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  1. fas42

    Good Class D amps ??

    In my world, the speaker are never wrong for the room ... if the sound is 'wrong', then there is a major problem with the playback chain - which is nearly always the electronics.
  2. fas42

    Good Class D amps ??

    I don't think it's a mystery - I can be in a foul mood, for a reason unrelated to music and its playback; but if I hear live sounds at that time, or a competent presentation - it may not make me feel better, but i have no trouble still discerning that the desirable qualities are all there; it's just that I'm not in the right frame of mind to go off to la la land. The irksome thing in what I do with audio is that it's not push button available - peak quality is only achieved after spending some time getting everything in the environment exactly right. The compromise that is adequate, is that decent quality is what comes out on first switch on - it does enough to give good enjoyment on most recordings ... that suffcies, at that moment.
  3. fas42

    Good Class D amps ??

    It's systems which sound good, or not good. Adding Goodness, with a class D amp with the "best measurements" may push it over the line - or make it much worse, subjectively. Almost no-one measures a complete setup - and if they do, what they're looking for is often nicely messed up with the primary signal. But our hearing has no trouble picking what's wrong. I've examined a couple of clips where there is live vs. playback sound - and it's easy to see in the waveform where the reproduction gets it wrong: the high energy, strong treble transients are badly done, mere shadows of the live sound version.
  4. fas42

    What is "McIntosh sound"?

    Interesting thread that talks about it, https://www.stereophile.com/content/can-you-describe-mcintosh-sound-i-dont-mean-apple-macs-1. I appreciated the "counter example", That pretty well nails it - anything less than this is not doing your listening pleasure any favours ...
  5. fas42

    Good Class D amps ??

    This should be the goal .. because it's what's on the recordings that is enthralling; flaws in the rig are the key elements that are in the way of achieving this experience - so, you have to work on improving things, in ways that are not easily measurable ... Those with an 'objectivist' bent are obsessed with the concept that conventional measurements are good enough to tell the whole story. Because, the Important People have said so ... meantime, in the real world, lots of people have found this is hokum, by using various approaches to push the SOTA. The objectivists jump up and down in rage, insisting that people are using distortion to sweeten the sound - ummm, red herring, anyone? A big problem is inertia - the audio business has fallen into a major pothole in its thinking, and only some are trying to get out, let alone even realise that they're trapped in this attitude dead-end.
  6. fas42

    Article: CA is now Audiophile Style!

    Personally, I would prefer something like, The Audiophile Road.
  7. fas42

    Good Class D amps ??

    Rule of thumb: the more technically precise the chain is, the harder it will be to make it "sound good". Why? Because the 'precision' makes remaining anomalies stand out in sharp relief - you clean a surface, it looks fine; but you shine a strong, narrow beam light on it - it's still filthy! ... So, you're going to have to get a "better cleaning cloth" ... Am I talking about the recordings? No, a big no!! The "better cleaning cloth" has to be applied to the playback chain - its sins are what are taking away the pleasure in the listening; reducing the intensity of the spotlight is not the answer - but every aspect of its behaviour must be impeccable, especially in the areas which are never measured.
  8. Being of a fan of the group, the local audio friend has multiple releases of the key Yes albums; including the uppity ones. But the original release is miles in front, on every front - complexity, holding one's interest, delighting in the play of sound textures; a 'composition' ... the special remasters are like Reader's Digest condensations - enough of the meat so you can identify the track; but that's about it.
  9. fas42

    Live Piano and playback.

    I was surprised that the SoundCloud replay came across so poorly - it appears that its replay and my laptop don't see eye to eye - conversely, YouTube clips of amateurs playing pianos, that I looked at to compare, were fine.
  10. fas42

    Live Piano and playback.

    I think we've lost our way ... for a start, the Soundcloud playback is making everything sound like a toy piano is being played, I have no sense that there is quality in there, somewhere. And the point I was attempting to make has completely disappeared - most rigs can't fool one when one is directly in the room, or listening in the next room, or outside through an open window - the situation I presented as an example to you. Some rigs can throw up a believable illusion when one is not in the direct sound field - as in the examples that esldude mentioned. And the last, very rare possibility is that the presentation is convincing irrespective of where one listens to it. So, the challenge is not whether you can fool me with the playback of your system - rather, whether yourself or anyone in general could identify a real piano as distinct from playback, in the flesh, if one happened to come across music emerging from a house, while walking down the street. My thought is, that you would have no trouble with such.
  11. fas42

    Good Class D amps ??

    The circuit is already out there, if someone wants to build it ...http://www.data-odyssey.nl/Super_TIS.html
  12. fas42

    Post your favorite Youtube performances...

    For pure enjoyment ...
  13. If you happen to be Michael Jackson, it certainly is a concern ...
  14. fas42

    Good Class D amps ??

    Very few people appreciate the significance of what you're saying - it's a man's hobby; and the bling factor is very, very important to many - that "tiny things" are so critical does not compute; they don't want to know that fussing with boring, cheap stuff can be the vital link to best sound.
  15. fas42

    Who Can You Trust?

    A system that fires, in the subjective sense, can be achieved a number of ways - there's the purchasing path, and then there's the DIY, exploration method which I obviously follow. Yes, the specifications, and measurements route is of close to zero use - the big momma Perreaux I started with has measurements, in the manual, that make, say, Benchmark's list of numbers look mighty sloppy. That didn't stop the amp from having power supply problems - which I was able to circumvent. Overall, the industry is in bad shape - the people who have the engineering chops don't listen; and those who can hear go down some pretty crazy roads, in the belief that there is some 'magic potion' that makes it happen.