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  1. Which is what any test that compares two differing playback chains always does - there is no such thing as purely assessing the value of a single, particular part of a setup - as in, one can never truly compare two speakers; because, how the amplifier reacts to the different loads is always a factor.
  2. Yes, I've found this to be an issue with every system I've looked at over the years - something that can be critical to achieving best SQ.
  3. What can happen is that noise generated by the materials used to construct the wire can impact the circuitry - parasitic behaviours.
  4. So far, holding up - male operatic voice, accompanied by piano, doing nicely; seems to be in better shape than what it was yesterday, at this same stage of number of CDs played ... sweetness of tone with massed strings is one of the things I'll be monitoring as the day progresses.
  5. A lot to do with their power supplies - large electrolytic capacitors are used to maintain a constant voltage for the circuitry, and their internals change quite significantly depending upon how warm they are, from currents flowing. The warmer the capacitor is, the better it does its job, within reason - amplifying circuits sensitive to noise on the voltage rails will thus benefit.
  6. Next day, starting well ... These Edifiers can pull off the mono soundstage shifting trick at the moment, which is an excellent sign. That is, put on some true mono material, I'm currently using some 30's swing orchestra tracks, and the soundstage image shifts sideway, as you do. Example, at some distance while in front of the left speaker, move slightly to the right of that speaker, and the sound then shifts the same amount to the right of the speaker - the presentation is completely "outside the box".
  7. Yes and no. These speakers do sound good, from cold, but still have a warming up pattern, in the SQ. But if you look at the latest posts in my Edifying thread, it's not all beer and skittles - the pattern of how the quality changed was quite different, and in fact got quite bad at the end. So, I've "upset the speakers!", and am now reaping the 'reward', 🤔. Will things get better over the next few days, if nothing is done? Have I disturbed some subtle tweak that the manufacturer incorporated, that wasn't easily visible? Do I have do more to improve the stability of that part of the
  8. Well, it didn't hold up ... 🤒. The SQ went through the normal end 2nd CD, start 3rd CD dip; so the tweak hasn't helped there - and appeared to coming up again. But a lacklustre sense to the sound started to build - and got worse, steadily. Finally, on some solo violin the instrument was horrible - scratchy, so unpleasant - hit the volume down, hard. What's happening? ... Many people have gone through this - make a major change, initially sounds fine, but then goes through a "sounds like shit !!" period; and then rises out of this mire, to settle into a final, highly acceptable qual
  9. The John Rowles link from an earlier post, now fails - this is the album A sample from that,
  10. Right, sorted - put back together, and firing nicely. A good sign, I have some old Brendel playing sonatas material - running at near live levels - and Bev is sitting about four feet directly in front of the right speaker ... and is completely comfortable with the sound, 🙂. The thing is to see now whether the SQ holds up over an extended period - as compared to the pre-hardwiring behaviour ...
  11. Just fired up the Edifiers, after much cursing from the awkwardness of working in the tight space that the internal wiring afforded me, bypassing the mains on/off switch - ahh, good sound ... welcome, dear friend! ... Bit of Brendel recorded in the early 60's - piano, as piano should sound ...
  12. We could even listen to a competent audio system, so that you could appreciate how poor such setups are at ticking audiophile checkboxes ... "My goodness, it actually made that terrible recording good to listen to - definitely, deeply flawed ... " 😉
  13. Yes, the bloke's obviously a fool ... the huge number of papers he's done on superconductors means the whole latter field is highly suspect - you couldn't trust any machine that depends on superconducting behaviours, just in case it relied on some of his work, 😉.
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