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  1. John I don't wish to fall out with you on this area, but I would remind you that your project since around March 2019 hasn't always been plain sailing, and you have had to rely on what I reported hearing on quite a few occasions . yet you always followed up what I reported, and I wasn't too far off the mark most of the time. That is also a matter of record in your Group PM thread (now 37 pages) as several other members, (perhaps Paul as well ? ) , can verify. I will not be posting further replies in this thread as they would almost certainly be removed by Admin. . G'night . P.S. It's a shame that you couldn't let this older thread rest in peace
  2. John I am not going to discuss this further with you as Admin will remove all my replies. , but perhaps yoo would care to explain how analogue based noise is burned to CD-R along with the binary Data on only one track of the adjoining pair of tracks.
  3. Sorry John, but That comes across as just a wee bit conceited ..😉 I have been able to burn pairs of tracks on to comparison CD-Rs, where despite them being adjoining tracks on the same CD-R, they sound different despite no data errors.. You are already aware of who both the people were that verified this under non sighted conditions, and they are both well respected in their professions , just as you were. Alex
  4. There are 100s of thousands of recordings with natural ambience and pin point location of instruments and voices, including many Classical recordings, and quite a few famous recordings such as Jazz at the Pawnshop etc. and quite a few from Chesky, Soundkeeper and Blue Coast Records.
  5. Like you have done with actual confirmed , and generally accepted dB measurements of the levels of Audibility ,which iFi clearly believed that they had met with the crossover Glitch problem that turned out to be quite audible with a revealing system ?
  6. +1. Unfortunately, some members don't believe that the the front end matters,. and that you can fix up all these problems later with ISO Regens, expensive USB cables etc., or trying to push the problems up near the GHZ region with more conversions.
  7. How many can you recognise ?
  8. Don't get too excited yet. CD Japan needs to cancel ALL planned MQA releases.
  9. Neither are your never ending references to Amir and ASR. I note also, that the previous glitch measurements mentioned were supposed to be below the audibility threshold. Clearly they were not ,which brings again into question the Actual fully verified Audibility threshold with modern well designed equipment using very low noise PSUs , more recent techniques and components.
  10. The many 100s of members who have purchased Uptone PSUs have found them to result in both a measurable and better sounding experience than virtually all off the shelf PSUs. It is up to the manufacturer of a product that needs an external Power Supply to ensure that they do not need very expensive external PSUs to make their product perform as well as their purchasers expect them to do. Would I personally have used an SMPS plugpack to power this Ultracap PSU , NO , but purchasers were well aware from discussions in the Uptone Forum that it could also have been used in conjunction with a cheap linear PSU such as the cheap types on ebay that many members have used. It's not as if it was an advertised product either, with sales mainly to A.S. members and by word of mouth from their happy customers.
  11. All this appears to show is that the iFi iDAC2 is in need of further improvements in it's own internal PSU area You shouldn't need to go to these extremes with any external PSU, let alone the need to use expensive ultra low noise PSU costing as much, OR MORE , than the DAC itself !. However, attacking Uptone appears to have become a hobby horse for ASR members while treading way more gently with their favoured manufacturers.
  12. I doubt that there were even more than several hundred (perhaps a thousand ?) guys on earth that had even heard that product at that point in time .
  13. I doubt that Mani needed measurements to tell him that something wasn't quite right.
  14. Japanese humour using an elevator https://www.dropbox.com/s/2gdhvoogv7p8n3q/Ascenseur_japonais___Pa_Mo-1.mp4?dl=0
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