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  1. The same still applies. Optane SSDs are even less likely to be able to be used with a much cleaner power supply. Yes, they would be great for Processor intensive tasks such as 4K OR 8K video, but overkill for Audio.
  2. Yes ! The SQ from any drive is governed mainly by the quality of it's power supply . The best thing for the M.2 when used for Audio is likely to be a PCI.E to m.2 SSD PCB that had a normal Molex Input for power. (assuming they are available ) as this would permit the use of a much cleaner power supply to the SSD.
  3. Motherboard power will almost certainly be noisier.
  4. Here are some more multi channel recordings. https://www.discogs.com/label/34886-DTS-Entertainment
  5. There are multi channel DVD-A and SACDs around, as well as Quad Tape to DVD-A etc. if you look hard enough, although most are now out of print. You may be able to find quite a few titles using a UseNet subscription, then to obtain legal copies, search for the discs availability using Google or ebay when you know the actual title and format details from the cover photos obtained this way.
  6. Do you have any technical specifications for this cable such as Capacitance per metre ? Many valve preamplifiers are sensitive to the amount of cable capacitance that they drive, and it is possible that a slightly longer interconnect such as the LC1 ( low capacitance) from Blue Jeans may be more suitable than the other typical construction cables. https://www.bluejeanscable.com/store/audio/LC1-design-notes.htm
  7. sandyk

    The flaws of blind listening tests

    Judging by the marked improvement with " ABBA-DayBeforeYouCame-DHDA" with a great deal of success !
  8. sandyk

    CD players are back ?

    So what's new about that ?
  9. sandyk

    Farad supercap DC power supplies

    The voltage regulator and it's passive components will STILL govern how this PSU sounds.
  10. sandyk

    CD players are back ?

    Still evasive ! Perhaps it shouldn't be too surprising then, that you are unable to hear the differences that many (most?) members take for granted.
  11. sandyk

    The flaws of blind listening tests

    There does not appear to much point to your software unless it's for your own personal use, where you have identified quite a few CDs in your collection that were sloppily mastered for release , AND you play regularly. However, if there was made available a list of many of the sloppily mastered CDs that could be a different matter, with some people prepared to pay for the software. However, being able to compile a list like that sounds a bit like " Mission Impossible" too .
  12. sandyk

    CD players are back ?

    Note that he completely evaded answering the question, which was " what equipment did he use to come to this conclusion ?"
  13. sandyk

    CD players are back ?

    More importantly, what equipment did he use to come to this conclusion ?
  14. sandyk

    CD players are back ?

    It obviously isn't your goal, as otherwise you would have at least upgraded from an ancient CD Carousel and changed from crappy .mp3 to .flac at no cost.
  15. sandyk


    With careful design of the voltage regulator, you should be able to regulate the battery voltage down to the required voltage, then into the appropriate number of series connected UltraCaps instead of normal electrolytic capacitors.