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  1. @DuckToller Very nice review, thank you. Can you please comment on how the Soncoz and the Allo Revolution compare to your Gieseler Klein DAC? Matt
  2. @eintom https://www.lejonklou.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=25341#p25341 Matt
  3. Maybe the first fiber optical USB cable done right, hopefully with USB-C connectors too? Matt
  4. If the PF i2s card is compatible with Mac the Sonnet Echo Express SEL should work with PF. Matt
  5. Passive mode with a superior amp outperforms usually active mode with inferior amps 😀 Matt
  6. Desktop Macs seem to be sounding superior to portable Macs and Macs with higher powered CPU superior to those with lower powered CPU. Matt
  7. Agree, but afaik there are so far no audiophile native apps for it. Native apps work much better, faster and smoother that apps with Rosetta2. I suppose the SQ is also even better with native apps. Matt
  8. Not iMac, but Mac: I have Qobuz playing via WiFi to MBP/Audirvana then via USB to DAC and like it. Curious about the SQ of the new ARM based Macs. Matt
  9. Can loose fitting USB cable/connectors be the cause? Matt
  10. Yes, I think there might be a reason why they use MacBooks. I am curious about the first serious listening tests with the new ARM based Macs. These seem to get USB host controllers from ASMedia which might be superior sounding than the Intel ones. Matt
  11. matthias

    HQ Player

    I would very much appreciate Qobuz integration with HQP as well. Matt
  12. I recall a post of @holswhere he describes the differences between DSD and high rate PCM: "Actually it's difficult to describe the PCM1411.2. I can try to explain in the following manner. I tend to think that from 44.1 to 705.6 the improvement is along the same line, i.e increase in detail but without much change in character. But reaching 1411.2 there seems to be a change of character of the SQ. The most obvious is you tend to focus on individual instruments because they are so real and full of feelings so much so that you won't be paying too much attention to the whole orchestra.
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