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  1. Amir advocated for MQA but a significant portion of his subscribers pushed back. The way I read it, Amir backtracked and said what he likes about MQA is the business model...essentially saying (if i recall correctly) that a model of this type was bound to happen. I do not recall any mention of the sound quality... Personally I find it a bit hypocritical as one who subscribes for clean measurements, I would think an MQA file would blow his analyzer up.
  2. JRiver can playback HDCD. I will see if my version has that capability and see if something lights ups when I play one of my rips. I think my Widespread Panic cd is HDCD encoded.
  3. 20 years ago, prior to the growth of streaming and separate DACs, HDCD cd players were not unusual. I had a Linn Genki that had the HDCD decoding (I did not purchase for that reason...I knew nothing about it until it lit up on the player display) and the few cd's I had with HDCD sounded great...wholistically over most of my other cds. I did not have the same mastering on a non-HDCD cd so no way to compare, but those few cds sounded great. Edit: I just now remembered looking for, and finding, the list of cds that had HDCD encoding. I seem to recall only a few hundred or so (at t
  4. Years ago the recommendation was to not go over 80% (swap file issues?). My NAS starts sending messages at 85%. A spinning HD will start grinding and gets very slow when near full. I have no idea if SSDs have the same limitations.
  5. A/V Receiver: Pro: HDMI ARC...one remote to control all...including volume Con: Can sound less than ideal Powered/Active Speaker: Pro: Using TOSLINK can sound pretty good for a TV source Con: Separate volume remote...aftermarket controller? Bluesound: I have no knowledge/experience but I would imagine it would sound better than an A/V Receiver. IME: I have a Marantz A/V and it sounds "meh". Better than the TV amp but not as good as an old (1990) Yamaha receiver that bit the dust. Its great redeeming value is the HDMI-ARC connectio
  6. Sometimes the 3.5mm jack doubles as a toslink connection...I would verify.
  7. All you can do is compare optical to the HDMI...just because someone did not hear a difference does not mean you won't. An optical cable is cheap compared to DAC-hunting...that is a blackhole for money...look at all the portable DACs in my signature. Not everything I tried is listed. Changes have just as much opportunity to make it less satisfying as it does to improve.
  8. The TV has a digital out...I assume a Toslink (optical). If your NAD has an optical in you could try that connection and compare to the HDMI. You might lose the ARC capability. Sorry (a bit OT) but I have not had Cable TV...or any type other than Antenna (well...now some internet stuff) for 15 years. Why is the cable box connected to the Receiver? Is it also connected to the TV?
  9. The ones below, and many more, run the PCM rates...I searched for the 16fs but not sure I understand if there is a difference... SMSL SU-8 SMSL SU-9 SMSL M100/M200/M400/M500 SMSL IQ (Portable) Topping NX4 (Portable) Gustard DAC-X16
  10. El Arroyo is a Mexican restaurant in Austin, TX and regularly updates the sign...they have put out several books of their sayings:
  11. This looks pretty cool. I need to start looking for one that can mix 3.5" and 2.5" and can be controlled by my QNAP NAS, even if connected by USB. I am starting to collect a bunch of little drives that could be collectively used for useful storage. Of course the $159 price is nice.
  12. imgburn (The Official ImgBurn Website) will make a copy of any cd...
  13. I would really be interested if you reviewed Xeo Floorstanders.
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