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  1. The Uptone guys have stated several times that this device works the same going from the A side to the B side, and visa versa. Your network can connect to the B side, and then you can use the A side SFP connector to go to your streamer. In that case, the etherRegen could be considered a very clean copper Ethernet to optical Ethernet adapter. Do recall, that the B side jack is 100mb, and if you use the other A side Ethernet jacks, they will not be cleaned between them and the SFP, and the A side jacks will connect to the network at the 100g Limit of the B side jack. The etherRegen fits my needs perfectly. I currently use a small ethernet switch in my audio stack. There is an ‘in’ cable, and ‘out’ cables to the streamer, Roku, and BluRay player. The etherRegen will replace this box, with a 1m Ethernet cable from the B port as the last run to the streamer. The A side will get video boxes and receive the ‘in’. If the ‘in’ for my system changes to optical in the future, I’ll be ready.
  2. Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 4 + EdgeSwitch 8-150w + WAP ftw! As I am not a networking, nor electronic, wiz, I required a lot of reading, and YouTube research, to set it up to my liking. But - rock solid. etherRegen will replace the last unmanaged switch before the Bricasti.
  3. I find his review very useful. While I have some nice systems, I have systems (more than one). I love Roon, and have 2 lifetimes, for my most used 2 computers (home system and office) I have some other, lesser used systems, that I do like to play music for. I have gone though many of the programs he mentions. MusicBee being the one I tend to use on systems that don't warrant paying for a player. Thanks for the time spent on that Bluesman! Nice review.
  4. My situation as well, excited to get an etherRegen, I’ll be trying to get in the first wave, but my work makes tight timing difficult. This order window looks to be tight. Fortunately, there is still music to listen to if I end waiting a month.
  5. That's my stance too. Qobuz/Roon work perfectly for me at the present time. I'm not saying that Amazon won't squash the "smaller" streaming services if they want, but currently, I am well cared for.
  6. I used that microphone with the REW software (free, with great documentation and guide) and worked with the folks at GIK Acoustics. I have a small room, and it made a huge difference. I sent my REW graph, and a sketch of my room. As I use a turntable, and audio sound, I needed to treat the room, not just use a confabulator file to correct a Roon output. REW will output a confabulator file if you want to go that route.
  7. Congratulations on a working board. A big milestone. Enjoy the weekend. I do enjoy the updates!
  8. I do apologize for saying November. You mentioned that the cases were arriving in October. Some one else said November - my mistake. I was trying to refer to the development of the etherRegen as you have shared it with us. As a non-entrepreneur and non-electronic whiz, and a non-manufacturer, your work process seems very scary to me. I don’t take much time off, and I’m only taking the three days of the Thanksgiving we off to be with my kids coming home for that period. It will also be a good time, for me, to give a good listen to any changes I might make in my system. Again, I apologize if I ruffled any feathers.
  9. Yeah, this thread has quieted down, as the earliest possible (not promised!) shipping of the first round is now November. I’m still happy to see the progress, and the careful development of this box. Fortunately, no one should be doing without music, with some other switch/hub working in their system. (I have some D-Link generic hub currently in that spot) (crossed fingers that another board, or part supply, issue occurs) Still looking forward to improving my system with the etherRegen, it has been great fun watching the development process, along with the trials, and tribulations faced by the UpTone team. Thanks again for sharing with us! It would have been so easy to not mention this product until the actual release. I'm taking the Thanksgiving week off, maybe I will get to put the etherRegento use that weekend?
  10. Even reading the first entry of this thread will answer your question. Most of us are carefully watching this thread as the etherRegen is being refined, and perhaps finalized, this go ‘round. From the last news, you have several months to read/digest this thread for fine points. OP has specifically asked to exclude Ethernet cable talk from this thread. I would think if you wanted to limit your reading, the cable discussion had been in the last 4-5 pages, ending when asked by the OP.
  11. I would point the 100b at the music server, and point the 1gb (copper and optical) ports at every thing else. The point of the moat is to separate the “player” from the rest of the network. I plan for the etherRegen to be the cleanup for my network, with the most isolation, and final reclocking for the port going directly to the player. I use my NAS as a Roon server, and my Streamer/DAC for an endpoint. (No USB)
  12. LoL, it’s not going to be here till it’s ready, but that is funny.
  13. I think we would all be interested in you trying both. I have a much simpler system with my NAS as a Roon server, and my streamer/DAC/Pre getting direct ethernet input. I will be replacing a cheap 5 port ethernet hub with the etherRegen. The 100m port going to the streamer and the other ports going to the home switch, Oppo BluRay, and Roku devices that all live in my audio stack.
  14. Here is an early render of the board itself. Imply whatever you want, but I see the SFP, and a gang of ethernet ports on the top end (B?), and a single port, and clock input (with switch) on the bottom right (A side?), with power, LED (and perhaps ground screw) on the bottom left (more B side) My guesses, and, assuming the board still looks like this.
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