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  1. Hi Guys, I am in a little of indecision here, These are the facts, I am the proud owner of a nice silver Bryston BDA-3 DAC, I was using it with a Microrendu, well I decided to start upgrading and it is getting messy, I like my shelves to look nice and also The secret is on simplicity, There are so many parts on a Ultrarendu or sMS-200ultra set up, for example you need an ultrarendu, then a Nice PS then you need a nice Switch then nice Cat7 cables then a NAS and the list keep growing you also need a PC Like the I5 then the itch continues and now you want a Linear PS for the PC and you end
  2. Well I can get any version of windows for free I have an MSDN licence, what Motherboard would be the best one BTW I want to use the H5 box from HD plex, In terms of renders I would like to find an ethernet to i2s(hdmi) renderer. I totally dislike USB why are we using a format that is so susceptible to corruption that you can not run it longer than 20ft? At work we test data corruption and byte loss on cables specially cat 6A cables and damm USB cables are bad!!! there are more bit errors on a 2 feet USB cable than on a 200 ft cat 6 cable. And FYI guys I tested various HighEnd USB cables and on
  3. Hi, I am new to custom audio server, after playing around with the MicroRendu and then Ultrarendu, I am now interested in jumping into the dedicated audio server, I am a full time IT consultant, yes I know computers in and out and I can put together a PC with one hand behind my back, but I don't have the knowledge in terms of what to look on a motherboard for audio, what are the best options for MB, Case, PS, HD, Memory, ETC.. It will be nice if we can start a Topic where you can have the basics of DIY audio servers with links to the best MB, Cases, PS, OS, Software, components etc. Like a sta
  4. But my switch is a Netgear gs108 is not a smart router so there is no way to adjust any settings
  5. Hi I tried connecting My SonicTransporter I5 and my Microrendu unsuccessfully. this is my set up: I have my modem/router in the basement(Motorola sbg6580) from it I have a 50 feet cat 6 cable to my audio room where I have it go into a Netgear GS108 Switch and connected to that switch I have my Microrendu, the SonicTransport I5 and a desktop computer that is on the other side of the room. The Microrendu is connected to my DEQX HDP4. I can access both control panels and everything in them looks fine and the DAC is active and ready. When I start Roon I can see the Server and it work per
  6. I am OK now Andrew just replied to my email Very interesting product he has, I am ordering!
  7. Do anyone here know if these products are in stock at Small Green Computer (microjukebox) I tried emailing them using the form online but no luck so far. I don't want to make a purchase with out any idea of availability or when I will get it, I am not suggesting nothing, most likely they are a great respected company but I have been burned so many times and that have made me very cautious. Please any help I will appreciated a lot.
  8. it is still available I can give you asking price 800 for both
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