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  1. Goodhertz - CanOpener Studio is the best sounding crossfeed AU plugin IMO.
  2. If you have a problem with me, bring it up with Chris.
  3. Use their platform? Core audio is part of macOS not iTunes.
  4. He doesn't like how they measure in comparison to cheaper DACs.
  5. Aries G1 has bluetooth and Airplay but is a little overkill for someone that is blind and wouldn't need the display.
  6. I'd start by removing it and then continue on my list.
  7. Does the problem exist without the P-10? Does the problem exist with a different computer driving the Yggy? Have you tried a different USB port on the Mac Mini?
  8. I have one, I used it allot years ago when I was building vintage fender/marshall guitar amplifier clones. Now it's relegated to diagnosing issues around the farm.
  9. Netflix would be doing multi channel in that bitrate not 2 channel. 5.1 at least maybe more.
  10. Well it would be silly of MQA the bandwidth saviour to not use the highest FLAC compression but you never know, they have been known to be be all fluff and mirrors before.
  11. Have you tried a reset and reconfigure from scratch? To be honest mine was still running 6 beta 2 before I packed it up. I also use digital outs not USB.
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