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  1. I contacted them by sending a message here: https://www.facebook.com/infoalborantrio Cost was 15 euros sent by PayPal, and he sent me the 24/96 wave files.
  2. I contacted Alboran Trio on Facebook and they sold me the new album Islands in 24/96 if anyone else is interested. I asked for the previous 2 albums in high-res but they don't have it now, working on it I suppose.
  3. No expert here but your own examples show that implementation matters. A regular SMPS brick for a laptop is very different from one inside a high end DAC such as the ones you mentioned.
  4. Fair enough, disconsider the subjective parts of that review then. Others below: https://www.soundstagehifi.com/index.php/opinion/1420-purifi-audios-pint-sized-powerhouses
  5. There are several reviews out there. Short version is: clean and clear, powerful, uncolored and gets out of the way. Users on forums tend to agree with this. Edit: one review in particular, from Audioxpress, is more forward thinking and his conclusion is intriguing. Where do we go from here? https://audioxpress.com/article/fresh-from-the-bench-a-tale-of-two-class-d-amplifiers-orchard-audio-bosc-and-purifi-audio-eigentakt-eval1
  6. Schiit Modius for 200usd? What is the rest of the system?
  7. Probalby means a copy-paste from the opticalModule Original and forgot to edit the text in the bottom. :D
  8. Other than the 100 mbps speed compatibility, the +45 usd only brings "Improved circuit layout" to performance?
  9. Ghent and Modushop both sell various sizes of chassis too.
  10. To me Apollon build quality is second to none. That is why my 2 amps are from them. For example their mono Purifi amps with pro opamps below. https://www.apollonaudio.com/purifi-1et400a-apollon-audio-monoblock/
  11. I forgot to take screenshots. Maybe try opening your Remote app, go to the upper right gear, and then check for updates, see it appears for you too? Then don't make my mistake and post a screenshot here please. :)
  12. FYI there is a new version for the DSP with DSD and upsampling bug fixes available to update via the PC software.
  13. It's been almost 2 months with my RME ADI-2 DAC fs v2 and I absolutely love it. Below with his new friends, the Focusrite Scarlet 6i6 2nd gen for home studio connected by digital coax to the RME, and the Apollon nCore NC502MP based power amp.
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