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  1. +1 It is a pity that many threads on AS (and other forums) are in the wrong category. Matt
  2. Maybe direct USB out from a good server with Audirvana outperforms all of them? Matt
  3. May I ask which power supply do you use for your OpticalRendu? Thanks Matt
  4. In the case of a Taiko Extreme a DAC connected via USB to the Extreme did sound superior to connected to an OpticalRendu which was connected via network to the Extreme. So I am curious in your experience did adding an OpticalRendu to a good sounding high powered server give really a superior SQ than the server alone (with the same DAC connected via USB)? Thanks Matt
  5. Agree completely, I have seen on PFM that you use now an OpticalRendu connected to your DAC. Now the OpticalRendu is some sort of a very low powered PC. How does it fit to your experience that a higher powered PC does sound better? Thanks Matt
  6. Just curious, any news? Matt
  7. With Qobuz via Audirvana I never had skip or drop-out with speed of around 50Mbps in my listening room. Matt
  8. How do ECD compare to Schiit and T+A regarding slam, PRaT and drive? Thanks Matt
  9. I know this passage, tbh it appears to me not as a mature solution (but the proof is in the listening). Matt
  10. Yes, I think speakers with a sensitivity of something like 99dB or more are mandatory for the PowerDAC-S. Matt
  11. The question is if one can hear the loss of four bits. From a technical POV the Metrum solution seems to be superior. TBH, the real breakthrough with respect to everything is for me the PowerDAC-S (if it will deliver musicality in listening). I asked on diyaudio if it is possible to post some pictures of the PowerDAC-S. Matt
  12. AFAIK, the Metrum Adagio DAC preamp offers a completely lossless volume control by increasing and decreasing the supply voltage which is feeding the DAC modules. The ECD solution is not completely lossless since it is sacrificing up to four bits. Matt
  13. I am sure even a standard FractalDAC with DAPI will sound excellent and comparisons are easy to perform. Further, the FractalDAC with DAPI would be perfect for vinyl lovers with analog systems as well. >>> So it would be great if they offer the FractalDAC with DAPI. Matt
  14. I simply try to get rid of this design.......and would not like to pay for things I do not use. So, just a small box with Toslink input. Matt
  15. OK, so will they release a new DAC with DAPI for use in a system with analog preamp and power amp? Thanks Matt
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