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  1. I was having similar doubts and ended up going this way: Switch - AQ Cinnamon ethernet - Acoustic Revive filter - ultraRendu (Sonore LPS) - WW Starlight USB - ISO Regen (LPS-1.2) - SR Galileo UEF USB. Switch is next to be replaced by an EtherRegen whenever po$$ible.
  2. Back of my unit, front is all black. Minimalistic, not even power switch, just plain performance. And with the gang. Ethernet in, USB out.
  3. 7V version. My mains here is nominal 127V but sometimes fluctuates to 128-129V.
  4. What is the maximum and minimum voltages the 110V US version can accept to run undamaged and within spec?
  5. From what I understood the Makua with DAC volume is relay-based and "directly controls the gain of the output stage", while Tambaqui uses the same output stage but always at maximum gain and the volume is digital attenuation only. I bought an used Makua with DAC.
  6. @vortecjr could you please tell us what are the new features of 2.8, at least the confirmed ones? Even if release date and pricing is unconfirmed. Thanks.
  7. I asked Mola Mola and got: "Yes indeed the two DAC's are the same, difference between the two is that the Tambaqui employs a digital volume control where the Makua employs an analogue control. Both work very well well but there might be light differences." So there this implementation difference indeed.
  8. So what is the consensus for a digital system only: Tambaqui directly to a power amp sounds the same, better or worst than Makua+DAC module into the same power amp?
  9. I would very much like to own one, but the price does not help.... Even used.
  10. Their website also sells a passive radiator for this driver which would be very interesting for a DIY project. Specially something bigger like a d'Appolito PR - woofer - tweeter - woofer - PR floorstander. https://purifi-audio.com/vare-kategori/transducers/
  11. Yes, QB-9 DSD started with optical isolation of the USB port inside the unit. I always wondered why other manufacturers did not also implement this.
  12. MSB has been isolating their DAC inputs with their proprietary ProISL fiber as well. http://www.msbtechnology.com/accessories/prousb/ Or Bel Canto Black system went further and its "preamp" converts everything to 2 fibers and sends to the dac+amplifier monos. http://www.belcantodesign.com/home/black/the-system/
  13. I also fixed the IP address of the server and even the access point. Let's see if that helps. Only my cell phone, using JRemote2 to control JRiver, still has its IP given by DHCP.
  14. I agree: a single box with SFP input (optical or ethernet) with outputs to I2S, AES/EBU and BNC SPDIF would be awesome.
  15. But REW cannot? Even exporting EQ filters as wave files and importing convolution etc?
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