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  1. I use the Tidal app, the Qobuz app, and Roon (with both), but I've never seen this problem.
  2. I checked that one out and it has some great sound on it but I didn't recognize any of the music OTOH, the new John Williams collection from LA Philharmonic had me tapping my toes in no time https://www.qobuz.com/us-en/album/celebrating-john-williams-los-angeles-philharmonic-gustavo-dudamel/im6yo51imd8jb
  3. jhwalker

    iFi foe fum

    I remember some discussion at the time it was released about it being (basically) an MQA-type filter; i.e., very "leaky" and little attenuation. Given we know their engineers like "bit perfect" mode (i.e., no filtering at all), not surprised they have provided this and think it sounds good.
  4. Thank you for this recommendation! Absolutely gorgeous - unfortunately, doesn't seem to be available for purchase from Qobuz in the US, but I've added it to my Roon library to stream and enjoy until / unless it becomes available for purchase later
  5. A second from me re: bluegrass, particularly Chris Thile, Alison Krauss + Union Station (love literally everything she's ever done), Punch Brothers, Steve Martin / Edie Brickell / Steep Canyon Rangers (yes, really). I'm very centered on classical, with extension into jazz and classic folk / rock, but bluegrass really grabs me, as well. EDIT: Also The Milk Carton Kids, Sarah Jarosz, and Gillian Welch.
  6. A rather fascinating album of Bach organ concerto reconstructions; i.e., organ concertos not officially published during Bach's life but quite possibly repurposed from cantatas and concertos for other instruments: Excerpt from the album notes: "One possible explanation may lie in Dresden, where Bach had given a concert on the new Silbermann organ in the Sophienkirche in 1725. A newspaper report records that he performed a range of concertos as well as preludes, playing diverse Concerte mit unterlauffender Doucen Instrumental-Music (‘various concertos with sweet underlying instrumental music’). Although it is not entirely clear which works Bach played in the concert, it is not too far-fetched to think that, in addition to other organ works, he also performed organ concertos, or at least a few earlier versions of the sinfonias, with obbligato organ and strings in order to show off the organ. In the full score of the 1726 cantatas, which Bach used for conducting (as shown on p. 15), we can see that he transposed the obbligato organ line up into Chorton, a whole tone above the Cammerton for the strings, which makes a performance with Bach himself as the soloist extremely likely. The great German Bach specialist Christoph Wolff believes the sinfonias to cantatas BWV 169 and 49 were also intended for the Dresden concert." Intriguing result of in-depth historical research, and a lovely performance and recording, as well. https://www.qobuz.com/us-en/album/bach-concertos-for-organ-and-strings-les-muffatti-bart-jacobs/u59glcjn31hfc
  7. Their library is very similar to all the other hi-res sites; i.e., some are remasters of older material (e.g., classic rock remastered to 24/96, etc.) and some are new releases recorded in 24/48, 24/96, etc. I've bought well over 1,000 albums from them in the past several years, and 90%+ are new, hi-res releases.
  8. Voted - after listening and voting I took a peek with my favorite audio editor. Got the first one right, second one wrong. Listening chain: Roon (no resampling or filters) > microRendu > iFi xDSD > MrSpeakers AEon Flow Closed
  9. Right - given the bit depth / sample rates are clearly labeled on the album covers (i.e., that information is obviously available), if they would just add the "Focus" feature in the Qobuz section (and the corresponding Tidal section, too - why not?), it would be great - I'd set up a bookmark for all new Qobuz content, Classical genre, hi-res and I'd be set
  10. That's a good point - the hysteria about Tidal's supposed "focus" on rap / hip-hop is completely obscured when you're using it with Roon: you just go to what you're interested in I never see the front page of Tidal or any sort of advertising - just go right to the Jazz or Classical (or whatever) sections.
  11. RACHMANINOV, MYASKOVSKY: Sonatas for cello and piano BRUNO PHILIPPE, JÉRÔME DUCROS Some really lovely, romantic piano and cello music, and an exemplary recording, as well. Originally streamed from Qobuz, decided it's worth buying: https://www.qobuz.com/us-en/album/rachmaninov-myaskovsky-sonatas-for-cello-and-piano-bruno-philippe-and-jerome-ducros/g55biw0gxgsmb
  12. I've had both for some time. Frankly, there is about a 90% overlap in their catalogs for my areas of interest, but for that 10%, I'm not willing to miss out. I'm going to wind up keeping both.
  13. How is Archimago's blog "anti-audiophile"? Surely, the quest for the best possible playback is INHERENTLY "audiophile" - else, why are we here?
  14. Agreed. He's published literally hundreds of tests on his blog site - real, repeatable, tests - and clearly documents his results and interpretation.
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