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  1. Apologies with all the product names just a few letters and numbers I am not sure I understand what actual product the poster is trying to add clock to (!) Most converters dont have a 10M clock in.. So a MC3+ would be required. And looking up a Singxer SU-2 (what IS that?!) it does INDEED have the correct 10M input!
  2. As it the MC3+ unit that will be carrying signal to your other gear - on it you can toggle between it passing the audio signal on with / without the SF120 learn how to perform this “a/b” test and you will be able to hear your system with and with out. EXT-RE CLK is the status where the SF120 clock is being passed onto your equipment. try INT - RE CLK - that’s just passing on the MC3+ reclocking. (Not the SF120) EXT-RE CLK should sound best. make sure you have the SF120 plugged into the TOP bnc port on the back right of the MC3+ Try usi
  3. Yeah. Also it would be nice if Roon accommodated Spotify HiFi
  4. Mutec also make and can supply clock cables. I found the Ref10 120 SE stunning sounding. Seems to add front back depth and eerily, “height” also.
  5. Can these tweaks be easily shared?
  6. I run something that a lot of people use. As more features are added it can be a bash to the ego when people want new bits bits hidden / removed! I respect an "all in" version. The "can I hide xyz" involves some Dev time. I known people here aren't pounding fists on tables - let's give them some time.
  7. I like the bright white look but a dark mode would be good also..
  8. Luckily my converter shows up with a converter style icon. But I do also have several speakers to get confused with.
  9. How do you do an A/B test on using an external power supply? Can you demo it in use / not in use quickly?
  10. Just tried 1 x MC3 + the Special Edition Wordclock It was great..
  11. I think Merging and Mutec have the same US distribution. BTW
  12. There are two takes of this I couldn't locate the footage of both. This is back in the golden era when Keith could still be bothered to slash back and forth at his guitar driving the song forwards instead of just hitting it occasionally and gurning. The groove is so funky. Charlie's snare sounds like a gunshot. Mick Taylor is noodling around lazily on lead but it's still genius.
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