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  1. @uniquesnowflake Congratulations, superb set-up and a minimalist listening room, I like it. Which version of the S512 do you have, I suppose USB? Which Sparkler amp? Ether or Fluegel? Thanks and enjoy.-) Matt
  2. Just for clarification: Do you use Audrvana via UPnP or via direct USB out? Thanks Matt
  3. Some time ago I connected my CD player directly to my power amp and it was inferior sounding in comparison to using the preamp in between both components. What I found is that without a good preamp there is often a lack of PRaT, slam, drive and excitement. So in every case you have to try. Matt
  4. This linked thread was not started by TotalDAC but by Emile from Taiko Audio. I is not about to praise a product from TotalDAC but it shows nicely that the role of the preamp is to drive the power amp properly. BTW, I do not own a product from Mola-Mola. Sorry. Matt
  5. Hi Guys, reading this thread I got the impression that some seem to misunderstand the role of the preamp. I came across a very good thread on another forum which sheds some light on the role of the preamp. It is not too long, six pages only and I would like to recommend reading at least page one: https://www.whatsbestforum.com/threads/totaldac-d1-driver-the-pre-amplifier-driver.29500/ Matt
  6. Hi David, do you have the original Lush or the Lush 2 ? Thanks Matt
  7. Hi Dave, did you compare the original Lush to Lush 2 ? Thanks Matt
  8. The upcoming DC4 is rated 5amp continuous, price tbc: http://www.custom-hifi-cables.co.uk/home/power-supplies/dc4-power-supply Matt
  9. Hi Blake, a second option which is maybe even better and somewhat cheaper than Orbi is the ARRIS AX11000. Matt
  10. Yes, but you get router and satellite, compare what some audiophile ethernet cables cost: https://www.whatsbestforum.com/threads/taiko-audio-sgm-extreme-the-crème-de-la-crème.27433/page-142#post-629003 Matt
  11. @kirkmc Will the 2020 Macbooks get WiFi 6 as well? Thanks Matt
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