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MQA is already gone


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One topic here at CA claims MQA is not going away, but as evidence the OP posted a promotional piece by the TAS trade publication - about the only kind of place you can find a wholly non-critical attitude towards MQA or anything else about this hobby and industry.


I am interested in, and this thread is about, your favorite reason why MQA is not going to succeed.  Try to keep it to just one reason (even if you have to explain it) why MQA is going or already has failed.  If you believe MQA is already a success post that in another thread please.


Mine is that at the end of the day, it offers nothing of value to either the consumer or the industry itself.  All of its claims of SQ improvement, end to end quality assurance, inventiveness around audio filtering and packaging - all of this and more has proved to be nothing at all, or of so little actual real improvement that even without MQA's IP/DRM baggage the consumer and even the industry is finding it simply does nothing for them substantial enough to warrant yet another format.

Hey MQA, if it is not all $voodoo$, show us the math!

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15 minutes ago, Dr Tone said:

"MQA is already gone" vs "MQA is Vaporware".


IMO,  @The Computer Audiophile should just combine these threads back into the Vaporware thread.  They are just opinions in one way or another on the same topic.




Perhaps, but then maybe all MQA threads should be dumped into one (for logical consistency).


I mean for this thread to be of more of "what's your favorite" kind of summary.  Other threads delve more into the back and forth debate, and are prime targets for tangents and trolls.  This thread assumes you believe that MQA has already failed, and your explaining your number one reason why it has failed.


So far nothing on topic however ;)

Hey MQA, if it is not all $voodoo$, show us the math!

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MQA.  Another icon on the box. Who cares? Too much ink on this subject.  Quick, what is the refresh rate on your new TV?

— If you are afraid of DRM, buy a CD or LP.

— If you are afraid that sound quality will suffer, well trust your ears,  in five years audio enthusiasts will add MQA to what I call the stupid list.

--  Equipment builders have decided to add MQA.  You can bark about it all you want.  It is "in the box" when you buy the new gizmo MQA will be there,  in a few years when you buy that used gear that you always wanted but could not afford new, it will be there.  You can complain, you can grumble, it will be there.   Maybe it will go the way of 3D TV (remember that?)  For now you are stuck with it.


Here, for your enjoyment, is the stupid list:


Tubes v. Solidstate v. Class D

Vinyl v. Digital 

Cables v. Snake oil


Nombe’s very important and world famous rule for audio enjoyment.

Listen to your music, not your equipment.


In any dispute the intensity of feeling is inversely proportional to the value of the issues at stake ~ Sayre's Law

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17 minutes ago, sandyk said:


 Perhaps it's just as well you posted that in this thread where most members won't notice it !

It could be a little like getting mauled by Pitbulls ?

 Many members get very protective of their new favourite format, despite the available material not being to everybody's liking.


True enough.


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55 minutes ago, mordante said:

Because it's like DSD. Too much of a niche within a niche.


Too play those formats you need special hardware that comes at a premium price.


A solution without a problem.

actually not really like DSD at all.


DSD as a decoding feature is a de facto standard on every DAC, with very, very few exceptions and

with no additional cost to the consumer...like Schiit.


And DSD decoding should have zero effect on PCM performance within the same DAC. Bryston has

two separate signal paths for each.


I would never ever subscribe to PS Audio's approach of upsampling everything to DSD128(?), regardless of input

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There will another MQA, and another one ... gimmicks will keep arising at a reasonable rate until the industry bites the bullet, and puts more effort into understanding some of the more fundamental reasons for why sound 'works' , or doesn't.


At the moment a very great number of issues are being bypassed simply by putting everything into one box - done intelligently, and not merely so it can be sold as cheaply as possible this will likely be the way through - finally, everyone will just buy a car; not a body from one supplier, and engine from elsewhere, etc, etc - the enthusiasts will still want to hack everything, but that's fine - the car industry has always had that adjunct, but it's not the main game ...






Over and out.



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