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  1. Actually the AR tube amps weren't much different than other good tube amps. Some of their tube preamps could be very good. They'd have low distortion and flat bandwidth at low powers, but rising distortion and lesser bandwidth at higher powers. Many AR amps list their spec as -3 db at 80 khz at rated power. That actually isn't very good and would indicate likely audible response droops at high power. Rated power was also given at 1% THD. Output impedance is enough to alter response with many loudspeakers. The sound has an explanation. They did sound good in use.
  2. The actual situation in mind when I wrote this: tube amps vs others. We have the explanation and many audiophiles have other ideas about it being an unmeasurable superiority.
  3. This is an unusual bar. Once a week it has group discussions about astronomy. The woman is wanting to find out what is a good brand of telescope to buy for her sister’s birthday. The woman, a bit sheepishly, speaks up to start a discussion topic. She says, “I know the earth and planets are separated from the stars by a crystal sphere, and I’d like to get a really good telescope that lets you see that crystal sphere. So what kind will do that, and how much will it cost?” The astronomer speaks up and says, “mam, I am afraid you are mistaken, there are no crystal spheres in the heavens of which you speak.” The crowd in the bar is not happy with that. Such discussions have occurred in the past. The crowd is generally an empirical group who says if the eyes see it it must be so. A regular bar patron speaks up, “I dare you sir astronomer, we see the planets glow with a steady beam, and stars twinkle as you perceive them in the sky. It is common knowledge among all the astronomer public that light passing thru the crystal sphere is what causes the twinkle.” This chain of events has occurred in the past. The bar has rules to prevent these disagreements from spilling out into rather forceful activities in the street. The astronomer, in simplified manner, tries to explain how light from a planet and a distant pinpoint source of a star are different and this explains the twinkle not any crystal sphere. The crowd in the bar has had enough of this. The only optics knowledge required was given with your own two eyes. Those who use a more strictly rational nay scientific method of discussion are not held in high regard. They tend to be inflexible and condescending willing to ride roughshod over obvious perceptions of anyone who will look. They often kill just the kind of fun these astronomical aficionados like to have looking at the heavens. The astronomer is shuffled off to a small backroom. They allow those who wish to speak in such manners using logic, and theory, and science as the supreme arbiter of what is so to speak among themselves in the back room. They’ll not have it out front in the general public area. It upsets too many people who just want to have a little fun with whatever they can see in the celestial heavens above. The aerospace engineer tries a slightly different approach. Explaining how we’ve sent spacecraft well beyond the edges of the solar system without encountering any crystal spheres. The crowd isn’t being taken in by that one. They ask if any spacecraft have made it to one of the stars. When the engineer answers no, well no one pays attention to him. How can you possibly say the crystal sphere isn’t just beyond where the spacecraft have made it so far. He tries to speak up more, but they know engineer types and send him on into the backroom with the astronomer. The lady is just wanting some simple advice on getting a good telescope. Various members in the bar tell her how seeing the crystal sphere’s isn’t an easy task. One needs to have a fine instrument, and even then it takes long term viewing to perceive them. You can’t even quite perceive them directly, but you’ll in time get an appreciation for the spheres and other effects of just the right bit of optical gear. The lady has done a little homework and asks about a few models she has seen on offer. She is told those aren’t suitable. So many details that resolution specs miss aren’t going to point one in the right direction. For instance one can’t use a scope that uses a tracking mechanism driven by switching power supplies. Despite any measurement of the movement accuracy it jitters the tracking. This wipes out the ability to see objects that twinkle or don’t near the crystal sphere. She’ll have to restrict her choices to expensive linear power supplies on tracking. Further she learns you must use crystal lenses to see crystal spheres. The explanation being the same material will resonate in harmony with the crystal in the heavens allowing one to see it. At this point the physicist speaks up to explain no such thing happens. The crowd is well aware of him. He’s always a curmudgeon spoil sport. They immediately tell him he must leave or go to the backroom with the engineer and astronomer. The salesman in the bar works for a well known vendor of high quality telescopes. The crowd points toward him as the man to talk to. The woman is told he indeed has instruments with crystal lenses, linear power supplies and other accessories known to help see the crystal spheres. And warns her even then one doesn’t directly perceive the sphere’s, but in time comes to sense their presence if the instrument is good enough. He says since she is at this weekly meeting he’ll give her a sweetheart deal below retail. For $18,000 he’ll get a complete setup to the woman’s sister. The dear woman thanks him, but she didn’t expect she’d need to spend so much for her sister’s birthday. She’ll have to find another gift to give her sister. Now everyone at the weekly astronomer gathering is on equal footing. The woman could have gone on back to the small room in the rear if she wanted to hear what the astronomer, physicist or engineer had to say on the matter. Hardly any need to bother herself though in a discussion that seemed rather complex. Everyone else knew what she wanted and agreed on what was required in very simple terms. She just won’t be able to get a good enough telescope for her sister’s birthday. Which is all she needs to know for now.
  4. You are correct. So does this post have to be quarantined to prevent spoiling the fun of the poster you were responding to?
  5. So which of those forums do you frequent? I'd expect you to list them, but I guess a jerk isn't going to be helpful.
  6. I might be a jerk. I might think my being here improves the place even though I don't like it. I might be a plain old contrarian. I might be crazy.
  7. Your forum does seem like more of a party for you these days.
  8. He was the ship captain in Jaws.😀 I think the MQA ship will suffer the same fate.
  9. I wouldn't have used justify. But it is the key question never answered. As we know many believe what they hear.....period. Others know hearing is unreliable in some circumstances. So when someone hears something which is technically dubious or physically impossible others will point that out. And hence the problem. Chris solved the problem. What you hear is given primacy. If you don't agree, you are free to post about it in quarantine aka the Objective Fi sub-forum.
  10. Yes, which is why I think your subjective impression is not the one intended because you misunderstand or don't understand the reasons of the other posters.
  11. That would require some special interpretation on your part. What actually indicates is you don't understand the reasons some don't like the new forum or that you disagree with them.
  12. I don't see it as an EITHER/OR choice. I think you can have both. You can also choose not to have both. Looks like a choice has been made even if that choice was unintentional.
  13. The real danger probably isn't from a zombie MQA. It is that something like it will come along in the future. And Chris has arranged for the forum to have shall we say, no resistance to such a thing in the future.
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