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  1. Yes, the regular Hypex SMPS1200 should do, I suppose the higher voltage version, SMPS1200A700. By the way forgot to post the excellent measurements. Almost as fine as the 1ET400A but with tons of current, probably more expensive though. Bruno really outdid himself. 1ET7040SA 1ET400A
  2. FYI this leaked and is about to be released. Purifi 1ET7040SA Output Power: 950W(2Ω), 500W(4Ω), 250(8WΩ) Output Current: ~40A THD+N: <0.00035% @ 200W, 4Ω, 1kHz Dynamic Range: ~129 dB(A) Output Noise: ~14µV(A) Gain: 13dB Output Impedance: <13µΩ @ 1kHz Efficiency: 94% @ 500W, 4Ω, 1kHz Idle losses (output stage): 2.8 W
  3. Yes, Mola Mola is very unlikely to move to Purifi modules as they are a sister company from Hypex themselves. But what I understand is that Hypex themselves improved the NCore technology, without Bruno helping, as they are now competitors.
  4. The Kula integrated was reviewed in the October edition of Hi-Fi News. Other than endless praise, to me the news part is that Mola-Mola did not implement the regular NCore technology for this amp, but improved the feedback circuit to reduce distortion significantly, with higher damping factor and better power supply noise rejection. I wonder if those improvements will eventually trickle down to the NCore OEM modules themselves eventually? This would be great.
  5. Nowadays Makua has a working ethernet for Roon too.
  6. Maybe consider instead of the Tambaqui+SCA2 go with the Mola Mola Makua instead? It has the same DAC inside their preamp. Try both before you buy, if possible.
  7. I have no idea. They don't detail much with a "What's New" report. Better if you ask their customer service directly.
  8. To be honest I never noticed differences when upgrading the DAC's DSP or XMOS or whatever. I think they did improve stability and such, but audio quality, not that I have noticed. Or maybe I did not pay attention enough.
  9. I think it more comparable with the Makua + NC252MP amp. Since I have a Makua with external NCore N500 amplifier, the Kula is like my system in an less powerful all-in-one version.
  10. Interesting that they use a 300W module that is in between their regular MP series: 250W of the NC252MP and 500W of the NC502MP, all in 4 ohms.
  11. Before and after recording of Isoacoustics Gaia feet with the Kii Three + BXT. https://youtu.be/k3ExWnCN5kU
  12. Can't you use an USB to AES-EBU converter and keep the DAC202? Weiss INT204 for example. https://www.weiss.ch/products/int204
  13. JRiver has both PEQ and Convolution for playback, I suppose other players too. Maybe you can measure with REW and create the EQ the first frequency range, add it to Equalizer APO, then measure again and create the second filter, add it to Equalizer APO as well, measure a 3rd time to check, if satisfied, than load both in the player?
  14. New review by hifi-advice: https://www.hifi-advice.com/blog/review/digital-reviews/network-player-reviews/mola-mola-tambaqui/
  15. JRiver MC server can process Convolution in a quite complicated way to set up, and local playback it works fine. Problem is that through the network to a DLNA renderer it loses gapless playback, which for me is a deal breaker and so annoying. I have reported this bug in JRiver forums and I have been ignored (again). So I am seriously thinking of spending the lifetime license (700 usd...) and switch to Roon, which apparently does this perfectly.
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