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  1. Pretty brutal reaction on the Facebook livestream to the "subscription only" model :/
  2. I started with Backblaze Personal but switched to Backblaze B2 recently because it's so easy to automate from my Synology Diskstation. Very fast uploads, reasonable prices.
  3. I haven't seen that post, but have been looking for it! It seems it would be pretty simple to implement a color-picker control to change 1) Background color; 2) Accent color; 3) Return to default
  4. The purple. It's an abomination. Make it stop. Please.
  5. Still no word about (supported) remote access / mobile mode. I guess that will be reserved for 2.0 :/ Nevertheless, looking forward to the newish UI and expanded "smarts", especially in Classical handling :)
  6. I'm looking for the same - I have the 3.0GHz dual-core i7 Mini currently and I can JUST about upsample to DSD128 with only a few hiccups. The M1s seem to be blowing away older Macs on the benchmarks, wonder how they'd do with HQPlayer.
  7. Well, I use the Pentacon cable with my Focal Elegia - definitely not an IEM ;) I just ordered a custom cable (i.e., with Focal connectors on the headphone end and the 4.4 on the other). I believe I used LQi Cables, but you can find LOTS of boutique cable shops online, from anywhere from around $50 to ... sky's the limit. I wouldn't spend more than about $150 on replacement headphone cables.
  8. I like the 4.4 Pentacon - have both that and the 4-pin XLR on my Topping A90 - they sound the same, of course, but really like the form factor of the Pentacon :)
  9. I don't use BitPerfect any more, but received a mailing this morning they've updated the app for Catalina Music app compatibility
  10. I am disappointed at this - I would have thought the 24/96 download (for me, from Qobuz) would be the same as the stereo content available on the Blu-Ray, but it's not. Comparison of "Come Together" - left is the download from Qobuz, right is ripped from the Blu-Ray:
  11. VERY informative. As I commented on one of your earlier reviews, I love your inclusion of the binaural recordings, which makes it much easier to put your remarks in context and "hear it for myself". Kudos.
  12. You must have missed the front page article that already has several pages of discussion
  13. Even with the visual arts, we have different tastes. For example, like many others here, I'm a digital photographer. My taste in processing is ALWAYS skewed to "realistic", or what to me looks realistic Some of my friends, though, really like heavily HDR-processed looks, or even those horrid Instagram-style filters. Similar thing with sound profiles, for both headphones and speakers. With speakers, I tend to like a light, clear, fast sound - so much so that many audiophile speakers (e.g., B&W) sound absolutely dreadful to me (WAY too thick and syrupy). For head
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