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  1. sandyk

    ditching USB for SPDIF on PC?

    Properly implemented means that you usually need to spend MANY 100s of $ to get the best from USB. I haven't said anything about I2s ,which may be superior, and neither did the OP The OP wishes to change from his broken USB set up , with which he has never been satisfied as he made clear in his original post.
  2. sandyk

    ditching USB for SPDIF on PC?

    Reread the original post by the OP and you will see that this hasn't been his personal experience and he is looking for a cheap alternative to replace the USB interface in his DAC. Incidentally, Coax SPDIF inputs may also go into PLLs in conjunction with high stability, low ppm clocks such as a .1 PPM TCXO, which may give even better SQ results with high res. LPCM, but not such a noticeable improvement with 16/44.1 That has been my experience with my old highly modified Musical Fidelity X-DAC V3 where you can hear the SQ jump up a notch when the TCXO " locks in" a few minutes after switch on. Improved clocking with Coax SPDIF does of course need further attention to it's PSU area for best results, just like with ALL clock modifications.
  3. sandyk

    For the One Percenter Stoners

    IF that statement is correct, which seems highly unlikely, it helps to explain why POTUS feels the need to " Make America Great Again"
  4. sandyk

    ditching USB for SPDIF on PC?

    Other than DSD capability, well implemented Coax SPDIF will equal the performance of most USB implementations without the need for fancy power supplies, expensive after market USB cables, ISO Regens etc. Many USB DAC inputs are still sub standard , although this is improving recently.
  5. sandyk

    ditching USB for SPDIF on PC?

    I have tried both HDD and SSD for OS and Music storage. I wouldn't use a SSD for music storage that gets it's power from the motherboard. It's great for processor intensive applications such as video editing which can be much faster, but perhaps at the expense of a little degradation with Audio quality due to the far noisier power from the Motherboard ? All peripheral devices benefit from a cleaner , more isolated power supply.
  6. sandyk

    ditching USB for SPDIF on PC?

    I get great results using a (now old) Asus Xonar D2X soundcard via Coax SPDIF into a highly modified Musical Fidelity X-DAC V3 and a DIY Class A Headphone amplifier. It's Coax SPDIF Out appears to be better than Motherboard Coax SPDIF. I find that best results are obtained using internal SSDs for the OS and Music SSD instead of HDDs , but with the internal +12V supply regulated down to a much cleaner and better isolated +5V supply for the SSDs. Even a cheap 40uV ebay PSU PCB has been found by several other members as well, to result in a small but worthwhile SQ improvement. This will also improve USB audio unless you prefer to listen with your test equipment as several members appear to do.
  7. sandyk

    I Blame MQA

    I suppose that we can also blame MQA for Climate Change ? Speaking of climate change, and the rush by a few countries like Australia to phase out Coal Power stations, the attached if correct should raise a few questions as to how seriously we are taking the contribution to Global Warming by the use of fossil fuels.
  8. sandyk

    Good Class D amps ??

    Let's get real here ! The DIY version could be called " The Lethal Amp" and commercial attempts would also need huge amounts of shielding as do microwave ovens etc. Lots of luck getting the FCC to pass such a design.
  9. sandyk

    Good Class D amps ??

    So a high power Class D amplifier won't be affected by inadequately dimensioned power leads ? They usually have opamps at their Input too !
  10. sandyk

    Good Class D amps ??

    Any Preamplifier or Power Amplifier that is sensitive to power cords is either poorly designed, or is using a power cable that is inadequate for the output power demands of the amplifier.
  11. sandyk

    USB cable comparisons

    A reminder from the initial post of the OP who started this thread.
  12. sandyk

    What's the consensus on ethernet cables?

    Paul Good to see you posting again. Regards Alex
  13. I agree. I find that the input filter used can make quite a difference if the amplifier has a wide bandwidth to start with, and doesn't need a sharp rolloff to reduce RF/EMI from other sources .
  14. What measurements there are, are quite mediocre by today's standards, and give no answer as to why some find it's performance better than average.
  15. sandyk

    Lies about vinyl vs digital

    Did your ears tell you this, or didn't you listen to them after first doing the measurements ? (Evil Grin)