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  1. For some reason, my first vote for Bob Marley didn't register. And I also had a listen for the Jennifer Warnes track. So I voted again, for both items this time. I agreed with the other voters on the Warnes track - what was apparent was quite distinctive distortion when the backing vocals came in, they had the smell of a lacklustre synthesizer add-on.
  2. The results display doesn't add up - for me, it says 6 members have voted, but I can only see 4 choices made.
  3. fas42

    Drobo or... what?

    What's the problem with Drobo - as per what one finds discussed on the net, or something specific to yourself?
  4. What I've used for ages is just the standard Chemtronics CircuitWorks grease - quite a dry paste, don't have issues with it oozing around - liquidy might look more impressive, but the drier stuff still does the job.
  5. Have done so, as a courtesy to Dennis. And note, again, that I just used my laptop in normal working mode for the listen. To emphasise, it's not about listening skills - it's about being aware that there is "something wrong" with the sound, and then doing what's necessary to improve the situation.
  6. Will do so shortly. I make it a rule that if something strikes me straightaway, that I "go away for awhile" - and then come back for a second round, to see if it hits me the same when I have 'refreshed'. Which I just did. A is the copy - the quality of the percussion strikes are the giveaway.
  7. fas42

    Step by step surgery

    When doing a round of improving the "little things" it never works to have a listen half way through. Midway through tidying up the CDP internals I was prodded by my wife to "put some music on", and in a moment of weakness I agreed - slapped the bits together enough so that it worked - "sounds OK ... uh, oh, starting to go off". By the third track of the second CD I couldn't stand it any more - it was sounding awful!! And pulled the plugs ... When doing a round of fiddling, you have to take it to its clear conclusion; reassemble everything exactly as it should be for optimum - and let it settle down, before taking the SQ seriously. I don't use the word "burn-in", but so many materials have been stressed and destabilised by the goings on - it's unfair to assess before the rig's 'comfortable' again.
  8. Ummm, listening over the laptop's internal speakers, without any careful organising of resources running, is definitely not a "fully sorted" environment ... .
  9. I've found separating the contacts and thoroughly cleaning always works - as a very short term measure. Simply twisting in place is an extremely short term solution; the contact goes bad again very, very quickly - makes sense why, all one is doing is "stirring up the sludge" that's accumulated; and it oozes back in place, as soon as it can. Audible effects of the contact cleaners, IME, is that after a period in place the sound goes relatively dead, much of the sparkle is lost - it's boring to listen to. If the contact is going bad otherwise then any material with strong treble content develops an edginess, an "I can't keep listening to this track!" quality. Pristine connections provides maximum life and sparkle, with never hints of "being too much" - IOW, conveys the energy while still remaining 'smooth', just like live music does.
  10. Found this thread before the other, and went for the Bob Marley - good choice, made it easy. The copy is all round duller, has lost sparkle, life and texture - has the listening to a transistor radio quality.
  11. Getting the attack right on a hard struck note for a piano is crucial - the best example I have of this is our ancient Yamaha keyboard, which requires days of warm up time to get the tonality right. On cold switch on, the acoustic grand piano tone is a sick puppy, and it is trivially easy to hear that the attack is just not happening - the sound is a farce. But give it the requisite time for the circuitry to stabilise; and a 'miracle' happens - out pours full bodied piano sound, highly convincing. Audio rigs suffer from a lesser form of this malady - we all know what the real thing sounds like; and when the waveform doesn't have the right properties, it's very obvious.
  12. fas42

    Album of the Evening

    Done ... EAC says, No Pre-Emphasis on all 29 tracks .
  13. fas42

    Album of the Evening

    What makes you think that it wasn't a digital, but rather an analogue recording? Is this actually stated somewhere?
  14. fas42

    Album of the Evening

    Can't say ... the CDP doesn't indicate, and I can't see anything in the booklet. There are no giveaways in the sound, that I can pick, that the full tonality of a Steinway wasn't captured ...
  15. fas42

    Album of the Evening

    From Wikipedia ...