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  1. Of the mainstream brands, I would pick something that uses Opensource firmware (DD-WRT, Tomato, Voxel). I have two Netgears, R7000 and R7800, that started great but as firmware updates occurred, became more and more unstable. I put Voxel on my R7800 and no issues after several months. A few people in my neighborhood have installed Ubiquiti Edgerouters and are very satisfied. MikroTik is another option as is installing pFSense on an old laptop/pc.
  2. David Bowie - Cracked Actor - Live in Los Angeles 1984
  3. Well Amazon does do Thursday Night Football on Prime...great for those of us with OTA TV...
  4. I have listened to some of the names listed on this thread but many do not do much for me...I tend to listen to Azam Ali and Lisa Gerrard. I spend a lot of time listening to Radio Paradise and it seems lately they have been playing a lot of Sinead O'Connor and I have been pleasantly surprised... That said, there a quite a few names I will have to investigate...
  5. Not according to this review: https://www.headfonia.com/cowon-plenue-d2-review/3/ the 3.5 headphone jack will only connect to the Chord if a Line In is present and then it will bypass the Mojo DAC and only amplify. The Cowon looks like a straight player with not many options. Unless there is a hack somewhere but you will have to search for one.
  6. I have an Alienware Aurora G1 (10 yrs old?) with factory liquid cooling, no leaks, and the air fans are much louder. I do not think I have ever ever heard the liquid pump. My QNAP is loudest when rebooting during a firmware update. Note that both devices are far away from my primary music listening.
  7. There are devices on Amazon that might do what you want...such as: https://www.amazon.com/NEXUM-TuneBox2-Hi-Fi-Music-Receiver/dp/B07536BTRX/ref=sr_1_10?keywords=wifi+streamer+for+stereo&qid=1573560309&sr=8-10 A quick look found several similar. Whether these are better than BlueSound device is a guess but at 1/10 of the cost might be worth a try. Otherwise RPi, an old laptop, or a SFF PC refurb from Newegg will be the least expensive. To get to dedicated streamers...I think an old Squeezebox Touch will be the least. New devices will cost quite a bit more.
  8. I think Intel has said this is a short term chip. End of the year maybe? If you want, I would grab one. https://www.anandtech.com/show/14979/the-intel-core-i9-9900ks-review/16 In the conclusion towards the end:
  9. Anyone bidding for the esoteric? https://www.anandtech.com/show/14980/the-intel-core-i9-9990xe-review
  10. Sorry...missed that part of your post.
  11. There is an app for QNAP for JRiver: https://is.gd/SKFe0e I have not tried this route. I need to but have not got around to it and I am happy with LMS or Minimserver. I have JRiver on my PC. For using the QNAP, create a network drive on your PC (and I assume MAC if that is what you use) and just point JRiver to the drive.
  12. I am not a musician but picked up new appreciation of what Bass can do for music. The Cure played ACL Musicfest back in 2013 and again the last couple of weeks. The 2013 show was The Cure as most know and love on the radio. The Cure have a new/newer Bass player; Robert Smith's son. He is young, energetic and plays a loud, thumping Bass. The drummer worked harder, the guitar player worked harder (Jimmy?) and Robert still sounds great. The keyboard player was still pretty mellow. The music was completely different than 2013 even though the same songs. All driven by the Bass. I am not a Cure aficionado but Saturday night was a great show. Right up there in energy as the GnR show the night before.
  13. Toslink hubs/splitters all over Amazon. Cheap...I mean inexpensive (<$30). Be worth trying a few out to see how well they work.
  14. I have two Netgear routers (R7000 & R7800) and they started great but firmware updates have caused internet access drops for 2-30 minutes at a time and some drops require reboots. And sometimes the reboots did not work. I am now using Voxel firmware on my R7800 with much better reliability. Other opensource firmware is available for some of the models. I have been looking at new routers and mostly looking between Ubuiqiti, MikroTik, and the Build-Your-Own/Open Source route (PFSense). Of the mainstream brands the Synology router has garnered more recommendations than most but lower coverage/throughput (but not much). Between Ubiquiti and MikroTik I came across a forum discussion on the differences/Which is better. The main point is that MikroTik is a better router but if you need many access points or connections, Ubiquiti has that nailed. I have not investigated past that point. This is #1 on my list: http://amzn.com/B07HBR5219
  15. Admittedly I do not stream with iTunes...I use it to add music every six months to my wife's iPod. Apple makes it exceedingly difficult with activation/permission requirements that when I am done I wish the company had never been conceived.
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