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  1. IMO, you can stream from Audirvana to Primo via UPnP/DLNA without buying the premium subscription of Volumio. Matt
  2. Agree, preamp is a very important component, like the "soul" of a system. Matt
  3. Spring2 vs. Hapi vs. Anubis: Great comparison!!! Looking forward, thank you Matt
  4. @Miska Do you have plans to get an Anubis? Thanks Matt
  5. @AndreVOLUMIO Welcome here at AS. Some questions: How is the quality of the USB output of the Primo? Is it good enough to use Primo as a pure streamer without the inbuilt DAC? Does it make sense to use a good LPS for Primo? Thanks Matt
  6. I would like to stay in the 2k range. But I am a source first believer. So when Ravenna outperforms USB then it is possible that Anubis has the edge over an USB DAC. Matt
  7. Yes, the HP amps should be much better than the Hapi ones. It is a pity that Anubis shines in areas which are not important for me. I do not need ADCs, use no HP.......but want a great DAC and PS. Matt
  8. This question is most important for me: Can Anubis with its Ravenna interface outperform the best USB DACs in the same price range? I hope we get soon the first listening impressions....... Matt
  9. I would be happy to pay quite a bit more for Anubis to get the performance specs of Hapi. Matt
  10. Looking forward to your SQ impressions in comparison to HAPI. Please keep us updated. Thanks Matt
  11. You are right, smaller chip, 12 vs. 16 pins per side and lower specs. Interesting that they use for ADC the same chip as Hapi, but not for DAC. Matt
  12. From the DAC section DA8P remains king. DA8P has 4dB better dynamic range and 6dB better THD than Anubis. A little bit disappointing. Matt
  13. Anubis uses ES9026PRO and not ES9028PRO as DAC chip like DA8P. @Miska what are the differences? Thanks Matt
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