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  1. We have the sonicTransporer i9 now winch has an i9-9900 (8 core). The i9-10900 will be available and has 10 cores BUT the cores are slower! For upsampling most of the processing is done on one core per channel so you want really fast cores. The sonicTransporter i9 is still the fastest upsamling machine available for Roon or HQplayer (or both together). Chris as always has some amazing new tech here. That LattePanda Alpha 864s is super fast AND draws only 5w. Very good for a very small low power Roon box.
  2. The best way to get a hold of us here at Small Green Computer is to click the contact us button on our web site (smallgreencomputer.com). We respond withing 24-hours but typically it's much faster. It take me much longer to respond to a PM on this forum as I don't check my PMs that often.
  3. But it seems like once you generated the filters they could be loaded onto a sonicTransporter.
  4. Looks like this is Mac or Windows only. Not sure how it could be used with sonicorbiter.
  5. Looks like you have a bad SD card. You will need to get a new one.
  6. Look like you got a bad 2.8 SD card. Contact me and smallgreencomputer.com and I'll send you a new one. Sorry about that.
  7. I have never had this question. The software switch in the sonicTransporter passes all packets so there are no issues with HQplayer at all. Also customer with this setup are running HQPlayer on the server!! This gives them a direct like to the NAA player device with no switches in between. This works very well AND allows for complete optical isolation between the server and player. This results in amazing sound from your DAC. Our servers and players are designed for HQPlayer and we do extensive testing to make sure they work really well.
  8. I don't see any issues on the server. try one more reboot and it it doesn't work you need a new SD card.
  9. Yes we have confirmed the Yggy/Unison DAC works well with all Sonore Rendu players. Definitely a good improvement in sound using a Rendu player vs a USB port on a Mac mini or NUC.
  10. 1. yes it can Run HQplayer and Roon. Yes it can do DSD128 on the i5. DSD256 would probable over load it. Depending on what filter you use. 2. Yes it is. 3 You get drop outs. 4. It can improve the sound 5. There are lots of filter options in HQplayer. There is a lot of info on the forums about people trying different ones and the results. 6. I think the up-sampling process adds some noise and the filters filter that noise out. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong here. 7. Yes, it runs for 1/2 hour with no license file.
  11. The sonicTransporter i9 uses an i9 9900 (8 core) so it's about as fast a CPU as you can get. It can do any modulator at dsd256 and all but the poly-sinc-ext2 and ASDM7EC for DSD512. poly-sinc-ext2 and ASDM7EC + DSD512 is not possible with any CPU available today. So we will have to wait for future hardware for that. The sonicTransporter i9 is a tiny fan less noiseless upsampling machine. It's cube of CPU power you can throw at HQplayer
  12. Filters run well on the i5. Just not for things like DSD512. If your network player does not have an optical network port like an opticalRendu or Signature Rendu SE optical then you would need an opticalModule on the player end.
  13. All our sonicTransporter can run both Roon and HQPlayer embedded together. The i5 works well on almost any type of PCM upsampling and works on DSD up to DSD128. For DSD 256 and 512 it's best to get i9. The i9 can do DSD 512 plus filters. HQplayer volume control requires very little CPU and runs fine on the i5. All software on the sonicTransporter is installed using our software manager. You just click on the software you want installed and it's installed automatically. Roon is easy to configure using the Roon app and HQplayer embedded has a web interface. The Sonore forum has some good info on setting up HQplayer. The sonicTransporter i9 optical also has a built in opticalModule so you can isolate your player from network noise. This results in a big upgrade in sound from your DAC.
  14. Quite a few users have asked my if you can run HQplayer and Roon together on our sonicTransporter i9 optical. You can. It has an 8 core processor so there is plenty of CPU power for both Roon and HQplayer.
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