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  1. Ok, done for the weekend. I installed Euphony, but it would not stay connected long. Static IP address and all tried. I went with Win10pro/AO, as I could figure things out. There were other challenges as a headless server... 1) It was easy to configure the BIOS to start the computer when the power comes on. (frequent short black outs here) 2) Had to try a few things to get the PC to load up without logging in 3) I really struggled with auto-starting Roon - I tried RoonServer, which would auto-oad easy, but I could not find it with the remo
  2. Thanks for responding all. Struggling with Euphony install. Not paid for anything yet.
  3. Finished the physical build today of my Christmas present (HDPlex H3V3 with 9th gen i5, and M.2 drive for OS, and a second for music files) by dinner today. I was playing with the BIOS before I left off today. My system has a streamer built into the DAC, so my server will not use USB out to DAC, files to copper Ethernet. I use Roon to resample all to DSD128, as that sounds best out of the DAC. I can build a PC, configure my ubiquiti router, and access points. Question I’m asking tonight: which OS to use? I kinda like RoonCore, so having that option is importan
  4. USA here. All was in stock when I ordered mid November. H3 V3 with silver front. I got the 200w internal PSU. I will upgrade to linear PSU someday. Got the physical build up to looking at BIOS screen done by dinner. OS tomorrow. Still not decided what to load.
  5. Mine is under the Christmas tree, to open this morning! Silver front. Hope you find one, and have fun with your build.
  6. I am going to build a H1V3 cased mini ITX PC this Christmas break as well, to replace my aging NUC. I will put M.2 drives x 2, one for Windows, and a separate one for music files. I will be using the 200watt internal PSU with the switching block in the machine, with the expectation of upgrading to external linear PSU at another time. As my Streamer/DAC takes the files via ethernet, I hope to not use USB for anything but back up.
  7. The H1 V3 case will handle slim ITX, Mini ITX, and ITX boards. They sell a converter which allows the use of a NUC board. (Its a different size/shape copper heat sink, and assorted bits. The standard heat sink and bits fit the regular Intel and Ryzen chips. The H1 case (combining right and left heat sinks) will dissipate a 65 TDW processor.
  8. There is a NUC - Austin Beach - which is available with 2 Ethernet ports. Not sure how one would configure those with ROCK. I have an M12, and prefer the etherRegen to feed it. I use a NUC6 with ROCK, but I am building a fanless PC for my Christmas present. With not enough understanding of the dual Ethernet systems, I decided to just keep the etherRegen, for which I use an iFi wallwart.
  9. Not to get into the weeds with hardware. I am building a new fanless i5 music server in a small HD Plex case. I use Roon, and a Bricasti M12 ethernet streamer. It has been awhile since I did a Windows server setup with Windows10pro. I particularly got interested in this build now that an ITX board can hold 2 different M.2 cards. I will have an OS card, and a music library card. I have an older HD Plex Linear Supply, but will be going with the internal PSU for now. I am considering some combination of Project Lasso, Fidelizer, and Audiophile Optimizer. I have used Project Lasso and
  10. Has anyone tried these? I’m thinking a fanless i5 NUC with 128g OS drive, with 2gig music drive, both m.2, all in a small box, would be a nice server unit.
  11. In my reading on the Apple site, the Mac Mini will still have a fan. Much of the non-Apple software will need to be re-written/compiled for the M1.
  12. Nice find Chris! Nicely priced for an m.2 drive external raid device. Elegant solution for systems with a dedicated music device that is not a general purpose PC. I am hoping to build a new silent PC this holiday season with a dual m.2 motherboard, but if I don't, this would be great for upgrading my current ROCK NUC with usb music disk storage. Hard to beat one button back up (unless you never push the button)
  13. Bones13

    HQ Player

    Thanks @Miska. That confirms my understanding. I was wondering if the the HQPlayer “layer” could exist on a Windows10 server running the Roon server, then sending the file via Ethernet to the Bricasti. And this won’t work without an endpoint. Seemingly this would require an additional computer to be the endpoint, feeding the Bricasti via USB. Trying to decide if upgrading from the ROCK is worthwhile. The i7 NUC6 runs ROCK, and resamples all files to DSD128 much smoother than the NAS I was using for a while. I will explore other avenues. Really appreciate the
  14. Bones13

    HQ Player

    I have a question. I understand the HQPlayer with Server to Endpoint -> DAC. Basically acting as the endpoint, receiving the music file, doing its magic, and outputting a stream, through USB, to the DAC. I currently use a NUC using ROCK (Roon), on my network, to an Ethernet streamer device (Bricasti M12) I use the server to resample all my music to DSD128, which is max for the DSD specific DAC board in my device. There is no USB anywhere. (Well except the USB drive with my library, hanging off the NUC) Would HQPlayer be of use in my system, specifically between a Roo
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