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  1. I don't know, to me this is like we customers bending over to fix an issue that the DAC manufacturer should be fixing instead. Personally this approach seems wrong to me, as if we are covering their flaws. Sorry for the rant.
  2. They are 10th generation, so a 10400? I have a 9400 for the server, sweet CPU, nice balance between performance and 65W TDP. My motherboard keeps the fan stopped until 60°C so it is basically fanless all the time, and it spins only when needed. Absolute silence.
  3. Got it. When I disabled "Direct DSD support on my DAC" it showed up on JRiver MC. Go figure. Thanks anyway.
  4. Also my JRiver is not finding my ultraRendu anymore. Was working fine 2 days ago. Running the latest versions of both. I can enter the Sonicorbiter page normally, DAC diagnostics is listed OK. Tried restarting MPD, clearing cache, running update, rebooting. JRiver sees my AVR on but not the ultraRendu. I tried shutting off both, reverting JRiver version, nothing. Any ideas?
  5. @agillis @vortecjr whenever possible could you please update MPD to the latest 0.21.24 version? It has been a while.
  6. Nice setup. If you are planning on going high end I have read and heard from people I know several recommendations for the dCS Network Bridge. USB or Ethernet input, AES output to your 8Cs. https://www.dcsltd.co.uk/products/network-bridge
  7. No, the phase one is red, the ground one depends on your installation.
  8. Yes. I have one in a phase + phase = 230V outlet and it is definitely noticeable.
  9. As far as I know, the Uptone switching power supply is a custom ordered MeanWell power supply with the output negative connected to the mains ground, aka "shunt". This can be done DIY as well with a simple cable. The result was measurably better too. More here:
  10. I would suggest you consider Sonore's own linear power supply, as it was designed specifically for the rendus. http://www.sonore.us/power.html
  11. I don't have a SGC power supply, mine is Sonore's, made by barrows here from AS. http://www.sonore.us/power.html It has more current and better regulation than the LPS-1.2 and is opticalRendu ready whenever I can upgrade.
  12. I used here ultraRendu + LPS-1.2 + Ghent DC with Gotham cable as short as possible 0.3m. Now I use the LPS-1.2 with the ISO Regen downstream, and power the ultraRendu with Sonore's own LPS. http://www.ghentaudio.com/part/dc-gac4.html
  13. If your question is "Why is there an option to update 2.7 to 2.8 and it does not work?" then you answer is "Because it is an user interface bug. It should not give the option to update if it is not available." Does that answer?
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