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  1. Flaco Jimenez, Clifton Chenier, David Hidalgo... 馃槒
  2. Stealin', Stealin' 路 Memphis Jug Band, 1929 Stealin' 路 Grateful Dead, '66 Stealin' 路 Jerry Garcia & David Grisman, '96 Stealin' 路 Johnny Young, '66 The Yardbirds - Stealing Stealing, '67 Arlo Guthrie - Stealin', '69 Taj Mahal - Stealin', '71 Stealin' 路 David Bromberg, '77 James Cotton - Stealin', stealin, '04
  3. More from: "Low Down Blues" (Eubie Blake / Noble Sissle), 4-29-1927, St. Louis, Missouri, Okeh 8469. (nose whistle solo starting at 0'56) : ( https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/54364-noseflute-and-beyond/ )
  4. "The Jug Band Special" 路 Whistler & His Jug Band, 1927 "Foldin' Bed": Whistler's Jug Band (Newsreel Footage 1930)
  5. UNDER THE CHICKEN TREE Words by Irving Jones; music by Kerry Mills; 漏1908. As recorded by Earl McDonald Louisville Jug Band, Columbia 14206D, 3/30/27. VERSE: I had a dream last night. It almost turned me white.* I dreamt that hens and roosters growed on trees. I dreamt I owned a great big ranch. On every hen-tree branch, The eggs was just as thick as bumblebees. I stepped out in the yard And shook one tree right hard, And about one hundred fowls come tumblin' down. Just as soon as they had died, I had them quickly fried With the gravy oozing out all nice and brow
  6. hmmmmmm... this calls for milking songs.
  7. I knew nothing about this. it is a cultural phenomenon. All Cows agree. Get out of Sour Milk Sea.
  8. Mighty Mo Rodgers and Baba Sissoko -from Griot Blues, "Donke", '17 Griot Blues live at Sziget Festival 2018 - Nalu (Mother)
  9. and finally the electrifying: and, produced by Dan Auerbach [Black Keys] at his Easy Eye Sound studio in Nashville, Jimmy "Duck" Holmes 鈥 Little Red Rooster
  10. Get Your Yas Yas Out 路 Blind Boy Fuller, '38
  11. Truckin' My Blues Away 路 Blind Boy Fuller, '36
  12. Rag, Mama, Rag 路 Blind Boy Fuller, '35
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