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  1. Agree, the link was nothing more than a suggestion to test the Startech SFPs with Sonore devices as well. Matt
  2. Maybe, so I expect that differences between RJ-45 SFPs of different manufacturers are much greater than these between optical SFPs. It is like some sort of tube rolling:-) Matt
  3. Just try SFPs from different manufacturers with your devices and select the best sounding ones. Matt
  4. I respect your POV but just for my understanding: Do you not think that a superior SFP will give better SQ in devices of different manufacturers? Matt
  5. Sorry, I did not think that SFPs are unrelated gear to Sonore. Matt
  6. Please share with us when you get some more info from Andreas. Thanks Matt
  7. BTW, Taiko Audio found single mode SFPs sounding superior. Matt
  8. Comparing both impressions I would go for the former. Matt
  9. Thanks for the quote. It is quite the contrary what @Metnoc found. We have to take into account that SFPs from different manufacturers sound differently. @Metnoc used one from Ubiquiti. Matt
  10. Thanks for the link. With optical you have two additional conversions which I do not like. The sweet spot for me is Ethernet SFP opticalRendu and @Metnoc prefered it over optical. So comparisons in a more expensive price range do not make sense for me. Matt
  11. Sorry, I disagree. Some people like me have no interests to go optical. The oR is in a sensible price range and if one want to spend more money he/she can "upgrade" later to optical. Even @vortecjr admits that the Ethernet SFP opticalRendu sounds fantastic. IMO, it is a matter of taste to go optical, please have a look at the post of @romaz from March 24. Matt
  12. Interesting that in the Dream Series all files with the exception of DSD256 are first converted to DSD128, then with PDs own algorithms upsampled to DSD2048 before the conversion to analog. Matt
  13. I would leave the opticalModules out of the comparison and would feed the opticalRendu via an Ethernet SFP. This is much more fair because then both renderers are in the same price range. Matt
  14. I have passive speakers with a sensitivity of 99dB/W/m and a power amp which delivers around 100W/channel. Enough headroom to get the illusion of a live concert. Matt
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