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  1. I was clipping. The Keilidhs are 4 ohm loads and sealed. Took the watts to open them up a bit. I no longer clip and the music is more "dense"....best description I can generate. The sound/tone is the same (to me) just louder and thicker (to the good). I was using just the Majik (integrated amp) and the 2250 is a power amp. I use the Majik just as a pre-amp now.
  2. More watts...I went from 66 watts/ch to 200 watts/ch by adding the Linn 2250 and this is far and away the biggest improvement in my system; over multiple DACS, CD players, and streaming methods from my NAS to the system.
  3. Check the SanDisk when you receive them. I remember a couple of years ago...maybe a few years...of bootleg SanDisk cards. I had good luck with capacity but on one 200 GB unit had a short or something and it nearly caused my laptop and DAP to burst into flame. Literally smoking hot...a one-second touch hot on the laptop surface. Never a problem with Samsung.
  4. Yes and, if I put chicken wire around them, will not kill birds. One W. Texas Windmill Power Generator is on the hook for 1000 Bald Eagles @ $1 Million each...Last I read, they had paid only one of the fines.
  5. I am with you...I have long wanted to do solar and something along these lines: https://nordicgrizzly.com/product/600w-12v-24v-vertical-axis-helix-residentail-home-wind-turbine-kit-ae-2/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlrjA7OHP6gIVjYbACh3-gw1NEAkYCCABEgLWefD_BwE Put a few on the roof and become a power generator instead of consumer...batteries for storage. However, while I can do in my neighborhood, there is the WAF issue...If I ever build my external garage in my back yard (I have just over 1.5 acres) I am putting it all in. EDIT: sorry for the subsequent deleted posts...had computer/internet lockup...or user error or something...
  6. I mean the early portable units: http://enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0703/midmonth/bestportable.htm
  7. I was referring to portable units.
  8. I think the ones to have are the early Sony models prior to mass production. I think from the late '70s or early 80's. The Denon units are also well regarded. Some of the pricing can be eye-opening: https://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-SONY-D-5-PORTABLE-COMPACT-DISC-CD-PLAYER-DOCK-STATION-EBP-9LC-WORKING/183749187923?hash=item2ac84e1953:g:yZMAAOSw6GhcXbOe
  9. I used to travel with a Panasonic portable CD player with the cheap plastic earbud/headphones that sounded phenomenal. This would have been in the mid-90's. That thing rocked and I was thoroughly bummed when it bit the dust. My replacement players never sounded as good. I am sure the Linn Genki I purchased a few years later was better but I never got excited about the music like I did with the Panasonic. The only thing that came close was a Zune HD that I still have but do not use as I cannot be bothered with WAV/mp3 anymore.
  10. At that budget I would also check ATC ... though you might have to go used.
  11. If you can hear the music, you can listen through any medium. At some point I think the majority will have had worse equipment. I know I did.
  12. I want a ripper I can take with me when I travel and not another box for my system. I stream my music from my NAS.
  13. I personally would like an awesome, standalone, USB Ripper...I prefer CD much more than buying a file but, since I no longer have my Genki, I need to rip.
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