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  1. 30% Off Sale on 11 Jazz and Blues albums in DSD from 2xHD. Use code JAZZnBLUES through Sunday, November 3, 2019 for the savings. https://blog.nativedsd.com/jazz-blues-singers-special/
  2. Interesting. ECM is now releasing albums in DXD as well as DSD?
  3. 10 albums from Pentatone, including their newest release Soiree with Magdalena Kozena and Sir Simon Rattle making his recording debut as a pianist are now available from NativeDSD Music in Stereo and Multichannel DSD 256 and Stereo DSD 512. https://www.nativedsd.com/information/breaking-news-from-pentatone
  4. Big news from PS Audio, the company behind the DirectStream DAC. https://forum.psaudio.com/t/is-psaudio-going-direct-sale-only/12247/65 https://www.audionirvana.org/forum/the-audio-vault/digital-playback/121384-ps-audio-drops-their-dealers-and-adopts-direct-sales-model
  5. A 70 capacitor "farm". That's a lot of capacitors!
  6. bmoura

    HQ Player

    And not just classical fans. The NativeDSD site also has some Jazz in DSD 512 with Jussi's modulators from Sound Liaison, Groove Note and Yarlung. Very nice! (15% Off thru 8/5/19 with code SUMMER19). https://www.nativedsd.com/homepage/dsd512_music
  7. Here's a new YouTube video that features an interview between Jared Sacks from NativeDSD and Channel Classics and Claude that covers Merging, DSD and a look at the Anubis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksLfT1yvXxo
  8. News from High End Munich show. Astell & Kern is launching a new flagship portable player - the SP 2000 - with DSD 512 playback. The SP 2000 is scheduled for availability in July 2019. NativeDSD Music is making a 5-track DSD 512 Stereo sampler available for the SP 2000 (at the Munich show) and on the web to play on additional DSD 512 DACs. The DSD 512 sampler costs $7.42 https://nativedsdpresents.nativedsd.com/albums/NDSD013-nativedsd-presents-5-tracks-in-dsd-512 https://www.facebook.com/NativeDsdMusic/posts/2255378147853914
  9. As a satisfied NADAC owner, Ricardo and the team at Merging have always been great with their tech support. I'm sure that will continue with the Anubis.
  10. Looks like the Anubis is a hit. Merging already has 2-3 months of back orders for it. https://mailchi.mp/merging/merging-insider-newsletter-april-2019?e=b325d79d7e
  11. Should be a good demo at AXPONA http://blog.nativedsd.com/axpona-preview/
  12. From ISE 2019, Anubis The Video.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5Xjs5jwZd4
  13. Or you could use the Anibus today with JRiver, HQ Player or other non-RAAT music products. Assuming you can find an Anibus for purchase. (Earlier message in this thread says they are already sold out in Europe).
  14. Merging's CEO explained in this video why they use Ravenna/Ethernet and don't use USB for audio. Comments start at 4:00 into the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-p6fvS9KhZg
  15. In the pro market, it certainly is. Using Ravenna for Audio over IP (AoIP), you can use long cable runs during recording sessions and network the devices used in the session. A big win in that market - which is the main focus of the Merging+Anubis product line. https://www.merging.com/products/interfaces/merging+anubis/monitor
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