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  1. Nice, hopefully I can add support for more DACs soon. we're discussing BE vs LE right now in ALSA devel list.
  2. Good thread. Getting native DSD to work for all the various HW out there is a bit of a challange. I just managed to get native DSD (ie without DoP) working for my Marantz SA-14S1 and HD-DAC1. More Marantz/Denon devices using the same USB hardware should be easy to add.
  3. I have been having a lot of fun with the iFi Micro iDSD. Using Linux (Fedora 20) it works up to PCM 768k and DSD256 via DoP out of the box. Of course I also wanted to be able to go to DSD512 on Linux as well , luckily adding support for it was not that hard. Hopefully I will be able to post details soon
  4. I did enter a bug report @ mytek a while ago (before 1.7.5 was released). I had a few exchanges with a programmer from Mytek but the issue was not resolved. Did not have time to pursue this further.
  5. There is a USB2 driver for the Mytek for Linux. Firmware loading is a bit problematic but it works great.
  6. Thanks for confirming. I hope this will be fixed soon.
  7. This is with usb, cannot test with fw at the moment.
  8. I've noticed that with firmware 1.7.5b1 the display will keep displaying 'dsd' after playing a DSD file. Even after playing regular PCM afterwards the display remains at 'dsd'. Anybody else noticed this?
  9. Sorry, Wlan is not included.
  10. SPDIF maxing out at 96k is a hardware limitation of the SoC. The occasional USB hickup @ higher rates could be a driver issue.
  11. Unfortunately no, I raspberry Pi won't do. The USB is not very usable for audio and audio using the HDMI interface only goes to 48k.
  12. I've tinkered with one. It is a nice little machine. Unfortunately the SPDIF only goes to 96k. Using USB for connecting to a DAC works OK but there is the occasional hickup when playing hi-res.
  13. There should be multiple blocks of the following lines, each block represents one level being loaded: I have made a silly helper script to unload and load the module a few times to get all the firmware level loaded (its in github). BTW I'd like to get back on your offer regarding ASIO, I think I have enough documentation.
  14. Thanks for testing. If I recall correctly when set to usb2 the mytek should lock to a freq even without a driver loaded. Have you tried the work around mentioned in the ISSUES file regarding problems loading firmware? On one of my systems it never loads all levels without me having to interfere.
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