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  1. Much of that problem is addressed by suitable Speaker design. Even with my old DCM QED 1A Transmission Line speakers and decent electronics you could still clearly hear the contribution of the other speaker even when sitting directly in front of the other one.
  2. Correction. Replacing the cheap 24.576MHZ XO with a low .1PPM TCXO resulted in lifted performance at 24/96 but not so much at 16/44.1
  3. That is simply untrue as shown in the original Stereophile review of the X-DAC V3 that I mentioned previously . (available via PM) There were quite a few things that further improved it, despite the original excellent measurements. The improvements were also achieved using proven technical means, as everything is normally built to a price . For example, it was powered by an A.C. wallwart, yet improved markedly when powered by a low noise external dual polarity + and -15.5V Linear PSU. It had no voltage regulators for the analogue section and fitting additional 78L12 and 79L12 voltage regulators further improved SQ, as did replacing the elderly NE5532 with OPA2134, and LM4562HA with their very low distortion at the output end. Replacing the cheap 24.576MHZ XO with a low .1PPM TCXO resulted in lifted performance at 24/96 and 24/192 but not so much at 24/192. Even replacing the capacitors in the analogue area with close tolerance polypropylene capacitors resulted in a small but worthwhile improvement. My results were also duplicated by quite a few members of a U.K. based forum.
  4. Ask for a demo and a believable explanation? The interesting thing here though, is that his Phono cartridges are world famous , and deservedly so.
  5. I doubt that there are any that can be any more than a rough guide. In May 2005,John Atkinson in Stereophile posted this summing up of their review of the Musical Fidelity X-DAC V3 " Considered overall,Musical Fidelity's X-DAC V3 offers stunningly good measured performance that is even more commendable when you consider it's very affordable price - John Atkinson" ( I have a copy of that review , complete with measurements) A couple of friends and myself purchased them, and found they were quite lacklustre, but did respond well to extensive modifications in the power supply area especially , the addition of a couple of voltage regulators for the analogue section which was unregulated, and an improved Xtal Oscillator section.
  6. Perhaps it uses a high power IR LED to bombard our eyeballs with all the missed detail?
  7. sandyk

    Truth in Audio

    Your typical DMM is close to useless when measuring resistances of a fraction of 1 ohm. That is why they have instruments such as the attached design.
  8. sandyk

    Truth in Audio

    It doesn't matter. Either the measurements were incorrect or the cable was dangerously faulty. It would be dropping 20V at a 10A load, and probably burst into flames at higher current loads.
  9. Even planting Billions of suitable trees isn't going to help short term, if at all.
  10. No, not completely useless, but often a guide as to what should be a better than average performer.
  11. Agreed . Those who disagree with what Frank is saying can always ignore the thread, as there isn't much you can really add to what many others have already said, and the thread will then eventually disappear from view . Ever considered that Frank may just need to talk to somebody ? Frank does seem like a very nice and cheerful guy.
  12. You would love that . You have tried almost everything else to silence those who disagree with you, even down to demanding they be banned from the forum. Besides which, the OP already has the ability to ask Chris for Moderator powers, which at least one from your side uses extensively.
  13. This thread is about Mains Power Cord Recommendations . The OP is not interested in replies from a small group of members telling him that he is wasting his time and money. He is asking for recommendations from members who have heard differences between different A.C. mains cables. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3hHQvkUhJo
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