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  1. I don't have a Linn player, but I do know they added Roon endpoint status in 2018. I went with the Bricasti unit instead. Picking a server has several criteria. 1) size of your music file library. If you have a small library, you don't need as much processor power. 2) If you plan to upsample your music at the server level, you will need a higher processor. 3) Room correction will also up your processor requirements. I went with an upscale QNAP NAS with an i3 processor, and an SSD cache disk. I upsample to DSD128 for my particular streamer, with excellent results. I use the gain pots on my amplifiers for a tad bit of room correction. I doubt you would go wrong with the NUC+Rock choice. Its custom engineered for the purpose.
  2. Be careful taking a step into the world of electrostatics. It is very addicting. This coming from a BHSE/SR009/Voce owner. It is hard to get close to this level of detail with regular headphones. Very recommended. This setup looks to be very good for half the cost of just the Stax SR009. Nice review, thanks!
  3. Well... my current d-link switch is quite adequate for the job at the moment. I plan to wait as long as needed for this product to surface. I have not been enamored of the other upgraded switches so far (function to price ratio). I would look again at the other offerings if this fails to make it to market, or some other terminal negative.
  4. You will need a "router" somewhere in your network. Most would have the router take the output from the modem, it then creates the network. An etherRegen would plug in to your router, and then you could plug your other parts into the etherRegen. etherRegen is a "switch", but not a router. Look up the difference between and router and a switch for more technical details.
  5. This is pretty much as I understand it. The etherRegen unit is designed to be the “last” ethernet connection to the music endpoint, be it an Ethernet streamer that feeds USB or SPDIF to a DAC (ex. ultraRendu), or some other Ethernet endpoint which converts music files, delivered via Ethernet, to analog audio out (ex. a DAC with built in Ethernet streamer). The point being that the etherRegen would clean up the Ethernet signal before the last connection. If there is USB after this streamer, it would need to be considered for cleaning separately. I suspect they are still testing options, defining the final project before developing the price, before coming up a possible delivery window, which would allow a pre-order to be set up. I’m preferring to let them figure out how to make their version special. I have a functional switch that will do until then.
  6. Ouch, his favorite setup is ~$2,500! I really plan to use a simpler Ethernet cable with clean-up provided by etherRegen, and my Bricasti unit. I currently have some Cables off of Amazon, that have only 2 twisted pair of wires (no PPoE), thin, and flexible, and sound the same as other commercial Cat5-7 cables that have been there, and the one AudioQuest cable I own. I have a typical amount of audiophile nervousa, but I’m not willing to pay that much for digital cables. I’m also sure that my 60 year old ears will never detect timbre, and sound stage, differences between competently constructed Ethernet cables. YMMV, of course.
  7. It’s my recollection that he mentioned it was being designed to fit in an enclosure similar to their current aluminum extrusion cases now. Something like the LPS box with Ethernet ports, power input, grounding stud, and fiber module box studded across both front and back of the case. Not sure if this concept has endured, or not. As they have not finalized the board yet, I doubt there are pictures yet.
  8. Yes, as long as the etherRegen is the last ethernet connection is etherRegen -> ultraRendu, you will get the cleaning effects of the etherRegen. My audio stack has an Ethernet switch in it for streamer, Roku, and Oppo BluRay. I’m looking for the etherRegen to make a clean connection to the streamer, while keeping junk from my network, and digital devices in the stack, from that last link.
  9. I have not had issues running the Qobuz beta on either of my Roon installations, nor my other pair of Auirvana+ (windows10) installs on laptops. Looking forward to the end of beta, so the Sonos implementation will come out. I already cancelled Tidal.
  10. I signed up as soon as my lottery ticket was called. I have not had issues, at all. I did recently cancel my Tidal sub. ps. I use a Qnap NAS for Roon core/library
  11. Mediacom installed fiber throughout my beach house community over the past few months. In my building there are 6 residential units over 2 commercial ones. I too was wondering how the fiber would get up to my unit as the building was built with cable to each unit, then some cable, Ethernet, and speaker cables, run in the unit itself. As I followed the progress, I found out that there is a box, that converts the fiber to the original cables that run up to the units, in the utility closet now, instead of the cable splitter that was there previously. I did not have to change any of my hardware (Arris DOCSIS 4.0). Having issues measuring speed though. I am streaming (1080p) and gaming fine, but Speedtest measures very low. The Xfinity speed test fared better, but both get seemingly random results when run sequentially. This stuff is brand new, I’m going to let them finish “balancing” the system before I start complaining. On the other hand, the new service adds HBO to my previous cable lineup and costs half as much as I was paying previously. Apparently, collective bargaining works. The organization was shopping fiber, and for the community size, there was competition.
  12. I found where I will be grounding mine (when available) Accessory Ground terminal on my power conditioner (Bryston BIT15)
  13. I was thinking of a grounding screw addition to the back plate of the JS-2 similar to a grounding screw for turntable grounding. I assume (?) that the JS-2 chassis is grounded to earth via the power cord. Simply drilling a hole, and installing a good looking screw terminal (cleaning off some aluminum coating on the inside if needed) would provide correct grounding.
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