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  1. @photonman congratulations. They take a few hundred hours to break in, longer than usual, so patience in the first couple of months until they sound their best.
  2. What are your 3 good reasons not to be a $50-savings bundle?
  3. Ordered mine. Would anyone have an inside picture?
  4. I highly recommend trying at least 1 AC iPurifier in your system. It really works even in mid to high end systems. Lowers the noise floor with better dynamics and sounds more natural. This is especially noticeable if your system has no other AC conditioning.
  5. @vortecjr Any chance of upgrading the ultraRendu with the same output circuits and regulations from opticalRendu, minus the optical connection itself? Like a ultraRendu 1.5 or so?
  6. You should add this power supply to the recommended list of the rendus, also on the products page under power supplies it is not mentioned, and also on the add drop down list along with the SGC ones in opticalRendu. BTW I plan to purchase mine soon to power my current ultraRendu, and keep it for my future opticalRendu.
  7. Actually Apollon already have 2 models of 8-channel Hypex based amps on their website: https://www.apollonaudio.com/apollon-ncmp8200-hypex-based-multichannel-class-d-amplifier/ https://www.apollonaudio.com/apollon-ncmp8350-hypex-based-multichannel-class-d-amplifier/ And Nord goes even further allowing you to configure your amp on the website (Apollon probably allows this too by e-mail). Just choose your modules! https://www.nordacoustics.co.uk/product-page/nord-one-mp-ncxxx-4-8-122-500w-custom-configurable-channel-amplifier-black
  8. SMSL Idea or Sabaj DA2 are a lot better value.
  9. Using AS on a mobile browser does not show signatures, so some people will not know.
  10. He works for them as a consultant as far as I know.
  11. Matias

    Farewell ML

    His latest articles on sarcastic and funny jokes on audiophiles now make much more sense. There will always be different subgroups of people: the entry levels, the hardened veterans, the hardcore objectivists, the hardcore subjetivists, the old school, the bleeding edge, etc. Going public is sure going to annoy some of those, and after many years it must be tiring and frustrating.
  12. @The Computer Audiophile Hi Chris, I would love to see an AS review of the Nord One SE NC500DM MKII amplifier, since it is so popular. Or maybe their new flagship NC1200 based amp?
  13. I got my Acoustic Revive Lan Isolator this week and it has been a great upgrade. Cleaned up mids, diminished sibilances and crash bells, improved decays and microdynamics. No major shift in tonality. Makes for a calmer playback that makes you wish to turn up the volume. I know there are probably better performing isolators out there (GigaFOIL v4) but its price + power supply is much higher. The Acoustic Revive was used on the input of the ultraRendu + Ghent Gotham DC + LPS-1.2 followed by ISO Regen + Ghent Gotham DC + LPS-1.
  14. I bought a second unit of the Ghent Gotham DC to replace the regular Ghent Canare DC between my ISO Regen + LPS-1 after the ultraRendu + LPS-1.2. I was expecting more of the same I noticed above, but the effect was quite different: more defined decays and textures, slightly higher resolution and a little more natural. No major shift in tonality. Interesting. I suppose the ISO Regen is not so sensitive to the lower impedance of the Gotham cable and more sensitive to its better shielding and distortion I guess.
  15. Sorry, dimensions were on the first post: Dimensions : 60mm(h)x165mm (w)x165mm (d). Thanks for the weight too.
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