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  1. I am not a musician but picked up new appreciation of what Bass can do for music. The Cure played ACL Musicfest back in 2013 and again the last couple of weeks. The 2013 show was The Cure as most know and love on the radio. The Cure have a new/newer Bass player; Robert Smith's son. He is young, energetic and plays a loud, thumping Bass. The drummer worked harder, the guitar player worked harder (Jimmy?) and Robert still sounds great. The keyboard player was still pretty mellow. The music was completely different than 2013 even though the same songs. All driven by the Bass. I am not a Cure aficionado but Saturday night was a great show. Right up there in energy as the GnR show the night before.
  2. Toslink hubs/splitters all over Amazon. Cheap...I mean inexpensive (<$30). Be worth trying a few out to see how well they work.
  3. I have two Netgear routers (R7000 & R7800) and they started great but firmware updates have caused internet access drops for 2-30 minutes at a time and some drops require reboots. And sometimes the reboots did not work. I am now using Voxel firmware on my R7800 with much better reliability. Other opensource firmware is available for some of the models. I have been looking at new routers and mostly looking between Ubuiqiti, MikroTik, and the Build-Your-Own/Open Source route (PFSense). Of the mainstream brands the Synology router has garnered more recommendations than most but lower coverage/throughput (but not much). Between Ubiquiti and MikroTik I came across a forum discussion on the differences/Which is better. The main point is that MikroTik is a better router but if you need many access points or connections, Ubiquiti has that nailed. I have not investigated past that point. This is #1 on my list: http://amzn.com/B07HBR5219
  4. Admittedly I do not stream with iTunes...I use it to add music every six months to my wife's iPod. Apple makes it exceedingly difficult with activation/permission requirements that when I am done I wish the company had never been conceived.
  5. Cool...it has BT in so you do not even need a wire. Report back!
  6. I bought the xDSD in a flurry of small, portable DAC/AMP purchases (see signature...xDSD not listed but it was the last purchase) primarily to play via my laptop when I was traveling for work. The background noises were terrible (HVAC unit of the house I stayed in) but all the devices noticeably improved the sound. Connecting to my ZX2 any improvements were much more subtle as it already sounds pretty good. Maybe more black background. The xDSD is now connected to my main system and it sounds pretty good...better than the Nuforce HDP I had previously. If you like the sound of your Colon, get an amp with a line-in. You need to test/determine if the USB port will do digital out to use a DAC/AMP.
  7. I went and looked at the manual and it lists that the only outputs are the Line Out and the Balanced which means you can use an external amp (Line Out) but not sure if the USB will support digital transfer to a DAC. Try hooking it up via USB to a home DAC or AVR and see if it will play. Otherwise paying the $$ for the DAC will be a waste unless you have another use (phone, etc. But if you hook up to a phone, you really do not need the Cowon).
  8. No worries. Using either the USB or Line-out is fine. USB out is digital and the DAC of your player is bypassed. In the case of Line out, the DAC of the downstream device is bypassed. The equipment automatically compensates. I use the xDSD occasionally with my Sony NWZX2.
  9. Your fundamental flaw is the exclusion of DRM...for many that is the entire point of the debate. Whether the providers are lying about the technical (or not...NOT), if all music is MQA'ed...then the label can implement DRM. The Consumer pays twice...on the encoding and decoding and is stuck with music, for the most part (not always depending on mastering), compromised. As limited as MP3 can be most times, MQA is a marketing/technical scheme to allow studios to limit quality. MP3 is pretty much transparent to the consumer.
  10. @Rexp recently posted about this unit...https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32878549408.html You could reach out to him and see if it works well.
  11. Was it ever confirmed that Audeze actually changed the drivers or are we going on Audeze's (customer service) word? Did Audeze, when they had the set in their hands, actually check them over for other defects? If they sounded the same after the change, and Audeze admitted defective sound prior to the "repair", was no QC performed? For me, the interesting issue going forward is if the "review" set sounds like the set sent out by Audeze for review....or not. Caveat: I have no stake...no way I am buying, in this lifetime, $4K headphones nor do I know of anyone that works for Audeze. But I am puzzled by the criticism of the review so have taken an interest in the outcome.
  12. The Irish Troubles dominated the news while I was growing up. U2, with mulitple songs, and The Cranberries (Zombie) dominated the dialogue. I am old enough to go back to Viet Nam as my father served multiple tours as a Navigator and Back Seat airman...which gives The End (The Doors), Gimmie Shelter (The Stones), and What About Me (Quicksilver Messenger Service). Thank you for this thread...I am not a very good written/spoken person but the music I enjoy/think and react to is emotional and this thread typifies those emotions.
  13. Thanks....think I will stick with my ZX2 and ZX1...sound great and no updates in years...
  14. I am not familiar with that phone but have you tried rooting and/or Developer options (Not sure Developers is available for non-Pixel phones)?
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