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  1. First 5 chapters available in preview. After purchasing yesterday, the entire book was accessible -- I looked at two later chapters to verify. This morning when I went to check, I no longer had access to the book. Perhaps the seller was notified?
  2. First 5 chapters available for preview here: https://play.google.com/store/books/details?pcampaignid=books_read_action&id=5m2QDwAAQBAJ Several mentions of MQA, BS in early chapters. NB: I was able to purchase and download the ebook just now.
  3. Matteis: False Consonances of Melancholy Amandine Beyer / Gli Incogniti Booklet: https://outhere-music.com/fr/albums/false-consonances-of-melancholy-alpha497/livret
  4. Nicola Matteis: Diverse bizzarie Sopra la Vecchia Sarabanda o pur Ciaccona
  5. Leonardo: Shaping the Invisible I Fagiolini, Robert Hollingworth Booklet: https://www.chandos.net/chanimages/Booklets/CO6171.pdf Images/ Music: https://leonardo.ifagiolini.com/salvator-mundi.html Recommendable.
  6. When I saw this I thought what a distinctively modern cover for a late medieval album. Wrong! by Giotto di Bondone(1266/7 – 1337) Scenes in the Life of Joachim and Anna Chapel of the Scrovegni, Padua ITALY "Meeting at the Golden Gate"
  7. Francesco LANDINI (ca.1330-1397) ‘L’occhio del cor’: Songs of Invisible Love La Reverdie Christophe Deslignes (organetto) Found this review helpful: http://www.musicweb-international.com/classrev/2019/Jul/Landini_Occhio_A462.htm These love songs have a distinctive sound that belongs to another world.
  8. If you simply said it is a possibility that this was a simple decision, no problem. I wouldn't share that opinion, but no problem. Anything else strikes me as presumptuous. Too many here have presumed to tell us who Michael is, what's wrong with him (see Connaker rant with that title) and why he can't or couldn't hack it. Finally, it's gossip. But if that's you're pleasure, who am I to intervene? So to those who are bothered by my posts: why not put me on ignore or report me? Nothing new to see here. 🦄
  9. So you have spoken with him about both his personal and professional reasons for "retiring"?
  10. ...ah, true colors, and the guys that gave Michael the most shit are upvoting you. Gracious as fuck. Welcome to AS. 🦄
  11. I think you are making an unwarranted assumption that could have easily been clarified with a question.Please feel free to turn it into a stronger argument if you actually value the substance of the point made.I'll look forward to it. My intention is to refer to the statements, the steady pattern of statements here and elsewhere from this member that suggests that it all boils down to the economic bottom line and that is all that really matters.This is a kind of reductionism that, like other forms of reductionism, only tells part of the story. The poster's profession could be any number of things, and I'd still see the statement that way. A more multi-dimensional assessment is what is called for. Apologies if this offended Stephen or you or Mikey. I intended bluntness and brevity, not belittling Stephen's career. But on this forum where I see more offensive comments on an almost daily basis, why pick out this one? But I've seen you let a lot worse go unchecked. Your objection is, I think, influenced by long term bias against my critical perspective, and so I take it, and Mikey's clearly partisan participation, with a large grain of Tibetan pink salt. Seems like there is a big double standard around here sometimes. But hey, it's all about enjoying this wunnerful hobby of ours, so if it makes you happy, continue offering me remedial education so that I can learn to make better, and more civil arguments. 🦄
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