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  1. Or just avoid USB altogether... Very nicely done review, thanks!
  2. Thanks @firedog! Nice system, and excellent stories. I appreciate the time spent putting this together. i use similar room treatments in my small room. I use stacked GIK corners.
  3. I use the optical input on the M12 for my video. I recently simplified by attaching my video sources (Oppo, Cable, AppleTV) directly to the TV, and use the TV for HDMI switching. Then Toslink from TV to Bricasti M12. As I only use stereo in my small room, I don’t use an AV processor. i use XLR connection of the phono pre, and use the RCA for a small Bluetooth receiver, that I don’t use much.
  4. yes, I did. I had previously used a generic TrendNet hub in that location. Will the difference be “night and day”, probably not. A worthwhile tweak in my opinion. on another note, I really enjoyed the significantly lowered box, and cable, count that resulted from using the M12.
  5. I would love a code. I just bought/downloaded the spanish guitar album, very nice, thanks. One of the wonderful things about the new digital music era, is that passionate people can do projects like this without a large promotion company to record/distribute/suck the money out of, music. Keep up the good work.
  6. I use Roon to "re"sample all of my files (from MP3 to DSD256) to DSD128 when streaming to my Bricasti. This is done at the server level. I use an i3 based NAS for my server, and have no lag or delay issues. All done on the fly, of course, with no saving of the resampled files for use in another device. Unless I am missing your real question, which may be ripping from physical media.
  7. I have deployed the eR for a couple of weeks as well. Last weekend, I changed the switch feeding the eR to one with an SFP cage, and connected via optical to the eR. No hitches with installation, and it all got started up without drauma. Ubiquiti U Fiber Multi-Mode SFP 1G As predicted, there was no immediate SQ changes from the optical link to side A. Overall, there has been a decent amount of SQ improvement by the eR, and I am happy with the purpose, and the new setup.
  8. Quick shipment, fantastic product. Well done you two, and your minions (or elves?) helping with assembly and shipping.
  9. Installed mine last night (December shipping) and had no issues. I did have to power cycle the Bricasti to get an IP address, but that was like that before, with the TrendNet hub.
  10. Inserted mine into my system last night. 1) remove Trendnet hub, and find/detatch its wall wart. 2) Plug in new UpTone audio PSU (hide under shelves) 3) place the ER and plug in the streamer to B, and incoming + BlueRay +AppleTV to A. First impression very positive, a bit more "pop" and darker background. I will let it cook a few days before I make final comments. Next step will be to replace the unmanaged switch that feeds the ER with a new one with an SFP cage, and run optical to the ER. This will remove any interference that might be present with the 10 foot, copper, ethernet cable running along with a couple of power cords for 3-5 feet. The optical cable won't be affected by electro/magnetic interference. This was on my list to investigate, even before the ER was announced.
  11. Looking forward to a shipping notification this week, and a new, well reviewed, toy for Christmas!
  12. I have used static IP addresses for my networked audio gear ever since learning how to do so. I did find issues, not with the drop outs being talked about here, but rather there has been a some audio software, in the past that could not find the hardware if the IP changed due to lease loss and power disturbances. Of course, turning everything off, then on, would fix things, but that gets tiring. etherRegen, being an simple switch (not managed) does not get its own IP address, correct? Planning my static IP table, my Roon Core running NAS is already running with a fixed IP. My etherRegen is in the second batch.
  13. The Uptone guys have stated several times that this device works the same going from the A side to the B side, and visa versa. Your network can connect to the B side, and then you can use the A side SFP connector to go to your streamer. In that case, the etherRegen could be considered a very clean copper Ethernet to optical Ethernet adapter. Do recall, that the B side jack is 100mb, and if you use the other A side Ethernet jacks, they will not be cleaned between them and the SFP, and the A side jacks will connect to the network at the 100g Limit of the B side jack. The etherRegen fits my needs perfectly. I currently use a small ethernet switch in my audio stack. There is an ‘in’ cable, and ‘out’ cables to the streamer, Roku, and BluRay player. The etherRegen will replace this box, with a 1m Ethernet cable from the B port as the last run to the streamer. The A side will get video boxes and receive the ‘in’. If the ‘in’ for my system changes to optical in the future, I’ll be ready.
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