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    @Miska will there a embedded version with sinc L thanks
  2. Hi is there a way to bring Audiolinux headless in standby or sleep mode and wake it up without a mouse? And or is it possible to power it down and stop Roon from scanning the hole library every time at startup... i have a Xeon server one box setup with HQPlayer and Roon in Rammode... thanks for helping
  3. Hi i am selling my Sms200 Ultra Neo with Sotm sps500 and Ghent Cable. All in perfect condition. asking 1200€ + Shipping From Berlin Germany
  4. @romaz you are powering the Monoprice usb? Cause of better sound? I thought they don’t need external power... thanks and thanks again for your deep inside...
  5. Thanks again Rajiv... Maybe my answer/question was to short. and i was expecting your answer. you are totaly right and i can see your point. thank you for the hint to read the massive post...i am following it for a long time already. the question was just a moment to take a step back and look to the result with all the diffrent and expansive boxes and cables- maybe it´s gone too far? i have a lot of boxes and cables myself and try to find a simpler solution, but maybe there is none- only if i am happy to spend the money for an Taiko extreme -which i am not ... From your point of experience i wanted to know what you think about this irrational result...thanks for the answer you already gave me...i am gonna buy my next box from uptone...
  6. Thanks for this extensive review and the different evaluations. I still have a basic question. Did you try once, playing form an internal drive in your music computer? I know in "theory" there is no difference for stylus in ram. But you need all the different stuff and different cables to feed a „one-box-solution“? Thanks again for your impressive deep review. Btw…nice music decision…
  7. Hi after all... the nas was a practical solution? Not a better sounding one? Have you tried internal storage in the one box solution. In theory it should disturb the sound but on the other hand you need a perfect network with perfect cables... thanks for you’re inside knowledge... best
  8. I also did a fresh install with the new headless download...cause update from inside did not work for me ... even the suggested way crashed the system...with the new image everything was smooth...
  9. Hi is it possible to bring the server into sleep mode and after wake-up Roon did not need to rerun the database? I know it’s good for the equipment to be warm , but for me it would be nice if there is some kind of standby? thanks
  10. Hi I am trying to build my server as a onebox-solution. maybe if it’s better for soundquality I will need an endpoint too. But first things first. What would you recommend for highest soundquality in Audiolinux Roon Hqplayer--Setup. At the moment I try with a intel i7 gamingboard to boot from usb-stick and put the roondatabase on the optanedrive. Maybe this is stupid but I thought this is what romaz and co recommend but they are now on euphony.... next step is ram-mode when everything is up and running... my mainquestion- is it worth to split roondatabase in Optane and system in ram or should I put everything on the optanedrive... i would be glad to have some more input to this...I will post my findings... thanks
  11. I have Roon sometimes with Hqplayer...I can hear the differences from flac to aiff, and aiff is much better... even the ripping speed/ software/ hardware matters... but that’s easy to try out yourself... good listening...
  12. Hi I think of building a new server with i9 as rooncore and maybe Hqplayer4...now I am asking myself if I should go with an optical Ethernet pcie-card direct to opticalrendu or if the optical module is always suggested ? So it’s Server with jcat Femto Ethernet-Pcie to om and or.... thanks
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