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  1. What?? And lose that Marketing opportunity?? (facetious, tongue-in-cheek, Extreme Sarcasm, etc..) At this point it looks that Hero is compatible with only a few devices. And the "smallest" has 6 drives which really limits the user base. "QTS Hero" is easier to say than "QTS for ZFS Compatible Devices". I do not know enough about NAS OS architecture but I would be surprised if it became backwards compatible to much extent. I do not hold out much hope for my machine.
  2. I like iPeng on my iPad Pro (1st Gen) much more than any LMS app on my Pixel 2 XL. I have since switched to iPhone. Orangesqueeze was ok but always slower to connect than iPeng. (Something in my system changed and Android control stopped working and the USB out of my Touch stopped working. Spent a couple of hours resetting and no go. Currently i have connected the Touch analog outs to my amp...need to check and see if the coax is working. I do note that the developer of QLMS has not updated in almost 18 months.)
  3. I just checked this compatibility list: https://view.publitas.com/qnap-1/quts-hero-h5-0-beta-supported-nas/page/1 Mine is not eligible.
  4. Article coming on that endeavor? Maybe a limited audience but I, for one, am interested. I usually just delete the QNAP emails...sigh...I need to pay more attention.
  5. RAM upgrade: Piece of cake if you have messed with desktops. If not in the manual, the Youtube route is the way to go (per @plissken) . If you have the opportunity, just purchase already maxed. If not available, usually the ram makers have a selection guide on their website and then hunt around for the best price. For example: Memory RAM & SSD Upgrades | qnap | qnap nas | TVS-872XT | Crucial.com
  6. I like my QNAP. My thoughts in no particular order: At the level (price point) I purchased mine, QNAP seems to offer more CPU/$$. I have a 4-core Celeron and wish I had splurged for an I3 (Ryzen NASs were just coming out at the time) or better. Whether this CPU/$ holds at your price point, I do not know. Maximize the RAM. You may only want to use as a HD at this time but if you ever start digging into the apps...you might change your mind. You never know what you might want to do so if you do not find your app on the QNAP website, try here: Qnapclub Store For RAID
  7. I am not overly familiar with the music you used and I read very quickly but I wonder about the recording/mastering resolution vs DAC. IOW, would true hi-res be better on the OG vs LIM?
  8. These have broken the $100 barrier: Amazon.com: Etymotic Research ER2XR Extended Response High Performance In-Ear Earphones (Detachable Dynamic Drivers, Noise Isolating, High Accuracy, Robust Low Frequencies) : Electronics
  9. 1) Functionality: Does it do what I want and can my wife operate the device (2nd point fails most of the time) 2) Reliability: real or perceived 3) Cost
  10. The vast majority of PC audio sucks. If you have a soundblaster or other sound card the sound is improved a lot. It does appear that you are "double" amping. Get a cheap USB dac from Amazon or favorite online store: Topping D10, Audioquest Black, or even a Schiit Audio Modi... In the US these are less than $100. Any of these will give a better idea of what your speakers can do. Feed the DAC from your laptop and then into your Receiver. Any rca cables will do...even the cheap ones that come with TVs, DVD players, etc...I have dozens of these things laying around.
  11. 100 acres at least...I play loud. I am not much of a gardener...the deer eat it all.
  12. I would talk with @bobfa and get the most badass active speakers and then figure out how to get my music and Radio Paradise to play.
  13. At least try what I suggested. I think USB Audio Player Pro takes over the connection.
  14. Use USB Audio Player with the iBasso. The app works with external DACs. If your connection is in and out, try a different cable
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