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  1. Joe, great review, thanks.😄 Makes me very curious what the upcoming Schiit Urd with its Unison output will bring to the party....... Matt
  2. As Mike @baldrhas the final say in anything digital at Schiit he hopefully gives green light....... Matt
  3. I just read on SBAF that Jason likes a lot the idea of a "Schiit x Soekris" collaboration. So maybe we see in due time an Yggdrasil with Soekris boards.......😃 I think that would not be a bad decision at all. Matt
  4. There is another report here on AS where the new ifi Zen stream was preferred to the Pi2AES. Matt
  5. Comparing AES to Unison USB output will be very interesting when URD is released since this device offers both excellent USB and AES outputs. Matt
  6. The upcoming Schiit URD is also supposed to improve the input to the Yggdrasil. A comparison might be interesting. Matt
  7. These are the Euro prices of the 200 series: T+A A 200: 3.790,- € T+A MP 200: 4.390,- € T+A DAC 200: 5.490,- € T+A HA 200: 6.600,- € Matt
  8. I do not think so. AFAIK, they said they will never do anything with streaming. Matt
  9. Please, can you provide a link to this converter box? Thanks Matt
  10. @cjf When using HAPI in a two channel DAC configuration only can you assign four DACs for L and four DACs for R with Aneman? If yes, would this sound better than using just one DAC (out of eight) for L and one for R? Thanks Matt
  11. I am just curious, did you compare Yggy AES vs. Yggy Unison USB? BTW, waiting for Spotify Hifi as well. Thanks Matt
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