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  1. Like many people in audio, Geno built what he thought would be a one off Digital to Analog Converter (DAC). Little did he know that would turn into leaving his previous life as a Computer Scientist and he and his wife Sherri starting Geshelli Labs.
  2. I did this for years with my 24T Synology without issue whatsoever. I used the Eero Mesh.
  3. Has anyone ever seen Audio Precision measurements of the LIO-8 DAC?
  4. John Seaber set out on a mission. He wanted a well performing headphone amp. Little did he know that his search would form a very successful business manufacturing an enhanced version of Chu Moy's cMoy design. Selling tens of thousands of these units, yes, you read that right; ultimately led to his own design. His story is quite neat to listen to. Enjoy!
  5. WTB: exasound e68 or s88 View Classified I'd prefer an s88 but will certainly entertain the e68. Prefer a black unit but silver could work if the deal is solid. Seller jtwrace Date 08/13/21 Price Category Digital to Analog Converters  
  6. Time Left: 25 days and 13 hours

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    I'd prefer an s88 but will certainly entertain the e68. Prefer a black unit but silver could work if the deal is solid.


  7. Dr. Robert Malone provides us with an in depth discussion on his past of how he invented the mRNA and DNA technology. You are sure to learn a lot in this highly interesting topic.
  8. Dan Wright started ModWright Instruments as a hobby to modify equipment. Today, ModWright has grown into a well respected Audio Company which leverages Dan's design skills along with some of the industry leading circuit designers. Please enjoy Dan's story as it's quite an interesting one!
  9. Adam explains to us about the formation of KLOS Guitars and how they're made. He and his brother Ian's formal education of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering have certainly helped their journey of KLOS Guitars. They have also started a company called Skill Board USA for the ultimate in human balance control.
  10. Ethan Winer joins for an hour of explanation of room treatment and explains his views on many other audio related topics including his book The Audio Expert.
  11. I have the pleasure to sit with the brilliant Bruno Putzeys from Hypex Audio fame. It's no secret that he truly broke ground to make Class D amplification mainstream within the HiFi community.
  12. In 1985 Miki's father Dan, started Acry-Tech Coatings. While it started as a paint company, Dan quickly developed new industry leading products. Please have a listen to Miki to learn about Acry-Tech and learn about the new formula of DuraTex that makes it stand out from their competitors. From car audio, home audio/theater or Pro Audio, DuraTex Coating has you covered. ;)
  13. That's right, if this feature interest you, please head over to the Roon Community Forum and vote for this. Be sure to "love" the first post and post in the comments. https://community.roonlabs.com/t/ro...y-mode-do-no-harm-on-roadmap-low-on-list/2709 From the first post: I would like there to be a “guest” or party profile which by default has all the editing, exporting, setup functions turned off. That way I can let my guests browse through Roon without me hovering and worrying that they might “make a drunken mistake”. :smile: Keep in mind this is also useful for family that may make a mistake (e.g. kids)
  14. Hired by Dr. Floyd Toole 20 yrs ago, it was an honor to have Distinguished Engineer Todd Welti on from Harman. Todd speaks openly what his daily job consists of; room modeling, subjective correlation, headphone acoustics, machine learning to product development.
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