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  1. Well done @AudioDoctor Hope your move does well for you, and I look forward to your new room.
  2. I had a BDA-3 early on. I really wanted the HDMI ports to work better. Mixing 4K in caused issues for me, back then. That’s probably fixed by now, I think there was an upgrade. Bryston offers great service, and does upgrade their stuff from time to time. The sound is great! It was not a streamer back then. However, I could not reliably read the small labels next to the bright LEDs. I know most of you have no issues with that, but I did. Had a good year, and moved up to the Bricasti M12. Big, readable display, and big labels on the buttons. Replaced pre-amp, DAC
  3. Nicely done, the both of you! Thanks for letting us look in.
  4. Your room / system has turned out beautiful, and I’m sure sounds spectacular! It’s been fun following the build. Thanks for sharing the process.
  5. One of my work spaces requires closed headphones. It’s not really a critical listening location. I use a Focal Elegia there, after trying a run of cheaper alternatives. SQ, and isolation, are really good.
  6. No, the man is a professional speaker maker. My speakers are at the bottom level of his range. He is a musician. There are a few interviews with him recently, in which he describes his philosophy. https://www.daedalusaudio.com https://positive-feedback.com/reviews/hardware-reviews/daedalus-audio-muse-studio-loudspeaker/ Lou is putting on an audio show next year https://www.pacificaudiofest.com/about-us
  7. Absolutely beautiful handmade cabinet, mostly solid walnut, with some Baltic plywood. Of interest, the front baffle is angled in somewhat, and sloped back to time align. I added upgraded crossover components, and his spikes and DiD feet. From the site - cut and paste: perfectly with virtually any quality amplifier. Muse Specifications Sensitivity: 95.5 db SPL with 2.83 volts @ 1 meter High sensitivity offers us the ability to achieve life like dynamics
  8. My speakers were ordered in February, arrived this Friday. My “perfect” speakers. Right sized for my small room, efficient for my wimpy amps, and absolutely beautiful in construction and appearance. Made by a true craftsman. Still breaking them in.
  9. I have this device, and use it occasionally to send Bluetooth from my phone to my pre-amp, which does not have Bluetooth connectivity. I have used it with the optical out, which is a bit better than the analog out (Bricasti DAC vs Audioengine) I currently have the DVD going to the optical, so the B-Fi is doing analog. I would say it’s a match for a raspberry PI hat though, without the DIY playing around. It is bulletproof so far to me.
  10. Or just avoid USB altogether... Very nicely done review, thanks!
  11. Thanks @firedog! Nice system, and excellent stories. I appreciate the time spent putting this together. i use similar room treatments in my small room. I use stacked GIK corners.
  12. I use the optical input on the M12 for my video. I recently simplified by attaching my video sources (Oppo, Cable, AppleTV) directly to the TV, and use the TV for HDMI switching. Then Toslink from TV to Bricasti M12. As I only use stereo in my small room, I don’t use an AV processor. i use XLR connection of the phono pre, and use the RCA for a small Bluetooth receiver, that I don’t use much.
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