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  1. Probably this. Well designed gear, properly implemented, without any "unusual" circumstances (such as living 10 feet from an AM broadcast station) can not benefit from USB decrapifier and similar gear because the digital signal is already reliable to a very significant degree. But that's High Fidelity, and not Audiophiledom. In Audiophiledom the radical subjective listening session where anything and everything makes a subtle difference and is "reviewed" is what Stereophile is really about.
  2. Looking at that link I recall Danny's friendly reply (sarcasm rightly detected 😋) "...The other thing to note is that you have so many files because we save your artist photos and album artwork as individual files. We use a hashed deep directory structure to avoid having directories with many thousands of files, which can cause performance issues....If your backup software is breaking, I suggest you use better software for your backups. If it’s just slow, well, that’s the reality of having all your data local...." You should start a thread on their forum so that Danny can tell you to just suck it up 😂
  3. Well, you have the meta data which consists of images, lyrics, artist and album/track data, and the like. I suspect as you browse more (checking genre's and the like) that load is not exactly small. Still, almost 2 Gigs seems a lot. Roon has defended their data/db design choice on their forums when some (like me 😋) have expressed surprise at it's size, structure, and how it seriously slows down local backups. edit: Leveldb is what they use - check it out on your local HD https://community.roonlabs.com/t/is-it-normal-for-roons-database-size-structure-to-be-so-large-yes/61942
  4. Measurements are not the only thing that has stopped since Tyll retired...Hi Fi stopped and Audiophiledom stepped in. Innerfidelity RIP 🙏🥀
  5. Shssssh, I don't want "audiophiles" to clue into the fact that I am a Russian audio bot with 129 different user names...
  6. Thanks. At first I thought it was "just another project" but: "...Hypex and I separated amicably a while ago so they're not involved in any of the new work. Measured and sonically, the Eigentakt circuit isquite a step up in performance from Ncore. So we're indeed looking to establish it as the new high-end standard. Purifi is actually three entities – one that does fundamental research into both loudspeaker driver units and amplifiers, then two subsidiaries to commercialize drivers and amplifiers respectively..."
  7. I find that when they do have the Hi Res of something I am looking for its regular price is at or below HDTracks "sales price"and the others with their never ending sales and email coupon specials. That, and most of the time they have the 16/44 as well which I sometimes get anyways depending upon the quality of the mastering, etc.
  8. I purchase quite a bit of my downloads from 7digital...
  9. That article might be summed up by this sentence: " ...it could be argued that using the 16/44 CD tracks introduces issues due to playback errors compared to the same data on a digital file... " He is back in the rank digitally ignorant bin with Hans...
  10. He's just trolling you. He does not care about the truth though he might very well know what it is. He is promoting MQA. It's why I say we are "post technical". The confidence men in audio never have been about truth, only $promoting$ things.
  11. I suspect it's both. I don't know who Steven Stone is but like so many doing audio "reviews" he might not have any knowledge of basic digital software at all. He might not have liked being exposed so he is running with "perceptual lossless" and the like...
  12. It looks like to me Steven Stone is simply trolling you. Hans however I don't think gets it - is that graph not straight from a Bob S presentation?
  13. I have thought about this. It's only audio...usually petitions are for "important things/issues". That's the optics anyways. Most will say "better to vote with your dollars", etc. Still, I wonder if making it "fun" would not help. Perhaps using Nancy Reagan's image in a humours "Just Say No" campaign. Perhaps a domain/web site such as "www.getMQAoffmylawn.org" that hosts the petition and sells "MQA free" tee shirts, and offers littler stickers that manufactures can put on their new product that say "MQA free device". All that takes effort of course 😋
  14. On this, we could do something with this thread (update, organize, revise, start over):
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