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Sonore ultraRendu v1.3

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14 hours ago, pl_svn said:


so... no joy for those who prefer an USB hard apter? :(

I wouldn't say that you can't use the hard adapter. Understand though that the unit is a bigger and heaver and it may not be appropriate to hang off the back of a DAC. I'm sure there will be circumstances where you can use it, but I'll leave that up to you. We will not supply the el cheapo adapter, but will continue to offer the Cardas adapter. 

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13 minutes ago, pl_svn said:


I'm not thinking about hanging the ultraRendu behind my DAC but about connecting it via an UpTone's USPCB to an Audiophilleo, both on a solid surface ;)


wether or not I will be able to do it... depends on clearance between the ethernet, USB and power plugs and ethernet plugs, usually... don't help here :(

Sound like a plan. 

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13 hours ago, Superdad said:


a) The case series is not available taller or with two sets of PCB slide-in grooves;

b) Due to both heat (and potential EMI radiation, you would not want the boards to be one above the other.


Jesus' concept is that the faceplate would join two separate extruded enclosures (both same as LPS-1's current case); There is no super-wide extruded case that matches the faceplate he pictured (hence the two screw holes in the middle as you see).

I have told him I am okay with it if he feels there is demand or an advantage (maybe we can work a deal of some sort), but I do think we would either need to have a similar custom back plate made or that a small brace/bridge piece be made to join the two cases at the back.  Otherwise I worry that wagging/bending could occur if joined only at the face.


--Alex C.


P.S.  I am sure glad to see this finally brought in the open.  I got tired of nosey e-mails attempting to pry info out of me about Sonore's microRendu follow-on plans. xD

It's not going to wagg or bend unless you get all bionic man on it. You might get even more emails now:)

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16 hours ago, Middy said:

Good luck with the new Rendu Jesus..it already looks great...


Don't envy the insane number of Email the next few weeks though. ..

Alex C had to pretend he was in Hawaii for a rest.....?

That is so funny. No worries I have friends pitching in. 

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7 hours ago, Forehaven said:

Cool news.  Any plans for an upgrade path from the uR to the UuR?

On the software side we have already started the upgrade process on the microRendu to Sonicorbiter 2.5. Unfortunately, on the hardware side the only common parts are the processor board and uSD card so it doesn't really make sense to do anything in that regard.

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7 hours ago, BigAlMc said:

Hi @Bones13


Not to hijack this thread (as like many I'm licking my lips and ignoring the worry emanating from my wallet at the ultraRendu [and/or the IsoTek Regen]) but specs, details and well availability of both are still pending. So meantime can I ask for details on the DIY power cables for the LPS-1 and microrendu? 


As mentioned, I don't want to hijack this thread so if you don't mind just pointing towards the right thread or PMing me if there isn't one. 


Many Thanks, 



PS - Jesus / Alex - I'm following both respective threads with a view to incorporating more of your respective firms magic into my system. Looking forward to seeing how it pans out but meantime keep up the great work! 

Thanks....much appreciated. 

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19 hours ago, spacexpert said:

"MPD...USB...built in Drive Mounter application"


It has USB attached hard drive support like the SMS-200?  Or am I misunderstanding? 

No. It's my opinion that mounting a USB drive to any endpoint will just add electrical noise to the unit and acoustic noise in the audio room. To solve this our operating system allows you to mount remotely shared drives via your network. For simplicity I would just use the DLNA/MPD output mode with a DLNA server.    

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1 minute ago, vortecjr said:

No. It's my opinion that mounting a USB drive to any endpoint will just add electrical noise to the unit and acoustic noise in the audio room. To solve this our operating system allows you to mount remotely shared drives via your network. For simplicity I would just use the DLNA/MPD output mode with a DLNA server.    

You would do this:



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On 5/22/2017 at 0:15 AM, pam1975 said:

@vortecjr will the ultrarendu, you allow Spotify Connect via Librespot. 

I am not familiar with Librespot. Does it degrade sampling rates? should we expect lower SQ by going through Librespot? 

While this may not be an immediate concern, I still expect Spotify to go lossless this year and so I'd like to understand if there are any trade-offs for Spotify Connect to be used via Librespot.

Thank you

There should be no degradation in the sound...it passes the data it receives. To soon to say what will happen with lossless support. 

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On 5/21/2017 at 7:31 PM, André Gosselin said:


It would really help if you would put up a table clearly identifying the differences between the mrendu and the new ultrarendu. Still have trouble making up my mind about the benefits I will get by trading my current mrendu for the upcoming ultra version.

One of the key difference is the size. The larger size of the ultraRendu allows us to play with the placement of key components inorder to refine the design. John might talk more about this, but understand that I have asked him not to divulge any trade secrets. 

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11 hours ago, Speed Racer said:

Where is the S/PDIF or AES/EBU out???

This is a very focused hardware project. We are trying to make something simple, elegant and to the point. On the software side our App Switcher allows you to try different output protocols as if each was the only one running on the unit. S/PDIF, AES/EBU, and i2s adds complexity and compromises the design goals of this project so they have been intentionally left out.

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If you were looking for us to add another board with a bunch of parts, wires, and connectors to justify on paper the improvement you looking at the wrong project. Sorry...inside joke. There is nothing marginal about it and make no mistake sound quality is the most important thing to us.

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16 minutes ago, pam1975 said:

I'm thrilled to have been enlightened in such a nice way.

You know Jesus, you may be cynical about it, it's your right - but there was zero ill intention in my question aside from getting a *little* more understanding as to the foreseen changes. Oh well.

No worries...just trying to have a little fun here.

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