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    second router

    Be careful with terminology. If you replaced your existing router with another router, you are probably just fine. Unless you assigned a fixed IP address, which you would need to repeat with the new router. You could set your network admin and password the same on the new router. If you added a new router after the existing router, you will be having conflicting IP addressing. You should only have one router after your modem. Converting the second router to being a switch or wireless access point only is possible. If you added a "switch" after your router, you should be good to go.
  2. good point, so just do it as simply as I can. TYVM
  3. My feeling is that they have designed a switch that will do well in the average computeraudiophile equipment stack. Copper or Optical in, a "special" copper to the streamer/server, and a couple of other "good" copper outs for additional equipment (BluRay/NAS/Video Streamer) (my stack has networked audio streamer / video streamer / Oppo BR ) It should work GREAT for that purpose. I assume that some people will have other needs, and wants, and need to consider other options. I currently have a switch on the wall in my mancave that feeds my computer + printer, and a line over to my switch in the A/V stack. I need to look in my closet again, I think my AV switch is the third in line - EdgeLite Router - switch in the closet, mancave switch then the AV switch. I use a NAS in a closet to run RoonCore, and store music. My streamer is an integrated copper ethernet fed streamer/dac (Bricasti M12) I am consider network changes to minimize switch count prior to the streamer, and lower electrical runs in the mancave. 1) running copper ethernet from the mancave ethernet wall jack straight to the new etherRegen, and then either copper or fiber back over to a switch under the computer + printer (which is ~15 foot of wall away from each other) adds an optical line, does not reduce copper line, does lower switch count 2) re-arrange my closet system to allow a run straight from the router up to the mancave, and reduce the switch count till the streamer (probably should be done anyway, and might have already been done) 3) install a new switch in the mancave with an SFP slot to feed to the etherRegen (eliminates one current copper line)
  4. I will be getting one of these, sticking with a plain one for now. I would prefer the bigger case. It would fit on the PSU that I will be getting to power the etherRegen, and Roku player. Perhaps offer 2 versions? The small one, which would be cheaper, and the large one, which would cost more, but work better for some people.
  5. Bones13

    Article: Qobuz Announces Opening of US Beta

    got my "wait listed" email today. I never was the "popular" sort.
  6. Bones13

    Article: Qobuz Announces Opening of US Beta

    i filed out the survey last week too. nothing so far.
  7. I suppose those of us, obsessively watching this thread, will know when to get our orders in, when the ordering comes available. im thinking JS-2 to power this etherRegen, and my Roku streamer. Overkill, I’m sure, but that would be 2 less wall-warts in my system.
  8. Heh, well we are an impatient lot to be sure. My DLink hub will do for now. I know I won’t overpay for a consumer hub that has been hot rodded with a few caps, and linear power supply. I plan on waiting for the reviews on the etherRegen and the recently released, much more expensive competition. I don’t happen to need an 8 port hub in that location. Mine only feeds the Bricasti, Roku, and Oppo 4K disc player.
  9. If ATT would actually have that product available, I would try it. Currently I keep getting ads for fiber, but the website tells me - nah, we can offer you 30 at your location. I tried that when I moved in, worse 2 months of my life. Comcast is commonly 75-90 here, plenty for streaming a couple of devices and gaming, etc. Costs a fortune for 3 TVs, “fast” internet, and the landline (yeah, the wife still thinks she will get a call on the landline if one of our, out of state living, children gets in a car wreck, and the police will somehow find our number here. I’m pretty sure our grown up kids both don’t know the landline number, and don’t have it listed in their phones) Supposed to be getting fiber at the beach house, with some TV channels (I have not seen all the details, as this is a community wide project)for $75, half of the current Mediacom bill. still looking at cutting the cord options.
  10. I’m sure it is. As the analog, digital, and power cables continue to multiply in my room, anything I can replace with optical (while not adversely affecting sound quality) is a preference. example is the 20’ optical HDMI cable I’m using. Running with it are stereo cables to the amps, and from the cable box to the pre. Changing that (shielded) digital cable to optical makes me feel better. I could not hear a difference, to be clear though.
  11. Really getting excited for this switch to surface. I am trying to simplify my system over time. I eliminated USB and reclocking issues going to a Bricasti M12. Gone is the shoebox full of custom cables, microRendu, 2x power supply boxes, etc., DAC, and Pre-Amp. Now signal chain ethernet from a small generic hub that feeds the Roku and Oppo and Bricasti over at the audio stack. I run Roon core on my NAS in a closet downstairs. I know my Bricasti was expensive, but the sound enhancement was quite significant over the microRendu retinue + Bryston BDA3 DAC + W4S STP-SE. This new etherRegen hub sounds perfect for my system, specially not needing additional clocking, and power boxes. I might even upgrade the other switch in the office to run optical from that switch to this etherRegen. The Bricasti does a lot of ethernet isolation, having the etherRegen level of clean will be icing on the cake. Keep up the great work developing these special devices for our niche market.
  12. Sounds like a fun evening! Thanks for the enjoyable read.
  13. Bones13

    Acuhorn R2R streamer / DAC

    Nice looking Soekris board implementation. You might look at others for reviews, although I’m sure all will sound different to some degree. http://www.soekris.dk/products.html
  14. Bones13

    Router - Switch

    Thanks for the update!
  15. Bones13

    Router - Switch

    Any real information out there since they closed the thread?