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  1. I think it is mostly the pictures of "ringing" in magazines and then the marketing BS to pretend they are a problem that makes people think they hear it. They don't.
  2. Nothing lossy? Must not be MQA if it is nothing more and nothing less.
  3. Depends upon how you do it. The matching LSR sub for instance has the crossover built into it. You feed the main signal to the sub, it handles the low end, and sends the rolled off top end to the 305 or 308 speakers. So all you need is a DAC. No receiver needed. There are other ways to approach it, but you don't need an AVR.
  4. I think for monitors smaller than 8 inch on the woofer, and even some with 8 inchers. The LSR has surprisingly good real response below 100 hz, but it won't do for dance or EDM. So it is more sensible economically to add a sub to it rather than get an altogether larger speaker that wouldn't need a sub, but would add more to the cost than a sub does.
  5. JBL LSR305 mkII, good sub, good DAC. Done. Not ridiculously expensive.
  6. No. Your idea doesn't have merit according to my opinion and experience.
  7. I can see the same thing as posted. First 4 chapters. I've not pre-ordered it. BTW, is it just me, or is not Phil Spector's famous Wall of Sound one of the most ridiculous over-hyped awful recording methods ever? Only surpassed by the modern pervasive hyper-compression of all music. Also can't let Neil off the hook for so many old wive's tales about digital being put in the first 38 pages I've read. Enough already. He has ruined his credibility for anything remotely technical. He has gone about of his way to paint an inaccurate picture of how digital works. He looks foolish and thinks his direct access to his music makes him an expert.
  8. Do angels pee? And is it really any better if they do? Of course an eagle doesn't just pee, it is always a combined expelling. Definitely not what we want.
  9. If the app is accurate it isn't too far from the truth. Past 500 hz with most domestic listening rooms, you'll reach a point where direct and reflected sound are equal, and you'll read similar SPL at all locations. It isn't going to be too far from the one meter value in most cases. If you really want to know feed it pink noise, use a voltmeter to set voltage across your speaker terminals at 2.83 volts and see what SPL you get at the listening position then. There are variations in impedance etc, but you could figure it out pretty well.
  10. Maybe audio nirvana then is to start with mono, and add one channel every two years. You'll get regular doses of those experiences like first time with stereo, and first time with 3 channel, and quadraphonic, and 5 channel surround so on and so forth. With Dolby's offerings you'll not run out of channels to add.
  11. I think a new thread would be good.
  12. Bozak Concert Grand. Now I've probably insulted some one who has them. Apologies for that, but I'm calling it the way I heard it.
  13. Imaging was like a dirty ceramic tile bathroom in New Orleans at the end of a 5 day drunk at Mardis Gras. The vapid sense of air and space was as grainy as a swarm of flies surrounding roadkill in the west Texas sun.
  14. There actually are some standards on this. MUSHRA is a method of subjective quality assessment. There is also BS.1116-1 which hopefully not aptly named. It deals mostly in levels of impairment of the reproduced sound quality. https://www.itu.int/dms_pubrec/itu-r/rec/bs/R-REC-BS.1116-1-199710-S!!PDF-E.pdf You would have specific categories, like imaging, balance of response, global audio quality and some others are possible. You listen in comparison and rate 1 thru 5 the level of impairment. 5.0 is Imperceptible 4.0 is perceptible, but not annoying. 3.0 is slightly annoying. 2.0 is annoying. 1.0 is very annoying. I suppose one could do it reverse. 5.0 Night and day better. 4.0 Many veils lifted. 3.0 One veil lifted. 2.0 Different, but not better. 1.0 Not different.
  15. I can't believe no one has yet said, night and day difference.
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