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  1. OK, but is the problem really Germany, when other streaming services in Germany apparently are offering these albums? Matt
  2. Yes, for comparison dCS use the boards from http://www.streamunlimited.com/products/streaming-audio/streamvienna/stream810---imx7dual-audio.html Matt
  3. They bought the streaming board from another company: http://highfidelity.pl/@main-908&lang=en Matt
  4. https://www.whatsbestforum.com/threads/best-music-software.25137/page-9#post-541740 Matt
  5. OK, another question: Do exist SQ differences between countries in Europe? Matt
  6. What about differences between countries in Europe? Do they provide a better service in UK than in Germany for example? Matt
  7. Do Qobuz offer in all countries the same music or do exist differences? Matt
  8. Stangely, I did not find both albums on Qobuz Germany. Both seem to be available on Tidal. Matt
  9. I just tried Qobuz Studio. Sound quality seems to be fine, but I am missing two of my favourite albums: Bob Dylan "Oh Mercy" Ry Cooder Film Music "Paris, Texas" Matt
  10. +1 According to a review of Highfidelity Poland the streaming part of the Brooklyn is inferior to the USB input, so the statement of @Em2016 makes sense. Matt
  11. I shared some short impressions in post #92 in the Munich thread (general forum). Matt
  12. Em2016, I am awfully sorry, but I forgot to ask. I think one reason was that my schedule was very tight at Saturday to see and listen to all points on my shortlist. Another one is that Anubis has low priority for me at the moment. I was not aware of the big Merging multichannel room. I went briefly into the Merging booth where they played a NADAC set-up but the SQ was not my cup of tea. Matt
  13. My vote for the best sound in alphabetical order: Aries Cerat Living Voice Nagra Silbatone Aries Cerat was compromised by the quality of the booth. They deserve to get a room in one of the atriums. The Nagra demo at Saturday conducted by Marco Cicogna was excellent. The best Nagra demo in Munich so far. Silbatone had better speakers than last year. Disappointing were Kaiser, Goebel and Gryphon in relation to the price of the set-up. The prize for loudest undistorted sound gets WolfvonLanga. Matt
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