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  1. A short comment, about transients ... Getting the punch of impulsive sounds coming across correctly has absolutely zero to do with the digital processing side of things; playing with sampling rates, and all sorts of cute filtering doodahs, has nothing whatsoever to give, in helping getting the subjective qualities right in this area. The best example is our early 90's Yamaha synthesizer; from cold the acoustic piano sound of this is atrocious - transients, what transients??!! Yet, leaving it running for 3 days solid conditions the hybrid and analogue circuitry - and, it
  2. Noting this thread, with a comment that such a device in the home means that a SMPS is always running - unless you pull the fuse, etc, in the supply box. Now, this may or may not be significant if after the best sound, and depending upon how effective all the noise killers are that are attached to your audio system. I mention this here, because an experiment a couple of days ago with my ultra cheap active speaker setup showed how sensitive gear is to electrical noise originating anywhere in the home - just having things on a separate circuit is absolutely not a guarant
  3. Noting something else in Polestar ... perhaps because I tried to do a sort by Highest Rated, of DACs, the page 1 button didn't work - so, if I was on page 3, and clicked for page 1, it would refresh- but I still was on page 3 ...
  4. Noting Peter has upgraded his USB cable, Of course, this is a commercial product, so Peter has to be enthusiastic about its abilities, above what he was selling before - but can just a USB cable miraculously turn recordings into special listening moments ... elevate the most mundane album into a truly wondrous presentation - of course not!! Will Lush^4 make it 10 times better than this one, and then Lush^5 10 times better again - well, what do you think ... ? So, what's going on? Well, it's a means for getting closer to the true sound of the recording - which means the
  5. Was never into Black Sabbath, but audio friend up the road in a couple of recent visits played a track or two from this album, to check the state of play - effectively completely unknown music, for me. Quite brilliant for pointing out when the rig was in shape - when sub-par, this sounds like sludge; when in the zone, quite remarkable to listen to.
  6. Noting this new thread, Don't want to lead a new member astray, 😁, but will just mention here that the concept of systems suiting certain music is intrinsically absurd ... if a playback setup is getting the sound correct, that is, being true to what is on the recording, then the content is irrelevant. Provided the rig has the capability of playing the track at the volume that the listener wants without any limits being reached - an obvious example would something with very high level low bass frequencies, which exceed the ability of the driver to reproduce them, as far as t
  7. Let your ears be a guide ... if an "offness" seems to be in the sound, on a particular track, immediately switch everything off - and back on again, after a short wait to allow voltages to drain away. Straightaway, play that same track again - is the unpleasant edge to the sound now gone? If so, then there is some static, or voltage buildup going on ...
  8. My original Yamaha CDP was very responsive to the "playing music constantly" - from cold, it always was 'smooth', but transient impact was MIA ... so, I got in the habit of feeding it CD after CD; throughout the day it was always running some music - so, conditioning was ongoing. Full oomph in the sound developed after 3 days of this ... making it ready to spit out "special" sound, when conditions were ready elsewhere for this to happen, 😉.
  9. Very interesting that you've had this scenario, Peter. The first good rig, over 30 years ago, had this issue - and drove me crazy - stopped me getting "special" SQ for more than a short period of time. Trial and error gave me the workaround, and the ritual of switching off, and back on again, was a pattern that lasted until I gave up on trying to keep the sound in the good zone - because I didn't know enough, back then, to understand what was going on ... Over the years, some combos had a propensity more than others to suffer this - each situation is unique.
  10. It's not the power usage that may be of concern - if the power supply is fully functional, and sending voltages to all the various areas, then if there is a failure in some part it could cause currents sufficient to create a hazard - not enough to trigger fuses, etc, but excess heating of some area enough to dangerous. Which is the point of some external device with the smarts to detect this.
  11. Ah, bureaucracy solves everything - yes, I forget about that ultimate guarantee that we're always safe, 🙃. Regarding gear in Standby, I recently went inside our small bedroom TV because it took a long time to start - and found out that the power supply was always running, and sending all the voltages out to the rest of the circuitry ... so, unless you pull it from the wall I would say there is no assurance that things operate as you say.
  12. I get this text only version loading quite often; also had a Save hang indefinitely - required a refresh to sort. Also, spoke too soon about clearing cookies fixing the tab icon being wrong - as I type here, I have the two coloured AS pic showing for this page.
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