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  1. I have a BL iDSD but not with me. From what I recall, once connected: Ensure the iDSD is chosen under Sound Settings Ensure the iDSD is chosen under Sound Mixer (you can get to both of these from the volume in the quick taskbar; lower right of the screen) In the Sound Mixer make sure the slider is not all the way at the bottom Make sure you are using the driver for the iDSD...iFi has different packages for different DACs. If that does not work: Try a different USB port; I cannot recall but you may need a powered USB port
  2. Why? I think if the cost is relatively low (as mentioned) it most likely better implementation of current tech. But then I am not in Marketing so what do I know...
  3. Nice system but at that cost...I want Christmas lights...
  4. Set up a hot air blower using your amps. Bet you wished you went Tube now.
  5. Cool trip...but maybe should have saved it for winter❄️
  6. Software has to be written to take advantage of the cores; it doesn't "just happen". I am not a software guy but the way I understand it is the algorithms written prior to multiple core systems are linear and not easily broken into chunks to split and reassemble.
  7. I have an older unit (Trendnet? Or maybe a Netgear unit...I like Netgear equipment) that has been installed for several years and have had not issues. I have it feeding an ethernet connection to an AV receiver, located in the next room, that does not have WiFi capability. Has worked when I need it to. I tested basic streaming from my NAS and getting firmware updates. No problem other than the cludgy Marantz software. My understanding, but no confirmation, is it works very well when on the same circuit. Purchase from somewhere that you can return if it does not work
  8. Does not really cost Amazon anything to put those words out...and who knows?...maybe a couple of influencers will jump on and obfuscate the landscape ala MQA.
  9. Amazon set up their music service to support their "smart", Alexia speakers...not to cater to a few hanging out in the corner messing around with cables, optical networks, and power supplies. These little speakers are nifty and sound ok but are meant to be convenience devices stuck in a corner. Much like Apple, Amazon is not going to mess around to satisfy the few even though Amazon probably has the power and $$ to make the labels create really good masterings of the music.
  10. this equipment is network based so solutions will be based on each individual's network and how the equipment is used. The solution for one person may or may not apply to anyone else. I understand the requirement of taking offline not to muck up threads too much. That said, the users who have successfully resolved their issue could come back a give a quick synopsis of the problem, solution and Allos performance.
  11. Like any list there is some really good music, some I need to check out, and some I know I will not like (even though I think I have). Interesting that this list does not include the typical "standards". As a bonus this list does contain the first album I ever purchased with my own money when I was 10-11 years old, the Marvin Gaye listing.
  12. the 2.5, 3.5, and 4.4 jacks seem to be more for portable amps/DAPs. In fact, I do not recall any portable amp/DAP using XLR.
  13. Schiit Modi Multibit and Topping are two names that come to mind...but purchase from somewhere such that you can return after comparing to your Soundblaster. I would also compare to the DAC built into the Edifier.
  14. Well at least two of the speakers you chose, Adam and Dynaudio, are Active...no amp required because the amps are built into the speaker. And at your budget that is the route I would go...Active speakers, and a sub if you want, with as many connections as possible; both wired and wireless. I have a pair of Edifier Actives with Bluetooth, Optical, Analog RCA, and 3.5mm connections. Takes 5 seconds to connect via BT to my phone and I can stream from NAS via DLNA or stream from internet radio stations from my phone. The technology is tremendous. So determine what connec
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