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  1. Very cool. Finally something that might get me off my SB Touch.
  2. Do not know about Subaru but after the warranty expires Lexus wants $900 for updates. May have been for Navigation maps but still a source of revenue. My personal want is for the screen to mirror my phone. Wanted this the first time I saw an 8” screen years ago. I think a few cars are now just starting to offer.
  3. I am not looking to make my SBT sound better, I want to eliminate the need.
  4. Here is the current chain (as I see it): Storage-->Server-->Renderer-->(Control Point)-->Playback Where I want it to go: Storage-->(Control Point)-->Playback In other words, I want a file with all my music and a DAC/Stereo. No server or renderer. So the DAC needs an ethernet or WiFi connection with the ability to access my file system via my phone/iPad. I do not see this being cost effective anytime soon. I find the whole Renderer setup unreliable. My Squeezebox Touch will work great for a week or two and then just decide to sit out for awhile. I find Minimserver to do the same (endpoints are an Oppo disc player or my phone to active speakers). I read enough of the Sonore forums to see the same types of issues. I am tempted to go back to playing discs and vinyl. Playback systems have gotten so good that the deficiencies of USB and SPDIF become noticable. Where it all goes, i do not know.
  5. This is what I used in college (or one very similar...who can remember)...I used to fall asleep studying with my ear on the speaker:
  6. That almost sounds like a volume/gain mis-match...does the RPi/Hifiberry have a volume control? If so, try changing the volumes of the source and speakers. If not, unless you can test a different input (line out from your PC/Mac?) I would give Edifier a call to exchange. In the US they have a 2-year warranty.
  7. The Edifier does not have USB I/O: Coax, Optical, or L/R Aux and it can take "Hi-Res" BT... If you have a new phone or other BT device and can put out the new protocols, try that...maybe not true Hi Res but might help. Ensure the coax cable is properly seated and/or try another cable. Ensure the HifiBerry is properly connected/mounted. Otherwise you will need to borrow/obtain alternative equipment to troubleshoot. Or send the speakers back... I have the S1000DB (predecessor to your Edifiers) and have rattled windows with volume but not heard crackling via Optical or BT. I have not tried coax.
  8. @RYEFI Cool. Yesterday for a short time on Amazon the Xeo 4's were on sale for only $100 more...not sure what the occasion might have been. In fact several speakers were on sale: Edifier S2000Pro, the update of my speakers) were $80 off... others also. Looking forward to your impressions. I have had my eyes on the Xeo line since they came out.
  9. Typical "wireless" is Bluetooth and even with "Hi-Def" BT, the sound will suffer vs. wired. That is the reason I am interested in the Dynaudio as they use their own protocol. Perhaps search for WiFi speakers?
  10. More info: http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0319/KEF_LSX_Wireless_Music_System_Review.htm
  11. The KEF does not have L/R RCA jacks to connect a turntable/phono preamp so you would need RCA=>3.5mm cable. But the KEF does have an RJ45 connection which is cool. Note that the BT on the KEF is 4.2...other powered/BT speakers now have BT 5.0 if that matters to you (Audioengine). All three have great reviews. Unfortunately I have not heard any of these (I have Edifier S1000DB - which I really like but have put them in a setup to really critique: Setup as TV speakers in a bad room and background noise and now in garage). If it was me, and I had the budget, I would spring for the Dynaudio XEO4 which comes with the Connect Transmitter. Otherwise, I do not think you can go too wrong with any of the choices.
  12. I like the vocals much more on the turntable...iPad Pro 1st Gen...I will try and listen with iems.
  13. Roon requires 64-bit...and I looked up his Synology, yes an older one. If the intent is to distribute music, all he can do is try. Minimserver will be a better bet.
  14. I loaded up a Roon Trial on my QNAP NAS with a Celeron 4-core processor...no issues. Per the recommendation I added an SSD to an open slot to enhance database (?) management. The initial scan of ~2.5tb of music took a while but not nearly as long as LMS. I did not purchase for a couple of reasons but the interface looks much better than other options, including BubbleUPNP...I am not overly enamored with the options I have come across and tried.
  15. Roon can be installed directly on the Synology. Not sure if iPad/phone is all you need but worth checking if you want Roon. Otherwise Minimserver on the NAS and a bunch of apps are available. Not sure if your speakers can be the endpoint. You might have to put the Oppo or similar in the middle.
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