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  1. Yes this may be possible if you have one of our i9 units. Email me and send me a picture of the back of your sonicTransporter so I can see what you have.
  2. Great hanging out Chris, looking forward to seeing your optical video.
  3. We do sell an i9 based system already. https://www.smallgreencomputer.com/collections/audio-server/products/sonictransporter-i9-for-roon-dsp
  4. If you need support on a Small Green Computer product please go to smallgreencomputer.com and click "Contact Us" in the lower right hand corner. We offer lifetime support on all our products and we can help you our right away.
  5. @Oldominion I have responded to all my emails maybe I missed you some how. I don't know how your email address vs your user name here. Can you go on smallgreencomputer.com and submit a support ticket? This is always the best way to get support.
  6. Please go to smallgreencomputer.com and fill our a contact request. I'll get back to you via email and we can test the driver.
  7. Here is a nice break down of the innuos power supply which is defiantly really well made http://www.the-ear.net/how-to/power-supply-design-innuos-statement But it's powering a $150 Supermicro motherboard which is covered with small switching power supplies. https://www.supermicro.com/products/motherboard/celeron/X10/X10SBA-L.cfm You are connecting the DAC directly to the USB output from the board (although I think the more expensive versions have a special USB card). This doesn't seem that good. The noise from the switchers will go down the USB bus.
  8. You need a license to be a Chromecast playback device. There are a bunch of boards out there like the StreamUnlimited that can do it. BUT even if you use a third party board in your product you still need a license direct from Chromecast. A Chromecast license is very complex and expensive to get. That's why only a few big companies have them.
  9. We designed them and had them built by one of our suppliers to our specs.
  10. A DIY NUC player solution is a no way competition for products we sell to the high end audiophile market. These guys have no interest in build PCs . I am very interested in what you guys are doing. I have been part of the Computer Audiophile community for years and did work on the CAPS project. The origin "computer as a high end music server".
  11. That for sure. Building a Linux Distro is a huge amount of work! Nice job Larry. I see that AudioLinux charges for support. That's a great business model.
  12. We actually saw performance increase a bit. But I think this is due to improvements in Roon not something we did. I'm not sure what could cause that. I can hop in a take a look if you want. click the contact us button on smallgreencomputer.com and I'll take a look.
  13. You are posing your ideas in an open forum for the free use of all. I sure there are many industry people reading this thread. It's important that the ideas of the DIY community are turned into products so that non DIY people can benefit from them.
  14. What if you mounted a network drive and wrote the changes to that once and a while?
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