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Found 19 results

  1. MPA1

    Linux driver

    allright, having a quiet summer this year, I finally bought an RPI (4B) to replace my 10 year old Mac mini as a NAA. As I am being relatively new to Linux, it has been an interesting project. As of this moment, I’m stuck with no driver for the Mytek 192 DSD. There is a guide online for compiling your own, but I’m a bit stuck at loading the firmware/driver guide by lintweaker: https://github.com/lintweaker/mytekusb2 1 will this guide still work or am I beating a dead horse?
  2. Hi - I wasn't sure where on CA to talk about amplifiers, so starting this thread here. With the recent announcement this weekend (or so) at the Munich High-End show that Mytek will make a matching Class D Amplifier for the Brooklyn (called the Brooklyn Amplifier), I thought I would capture the information and what I learn about it (as I have a Brooklyn DAC and want to go Class D for my next amp). Info is very limited other than the release text and images. (no back panel yet). The name is aptly chosen because the Brooklyn AMP fits in the same housing as the DAC, albeit with an inch of extra depth. It will be available in the same silver and black finishes as the Brooklyn DAC. Apart from its elegant looks, the Brooklyn AMP produces 2 x 300 Watts of output power at 8 ohms and drives even the most difficult of loudspeakers with ease. Mytek claims to have created a "triode Class A-sounding Class D" design which will make the Brooklyn AMP relevant for audiophiles worldwide. The expected retail price of the Brooklyn AMP is 1,995 Euro/$, and delivery will start mid-summer 2017.
  3. RSVP for a DSD Listening Party with Jared Sacks from Channel Classics and NativeDSD Music on October 20th in New York City. https://mailchi.mp/channel/dsd-session-nyc-oct-2018
  4. Hello...this is my first question ever. I just purchased a Mytek Brooklyn DAC+. i have ONLY connected it via USB through the laptop to the dac and played tidal and listened to MQA. Now for the queston...can someone please explain the other connects on the back? what is the wick in wick out? what would i connect via a 75 ohm coaxel cable? and where would i inout the coaxil into my AV receiver..i have the marantz sr7010. Im very confused and i think i spent a lot for not being able to utilize it the way i know its capable of. And also maybe someone could explain the xlr connects....and if you answer, please be prepared to carry on a dialogue for a few days while i work this out. I'm very frustrated and i would appreciate HELP!!!!! Thanks In advance...Stickyfi PS...Im very curious as to what wick in wick out means
  5. Hi everyone, my setup is as follows: 2006 MacbookPro with 2Gbytes RAM -> a Mytek 192 DSD connected via Firewire -> Volume bypassed to a Musical Fidelity A5 amp -> Totem Forest loudspeakers. With Audirvana+ 1.5.2 (paid version, no trial) i can't play any DSD file (64 or 128) without hearing an enormous amount of white noise which makes music unlistenable. Audirvana+ 1.5.1 was the same. Tried all possible DSD settings in audirvana, and also tried with USB 2.0 instead of Firewire. Same mess. Audirvana support is unresponsive. I am trying playing .DSF files and .ISO SACD as well. I can't get Pure Music (trial version) to play any DSD file. I also tried KORG audiogate and it works..but it appears to convert DSD to PCM real time as the DAC does not switch to "DSD".
  6. Excellent DAC, Audiophile quality (Silver Model) Original Cost $1595 Asking $935 (or make offers) Features: 32-bit Sabre DAC; PCM up to 192k, 64xDSD, 128xDSD USB 1.1(up to 96k, Asynchronous) USB 2.0 (up to 192k/DSD, Asynchronous) Firewire 400/800 (up to 192/DSD, Asynchronous) Native DSD Playback Internal Asynchronous hardware upsampling, from 16/44.1 up to 24/192 Integrated high-current ultra low-distortion Headphone Amp Stepped Analog volume control (1dB increments) AES, S/PDIF, SDIF, WCK (Word Clock), optical ins/outs Audiophile-quality high current headphone amplifier Precision programmable analog 1dB step attenuator DSD ASIO drivers & DSD over USB software RCA and XLR outputs RCA Analog throughput this Pre-Amp model
  7. Mytek just released a firmware update (2.34) for the Brooklyn enabling it to support USB HID volume control. Mytek's release notes: https://mytekdigital.com/download_library/firmware/BrooklynDAC_firmware_readme.txt Plugging my Brooklyn directly into my mac via USB worked just as expected: I could use the volume slider in the Roon software to adjust the Brooklyn's hardware volume settings. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get this to work through microRendu. I set the Volume Control setting in the microRendu > Settings > RoonReady > Volume Control to Hardware: But in Roon when I try change the volume, it says "Volume control is Fixed" And the Roon > Device Setup > External Volume Control drop down is disabled and fixed at None: Interestingly, after updating the Brooklyn's firmware to 2.34 the microRendu > Apps > DAC Diagnostics > "Set DAC to MAX volume" button works now (it didn't before). Has anyone been able to get their microRendu to work with the latest Brooklyn firmware, or another DAC supporting USB HID Volume control?
  8. Friends, I just bought a new Mytek 192 DSD and try to run it in Integer Mode with PCM over Firewire. As a long time user of A+ I am very astonished that Integer is not working. Is there a way to fix this? Mytek FW Driver 1.7.5, OSX 10.8.5 Thanks for hints and/or clarification - Nico
  9. Hi all! Starting a new thread on the Meitner MA-1. Not sure if I should post more discussions of this wonderful unit under Chris' review post on the unit; if the mods think so you should definitely move the post over. Recently got my unit courtesy of Perotta Consulting - arrived looking great, and definitely a lot more hefty than my Mytek DAC. I'm reserving impressions until break-in is done, but initial impressions are impressive. I'm more posting with a problem with JRMC playback to see what others have done. Using JRMC 17 build 160, ASIO DSD playback does not work - it just gives static. Build 162 promised to fix general problems with Mytek/PD/Meitner but resulted in a message "Playback could not be started on xxx". From the JRMC forums it seems like only Playback Designs owners are in luck with this build. Any experience from other Meitner owners would be very welcome. Also, on the other thread it sounded like someone had great results using the Aqvox USB power supply with the Meitner. Any other data points there? Thanks a lot! Yeang
  10. Afternoon all, new member here, unsure if this is new info or not but my Mytek Brooklyn dac is showing MQA is running on Tidal (started today), green emblem showing on OLED. SHowing 16bit but no lock. PRior to this Tidal always showed 16bit 44.1k
  11. After some weeks of intensive work, I have uploaded a Linux USB2 driver for the Mytek. It's based on the USB2 driver for the Terratec 6Fire currently available in the kernel. I have adapted it to work with the Mytek. With thanks to Jesus from Sonore for getting some documentation. You'll have to compile the driver yourself, instructions can be found in the INSTALL, FIRMWARE, ISSUES and README.md files. my github repo Let me know how it works!
  12. Neil Young on Pono at CES 2015 At this CES2015 in Las Vegas HD Tracks is hosting Mytek in the Hi-Res Audio Marketplace zone organized by CEA at the Bellini Ballroom on GND floor of Venetian. Today, in addition to a couple of hi-res panels there was a press conference with Neil Young. Neil spoke about Pono. I shot a raw video that should allow you to hear what Neil had to say: YouTube Happy watching. Michal at Mytek New York see also: CES 2015: Neil Young Thinks His PonoPlayer 'Sounds Like God' : T-Lounge : Tech Times
  13. I bought a Mytek 192 DSD unit a few weeks ago and i love it! I use it for mixing music! I would love to try out the DSD feature but don't know where to get a software player and also where to download DSD music files! Would love some feedback!
  14. Factory fresh black Mytek Stereo 192 - DSD DAC in unopened box. See Mytek Digital | Stereo 192 DSD-DAC for details, documentation and drivers. Accessories include HiFi Tuning Gold Fuse and Apple remote control. Ground shipping (Continental US only) and PayPal fees included in asking price of $1250.
  15. I can use both mac mini and a laptop but I still prefer the laptop as jriver for Windows is ripe with all features. I have been reading that Mytek sounds better in Firewire than USB so I want to try. Does a Firewire to USB 2.0 cable exist and have anyone made it to work for a Mytek, laptop and Jriver 19?
  16. We were just there exhibiting as always at a professional audio trade show (we make professional DSD and PCM ADCs and DACs in addition to this DAC). It was a very dynamic Show with a hint of Hi Res Audio talk and raised awareness about high resolution music formats. We had a hi res PCM and DSD computer playback system with some DSD recordings with Mytek DSD DAC driving closed Audeze LCD-XC (it's loud on the floor). Stevie Wonder stopped by, and listened for solid 10 mins to DSD recordings, he liked the sound very much... Cheers, Michal at Mytek New York
  17. Selling Mytek Digital Manhattan DAC and headphone amp. $2790 Price for EU residents (with VAT) - €3100 115V/230V switchable (There is a 115/230 voltage switch on the back of the unit). One owner unit, only 9 months old, with less than 100h - absolutely like new condition ! Used in dedicated smoke, animal, and kid free listening room. Comes an original box, detachable IEC AC power cord, all manuals, original bill of sale and warranty card. All enquires welcome and will be answered in full. NO TRADES. PayPal pls add 4.9%. Shipping: EU ~ 80 EUR US, Asia ~ $200
  18. Hello i like to sell my one year old Mytek Brooklyn with a BOTW PS. Both in great condition / 240v. my home is germany, so keeep this in mind.... both for 1750€ stephan
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