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  1. Yet there is still a large gulf in the execution of many audio reproduction items doing exactly the same job.
  2. But it has been replaced in many cases by cheap LED lighting SMPS power supplies.
  3. That applies especially to many of the Objective members of this forum !
  4. The only fact here is that is that you have very little experience in the electronics area, or PC Audio itself, and members seeking advice would be well advised to seek a second or more opinion. He regards everybody else , with the exception of qualified E.E.s and of course himself .as Audiophools.
  5. If it was that simple, then the 100s of members, and people worldwide who have purchased the John Swenson designed Linear PSUs for their Mac Minis from Uptone have wasted their money. Numerous customer reports indicate otherwise.
  6. This doesn't surprise me. John Kenny is the guy behind them, and I have previously been involved in another forum along with John. We are both on the same page in many areas INCLUDING the " Bits are Bits" area where John and Marcin from JPlay verified my reports with extended listening sessions.
  7. Matt It's my bedtime and I haven't got time now to read the whole DIY thread, but talking about the number of battery recharges suggests that the output voltage will vary with Ampere Hours used. I don't know if my quick and dirty experimental design will work or not, (probably goofed badly somewhere) but this is what I had intended trying . It would be powered via a LM317T 5V regulator. The relay contacts would S/C the series resistors when the UltraCaps are almost charged . I use this technique in the JLH PSU for my PC's internal LG BR writer. BTW, 100FARAD is a lot of UltraCap power compared with most UltraCap PSUs. Alex
  8. I have yet to hear a difference between 2 files ripped using the same Optical device and directly saved to the same folder of the same HDD/SSD, UNLESS something like Norton Security starts doing a System Check while ripping or another Processor intensive program is running. e.g. QuickPar when processing RAR files. You really need something much better than the lacklustre Foobar Comparator. JRiver for example, when playing from System Memory is way more revealing a player than Foobar 2K.
  9. Nobody appears to be saying that Bits aren't Bits, just that Checksums are not presently capable of revealing the differences that numerous members are now reporting.
  10. Still ignoring the results of your so called " Gold Standard" DBTs , eh ? Apparently they are only " Gold Standard" when they agree with your own rigid " black and white" beliefs.
  11. Seems that you all still have a lot to learn then, and perhaps Rajiv's huge thread could be a good place to start !
  12. Y It always pays to have a Reference file . More than 10 Years ago, (back when I was originally sparring with Marce in DIY Audio ) I performed a series of 3 lots of 20 A/B comparison pairs made by DIY Audio member Greg Erskine, which were created using 20 pairs of original files of mine on a USB memory stick. He shuffled them around between his 2 HDDs using a special program he had written, and renamed all of them, as well as removing Properties information from them and saved them to the memory stick. As I was having difficulty at the time with BP related issues. I then added a brand new reference using the original files on my PC.,making 3 copies of each, I was then more easily able to identify which was which, BUT neither of his 2 new copies sounded as good as the original REFERENCE file !!! As Ripley would say " Believe It or Not"
  13. You are undoubtedly correct, as I normally don't even bother reading most of what Ralf11 churns out . I just skim through it. I would be far from the only one though.
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