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  1. A NAS is nice as it comes with most of the apps/software you might need but, with your budget, you could look on Craigslist/Next Door/etc.,\ for a large case workstation or server (4 or more HD slots) and roll your own NAS with cheap or free software. Then use your external drives as backups. A little more effort but costs a bit less. Depends on how much your time is worth (mine I price high so I did the NAS 🙂 )
  2. I have JR23 and I think in the past I have on-the-fly converted to DSD256 to iFi, SMSL, and Topping (see signature) but it was via USB & ASIO. I was not attempting any DSP. I believe it was Native. I will try and replicate in the next day or two to verify unless someone beats me to it. But I am not sure how to test over network with my setup...I do not know if my Oppo or SBT will pass a DSD256 file...have to check.
  3. Be interesting to have those devices measured (or at least look at the specs). Perhaps the RAALs are resolute enough to hear low-level noise/distortion. Perhaps. Potential(?): 1) Incompatibility between the devices? 2) Are you training your ears to be ..ummmm..."Golden" :-) .... Or at least sensitive?
  4. Thanks for this review and hoping you do more in this category. Really. I think active speakers is an under served portion of music listening; particularly for main home systems and not necessarily PC listening. When I was looking at the Edifier S1000DB, that I ended up purchasing, I came across the Air Pulse but decided it was a bit rich for my use. As the Edifiers have ended up in my garage, I would have loathed to put the APs out there in that environment (South Central Texas). The number of connections on the Edifier more than justify the price and I have used them all. The only complaint I have is gain matching...if the BT is used you better crank the volume down before using Toslink or your eardrums will shatter. Now Edifier is really fleshing out the line and on the Edifier USA site are the Air Pulse options. If my Linn system ever breaks down I am switching to this type of setup.
  5. When I bought my Linn system, oh so many years ago, I wanted an active system. ATC was too expensive (for me), PMC unobtainable, and the Paradigm Active40 seemed to be discontinued as soon as it was released. I was really interested in the Active 40s but not obtainable. The Linn and Naim active systems are a bit different where they mount the crossovers in another box or in the amps so not really reducing system size. I have read where this xover mounting in external boxes can be done with numerous speakers. I went with Linn as I liked the sound and I could go Aktiv if I desired. I should have when upgraded with the 2250 amp a few years later. Now I am not sure I want to sink money into a 20+ year old system. Nowadays the active systems are obtainable. While the Kiis and D&Ds are a bit rich for me, but if my system crashed tomorrow, I would look at the Dynaudio Xeo line. May not have all the DSP the higher cost alternatives but I think I would be just fine.
  6. Bummer...20 wpc was the biggest I saw on the website. Well there are always these but Chris will need the piano movers: https://www.vtl.com/products/power-amplifiers/monoblock-amplifiers/siegfried-series-ii-reference-monoblock/ I remember back when I was searching for a system, 20+ years ago, that there used to be a tube company that had tube amps that covered the floor...literally...huge setups. I think they were French...Joule-Electra(?) but JE is no longer around. But I may be mis-remembering the name.
  7. I do not know about the Shindo. It is a brand I put in the same space as Audio Note Japan even though I do not know all the aspects of tubes or the brands. I do not recall seeing the name mentioned on this website so when Chris asked for ideas I listed ones I would be interested in reading his observations.
  8. KRAudio Manley Rogue Nagra Shindo That is the short list...
  9. I think if you are using the optical out of the OPPO, the signal is just passing through...in other words it is a DDC and bypasses the DAC. Optical will be decidedly better than BT or Airplay IMO.
  10. I think it is time for you to set up brackets, ala March Madness. Have one side the Tube amps and the other bracket SS...Pick a winner, yes you have to, and then anything new coming in has to knock off the winner. Really would be tedious to compare to all the fallen...but you would get to listen to Ten Redux a few dozen times so not all bad.
  11. I have the Edifier S1000DB which is an older speaker in the same vein of the S3000Pro and I like them a lot...that said in that price range I am interested in several powered speakers: Dynaudio, Adam, Focal, etc.. I do not think you can do "bad" with these but may come to preference in sound. Buy from someone where you can return (Amazon, etc..).
  12. I have done it with an LG OLED TV streaming from my NAS to my Opponent...once...what a PITA. So much easier with a phone or iPad. I found growing through the TV slow and cumbersome. But that was a couple of years ago and maybe a different TV/system might be easier.
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