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  1. Were the internals of both absolutely identical, and were the both types used an identical fit, as well as made from the same material in their housing ? Even identical Speaker drivers can sound a little different in different housings.
  2. Then clearly you have never heard gear such as a Gryphon Kalliope DAC, or big Nelson Pass Class A 100W monoblocks. ALL of the gear that we listen to ,except for speaker comparisons , is under non sighted conditions, with all powered up so that you can't cheat by looking.
  3. Chris An Audiophile friend of mine (an A.S. member who doesn't post much these days) who is well qualified technically, has a blind friend who is also an Audiophile. I have been told that his blind friend has extremely well developed hearing abilities. Alex
  4. Rubbish. When was the last time you participated in equipment comparisons in friends' well set up listening rooms ? I have heard a lot of gear from both segments, and in systems costing way more than $100K We also listened to quite a bit of gear supplied for evaluation by a local HiFi dealer under NON SIGHTED conditions.
  5. I presume that you have tried squirting some Isopropyl Alcohol into it ?
  6. That is incorrect. Well implemented Coax SPDIF will always outperform Toslink, even when using the expensive Glass Toslink cables. Toslink is also an additional conversion stage at both ends, and some Toslink receivers may be a little noisy, with reduced bandwidth as well, compared with Coax. However, well implemented Coax SPDIF will use isolation transformers at both ends, with 75 ohm BNC connectors instead of RCA sockets which are not 75 ohms impedance. If you only need up to 24/192 and do not need DSD, some people have found that a good Toslink cable, due to electrical isolation may outperform a basic USB connection. Digital Outputs give you the option of connecting the output to an even higher quality DAC, or permit the connection of an additional receiver, or even recording the digital output . Even my old Musical Fidelity X-DAC V3 provides this option, as do most HDTV Set Top boxes.
  7. Just about all manufacturers will tell you that. Nevertheless, many still benefit from using an Iso Regen for USB audio., as well as higher quality USB cables with improved isolation between the Data and Power wires .
  8. Some magazines such as Hi Fi Critic are able to exist without advertising support, but subscribers pay dearly for the privilege. 1 year subscription (4 issues) £90 (approximately $120) posted
  9. It isn't just low output impedance that is needed. The impedance also needs to remain as flat as possible from almost D.C. to 1MHz . If the Output Z is a little lower at say 100kHz due to the use of Low ESR filter capacitors (or lower value filter capacitors due to size constraints) there will still be a small but noticeable increase in HF detail. This even applies to devices such as the original USB Regen which does also impart a minor boost in HF detail while performing it's intended function very well, even when using only a 12V Li Ion battery to power it into a lower current load such as a USB memory stick. In fact, you can still hear the influence of the type and value of the capacitors used in the preceding supply, to some extent, despite it's internal voltage regulators. This isn't of course unique, and applies to many physically small devices.
  10. Archimago Limited circulation HiFi publications such as T.A.S. are unlikely to remain financially viable if they do everything that you and some others would like to see them do. Perhaps you should offer to do the measurement side for them, assuming that they could afford to pay for your services, while still remaining financially viable ?
  11. Dennis Are you able to save a segment and UL it for Peter and the others to look at ? Alex
  12. Dennis What type of audio is it, and what is the bit rate ? Alex
  13. AudioDoctor He can't even seem to understand that there is even a huge difference between the performance of RIAA Phono Preamps, let alone between cheap and nasty TT and Cartridge combinations and a high quality Vinyl set up.
  14. I wouldn't call this great remastering, would you ? Neil Diamond-Sweet Caroline MQA
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