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  1. You mention the demo room as "dedicated"...was it optimized? Sound panels etc? how does that compare to your room? Personally...I like vinyl more than digital. But it depends on the table. I have never heard a high-end table. I used a Music Hall MMF-5 for a while...loved it. Then I dropped it...literally. I replaced it with a Rega P3-24 and Dynavector 10x5 cartridge. By all accounts a better setup. And it sounded a bit cleaner and leaner. Digital gods forgive me but give the 2nd order distortion (or whatever it is) because I like it. Vinyl "flows" much better than digita
  2. Find a Zune HD. I think the sound is stellar. Much better than iPods or the Sony units I also used. Only drawback is that for lossless you have to use WMA as it does not do FLAC (might do Wav...I forget). Of course it does do mp3.
  3. The ER4's are under $200 on Amazon. That is quite a good price. I did have the ER4SR but after 18 months one of the drivers came apart. I do wear them exercising so heavy wear. I picked up a pair of the ER2XRs and they sound pretty good for $100.
  4. I thought movies were also an issue where they disappeared from purchased lists.
  5. Vagaries of onlline purchasing... Amazon and, I think Apple, have pulled back items people purchased. Note I am pulling from the dark recesses of my mind but I seem to recall stories but I do not recall specifics. If Apple makes the music stay in something like iTunes, they will have access.
  6. I would think it would be fine...with an Airstream you are not going rock crawling or anything.
  7. Already in play: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/forum/22-in-memoriam/
  8. Does that song make the needles flutter?
  9. In my mind it does not make much sense if it has to be sub-texted to use the shortcut. So I propose: fs is 44.1khz based PCM Fs is 48 khz based PCM fS is 24-bit PCM FS is DSD Can we form a committee and ratify? Edit: Rats...ran out of options for 24-48 base...
  10. When PCM reaches 64FS, I would think it is not too far in the future, how will it be distinguished from DSD 64FS?
  11. In the Software forum the beginnings of an extensive thread has started regarding PGGB software and has proliferated the use of "fs" nomenclature. So my questions: Does this refer to PCM only? I gather it is "sampling frequency" and it is shortcut writing for hi-res? For example: 44.1khz is 1fs, 88.2khz is 2fs, etc... How is bit rate treated? 16-44.1khz vs 24-44.1khz? How is different base frequency treated: 44.1khz vs 48khz? Or does one have to know the base rate to make that determination? Anything else I am missing? Thanks in advance, chris
  12. If you like the Naim sound, try the SuperNait. If that is not enough the next step would be the 250. You can always keep the Atom as your streamer, etc.. (I believe).
  13. I have a number of reasons...all cynical and tongue-in-cheek... Because LPS's for cheap switches/routers are so much more meaningful No one (that I know of) has claimed them to be "Audiophile" Audiophiles want the cheapest switches/routers with the most expensive, esoteric SFP parts and optical cables The Edge (Ubiquiti) products are not expensive enough I could go on... But back to reality: It appears to me that the consensus is an optical isolation setup at your endpoint makes a difference...upstream parts do not matter nearly as much. What p
  14. @bunno77 I hear you...LMS can be difficult to set up and configured how one wants...but once I installed QLMS on my NAS, Qnapclub Store - QLogitechMediaServer, it all became much easier.
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