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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/apr/08/john-prine-us-folk-and-country-songwriter-dies-aged-73
  2. ...speaking of jazz 2 more train tunes from Duke Ellington: Duke Ellington - Deep South Suite, Pt. 4 - Happy Go Lucky Local (1946) Duke Ellington & His Orchestra: Daybreak Express (1933) Cab Calloway Orchestra on a train 1934: Railroad Rhythm Texas and Pacific: Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five (1947) Swing!
  3. train keeps a rollin' 馃殕 ...soooo many covers of this one, including The Grateful Dead, Super Session featuring Al Kooper, Mike Bloomfield and Stephen Stills, The Allman Brothers Band, Marianne Faithfull, Jerry Garcia, Stephen Stills, Iain Matthews, Leon Russell, Little Feat, Chris Smither, Taj Mahal, Steve Earle, Levon Helm, Toto, Tracy Nelson, Blue Cheer 馃お & Bun E. Carlos. including a few with Bob:
  4. BRILLIANT! 馃惍馃惍馃惍馃惍馃惍 A great entrance, accompanied by Felix Mendelssohn's The Hebrides Overture, a.k.a. "Fingal's Cave"
  5. The Brakeman's Blues (Yodeling the Blues Away) 路 Jimmie Rodgers (1928) Rodgers worked as a brakeman and did a fair amount of hoboing.(hopping freight trains). As bluegrass by one of the greats: Brakeman's Blues 路 Bill Monroe & The Blue Grass Boys Brakeman's Blues 路 Lefty Frizzell (Countrified) Brakeman's Blues (Incomplete) 路 Johnny Cash (Memphis sound) Punch Brothers (Chris Thile) Brakeman's Blues (Contemporary folk/bluegrass in a commited live performance from a band that loves to play this song!)
  6. Papa Lightfoot - Mean Ol' Train (1954) FAST FREIGHT TRAIN..........." PEG LEG" SAM JACKSON "Peg Leg Sam taught himself to play harmonica as a small child. He left home at the age of 12 and never stopped roving. He shined shoes, worked as a houseboy, cooked on ships, hoboed, and then made a living busking on street corners. He lost his leg in 1930, trying to hop a train but made a peg out of a fence post, bound it to his stub with a leather belt and kept moving. He joined the medicine show circuit in 1937, often performing with Pink Anderson. His ability to play two harmonicas at once (while one went in and out of his mouth) made him an attraction; he could also play notes on a harmonica with his nose." -- wiki Freight Train - Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee "Blind harp wizard Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, a spectacular guitar picker, had a 35-year-long partnership that helped to define Folk/Blues."
  7. ...wait, did you just punch my ticket? 馃ゴ
  8. Speaking of Subways: New York Dolls - Subway Train The Cure - Subway Song Down In The Subway 路 Soft Cell Delacey - The Subway Song The Avalanches - Subways LONDONBEAT ~ 9AM Brooklyn Funk Essentials - Take The L Train (To 8th Avenue) Transit Ride - Guru Jazzmatazz Vol. I
  9. Tom Lehrer - The Subway Song Dropkick Murphys - Skinhead On the M.B.T.A
  10. Train Whistle Blues' JIMMIE RODGERS (1929) Doc and Merle Watson - Train Whistle Blues Train Whistle Blues 路 Merle Haggard Sonny Terry - Train Whistle Blues 1935 (different melody, harmonica instrumental by a blues harp great )
  11. 8:05 路 Moby Grape Train Leaves Here This Morning 路 Eagles Riding on a Railroad 路 James Taylor Steve Goodman - City Of New Orleans ( an old personal favorite railroad song)
  12. Lost My Drivin' Wheel written by Canadian folk artist David Wiffen Tom Rush Roger McGuinn Cowboy Junkies
  13. Night Time in the Switching Yard (2007 Remaster) 路 Warren Zevon Lightnin' Slim - Mean Ole Lonesome Train Jimi Hendrix ~ Hear My Train A Comin'
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