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  1. Very interesting point and question. Did Damien explain somewhere why he doesn't offer a dither function?
  2. Same here, I am stuck with 3.2 particularly because of the new GUI which makes the handling of tracks cumbersome. My hope shrinks that this will change back sometime .... :-(
  3. +1 Yes, unfortunately you are right :-( ... (BTW, I am an A+ user since V. 1.0)
  4. I guess you have to order a new 3.5 license key here: https://audirvana.com/upgrade-3-5/
  5. @damien78 3.5.14: Any chance that you will bring back the sorting possibility in track search window? Please ...
  6. No I don't think so. I use 3 monitored folders and I could add even more.
  7. @damien78 3.5.13: Please make track sorting possible again in search list of tracks. Otherwise the search function is useless for tracks. E. G.: If I search for "corazón", I get 214 results - how I am now able to find the right track(s) if I can't sort by e.g. title, artist or year? Scrolling the list of 214 tracks? No way ... please. (Sorting after search tracks was possible in 3.2)
  8. @damien78 3.5.11: Yes, but the sequence does not remain (worked well in 3.2.12)
  9. 3.5.10: No problem here with sync when adding tracks or albums to watched folders. Sorry, can't help.
  10. @damien78 Well, needs or workflows are different. I don't work with albums, I am engaged with tracks. Often I have to search tracks containing a specific word, then a complete library list is really not helpful. I have quite a lot of experience with databases - all are sortable after search, including A+ 3.2.x, iTunes .... Sorting is part of the search action.
  11. Yes, that makes playlists sortable. But track view in the search window still remains not sortable. How one can find the right track this way if search result e. g. contains 280 tracks unsorted?
  12. @damien78 3.5.9: PlayQueue issue when Drag&Drop from iTunes still present - wrong sequence Left iTunes Playlist --> Right AV PlayQueue
  13. @damien78 Not for my needs: Column sorting after a search in track list view is still not possible (3.5.9). This is essential to find the right tracks in large search results (sorting was available in 3.2). And this is a basic and usual function in databases (libraries).
  14. @damien78 Why I have to re-enter my License Key from time to time? Maybe 7 times now since release of 3.5. In this period I never deleted the preferences or other system files of AV.
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