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  1. My audio dealer used a kicker 10ZXSUM8 summing unit in my truck. JL Audio also has the CleanSweep which would probably allow more control. There are probably more out there.
  2. I don't think JRiver installs on a NAS. It could use a DLNA server that was installed on a NAS.
  3. But according to Lee after paying Bob, MQA will still get the artists payed more. It’s like magic voodoo! Oooh that’s what they should have called it: MVA “Magic Voodoo Audio”!
  4. It annoyed me with my C47 on album start and playlists with different sample rates. Sending silence doesn’t solve the issue as confirmed by Bryan from Roon. It would have to be near silence or something equivalent to get the DAC to trigger it’s fade in or silence.
  5. They are Roon Tested not Roon Ready. I imagine the same drop outs and fade in at the beginning of tracks and on sample rate change still plague the horrible McIntosh USB input.
  6. In most MQA fan's opinion, right after it's too late.
  7. The PX are a great sounding bluetooth headset for someone who needs to move around. I own a pair. If you want a desktop only headphone system there are copious amounts of better options.
  8. The PX are the DAC and headphone amplifier. They receive digital via bluetooth and convert to analog internally.
  9. "I think" & "I believe" seem to be the standard response from Lee. That's a pretty good summation of MQA's merits, IMO.
  10. I vote for the Wilsons. The new silk dome tweeter is nice. My ears are slightly damaged and they don't get along with the Beryllium tweeter anymore.
  11. Did your room size change recently? Seems like mucho speaker for 15x17.
  12. bobbmd, 2 different Roon staff members replied to your thread on the Roon forums a half dozen times trying to get more information and asking you to do some basic trouble shooting for them. From what I can understand from your replies, you don't think it's warranted as Roon used to work and Audirvana 3+ still does. I see your responses here are very similar to the ones on the Roon forums so I don't think I can help you either, maybe someone else will step in. PS) I'm sorry you feel there is some type of conspiracy with me trying to help you, I'm a Roon user from v1.0 with an IT background. I have no affiliation.
  13. I would prefer that Roon staff concentrated on the individual problem threads on their own forum instead of trying to make rhyme or reason out of a massive thread full of many problems on some other forum. It's hard enough for them to keep up as it is with the help of their community. Maybe you guys should ask for help on how to use Discourse Forums as that seems to be the root problem causing this thread to appear?
  14. If it was locked you wouldn't be able to reply to it. You have to request logging be turned on and that needs to be done on the Roon forums using the @support tag in a post. Once they say it's turned on you will need to provide them a timestamp when you encountered your issue(s).
  15. If you want the problem fixed you need to go back to the Roon forums and get support to turn on debug logging so they can try and isolate the problem. There isn't a thing anyone here can do for you.
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