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  1. Higher Quality YouTube Audio I recently realised that many YouTube Music Videos have a hidden high quality audio track, and not just the crappy typical 128kbps .aac audio that we all hear. For something to do , I had saved a YouTube video from Dua Lipa with 128kbps .aac Audio, and from a couple of nights earlier on RAGE (ABC HDTV) where they transmit higher quality audio. I Demultiplexed them both with my Video S/W, (the Video and audio of both) with the idea of giving the higher quality looking YouTube video the better sounding Audio as well . With YouTube ,this gave me an X264 Video file that none of my S/W players will play, and the couple of MB .aac audio as a separate .aac Audio file. However, when I opened this X264 video in TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 5 ,it still showed it as having Audio, despite the file being smaller after the .aac audio was removed. I then decided to convert the X264 file to BluRay format to see what came out. The results are at the links below. In many cases, the new audio may be out of Sync with the Video, (or different ?) however, with Carly Simon-You're So Vain,for example,it was correct. However, if you just wish to obtain higher quality audio, as with some Classical Music performances, this won't be a problem. Many members will have heard the YouTube performance from SNL by Adele, so I have attached a comparison between both lots of Audio, although the Audio is WAY out of Sync with the Video in this example. Alex https://www.dropbox.com/s/lndi7si0div30up/Adele - When We Were Young (Live on SNL).mp4?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/zo459k19i2su34r/Adele - When We Were Young (Live on SNL).m2t?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/5h41tkdp73djlnz/Dua Lipa - Break My Heart - 128kbps .aac Audio.mp4?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/te6wem44q1nj4zo/Dua Lipa - Break My Heart (Official Video).m2t?dl=0 P.S. If your Internet speed is slow, you may need to Download the files to play them.
  2. It should be : Well done Class, extremely fast Class B.……….
  3. Unless things have changed recently, HD Tracks only passes on what they have received directly from the Record companies, these days with a quick check to check that they are genuine high res material.
  4. In some cases you may be able to obtain a worthwhile improvement by fitting products such as at the link, or perhaps the 30mm version. The added height of the feet may also result in improved airflow around the device which helps withy cooling https://www.jaycar.com.au/screw-on-equipment-feet-50mm/p/HP0832 Incidentally, some products such as my old Musical Fidelity X-DAC V3 are inside an extruded aluminium case with slots internally on each side for slide in rubber pieces the length of the case, with grooves in them that the PCB slides into.These rubber strips also act as long rubber feet .
  5. BOTH !!! As well as keep well away from heat sources, or isolate from, for frequency stability reasons.
  6. No, you don't need maximum rigidity . Ideally you would better isolate areas such as the Xtal Oscillator area and the Optical device area.
  7. Lucretius Anti Vibration is the main reason for this. You only need to place things such as an Oppo Media player on a carpeted floor to hear the difference that added isolation results in. That is why my Oppo 103 sits on a piece of thick butyl based car sound carpet in it's cabinet as well . I also use pieces of expensive 3M 2552 aluminised anti vibration tape in strategic places inside the chassis such as the Optical area Alex
  8. Fine . I will abstain from further posting in this ASR inspired thread, and yes, I am well aware that ambient temperatures affect a fuse’s opening and current carrying characteristics
  9. The Web rip sounds pathetic in comparison with the CD rip !
  10. I am well aware that this is Objective-Fi, yet not a shred of evidence in the way of measurements or DBT has been offered in this thread to disprove that some people are able to hear differences between Audiophile and cheap generic fuses. Furthermore, nobody has ( unless I missed it) even mentioned that an Audiophile fuse is still only as good as the cheap base metal fuseholder that they are normally installed in. Audiophile rated fuses is a clear reference to the type of fuse, not it's Current rating, and the actual words used are more likely due to English not being the poster's first language. Neither has it been mentioned that an obvious way to check this area is to measure the resistance of the fuse and it's holder. BTW, when the fuse is installed in a D.C. part of the circuit, it is quite easy to measure the voltage drop across the holder and the fuse under different load or power output conditions. Neither do I feel that the OP has any credibility when this appears in his Profile. Seraph Join Date = February 15 Audio System Audiofools Inc. About Me Audiofools Inc.
  11. #27 was provocative and not needed, and it wasn't the first time either.
  12. The OP is demanding Objective proof in this thread , when it can't even be provided by the Measurements fanatics in A.S.R without an indepth investigation as suggested by Soekris, yet you expect this Objective proof to be given here by A.S. members who aren't in the main "Measurements are all that matters" fanatics like yourself .
  13. Seraph asked this same question in #83 of that thread. Yet there are no replies there. Friday at 4:00 PM #83 soekris said: Hi Amir: Next of things to test, Those Audiophile Rated Fuses.... Or maybe those exotic Power Cables. All being promoted while ignoring the effects of the cabling from the Wall Outlet all the way back to the Power Station.... Audiophile rated fuses? Surely there is no such thing? Please share a link. Audiofools Inc.
  14. This thread is clearly Click bait started by an A.S.R member , given that the OP initially asked this Audiophile Fuses question here: https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/silent-angel-bonn-n8-audio-grade-ethernet-switch.12360/page-5 So why as an A.S.R. member, didn't you or other A.S.R members provide Objective replies in the ASR forum where measurements are all that matters, and that you love to keep quoting from, instead of demanding Objective proof here ?
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