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  1. When can we see these? Oh, wait, never-mind. That's not happening - ever 🤣
  2. Does anyone know how to change the password for log in?
  3. I've owned all those variants... This might be of interest to you
  4. Measure what you have now. Then install the treatments and measure it again without moving the mic.
  5. What about bass traps? Seems like a little amount of treatments to me
  6. @ALLOsupport are there any hardware updates coming? If so, what?
  7. It will work with a streamer, however, he is still testing to see if it will stream with all 8 channels.
  8. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/buchardt-audio-s400.7499/page-2#post-174992 It was not like I read it as an attack or anything We are pretty clear under the description of the S400 that its a very cheap tweeter we use. Its an 19mm dome tweeter, its pretty simple to manufacturer such tweeter at next to no cost. But that do no meant that its bad. We even had the beryllium Satori tweeter in the lineup for this task, this cheap 19mm just performed way better for the application we needed in this case Our waveguide is an casted thick aluminium one, the tooling for making this cast mold was freaking expensive! But we wanted this waveguide/tweeter design to be used in a lot of products in the future, so that should make up for that expense in the end hopefully. And we are also applying for a patent for that specific design as well. As for the products we are working on at the moment. We have two new active speakers up next. A short description on them : S400A : Its close to the design of the S400 and then no really. It looks like it with the waveguide on top now (we can do time alignment in the DSP here). The cabinet is a bit deeper (4 centimeters). The big change is that we here use closed cabinets. We have one woofer on the front, and one on the back over the active system. Each woofer in its own cabinet inside so we can time aligned the back woofer. They dont have much space to work with so we need a ton of power for them. Here we have 3 x 150 w of some brand new class d chips from Texas Instruments and a powerfull power supply. And high quality DSP and the CS4398 DAC in each speaker as well. They can be connected via WISA to our hub and remote. Or any WISA receiver for that matter. Or you can simply connect them via XLR to your own pre amp and run them. But using our hub, you will also have the ability to use our Room correction, witch is a topic by it self. But in short, its made directly to handle the issues in the bass coursed by the room (sub 250hz) and it touches nothing else! I really cant emphasize enough how mind great this actually works, and its very easy to setup as well and measure your room. S700A floorstander : All the same jazz, just with 4 x 150 w amps and a 3.5 way design instead of an 2.5 way. This will have waveguide, 6" midrange 4 x 2 x 6" woofers (17-200hz) and on the back 2 x 6" woofers (17-100hz). Still pretty elegant and compact design, but with a ton of power! I will attach some measurements from our 3. prototype (wasting now for the final prototype to get finished). These has been under development for almost 3 years now. We have spend so much time on them! We are sharing this active platform with other companies, but we have specified the amps and dacs in them. You can see the platform also used by System Audio in there new Silverback lineup. We have just upgraded the amps and dacs compared to these. But the Hub and features are basically the same. To carry development cost for something like this is alone is completely out the picture. We are also working on two new passive in a new Performance series scheduled for 2020 : P400 : basically an cheaper version of S400. Here we will be using the PFC series of SB 6" woofers, AMAZING drivers at an low cost! We will do some changes to them, one of them is an aluminium chassis. Otherwise a cheaper cabinet and much cheaper crossover compared to the S400. But it will be our best value for money product! P700 Floorstander : 3 way with 6" midrange and 2 x 6" woofer supported by 4 x 6" passive radiators.Lastly we are also developing an amplifier! This might be a surprise It started because i wanted to bring this fantastic new room correction to our passives as well. So we started the project as an room correction box alone. But getting more in to it, we actually ended up with an integrated design with the room correction in it instead. Tooling cost and approvals to be able to sell them worldwide and all that follows to start the production of this was estimated to cost $86.000!! This was the same cost for an room correction box on its own, so we decided to go with an all in one box (excepts streaming).
  9. These look quite interesting. $1900 shipped in the USAhttps://www.buchardtaudio.com/s400-detailed-description https://www.buchardtaudio.com/shop D&D competitor with just as much power from what I understand too. Active, WiSA is coming along with Roon Ready
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