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  1. Yes, for pure streaming from Qobuz you probably do not need the Cisco so you can compare both configurations. If you need the Cisco then the copper only configuration makes sense. Matt
  2. Sorry, but I have seen so far no comment from Emile about listening impressions with the ER. Can you please post a link? Thanks Matt
  3. Can you try to bypass the Cisco with the ER that means to connect the Cisco to a A-port of the ER but have no series connection of both switches regarding your signal coming from Qobuz? Thanks Matt
  4. As a manufacturer with a sponsored forum I would appreciate a honest "bad report" as well. It would give me valuable data points for further development of my product. I know the SQ of a Klimax Katalyst Streamer/DAC very well. Certainly It is one of the best devices on the market. As a consumer and prospective buyer of an ER I am very curious how the ER performs in the context of such a system. So your "bad report" would be very valuable as well. For testing the ER I would give the ER the best configuration in my set-up. @stevebythebay gave some advice with bypassing your switch IMO, it is a pity that you did not try this configuration or that you do not want to report about. Matt
  5. Maybe he tried this configuration as well but is too polite to talk about the outcome. Matt
  6. My experiences with streaming from Qobuz are very positive. The SQ is comparable to playing a CD with a good CD player. Please try the set-up with ER recommended by @stevebythebay from post #328 and share your impressions. Thanks Matt
  7. Did you try to remove the Cisco? If yes, what was the outcome? Thanks Matt
  8. Why so negative? I think the ER is clearly better as a replacement for an existing lower quality switch but maybe not as an add-on switch in a set-up where a switch is not needed. Matt
  9. Just for clarification: You compared the above quoted set-up with this set-up: External 8TB hard drive via USB 3.0 - > SonicTransporter i5 running Roon server - > Bluejean Cat6a cable (short) - > modem from Xfinity - > Bluejean Cat6a cable (short) - > Linn KDS/3 input -> Marrow XLR cables -> input to M3a-800S stereo amplifier -> Marrow Speaker cables -> Egglestonworks Andra II The conclusion: To use no switch in your set-up is not worse than to use ER? Correct? Matt
  10. This seems not to be the case with the ER. Please see the posts of @lmitche in this thread (for example post#36). Matt
  11. Greg, this is the combo I am looking for. Can you elaborate further? Thanks Matt
  12. Very interested to get this report😊 Thanks Matt
  13. I think it makes sense to explore new devices like the EtherRegen which are IMO better sounding alternatives than the Cisco 2960. My question directed to @allo.com: Do exist any reports that USBridge Signature works with EtherRegen? Thanks Matt
  14. Do you mean the old Sparky based USBridge? If yes you can at least try the new Signature. Matt
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