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  1. crenca

    Good Class D amps ??

    I don't know about Dan, but yes Pass does investigate and "builds in" 2nd order distortion and the like because folks like it. This "coloring" is known (if not well understood) and part of the Audiophile world. Its relationship to fidelity is controversial. GeneZ point is the common art and wine radical subjectivism with the strawmen "how does it sound", etc. and is the usual trope. On topic, THD and the like are relevant, correlated to the sound, etc. It's not the end of the story, but it is part of it...
  2. crenca

    Best RCA Cables

    Class D sucks...wait, what thread is this?
  3. crenca

    Good Class D amps ??

    Why not cut to the chase: "...Just one power cord to my DAC transforms the entire system..." its nickname would be...Audiophile! Or would that be Audiophool?
  4. Excellent topic! I would be interested in comments on the relationship between possible recorded dynamic range as digitally captured and the fact that venue/room is always some number (around 30 it seems). Folks have mentioned this but I am not sure about the implications.
  5. crenca

    Chromecast Audio is Dead

    This short and/or unpredictable life cycle is a downside/con of just about anything from likes of Google and the wider electronics world.
  6. crenca

    Article: Qobuz Announces Opening of US Beta

    That is lame. Except, that its so lame that it can't be a "smart" business practice...because (as if this needs to be spelled out) customers think to themselves "how lame"...
  7. To build upon what The Computer Audiophile said, there are reasons why you "like the sound". Since Bob S and company have not discovered anything fundamentally "new" in digital domain sampling/playback, they just have packaged previously known art (or more accurately, preferences) into a proprietary DRM package. Ok, you like the sound of slow roll off (and thus high IM distortion) filters. Why would you not use filters in software that have no IP/DRM for the music file itself? If that sounds complicated and a hassle, why would you not purchase one of the many available non-DRMed DAC's that allow you to apply such filtering (and many other kinds besides) with a mere push of a button? The only real "groupthink" around MQA is (and increasingly "was") within the Audiophile trade publication/review worlds that parroted the MQA marketing claims (such as no DRM, it's the "sound the artists intended", etc.) without critical examination...
  8. crenca

    Is It Time For Moderators?

    It used to. Now it just means anybody you disagree with. In other words it means "those #$_&-# people"... 😋
  9. crenca

    CD players are back ?

    What you say here is largely correct. For the vast majority of musical consumers and their so-so play back chains, lossy formats (especially of higher bit rates, say 256 or greater) are good enough...
  10. crenca

    CD players are back ?

    PSAudio is a small "audiophile" company, so yes they are repackaging commodity parts/platforms (hardware). On the software side, they apparently have a small amount of unique code, which "focuses" data to such a point that they are able to "extract"...something...which leads to something...which audiophiles can then "hear" but which measurements, engineering, and science is ignorant and blind due to their own arrogance and obstinate "objectivism"... The more I think about it, PSAudio is going about this the hard way - they should just sell audiophile power and USB cables for which science has yet to understand 😋
  11. crenca

    CD players are back ?

    You mean you would deny yourself the "Advanced Digital Lens" which "focuses digital data"? You don't know what you are missing! HQPlayer would be an even better product if it only had focus. Indeed, all of Audiohpiledom could use a little more focus... 😋
  12. crenca

    CD players are back ?

    I think I am going to make this sentence my signature 😋
  13. crenca

    CD players are back ?

    After pursuing all the technobabble and audiophile speak, I have concluded that Direct Stream "PWT" is a standard disc player/file server with a proprietary transport layer protocol between itself and any other Direct Stream DAC. Nothing to see or "hear" there...
  14. crenca

    CD players are back ?

    I appreciate your response, but the "..one explanation may be.." from that article is simply not credible. It makes no sense in relation to how digital communication (and in this case, spinning discs vs servers vs streaming vs fill_in_the_blank) actually works. A much more credible explanation for this alleged "..softly spoken preference.." is the subjectivised, biased, art & wine culture of the audiophile review. In other words, it's not the technology and engineering, its whats going on in their heads that explains this "preference".
  15. crenca

    CD players are back ?

    This thread has made no sense from the beginning. Ajay does not seem to have a point, other than some vague audiophile assertions about digital audio that are meant to support audiophile solutions - which is commodity hardware sold at 10, 20, 30X its regular price. Best to let it go I suppose...