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  1. As the height is only 2" do you think it will be a toploader like Denafrips Avatar? Thanks Matt
  2. You are referring to the "old" USBridge which has been replaced by the USBridge Signature. Matt
  3. And on TM as well: https://twitteringmachines.com/twittering-machines-news-im-back/ Matt
  4. Since you are committed to USB it does not make any sense IMO to consider the Terminator Plus AND Gaia. Your Innuos combo has an excellent USB output and the TP an excellent USB input. The TP alone supports higher PCM and DSD rates than as a combo with the Gaia. You can save the expense for the Gaia and the connecting cables. Matt
  5. The ECD products are certainly great value for money devices and it makes much sense to discuss about. The single problem is that someone claimed source independency for these. Matt
  6. I mean Source Independence requires at least: 1.) Integrity of power 2.) Integrity of data Both points are mandatory. ad 1.) The device must provide its own HQ power source or regenerate the incoming power. ad 2.) The device must regenerate the data in the best possible way. There are expensive DACs which provide a double reclocking. Maybe there are other methods. I see a long way to go for achieving Source Independence. Matt
  7. Yes, I appreciate very much your comparisons. However, I would like to know too what @roberto2 thinks (if he wants to share it) 🙂 Matt
  8. That is exactly my point of concern. Matt
  9. I think they are too busy to participate in this thread, but I hope they are monitoring it. Matt
  10. Thanks for chiming in. Would you mind commenting on: 1.) USB > Terminator vs 2.) USB > U192 toslink > Terminator vs 3.) USB > U192 > Fractal DAC Thank you 🙂 Matt
  11. An USB powered device must be quite immune against the power supply of the source since the manufacturer want to provide a certain SQ that must not be dependent on the source power. A nice example is the Khadas Tone Board. A cheap as it is it seems not to be very dependent on the quality of the USB Vbus. I respect the ECD designers highly. If you read their comments on diyaudio you get the imprsssion they have a profound understanding of electronics and are very creative in their DAC design. It just appears to me that they regard power supplies not as import
  12. Thanks for sharing. IMO, with these specs it should be possible to provide an excellent voltage regulation with USB Vbus only so that additional PSs like Paul Hynes are not necessary for better SQ. I have got the impression from the recent posts that the PSs of ECD devices might be their weakest point. Matt
  13. Would you mind disclosing the USB source? Thanks Matt
  14. Looking forward to your impressions 🙂 Matt
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