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  1. Only half way through Q2. They still have a while. At this point, no news is good news. I figure when it’s ready, they will announce/send emails for pre-order. I’d be more concerned if they were here talking about difficulties in the development process.
  2. Different strokes, er DACs, for different folks. There is room for all to play in this arena. Prices are whatever you can get for your products. The Soekris boards have done well in several implementations, and clearly benefit from cleaner power supplies. Congratulations on a very pretty component. Best of luck with sales. Thanks for the review.
  3. I was going to suggest you mark it “100”, and the others “1G”.
  4. Yes, I did read the rules earlier on this thread, could not help asking for the PRE-pre-order list though. I should be on the list though, so maybe I will notice the notice in time, when it does occur. - Thanks
  5. Getting serious now! Way to go guys, can I be first on the pre-pre-order list???
  6. Nice review of SOTA headphones, well organized and commented. I pre-ordered H800s when they first came out, running them with several amps, ending with the balanced Cardas Clear cables and the Headroom Balanced amp. I ended up upgrading to the Utopia, with Black Dragon balanced cabling via a Violectric HPA V281. I heard the Abyss last year at Axpona, and it is good, not enough to upgrade from the Utopia though. Of course most of these systems are approaching/over an electrostat setup. Of note, at 60, I have few issues with high frequencies, since I can't hear over 13Khz. My favorite at Axpona last year was the Voce/BHSE setup that I now have at home.
  7. I probably do listen to the slower side of Jazz (female vocals, Stan Getz), with a lot of guitar (Billy McLaughlin, Rodrigo y Gabriella, Stephen Wake)), LOTS of classic rock (Beach Boys thru ZZ Top), some electronica (deadmau5, David Arkenstone). I do like Handel, Mozart, and other classical music, but it’s lower down the list for me. I do use Toccata and Fugue to enjoy, and help tune, my sub. I also use my system for stereo projection of analog TV sound, or BluRay and Roku. Movie scores are very nice in my room. I will admit that I don’t care for most of the dissonant music types, Jazz or Orchestral. Nor most rap+hip hop. My music tastes developed before those came out.
  8. Well stated. As with much in our current society, everyone seems to think their opinion = fact, and everyone who thinks differently is flat out wrong. Of course there is a wide spectrum of audio gear, and music itself. Of course different people will be on their own part of both of those spectrums. I, along with many others, slide up and down the gear spectrum. Current interests, and finances, have shaped my gear selections. It was Head-Fi, and Foobar2000, and a new, to me, concept of “bit perfect” via a computer+DAC that sparked my interest, more than a decade ago, in this part of music. As a youngster, I enjoyed listening to my Dad’s McIntosh+DIY Klipshorns system. Radio tuner and vinyl. It all started there for me. I think we all have different life experiences that make us unique, and I would expect us all to have different interests in gear, and music. I would also expect those interests to change over time, for each individual.
  9. I have the last years model, but I find Jazz sublime. Not well enough versed to answer on the classical.
  10. My Dad’s MC60s. I had them restored, as one was not working. New tubes also. They sound terrific. The Zu Druids are sensitive enough, that some work was needed with the hum and gain pots. I was also able to do a bit of room correction with the gain controls. You can just see the hallway entrance at the left of the picture. I had been using Roon for balancing the sound, I could make the left side a bit louder with the gain controls, and relieve Roon of that work. Plus, it’s balanced for all my sources now, not just the digital through Roon.
  11. I am glad that my headphones have the older firmware, they are truly excellent headphones in this segment. Perfect travel headphones for me.
  12. I am on my second set of Zu speakers, my son is loving my original Zu Essence speakers, and I am still in love with my Druid V speakers + UnderTone Sub. Seeing that the Druid is now at VI, and they were a great cable company even before that, Zu has been around a good while, and weathered more than one economic downturn. Sean and his team are very personable, easy to talk to, and absolutely LOVE music. If I ever feel then need to upgrade my speakers, I will be looking at the newest Zu offering before looking elsewhere.
  13. If you read this thread, they (upTone) have mentioned, on several occasions, the causes for the delays. They have been very forthright about the fact that they are developing a new approach to this item, and it has involved a bunch of research. and trials/errors, including some changes as they have worked through it.. They also have mentioned that they would not announce any dates until they have a product to pre-order. I would assume that if the current test boards they are examining work well, launch might be eminent, however, if they have issues, another round of testing will be required. That and the vagaries of the supply chain for these parts makes the estimating of time and cost for this device to be "estimates" and to be taken with a grain of salt. Until the pre-order emails come out 😊
  14. I don't have a clue whether a new digital audio format will make for smaller files in the future. I have a feeling that audio enthusiasts will continue to want the exact bits to come out of the compressed audio file. I never could tell the difference with MQA files from Tidal, and in the end moved away from Tidal, and use equipment that is not MQA compliant. (yes, I know that my Roon would do the first unfolding) I actually mostly transcode my files, in Roon to DSD128 for my DAC, which has a whole separate board for DSD.
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