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  1. Why so close minded? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4ysatB9m9s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V89JtjisHr4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSySb9yGhdA
  2. davie504 spooky scary skeletons 2019
  3. I love bass players that use lots and lots of fuzz, a big muff fuzz pedal. Or bass players that have impact on the music without trying to outplay the rest of the band. I dislike solo's (bass, guitar or on any other instrument). The bass should put down the foundation. That does not always mean a rhythm line yes often is does. But it can also just be a low rumbling sound where the individual notes cant be heard. Besides that here are some pics of bass players I like for different reason.
  4. I few weeks back I was listening to a radio program in the Netherlands. It was talking about DDOS attacks and special services to prevent it. Services like https://www.nbip.nl/en/nawas/ However they are too expensive to traffic all data for most services. I don't think Qobuz can actually afford such a service full time. Most companies use it only when under attack, not full time.
  5. I picked up the Aurender A10 this weekend so I can test it. Also borrowed a pair of Ansuz POM XLR cables. This weekend I didn't have that much time. But I noticed two things (IMHO, I can't prove it). All listening is done using Qobuz. The owner has asked me not to import my collection to the HDD incase it goes back. 1) The A10 sounds much better when used with the XLR output. Not sure if that is because of my pre amp or that it is because of the A10 but to my ears anyone using the A10 would short sell themselves when the XLR output is not used. 2) The A10 so
  6. Dear All, Right now I use a Auralic Aries LE and a Schitt Gungir Multibit gen 5 DAC as digital source. When I first bought the Aries LE I was also interested in a 1 box solution. However at that time I didn't find anything that interested me. But as time progresses all in one streamers are becoming more and more the standard. Maybe now it is time to go for it. I am thinking about the Lumin D2, Auralic G1 or maybe even an Aurender A100. My dealer offered me a good deal on an Aurender A10. But I'm not sure if I want to spend that much. Has anyone here heard the Lumin D2, Auralic
  7. That is in part the result of the capitalistic world we live in. Research must lead to a tangible result. That means there is not enough fundamental research. Also humanity is deeply flawed. We are unable to foresee the results of our actions. Our intelligence is far more developed then our wisdom. We are toddlers with a loaded gun.
  8. I'm think of replacing my Auralic Aries LE and Schiit Gungnir Multibit with gen 5 ubs with a DAC/streamer in one. Something like a Lumin D2. Would I lose anything in sound quality if I were to do that? The Lumin T2 or Aurender A100 are I think a bit on the expensive side. I would prefer something like a Schiit multibit with inbuilt streamer but I don't see that happening. Reason is I'd like to reduce the amount of clutter and cables. Any tips here?
  9. That is because science is continually making discoveries. New insights. That is good thing, otherwise we would still have lead piping.
  10. The Lightning software provided by Auralic took care of the upnp. I know nothing of network control and upnp setup.
  11. Nope, I'll never ever use streaming software that requires me to keep a PC running all the time. I stream using a NAS (synolgy DS214) a streamer (Auralic Aries LE) and a DAC Schiit (gungir multbit). I really don't want to add a PC to that chain. One day I might replace the Aries LE with a Lumin or Aurender. All I see of Roon is that it is some network player with a wiki database. So what is the added value?
  12. I've heard rumors that Lumin will come with an updated U1 mini. That has the option of an external power supply
  13. I highly doubt that most people are using Roon. Personally I know of no one that uses Roon. To be honest I really don't see the point of using Roon. Why use it when the Lumin/Aurender/Auralic/dCS etc software is free.
  14. I think you should look at the user interface of both of them. What makes or breaks a streamer IMHO is the software that goes with them. Look at which suits you better.
  15. I wish I could compares pre amps. Or maybe not since endless comparing can make me greedy. Always wanting the next best. However I just bought a pre amp and a set of mono power amps. Without comparing it to any others. Comparing is nice but when you cannot afford new, you don't get the option of comparing it.
  16. My top pics would be Magico (relatively easy to place) Raidho Blumenhofer YG Wilson But it depends a lot on the room, amps etc. I love Blumenhofer speakers maybe more then Raidho. But I could not get the Blumonhofers to sound right in my room with my amp. So I bought Raidho speakers that worked a lot better in my living room with my electronics. Don't buy without testing in your own room.
  17. I mostly listen to pop music. My play list of last night Atlantis - Omens (post rock) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Push The Sky Away Simon and Garfunkel - Sound of Silence My Dying Bride - Like Gods of the Sun (doom metal) Strauss - Alpine Symphony At home I like stuff like post rock, post metal, doom metal, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen etc.
  18. I have no Netflix nor do I have Tidal. But I am interested in getting streaming service in the future. So why do you say that Tidal sucks? As far as I know Deezer, Qobus and Tidal are the best there are. But Deezer and Qobus have very poor support for streaming devices like Auralic and Aurender.
  19. Maybe OT Do people really care where their audio or any other product is made? My Audio gear comes mainly from Europe mostly because US audio is very expensive due to transport, Dutch VAT, dollar euro conversion, I don't know. If I like product and I can afford it and want to buy it I'll buy it regardless where it is made, it could be made in North Korea, Israel or Iran. It's all the same to me. There are some products I prefer to buy from local sources, but that is mainly foodstuffs or products from small (family) businesses.
  20. Last few weeks I have been listing to Solstafir a lot. They sing in Icelandic. I have no clue what they are singing about. But it really doesn't matter. The music is great. Sometimes it's better not to pay attention to the lyrics.
  21. I don't think anything ha changed lyrical wise. In the 60-80's most lyrics were crap and meaningless. After all "most" songs are love songs. Personally I don't care too much if a song has meaning or not. The only meaning a songs has is the meaning you add to it personal or emotional. It really doesn't matter what the artist had in mind when he wrote the song. The only thing that matters is whether or not you like the song. Yes the meaning can add to your like or dislike of a song. But most of the time I like or dislike a song before I know what it is about. One of my favorite songs is Oh Lord
  22. I do like classical music. Not all of it. I don't like baroque much and dislike most organ an harpsichord music. Most years I do go to some classical music concerts. Mostly small ensemble three or four people on stage. Right now I'm busy ripping my fathers classical CD collection to my NAS I got these from the inheritance. I don't have any jazz. For some reason I cannot stand most jazz. I tried to listen to Krall and Norah Jones but I dislike it. Too smooth and soulless. Classic rock, some of it nice (Pink Floyd) but I'm not a huge fan. Last few days I've m
  23. Almost all of my digital music is 16/44.1 I don't think high sample rates sound different/much better. I own 1 24/192 album, So by Peter Gabriel. Not sure if it sound different or better compared to the 16/44.1
  24. This topic reads like a bunch of old ladies are gossiping about something.
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