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  1. Dr Tone

    Perhaps MQA isn’t quite dead just yet...

    Hopefully Chapter 11.
  2. Dr Tone

    Article: Qobuz Announces Opening of US Beta

    More importantly, showing your preference of MQA free audio with your hard earned $. If we don’t quit funnelling the money via hardware and content to BS, MQA will linger around.
  3. Dr Tone

    Perhaps MQA isn’t quite dead just yet...

    I assume the first unfold would be all that was happening in the app at this point so a half assed implementation seems to be plausable in this case.
  4. Dr Tone

    Perhaps MQA isn’t quite dead just yet...

    It’s been reported that gapless isn’t working with it. It’s like they are trying to fail!
  5. Dr Tone

    Article: CA is now Audiophile Style!

    The content here has always been on (digital) technical side. Subjective content galore but also loads of objective content. Style doesn’t describe that for me. The first thing I thought of was the audioaficianado site when I saw the new name...
  6. Dr Tone

    Best AD converter in studio

    Pacific Microsonics units ade still used on occasion at a few studios.
  7. For the life of me I can’t remember when I demoed one.
  8. Dr Tone

    Off Topic Graveyard

    I'm confused, did any one actually think his statements added technical/authoritative substance to the MQA debate?
  9. Because I'm talking about the 4 Auralic upsampling algorithms implemented in the Aries. I wanted to hear what they sounded like and prior to the 6.0 firmware they were only available if using Lightning DS. As you can see from the above screen shot Roon now indicates that the upsampling is happening in the Aries G2. I have DSPing completely disabled in Roon.
  10. No, you couldn't upsample in Roon mode before.
  11. FWIW: The new 6.0 beta firmware allows up sampling and the other DSPing to be applied when in Roon mode. Just tying out the dynamic filter vs internal filtering in my Mirus Pro.
  12. FWIW, if using one of the internal filters in the 9018, the 9028 Pros are quite a bit better from accounts.
  13. One is well measured yet full sounding with an ease of presentation in comparison to it's "similar" counterparts. Spooky black background, gobs of detail and explosive transients. With the right filter choice can get pretty close to the timbre of the other. It will show shitty recordings for what they are but not near as bad as some of its lesser counterparts. The other isn't well measured has a thicker presentation that is a little busy and gray in comparison. It has good timbre and really nice musical flow but the highs are a little rolled off in comparison. This DAC is very forgiving to shitty red book recordings but won't give you the same goose bumps with well recorded music as the afformentioned DAC.
  14. They both have their pluses. The Mirus has more pluses. The importance of each + or - is subjective.
  15. Are you planning on getting one? Mirus or Veritas?