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  1. +1 Unfortunately, apparently quite a few other members also believe that they can clean all the rubbish up at a later stage.
  2. I was actually trying to reply to both of you, and trying to point out that Vinyl rips won't prove too much due to technology improvements.
  3. Actually, it can be due to both causes.😉 Let's not forget that Vinyl was already a pretty mature medium, often using vacuum tube electronics, even for cutting the vinyl, and not heaps of early type slew rate limited opamps.
  4. To date, nobody has been able to find any differences in the actual Digital domain. It's a bit like the differences are quite small/subtle and perhaps falling between the cracks due to measurement resolution ?
  5. John How did you find the 2 examples I posted ? I tried these on Headphone Reviewer Dale Thorn several years ago. Up till then he really hadn't noticed any differences Alex https://www.dropbox.com/s/z1c8tx8gf2khacq/Touch Yello - 04 - Bostich (Reflected) (Yello).mp3?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/f9idn860qudm4rq/Touch Yello - 04 - Bostich (Reflected) (Yello).wav?dl=0
  6. Try these . https://www.dropbox.com/s/z1c8tx8gf2khacq/Touch Yello - 04 - Bostich (Reflected) (Yello).mp3?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/f9idn860qudm4rq/Touch Yello - 04 - Bostich (Reflected) (Yello).wav?dl=0
  7. A better way to do this, if you have a spare fuse of the same diameter is to drill out (or blow) the fuse wire at each end of the fuse and solder in a length of suitable tinned copper wire. Incidentally, if the fuse was in the DC area of a large PSU you may be able to bypass it with operated relay contacts, using a suitably voltage rated relatively small physical size relay connected across the PSU output. The relay must of course be a fast release type. The relay could have a series resistor that matched the "must operate" voltage requirements of the relay. You may
  8. Many years ago, an Installation staff member accidentally dropped a spanner across a Sydney Au. Telephone Exchange's -52V busbar and melted the spanner. The 2 x 24 cell parallel banks of 2V (nominal ) batteries were of 2.000AH capacity each . I understand that the staff member also suffered severe burns to his hands .
  9. John As the OP you have the ability to request OP privileges and remove all of this this personality clash stuff between a purely Measurements based member and myself who believes that pertinent measurements are indeed valuable, but NOT the be all, end all. As you appear to have rethought your original post, perhaps this thread should be permitted to wind down out in the absence of further new input from you ? Alex
  10. Typical insults from you, with the graph I posted showing that your suggested causes of such minute levels of IMD, should not be possible.
  11. Even Archimago has acknowledged that people with severe hearing damage are often able to hear things that others are unable to hear. In my case, in addition to me now being 82, I have a 21mm diameter Acoustic Neuroma pressing directly on my right ear canal, yet I prefer well recorded High Res material over the same on RBCD.
  12. You always come out on the side of measurements to attempt to prove what others report hearing is not due to their hearing above the thresholds generally quoted for older people. At John's age for example, he shouldn't be able to notice tape hiss either, let alone miniscule amounts of IMD.
  13. If this was true , there would be absolutely no point in anything with higher frequency content than 21kHZ such as Professional reel to reel tape, Vinyl, (which these days can readily exceed >30kHZ,) SACD , 48kHz of Music Videos, 24/96 and 24/192 and DSD. I prefer the sound of 24/48 on Music Video for example over 16/44.1 of the same recording . e.g. The often discussed Olivia Newton John recordings in John's PM group sound better to me than the same on CD, which is why I have linked to them several times previously. It is insulting to the vast majority to members to sug
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