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  1. agillis

    Sonore microRendu

    We designed them and had them built by one of our suppliers to our specs.
  2. A DIY NUC player solution is a no way competition for products we sell to the high end audiophile market. These guys have no interest in build PCs . I am very interested in what you guys are doing. I have been part of the Computer Audiophile community for years and did work on the CAPS project. The origin "computer as a high end music server".
  3. That for sure. Building a Linux Distro is a huge amount of work! Nice job Larry. I see that AudioLinux charges for support. That's a great business model.
  4. We actually saw performance increase a bit. But I think this is due to improvements in Roon not something we did. I'm not sure what could cause that. I can hop in a take a look if you want. click the contact us button on smallgreencomputer.com and I'll take a look.
  5. You are posing your ideas in an open forum for the free use of all. I sure there are many industry people reading this thread. It's important that the ideas of the DIY community are turned into products so that non DIY people can benefit from them.
  6. What if you mounted a network drive and wrote the changes to that once and a while?
  7. This is a DIY thread. and yes I am a vendor. All of my products started as DIY ideas. We improve them productize them and bring them to the masses in the form of easy to use products. But it all starts with people working together to try new possibles. Turning over new rocks is how all great products start.
  8. Linux is in general very stable. I have a system here that has not been rebooted in 5 years. That's one of the reasons it's so great for audio.
  9. Have you tried PXE boot? It would save you from having to plug and unplug the USB key all the time. it would just boot up and run. No drives. Ever.
  10. Yes you have been saying that. This thread is very long I was mentioning it again for people who are still talking about attach a DAC to an i7 CPU machine.
  11. So how do you boot the NUC if it's diskless?
  12. You should never connect a sonicTransporter i7 to your DAC. You are correct the i7 processor is very noisy. This is why you need a network player to isolate your DAC from the noise. If you want features like DSD512 upsampling an i7 is the only way to get it. You then need a way to seperate the noise from your DAC.
  13. You could PXE boot Linux over the network and run a computer completely from RAM with no hard drive, SSD, or boot drive of any kind. This is not that hard to do and there are instruction on the internet to set up something like this. But from my experience you would still be subject to all the other electrical noise in a computer. The best option is always to separate the server from the network player The configuration would be to use a network player with a small Linear supply powering each component on the board, not SSD drive and a small low power low noise ARM CPU. This way you would eliminate all the noise from SSDs etc, all the noise from switching power supplies, and all the noise from large fast CPUs. This design is already available commercially. It's an ultraRendu.
  14. Talked to Jesus this morning. Try this 1. Go into Apps / DAC Diagnostics on the ultraRendu and make sure your DAC is there. 2. Go into Apps / App Switcher on the ultraRendu and select NAA. 3. Go into Settings / HQplayer Config on the sonicTransporter and make sure the ultraRendu is selected as the NAA player. 4. It should now show up in BubbleUPnP Server.
  15. agillis

    Sonicorbiter - DLNA/MPD output mode

    This is now working in 2.7