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  1. Well, I was hoping that the arrangement of mains filtering I was using so far was good enough ... unfortunately, it is now audible that it's not! The SQ is now at a point where I can hear the effect - removing the neighbouring power cord which runs the other entertainment gear in the lounge takes a slight hardness off the sound, easily heard in solo violin. So is it the power supplies of those items, or something else? With a bit of experimenting, it was clear that that surge protection in the other power feed was a major part of the issue; and the closer that bit of circuitry was
  2. Just to note this review, It's another instance of where the crucial DAC area has been sorted out sufficiently, so that the distortion anomalies are low enough in level not to get significantly in the way of the listening - this is as good an example of any of how hard it has been for the audio industry, for decades now, to get on top of being able to produce clean, digital sound without the consumer having to spend silly money on the exercise: the key people in Schiit have been doing digital playback gear from the earliest days, and have had all the measuring gear and test equipm
  3. Another thing ... the extension cords were contacting surfaces at the junction between two areas, which had the door closed, from necessity - was there a static problem there? ... Yes, there was - some anti-static material here took away edginess in the string sound in some chamber music - not the Schubert CD ... another gain. Time for a "kitchen sink" album I hadn't tried yet - that is, everything about this recording makes life difficult, for a playback chain - very dense sound, lots of compression, mastered to suit low quality playback, highly driving arrangements ... this can e
  4. Or, nothing new under the sun ... 🙂
  5. Just found, a capture where there's nothing that I can point to, where the system has issues,
  6. Yes, energy harvesting is an idea whose time has come - say, a smart phone that always has its battery topped up by the movements of the user, and temperature variations of its environment, etc.
  7. I'll take exuberance and freshness over mannered, self conscious performances any day - which is why I have little time for much of the modern stuff ...
  8. As @opus101 stated, what can happen - being serious for a sec, 🙂 - is that the part of the room beyond the plane of the speakers is sliced off, and the world of the recording is then attached to fill that gap ... which can be tiny, or huge, always defined by the way the recording was made. The vibe of the music is a given in this illusion, always assuming that the performers weren't in a "flogging a dead horse" mindset at the time, 😉.
  9. Just for you ... I'll put it this way ... I would take this track before anything with Amy Winehouse ... 😁
  10. Well, waddya know ... just discovered that an extension lead being used for isolating had no earth conductor! 🤪 A specialist cord, intended for a double insulated product, saving money by ditching the extra bit of copper ... with no indication that it was so constructed ... indeed, have "to start the whole process over again" 😉. In one sense, it made only a tiny difference - the components are not earthed, in their design; it was only one section of mains filtering that in part had connections to the ground ... but, can't have bits not working as intended! So, that cable was ditche
  11. Nothing stopping people discussing what I'm doing - in an intelligent way, which may be the hard bit ... 😄. I'm doing the same sort of things I did 35 years ago, which was to not add expensive, flavour of the month, fairy dust bits and pieces to a rig - but rather to 'debug' the chain, thinking of it as a system ... Which works. Looks like a significant weakness was that last extension lead, which had the copper strands not making ideal contact at one end, in the connector. This would have been a source of noise, impacting the DVD player, and degrading the optical waveform it was p
  12. OK, he's, yes, just hearing what's on the album 😀 ... good to see that this unit delivers the goods. Nothing in his description of what he was getting in the presentation was unusual, or surprising; only someone who has never heard what accurate reproduction is like would possibly have issues with how he talks of what he heard as it played, in particular, those progressive rock, etc, albums. 👍
  13. And hardwired another connection this morning - using a very old extension lead here, with the strands not particularly well secured in the plug - which is not going to do the SQ any favours, 🙂. And again, another step in a good direction - the Schubert album showing less edge from cold start. Ultimately this will all be rationalised - it stays a physical mess until the right, necessary electrical conditions are confirmed; and then the overall configuration will be simplified, and bundled up tidily.
  14. Taste, in the sense expressed here, and accuracy can't co-exist - if the playback is truly accurate, then what you hear is what's on the recording; there is no physical way for it to be otherwise ... now, it's fine to want to mold, or spice up the sound to suit preferences; but don't ever confuse that with accuracy. Digital has always had problems with distortions of the replay chain being part of what you heard - only the very latest units coming out now get it pretty right, straight from the box; and then you have the silliness of calling these components "analogue in tone" ...
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