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  1. I forwarded a screen shot of your post to Christian @ Mutec. He's asked me to ask you to email again and he will take care of it personally. [email protected]
  2. The Mutec MC3+ usb with the REF 10 SE120 mutec clock is a great combo.
  3. Thanks will try. But my issue is a pavement / heel / leg / spine / head / ear canal issue I stomp on me heels as I walk.
  4. Unfortunately for me my footsteps wearing Etymotic ER4XR are as loud as thunder. So I can't use them. (I love the sound of them though) Here is my portable rig iPhone 12 Pro Max Qobuz (Empire Ear Nemesis custom fit) THX Onyx, the slim Camera Kit cable and some black electrical tape.
  5. The whole spatial / Atmos thing is an annoying diversion for hi res fans.
  6. Recording engineers are discussing / trying to understand Apple Music here. Taylor Swift's engineer pops in to discuss his Atmos mixes https://gearspace.com/board/new-product-alert/1354059-apple-music-announces-spatial-audio-dolby-atmos-will-bring-lossless-audio-entire-catalog.html On my iPhone / THX Onyx combo I find the few AM hires tracks I could find comparable with Qobuz. So now they need to update thier music library. I wonder how long that will take. I agree with the computer audiophile, Spatial and Atomos seems to be a real mess sound quality wise,
  7. Qobuz just needs to get it together.
  8. Difference from what? The brain can only ‘remember” sounds (to compare carefully) for a matter of seconds. that’s why quick a/b testing is the only true way to evaluate equipment. 14 days is a total bust for memory / comparison.
  9. I don’t see what’s wrong with just using Qobuz or Amazon Music. (Or soon Spotify & Apple Music)
  10. I sincerely hope some of you guys are taking the time to do rapid a/b testing after the burn in period Your regular ethernet vs ER (burnt in) Have you? Thanks
  11. IMHO You don’t have to go for the full 40db boost. You can simply restore SOME of that range. I will post a screenshot of my Roon parametric boosts. (Simply done to taste, not a reverse mirror of an audiologist graph) BTW I [email protected]’s site looks to be a fantastic resource! And a this project looks to be wonderfully geeky / tech rabbit hole worth travelling down.
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