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  1. From what I am hearing now on my system it is a massive upgrade from the older SMS-200 version. Do you have the same findings?
  2. You are right it is supposed to be JS2. Thanks for the input. What improvement did you noticed?
  3. I am a current JS1 owner would using a LPS1 make a lot of improvement for my SMS200?
  4. After I upgraded to the latest version I noticed it now leans to the high side. Do you find the same guys? I would like to revert back to the older firmware before this.
  5. I have no budget to buy Roon so I wanted to just use Tidal with SMS200?
  6. Guys are you experiencing this problem? I am running Spotify over squeezebox in my SOTM SMS200 but the sound has been stuttering randomly. I did a test and this is the issue. There are days that I do not have this problem and if there is I need to do a couple of reboots to make it work. Do you know how to resolve this?
  7. Replaced my Mytek 192 with a Yggdrasil and I noticed that the Yggdrasil sound softer than the Mytek. Why is that Yggrasil sounding like that? Is there a way to increase the volume?
  8. I have the Mytek and I have it for more than 2 years now. Been hearing a lot of good news about the Gumby. Does the Gumby sounds more organic than the Mytek? It would be great to hear from previous Mytek users.
  9. How come AO supports Roon but Roon does not work on Windows 2012 R2? I install Roon on my Windows 2012 and it has been looking for a file or dll that is only found in Windows 7 and 8. Is there a work around to make it work to make it work together?
  10. This is irritating as I need to reboot both the PC and mytek every time this happens. What is the perfect settings for Jriver to make this stable. I never had this issue on ASIO (which does not sound good as the KS)
  11. I have the Mytek for over 2 years old. Although not perfect Ive been to enjoy through it however my hands are itchy. Will the Chord DAC be a better choice? Why? I want to have A DAC that is not a digital sounding and more of a musical sounding DAC. Am I on the right track? Any other DAC suggestion?
  12. Is it possible to use Jriver as the interface and HQplayer as the soundplayer? this combo could solve the limitations of both. please hear us out
  13. I have a Paul Pang V2 through a IFI Gemini then to a Mytek (which does not need power) What benefits do my system get if I am using an Uptone Regen? btw i have the Uptone LPS too.
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