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  1. And rightly so. E.E.s are no more infallible than any other professional, including Doctors, Clergy, Scientists etc.. Just because you disagree with "Esoteric Myths" does not mean they are necessarily Myths, although in some cases they may be, just like with Green Pens for CD. Most of us realise that the more we know, how little we really know.
  2. Agreed. You and I discussed this briefly recently
  3. O.K. I have seen something like this featured in DIY Audio forum some time back. It may no longer be available to purchase though according to the link. Do you have any additional info such as an internal photo, the schematic, modifications etc . ?
  4. Why an SD card ? https://www.premiumusb.com/blog/differences-between-usb-flash-drive-vs-sd-card
  5. That's a pretty steep grade with very little chance to get your breath back by the look of it. Heart attack material if you're not too fit.
  6. Huh ? Ralf11 wasn't referring to this thread. At least Bill has made one extremely important point in his initial post. Mankind may very well end up needing Oxygen stations as in the TV series Dark Angel with Jessica Alba some years back , where rich corporations ruled the world.
  7. It never ceases to amaze me how both you and Kumakuma refuse to accept any responsibility for the parts you and a few other anti Audiophile members played in the destruction of this thread and many others.
  8. And even fewer before you decide to resume your personal attacks on everybody you disagree with.
  9. That's probably the only really worthwhile point you made in the whole post ! Seriously though, given the extreme importance of the Amazon rain forest, should the rest of the world contribute financially to maintaining it's importance in order to prevent further destruction of the Amazon rain forest ? https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/aug/23/amazon-fires-global-leaders-urged-divert-brazil-suicide-path
  10. They probably didn't have room to fit enough OB2WA vacuum tubes in series to regulate 1,800Volts !
  11. Have you read the thread started by John Swenson to verify that it doesn't also include measurements ? Note also that the same techniques as discussed there can also be applied to A.C. mains cables, and have been by more than a few members.
  12. The information from John's thread is completely on topic , and many members have reported a great deal of success when using the information that he has supplied. Note also that the thread also has 1185 replies, perhaps because you were unable to disrupt it ?
  13. Nevertheless, many members have reported worthwhile improvements when using the techniques described by E.E. John Swenson in this thread.
  14. Don't stand in the wind or the tickets on yourself will blow off.
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