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  1. Quite significant in dynamics and overall ease of playing. Highly recommended.
  2. @semente try adding an iFi AC iPurifier (100 usd) on an empty receptacle, it will neutralize high frequency noise on the mains. https://ifi-audio.com/products/ac-ipurifier/ https://ifi-audio.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/AC-iPurifier-Tech-Note-FINAL.pdf
  3. Excellent review, very well written, full of details and comparisons. Thank you!
  4. Industry multipliers are around 6 with traditional retail channels as far as I know. 3 going direct. But 2 really is impressive!
  5. I would expect them to work perfectly, being from the same manufacturer. I am just waiting to receive and start using mine.
  6. Using B side input and A side optic output exclusively makes the $640 EtherREGEN do the same function as the $250 opticalModule though...
  7. In my case I meet Ethernet to other devices too. So using an EtherRegen B side input, optical to opticalRendu and other devices on A side is not ideal, as per John's explanation. This would work only if there were no other devices on the A side. Also on my case there is the price difference between buying a new opticalRendu and selling my ultraRendu. Option 1 makes more sense to me.
  8. My current setup: ethernet cable coming to living room => generic switch => ultraRendu (and other non audio devices: AVR, HTPC, video game console) => ISO Regen => DAC. Upgrade path option 1: ethernet cable => EtherREGEN => ultraRendu on B side (and other devices on A side) => ISO Regen => DAC Upgrade path option 2: ethernet cable => generic switch => opticalModule (and other devices) => opticalRendu => ISO Regen => DAC Both should provide electrical isolation and better phase noise to the different Rendus. But option 2 raises the box count, which is not desirable...
  9. You should definitely try an ISO Regen after the ultraRendu. I used it here and it does make a difference. Most likely after an opticalRendu as well. In my case the option would be to upgrade the generic switch to an EtherRegen an keep the ultraRendu. Or keep the generic switch and upgrade to an opticalModule + opticalRendu combo. Decisions...
  10. ...if he does not use the other A side copper connections to anything else non audio related, as John answered. I had the same doubts when planning my future upgrade path.
  11. Replace your switch with an EtherRegen, use the B side clean output to the opticalModule, and link it to the opticalRendu. Seems to be overkill to me but I am sure many will try and use this.
  12. Would it make sense to use the B side for input, optical for an opticalRendu and the remaining A side Ethernet for other devices nearby? Does this provide low phase noise performance for the optical SFP?
  13. Does anyone have experience with an ISO Regen after the opticalRendu? Does it further improve its performance?
  14. I tried going DAC-power amp directly but it sounds thin compared to adding a preamp, which makes the sound more full bodied and dynamic. I wish it was not necessary, would have saved $$$ on cables and the preamp itself, and less rack clutter...
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