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  1. Will they also go after pro audio customers (supply modules and drivers for instrument amplifiers, PA speakers) or are they more focused on the high end audio market? Besides amplification and drivers, possibly DACs as I have also asked before, any other product lines they have in mind?
  2. Indeed the 1ET400A module is at 500kHz according to the preliminary spec sheet. https://6moons.com/wp-content/uploads/audioreviews/purifi/1.pdf
  3. Did you let the amp burn in for a few hundred hours? All amplifier classes benefit from extended run in.
  4. Still the question is good. What does he think of GaN? Will there be future Purifier modules using it? Why did he not use it yet?
  5. Any improvements on the switching power supplies as well? Other drivers (tweeters, woofers) also planned?
  6. He already answered this on the 6moons interview. Sonically and measurements are quite a step up from ncore. https://6moons.com/audioreview_articles/purifi/
  7. Will the Purify modules be pin compatible with their competitors for easy swap of modules? What other power ratings are they planning to release? Also planning all in one modules (power supply + buffer + power stage)? Are Purify only developing parts or they plan to release entire products like active speakers? DACs coming too?
  8. I believe it is more like CPU chips or smartphones: every few years comes a new technology that incrementally pushes the performance, a new family of products is released while keeping more or less the same prices, and previous products lose a little value. Let's see.
  9. Does this form factor and pins of the Purifi Eigentakt 1ET400A... ...look familiar to the Hypex NCore NC500 OEM?? Fingers crossed here for the boards to be pin compatible so that we get the possibility of user replaceable upgrades.
  10. NAD is going first, probably others will follow (Bel Canto? Jeff Rowland? Marantz?). The following is a press release issued by NAD. Munich High End 2019 | Munich, Germany | 3 May, 2019 – NAD Electronics, the acclaimed high fidelity audio brand with more than 45 years of leadership in performance amplifier innovation, announced that it will be the first international brand to incorporate and launch PURIFI’s new patent-pending class-D technology into its product family. The amplifier circuit, known as Eigentakt (meaning “self-clocking”), is the result of years of research by PURIFI into the self-oscillation behaviours in class-D amplifiers with algorithms that, when applied in control loops, improve existing designs by an order of magnitude or more. The agreement will see the two companies cooperate to adapt the Eigentakt circuit to NAD’s signature design requirements, with the intent to create a new amplifier platform for future, yet-to-be-announced products from NAD. “The Eigentakt technology is unique,” explains Bruno Putzeys, Co-Founder at PURIFI Audio. “Amplifiers carrying the technology will be exceedingly indifferent to speaker load, volume level, and signal content, resulting in negligible THD and IMD levels, and will feature exceptionally clean clipping.” According to measurements by PURIFI, the Eigentakt circuit is expected to outperform any audio amplifier known, regardless of technology or class, with THD and IMD quoted as below 0.00017% at all frequencies and power levels, and the frequency response in the audio band remains within +/- 0.01 dB under all load conditions. In addition to its status as a ground- breaking technology, it also represents one of the first products to be commercialized by PURIFI, which was founded in 2014 by industry veterans and renowned audio experts Putzeys, Lars Risbo, and Peter Lyngdorf. “Our NAD design team, led by Greg Stidsen, Taresh Vadgama and including the late Bjorn Erik Edvardsen, have maintained a close working relationship with Bruno, Lars, and Peter over the years. Clearly we all share the same commitment to audio excellence so NAD is pleased and proud to be at the forefront of adopting PURIFI’s class-leading technology,” said Gordon Simmonds, CEO of the Canada-based Lenbrook Group, owners of NAD Electronics as well as other high-fidelity audio brands, Bluesound wireless multi-room and PSB Speakers. “Our teams are already fully engaged in the process of developing a next generation amplifier platform that will feature this circuitry, keeping NAD and our other brands at the forefront of audio technology as it begins to weave into our product roadmap.” “I have personally been involved with NAD Electronics and have known the Lenbrook team for 40 years,” said Lyngdorf, Co-Founder and Chairman of PURIFI. “NAD is the perfect collaboration partner for this new technology and we look forward to their implementation, as we are sure it will propel the industry’s expectations for high-fidelity amplifiers.”
  11. NC1200 is a lot more powerful (watts), but distortion is lower on the 1ET400A module. But the 1ET400A is just 1 of the modules. They are probably going to release more modules with different power ratings, variants with/without embedded power supply and buffers, etc. As well as finished products under the Purify brand. Let's wait and see.
  12. Yes, and the preliminar specs of the Purify 1ET400A module look superior to the Hypex NC400: lower THD and IMD, higher efficiency. 2020 will be a very interesting year for class D with a strong new player on the market. Specsheet https://6moons.com/wp-content/uploads/audioreviews/purifi/1.pdf
  13. Bruno has left Hypex a while ago and is now one of the owners of Purify Audio. He is finishing a next generation of class D amplifiers which are superior to nCore: the Eigentakt. More info here: https://6moons.com/audioreview_articles/purifi/
  14. As an owner of the ultraRendu + LPS-1 and expecting to upgrade to the opticalRendu, I have to admit that this compatibility is important, without which it was going to be a deal breaker. I, and I assume many other owners, will be very grateful if the opticalRendu works with the Uptone LPS-1.
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