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  1. 1) try setting up a separate network for your music 2) run one service on 2.4ghz (music) and one on 5ghz (video-I assume this has a higher throughput demand 3) upgrade your network...only need to accommodate the internal network speed...not your internet download speed might be settings in your router for priority or similar but points 1-3 is about the extent of my knowledge and capability
  2. I mean when troubleshooting, either cars or other stuff around the house or equipment at work, and instructions say "check for continuity", I either grabbed someone more knowledgeable or found a way around the requirement. I probably would have saved myself a lot of time if I had ever taken a basic electric troubleshooting training class. That said when I was traveling process engineer for automated wet bench supplier (German brand), I outscored an FSE Foreman from a major site at the Repair training class. One my more prouder achievements.
  3. I have multi-decade Fluke that still works pretty well (as far as I can tell). I know how to use it for voltages, DC & AC, and use it regularly around the house. But never mastered/understood the concept of "Continuity". But I am a Chem Engr and understand chemical electrons much more than electrical electrons.
  4. Contact iPeng directly and see if they have anything say about connecting to the Bridge II. Should be a bunch of apps that will work in the UPnP/DLNA environment. All you can do is try them and see if you like any of them. For Android: Hi-Fi Cast works well , MediaMonkey is ok, and Bubble UPnP works well. See if any of these have iOS apps. I use iPeng on my iPad and it is great. The UPnP plug-in works well for me (in Android) so I am not knowledgeable about why it does not work for Bridge II.
  5. Thanks but I do not have any complaints about the audio quality. Besides I am not going to spend $400+ to "improve" a 10-yr old $300 streamer. And I should clarify, LMS is not more stable on the NAS and necessarily the SBT. I had been running LMS on my laptop but with frequent travel, the on/off regime would cause instability requiring restarts and reboots throughout the chain...with the NAS, always on.
  6. Sure it is exaggerated just like I stated my "fear" of the RPi/Linux...But I want something that works like my stove where I have replaced one flame sensor in 12 years. Note that my Linn Majik/Keilidh are over 20 yrs, the 2250 I picked up used nearly 10 years ago. I think my SBT is finally stable as I have it back on the NAS but it has only been 3-4 weeks. Hence I am interested in how stable your Volumio will be once you have it set up.
  7. Thanks @bluesman . I need to update my signature a bit. I use JRiver & Foobar for local playback and not network...I tried JR once, awhile back, and it was a PITA. Never tried FB on the network. I primarily use the Squeezebox Touch. While the SBT can be finicky when running the server on my laptop, on my QNAP NAS and running QLMS, it is very stable. I currently have the SBT feeding a Topping NX4 DSD DAC into my, now vintage, Linn system and I am happy. I have tried running Minimserver into my Oppo BRD but finding a reliable and stable control point on my iPad is an excercise in frustration...and I have tried a few, including BubbleUPNP. I primarily use the Minimserver and my phone or Sony DAP into my Edifier Active speakers when I am in the garage. Works...OK. I read most of the threads on the RPi and my interpretation is that it is not really more stable than my SBT and when troubleshooting is warranted, requires Command Line stuff and I am not interested. I also read the Rendu threads and the (seemingly) constant need to UPdate/Save/Restart in the proper order just gives me chills. When the SBT bites the dust, I will need to either get my feed to the Oppo working more reliably or try an RPi...I am not willing to spend much more than that on my system.
  8. Thanks. I am more interested in appliances and not DIY...as my SBT. I gave a Pi to my 12 yr old nephew for Christmas and he had it up and running in minutes...I suppose I could fly him in to setup...
  9. This one?? https://www.amazon.com/Astell-Kern-Bluetooth-Remote-Control/dp/B01AU5PKRW/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_4?keywords=Astell+%26+Kern+remote&qid=1556565081&s=electronics&sr=1-4-fkmrnull Most DAPs have a microSD slot but none of the DAC only units I have utilize memory cards. Mine are designed for portable or desktop (Sony, iFi, Topping, SMSL, Fiio).
  10. I am interested in your experiences with the Volumio. I have an unnatural fear of Linux and have yet to try a Pi.
  11. Does it have to be USB? An old, unused DAP via AUX port. If Android based could load an Endpoint app.
  12. Edifier S1000/s2000....BT, optical, RCA...Look nice and go to ear splitting levels. I have the S1000 and not sure of DSD or absolute fidelity as I have had them set up in non-optimal locations but I like them a lot.
  13. Only interested in a Lava Lamp version...
  14. The problem with MQA is even if the "protection" is hacked...what are you left with? Frankly there is enough music out there that is non-MQA that I can go without purchasing anything new.
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