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  1. No, it’s limited by what the PCM rate of the DAC is capable of carrying.
  2. I had a Yggy A2. Ultimately it won out as most my content is RBCD.
  3. I tried DAC after DAC until I found one that allowed me to enjoy music for extended listening. No amount of tweaking before or after the DAC helped in my experience.
  4. I love my Yggy but my Mirus Pro was better with high res. IMO
  5. Not sure if this can be done but I’d also try setting HQPlayer to not upsample at all and only dither your 24 bit content down to 20 bit if you have 24 bit content. The Yggy is really really good when fed with red book. IMO not quite as good with hi-res. Again IMHO.
  6. I think you should set it to 20 bit, let HQP do some nice dithering instead of the rounding or truncating to 20 bit the Yggy does internally.
  7. Ok that makes sense, I hated the DAC in my C46 as well harsh highs and exaggerated bloated bass. Add in the pops when switching back and forth between DSD and PCM...
  8. I didn’t hear much for change after the first few days. I suspect it was just me getting used to it at that point. Listen to it for a couple weeks and then go back to your other DAC for a couple weeks. Repeat if need be. If you don’t find things that you like more with the Yggy in extended listening it’s not the DAC for you.
  9. Yep that’s the way to do it. In fact I find that the Yggy is weaker than other DAC’s I’ve had with hires content. Just my subjective opinion. It’s the redbook king IMO.
  10. I was rather disappointed by my Yggy at first. After a couple days I started appreciating what it does well. It’s not going to do everything better than every DAC. I spent weeks going back and forth between it and my Mirus Pro and ultimately the Yggy ticked the most important boxes for me and stayed and eventually the Mirus was sold.
  11. Unless I’m wrong, only the G2 will allow multiple input methods at the same time. Roon can be active and ready to use at the same time as airplay and upnp. No complete reconfiguration and reboot to use different input sources. That was a priority in my decision.
  12. No, sold my Mirus Pro Signature a little over a year ago.
  13. If renewal is Ignored and ownership expires on the domain name, after a grace period it’s publicly available for purchase again.
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