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  1. @Heckyman Just an additional question: Certainly you use the May in NOS mode and you might perform some additional upsampling in the Mac Mini M1. If you do so which software do you use for upsampling and do you upsample to PCM or DSD? Thanks Matt
  2. Thanks for sharing. I am just curious how May compares (from a musicality POV, not according to some audiophile terms) to the in-built DAC of the Mac Mini M1. Matt
  3. Which Mac player do you use for listening to Qobuz? Thanks Matt
  4. There is a complete thread about SQ of Studio on the Audirvana community forum: https://community.audirvana.com/t/sound-quality-studio-vs-3-5/26220 Matt
  5. Are you allowed to say something about the release? Will it be in summer or later? Thanks Matt
  6. Would be nice to share your experiences on the Audirvana Studio thread. Matt
  7. This discussion based on if bit-perfect then no SQ differences is obsolete. Matt
  8. Did you try direct USB out from Mac into DAC as well? Maybe Studio sounds better via upnp and 3.5 via USB? Thanks Matt
  9. This is a very valuable info. I am running so far 3.5 with High-Sierra and do streaming only, no local files. Matt
  10. Some do and find Studio less musical sounding. Matt
  11. Thank you for sharing, I am just wondering why some people on the Audirvana community forum describe this the other way around. Matt
  12. Jud, did you compare Studio vs. 3.5 without upsampling? Thanks Matt
  13. Is it possible that the tag imposes a sonic signature on the file as well? Matt
  14. Thanks for your advice, there are some people who prefer even much older horn speakers to modern speakers😀 Matt
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