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  1. I thought it did, but apparently I got it wrong.
  2. So this essentially makes the opticalRendu into an ethernet input device like the ultraRendu, with the advantage of optical isolation and the enhanced regulators of the opticalRendu. Interesting!
  3. For those who missed asking questions before, or those like me who had more questions, Bruno is going to answer them here too (along with measurements): https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-purifi-1et400a-amplifier.7984/
  4. I guess that is what he stressed on the article, all the different unbehaved test cases he tried, and his team of reliability experts.
  5. @Metnoc I suggest you try this $72 DC cable from Ghent, recommended to me by Superdad. Did wonders to improve bass presence and overall tone. http://www.ghentaudio.com/part/dc-gac4.html
  6. Kaluga is $8k each btw, no edit button.
  7. Plus the ICEpower 1200AS is also competitive. And my bet is that Purifi will announce a 1200W module soon enough. Market is on fire. 🔥
  8. For what I can see the March Audio P701 ($1.9k full price) is pretty similar to the Mola Mola Kaluga ($16k). The former has the standby auxiliary power supply attached to the main SMSP heatsink, while the latter has it in the front of the chassis. Nord's NC1200 mono (£ 2k) uses the same large pro opamp options as their NC500 based offerings: Sonic Imagery and Sparkos. While Apollon's new NC1200 based monos (€ 1.75k ?) use fancier Weiss OP2-BP op amps for the input buffer and a linear power supply for the input buffer stage and modulator stage.
  9. No, it uses the standard opamps and regulators that Hypex provides. More info and pics here https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/march-audio-p701-mono-block-power-amp.6862/post-185443
  10. +1 for Gotham DC cable from Ghent, very nice upgrade from the Canare DC cable from Ghent as well.
  11. March Audio just introduced their NC1200 based monos for $1,395 usd each. Great price for the nCore flagship! https://www.marchaudio.net.au/product-page/p701-flagship-mono-block-power-amplifier
  12. My impressions of Ghent Audio Gotham based DC cable used with my LPS-1.2 below.
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