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  1. Try taking off the ear muffs and Hoodies that you use to help protect against chilblains etc. in freezing Canada and other such areas when listening to music .
  2. I wouldn't count on it though .
  3. John My own extensive testing in the USB area suggests that mediocre quality, and many cables longer than more than around 2 1/2 metres do appear to degrade SNR, and not just with Audio, as a blurring of detail in Digital video can also be seen compared with the original video file. Regards Alex
  4. Typical sarcastic and incorrect bullshit from you . I was responsible for the hands on Maintenance of a group of LME ARE-11 Telephone Exchanges , as well as After Hours control of a group of 10 Sydney Telephone Exchanges of different technologies. I also received awards for several technical innovations including them being discussed in nation wide Team Briefings and my photo with an earlier one of them .(Engineering Drawing ND38976) was published in Telstra's Telegen magazine. There are more than a few members who can attest that my hearing has been of assistance in various projects , including with Barry Diament earlier this year.
  5. If you weren't so damn one eyed you would see it happening regularly where he attempts to convince people that his experience in another unrelated Scientific area translates to the Electronics area as well. I have nothing further to say to you or Mansr etc. on this subject. I have far more interesting and challenging things to do. (#969)
  6. On numerous occasions he has tried to do so .
  7. You must have jumped in within seconds before I corrected my post . .
  8. Can you share with us your qualifications for lecturing us on the subject of Electronics ?
  9. You keep assuming that these kinds of reports come from those with no knowledge or understanding of the subject ( not necessarily to E.E. or S/W people standards) Please excuse me while I go back to installing in my DIY DAC the latest version of the ultra low noise Jung Regulator which is currently being developed by Walt Jung in association with an E.E. friend of mine, who provided Walt with the new PCB that he is using. I have already found that the tolerance of the LM329 6.9V reference (in this case100mV higher) greatly influences the Output voltage to an unexpected degree, in fact 500mV higher than expected on BOTH +VE and -VE supply rails.
  10. Not likely. My BP is often closer to 150. When it is in that area or a little higher my hearing further degrades . Around 130 appears to be better for me.
  11. Mansr is not being criticised for asking for measurements. He is being criticised for his nasty personal attacks including referring to John's designs (and other qualified members including Gordon Rankin recently IIRC) as Snake oil. This is highly UNPROFESSIONAL behaviour.
  12. NO ! You are the one that often uses "shorthand" in your posts where other members often have to 2nd guess what you are trying to say, or even who you are referring to, or for that matter which post you were referring to.
  13. ST I can relate to this, as similar happened to my Class A amplifier several years ago . They were building a new electrical substation 200 metres up the road for a new shopping centre mainly, when somebody must have hit a high voltage cable or similar, as the lights went VERY bright for a short period too. I hadn't got around to putting my power board with VDRs in it back in line at the time just after moving there, but I doubt that it would have saved it as both transformers burned out . Alex
  14. You obviously have no idea of Gary's technical qualifications and what he does for a living. He just doesn't boast about his qualifications like you do about being a Scientist of an entirely different discipline to Electronics.
  15. Varying BP will do that. In my case , years ago I found that brisk walking lowered my BP considerably,( even a little too low on a few occasions,) which resulted in my damaged hearing improving.
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