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  1. I strongly suspect that in this area you won't have too many members that agree with you. IF you believe otherwise, you could always start a Poll to see what % of members agree with your pronouncements in this area . 😜
  2. Recording Engineers who don't have to answer to "the guys in suits" will invariably provide the highest quality recording, and it will STILL sound O.K. on playback gear such as yours, even though it will not be capable of fully doing it justice. My gear is transparent enough to basically output a close facsimile of what came off the recording, warts and all, although the speakers are no longer SOTA.. If you can't hear the completely unacceptable sound of many early CD releases compared with even a decent Vinyl pressing of the same recording session via a good vinyl setup, then yo
  3. Frank To put it bluntly , that's BS ! I prefer the word from a highly respected recording and mastering engineer, or for that matter John Dyson who apparently also has access to some of the Masters of different recording artists via his Industry contacts. What you are currently using to evaluate high quality Audio files will NEVER be up to the task. I understand however that SWMBO would be unlikely to approve the expenditure on something way more suitable, just as I can no longer afford to indulge with what I would like to, so I have to go the DIY route a bit at a ti
  4. Many of the more recent ones do e.g. Norah Jones-Feels Like Home >30K Alexis Cole-A Kiss in the Dark >37K Looks like some earlier ones are fake , with the look of a typical CD cutoff around 21K
  5. No, not necessarily. As John Dyson has demonstrated on numerous occasions it is quite often the improper use of HF EQ, and sometimes used in the earlier days to make some recordings sound better for airplay on bandwidth limited A.M. radio. This also sounds likely with ABBA, which BTW, Barry Diament has heard directly from the masters during his time with Atlantic Records. He described them as Shrill sounding and worse . If it sounds OK to you, then your system is insufficiently revealing . 😉 Did you try downloading it and playing it locally ? When playing stuff l
  6. Agreed. However, we do not know whether Frank in this case was listening to the lap top's speakers, or exporting the files.
  7. Contact Sean Jacobs.to see if he is able to assist. He is very busy these days though. Sean's PSUs have been very well received by many members. [email protected]
  8. I completely disagree. It's the other way around. See my previous post from just after you posted this reply. Many members find audio quality from a typical Laptop such as yours quite disappointing/lacklustre due to the necessary PSU compromises made to improve time between battery charges, which result in a masking of HF detail. IOW, like heavy veils . Which S/W player are you using, and does it play from System Memory ? P.S. This could also help to explain why John Dyson and yourself had so many run ins about non decoded Dolby-A CDs and ABBA not sounding s
  9. To clarify this a bit. The track sounds far worse when played locally from System Memory when using JRiver 26 which is far more revealing than the very mediocre DropBox player. JRiver is way more revealing, and of a far higher replay quality than many other players, especially those that do not play from System Memory. A little wile ago I tried playing it from Dropbox again and it sounded quite dull compared with previously, but still played without obvious problems. I then remembered that there was a video conversion running, and tried it again after it finished. It had im
  10. Did you actually listen to what I posted ? The sibilance is bloody terrible, and this was from a BluSpec CD. IF this sounds OK to you then you have major problems with your setup and should perhaps ask your vinyl buddy how it compares with LP.
  11. Except perhaps to Frank ? 😉 Teresa Many of the Carpenters CD releases have excessive sibilance, which is evident if you compare it with some of their stuff from Quad tape . Some of Kenny Rogers tracks sound like he is spitting through false teeth, but poor mic technique may be also contributing, with poor CD mastering highlighting it . If you were able to listen to the Simon and Garfunkel track that I posted I am sure that you would agree that they would never have become famous if they really sounded like that.
  12. It sounds a little lacklustre compared with the CD version, HOWEVER, the added sibilance with her voice of the CD version isn't there.
  13. Barry upgraded the clocking of his Metric Halo ULN8 to ULN-8 3D specification and from Firewire to Ethernet with markedly improved results .
  14. Absolute Bulldust ! 🤣 Your digital setup is presently obviously incapable of the needed resolution to highlight these niggling problems just as you used to claim that Abba etc. didn't need much of that added HF EQ removed. Kenny Rogers-The Gambler (and others) have annoying sibilance as do some from Simon and Garfunkel , for starters . https://www.dropbox.com/s/27zix27xhm9k9g0/01 Simon %26 Garfunkel.wav?dl=0 BTW, how do you normally play your " sibilance free" CDs ? 😊
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