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  1. I think I understand your point. Another topic I would like to know about these devices: You talk about resolution and transparency. As you I listen to a lot of Jazz. I am wondering what do these devices in the PRaT department? And are they able to produce slam and the kick of a live concert? Thanks Matt
  2. Can someone shed some light on why the DAC is limited to 24/96? Thanks Matt
  3. Local file replay is no option for me. Yes, Qobuz HiFi is just 16/44. Matt
  4. Would be niice to know if it makes sense to go for Qobuz Studio up to 24/192 or if Qobuz HiFi is the better option.in this case. Thanks Matt
  5. So FLAC from Qobuz is no problem for playback with the ECdesigns devices? Thanks Matt
  6. Be careful not to lose your sanity. Maybe you need the rest of your lifetime to check all possibilities. 😜 Matt
  7. It is for sure a very interesting cable, however as always the proof is in the listening in comparison to similar priced cables. Matt
  8. Thanks for sharing. How much is the Black Cat? One reference point to compare would be the Sablon 2020 USB. Did you by chance compare these? Thanks Matt
  9. I am not familiar with this design and reading of their HP does not help either. So my question: Do they offer a DAC with USB input? Thanks Matt
  10. So what about a DAC with USB input? Thanks Matt
  11. Thanks, fortunately I do not use Roon. Matt
  12. This makes perfectly sense @Bazinga prefers USB with his Taiko Extreme as well 🙂 Matt
  13. I would say this is pretty interesting because in posts before launching the MDx board Brian Zolner stated that he prefers Ethernet over USB. Matt
  14. One additional point for Audirvana: Audirvana uses the Qobuz API, so you get all new albums at the same time as Qobuz desktop app 🙂 Roon does not use it, so you get them a few days later. Matt
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