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  1. I was just informed of this. Sad news. The world is a slightly less interesting place without Alex in it. Alex was an interesting chap and his ardor for music and good sound seemed never to diminish. Rest in Peace and condolences to his family.
  2. Actually the AR tube amps weren't much different than other good tube amps. Some of their tube preamps could be very good. They'd have low distortion and flat bandwidth at low powers, but rising distortion and lesser bandwidth at higher powers. Many AR amps list their spec as -3 db at 80 khz at rated power. That actually isn't very good and would indicate likely audible response droops at high power. Rated power was also given at 1% THD. Output impedance is enough to alter response with many loudspeakers. The sound has an explanation. They did sound good in use.
  3. The actual situation in mind when I wrote this: tube amps vs others. We have the explanation and many audiophiles have other ideas about it being an unmeasurable superiority.
  4. This is an unusual bar. Once a week it has group discussions about astronomy. The woman is wanting to find out what is a good brand of telescope to buy for her sister’s birthday. The woman, a bit sheepishly, speaks up to start a discussion topic. She says, “I know the earth and planets are separated from the stars by a crystal sphere, and I’d like to get a really good telescope that lets you see that crystal sphere. So what kind will do that, and how much will it cost?” The astronomer speaks up and says, “mam, I am afraid you are mistaken, there are no crystal sphe
  5. You are correct. So does this post have to be quarantined to prevent spoiling the fun of the poster you were responding to?
  6. So which of those forums do you frequent? I'd expect you to list them, but I guess a jerk isn't going to be helpful.
  7. I might be a jerk. I might think my being here improves the place even though I don't like it. I might be a plain old contrarian. I might be crazy.
  8. Your forum does seem like more of a party for you these days.
  9. He was the ship captain in Jaws.😀 I think the MQA ship will suffer the same fate.
  10. I wouldn't have used justify. But it is the key question never answered. As we know many believe what they hear.....period. Others know hearing is unreliable in some circumstances. So when someone hears something which is technically dubious or physically impossible others will point that out. And hence the problem. Chris solved the problem. What you hear is given primacy. If you don't agree, you are free to post about it in quarantine aka the Objective Fi sub-forum.
  11. Yes, which is why I think your subjective impression is not the one intended because you misunderstand or don't understand the reasons of the other posters.
  12. That would require some special interpretation on your part. What actually indicates is you don't understand the reasons some don't like the new forum or that you disagree with them.
  13. I don't see it as an EITHER/OR choice. I think you can have both. You can also choose not to have both. Looks like a choice has been made even if that choice was unintentional.
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