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  1. Is it Fake News that some manufacturers DACs actually dissipate more heat than my Class A amplifier ? 😉
  2. In this case, if you can wait, perhaps you should request a brand new replacement unit ?
  3. Do you have to pay the return shipping costs of the damaged unit ?
  4. I provided a link to that article a couple of posts back.
  5. This is worth reading too. https://phys.org/news/2013-02-human-fourier-uncertainty-principle.html
  6. We had an official saying here some time back during a water shortage : "If it's Yellow, let it mellow. If it's Brown , flush it down .
  7. Ask Chris ! Chris appears to have the ultimate in headphones , but they need a decent power amplifier to go with them
  8. Perhaps it's also about the rise and fall times of the envelope in the audible frequency range ? I also get an improved performance from headphones such as the ATH M70x which have an extended response of sorts from 5 to 40,000Hz.
  9. According to that reasoning, then anything greater than 24 bit 48kHZ, including 24/96, 24/192, SACD and DSD is a waste of time ,yet many prefer SACD with it's 50kHz capabilities over RBCD 's 16/44.1kHz, with many also appearing to prefer higher resolution DSD over SACD.
  10. This isn't restricted to Digital amplifiers either, with many Analogue amplifiers having an Input filter well below the actual capabilities of many of them.
  11. Peter In case you didn't notice, those replies were aimed squarely at Frank who seems to think that everything needs protection by some undoubtedly S/W controlled ,complicated singing and dancing hardware monitor with leads going everywhere like an ECG monitor. BTW, in many countries these days, the increasing summer temperatures, as well as in some cases decreasing winter temperatures also, have caused Electricity Grid supply problems , even resulting in load shedding. The last thing we need is electronic gear that needs to be on 24/7 just to sound good for a couple of hours.
  12. Rubbish. A properly designed component will have adequate protection against such failures. Of course, if somebody decided to replace the manufacturers carefully selected fuse with a different type, then that is a different matter. Besides which, most dwellings these days have Earth leakage circuit breakers.
  13. The PSU has to be running to enable RC operation. Just because the PSU was sending voltages out to the rest of the circuitry does not mean that it was consuming any more power than needed to enable RC operation. Other devices in the design would have prevented any more than a minimal standby current.
  14. An interesting discussion at the link. The stress factor at switch on with vacuum tubes can be reduced by the use of a suitably rated thermistor in series with the mains transformer's primary winding , or a soft -start circuit as used in many large SS Power Amplifiers where a large amount of PS filter capacitance is used. https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/is-it-a-ok-to-leave-tube-pre-amps-powede-up-24-7
  15. In a Class A amplifier, current flows continuously in ALL the output devices, which enables the non linearities of turning them on and off to be avoided (Quote from Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook 5th ed - D. Self (Focal, 2009) This means that a Class A amplifier will run much warmer than other Classes of amplification such as Class AB.. With my 15W/Ch. Class A amplifier for example, the Bias is set for a continuous 1A power draw from each supply rail and both channels dissipate a total of > 80W of heat.(+ and - 20V supply rails )
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