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  1. What's the proportion of the ripples to signal? It's based on the order of the filter I assume, so what is the level of the ripple (vs. signal) of a 2nd order and a 3rd order as examples? On another note, I am so proud of you guys! This so called "ringing" or "time smear" problem is the final technical nail in MQA's coffin as far as I can see. Jim Austin and John Atkinson have their straws poked out of this coffin trying to suck in air around this issue, but the hammer is coming down...
  2. To add to your list: is he correct that "Any filter steeper than 6 dB/octave (first order) will ring when a transient event comes along". In other words, is it truly every transient event or is it only at the very beginning of a band/time limited sampling? Assuming he is correct, what is the real impact of low level "ringing" on an actual musical waveform - is it significant or is a paper/Old Guard Golden Ear problem? upsampling - excluding niche market NOS DAC's, what's the reality given modern DAC internal upsampling
  3. This. The truth of what Nyquist–Shannon is telling us about sampling and the fidelity of the resultant waveform to the "original", is hard. Calculus is hard. The physics of sound-as-waveform-through-medium is hard. Most folks don't have the education or interest to get it right. This is perhaps the truth of certain audiophiles and the 'audiophile press' deference to gurus such Bob Stuart. Yet in reality Bob Stuart is a charlatan - a "post-Shannon" genius on the level of Copernicus, or so they say Another example: John Atkinson is a believer in the allegedly erroneous "leading edge" or "transient leading edge" behavior of digital sampling/DAC reconstruction. Why? What is the evidence? Bob S and others (who mostly sell stuff) allege it, but is it true?
  4. Now if said magazine only printed the facts that its Tech Ed acknowledges to be true 😉
  5. Are you sure you did not just "pre-order" it... In other words what you downloaded is just the sample chapters already available?
  6. On the one hand, true. They don't know because they are technically incompetent. They are like a group of (mostly) guys who started a car magazine who are not only wholly ignorant of thermodynamics (somewhat understandable) but of the most basic workings of an internal combustion engine. On the other hand, not true. They have been informed of their ignorance for about 3 years now. Right, which tells us that they are not interested in the truth about digital sampling and upsampling. Rather, they are interested in serving their customers and $selling$ MQA - who are not their readers.
  7. @mansr, Is this correct? Is not a 24/96 stream sent with metadata to instructing the DAC to upsample using specific MQA supplied filters? In any case, the difference between "24/48 MQA file unfolded to 24/192" & "24/48 MQA file unfolded to 24/96 and then upsampled to 24/192" (or something similar) is the opposite of "unwieldy" What it is, is an anti-consumer publication and its anti-consumer writers once again going with "the industry"...which thankfully is now mostly MQA/Bob Stuart and the "audio press" (and perhaps the labels, though their near perfect silence is instructive) one corner and everyone else in the other, including the manufacturers who otherwise would be MQA's natural partners...
  8. It's just his way of saying "Hello!". It's just his culture folks. Who are we to judge? Think of it as first contact - you know, like in Star Trek. Now, who wants to go first and man the universal translator and talk back?
  9. OMG, MQA as one big ethnic joke... It all makes sense now 😋
  10. Your right, this might be how to phrase it for (some) audiophiles: "Jim Austin does not want you to know this, but MQA has no content >96khz" "Robert Harley do not want you to know this, but MQA is DRM"
  11. Noted. I wonder (and like you said we will probably never know for sure) to what extent Meridians ability to tell the truth vs Ayre's impacted the decision to stop working with Meridian and go with Ayre.
  12. Interesting how they put that question - down/upsample. Ayre told them the truth. Meridian and MQA seem to have a problem with the truth (as does Jim Austin, etc.).
  13. MQA = man in the middle Should be a t-shirt
  14. crenca

    Farewell ML

    You have quite the rose colored selective memory. Literally for years ML gave s*** to anybody who did not agree with him or in his audiophile magic. Then he comes here and tries to give s*** to these very same people, except this is an open form and so he cannot control the narrative, and naturally shows his true colors by telling people to go f*** their mother. Have you looked up the definition of graciousness lately? Are you sure you want to hitch your civility crusade on this guy???
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