width_type=q:width=8:g=-10,equalizer=f=165:width_type=q:width=8:g=-3". In my setup it works great to reduce bass at room modes.
  12. Hi Matt, any new on the Khadas Tone Board? I'm considering to buy one.
  13. Good to hear it's not only due to the choosen target curve. The other track I experienced the one below (Tidal).
  14. Having settled for two weeks with my best curve I began noticing some artifacts in certain songs. For example in the track "The lighthouse and the cabin" from Third coast Percussion there is a lot of resonation at 1:05. At that point I get a sudden distortion. The rest of the track is okay. Used my phone to find it's a distortion on a 100Hz sound. With other tracks I did not hear any distortion. But with Dirac off the distortion disappeared. When I found another track with distortion it was time to take action. First I lowered the total curve by 2dB. That made a difference but did not totally remove the distortion. So I made a dip in the curve at 100Hz where the original response got clearly below the target curve. Now the distortions are completely gone.
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