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  1. I have a 5.1 system with 4 of these, a matching center, and an (ancient) M+K sub. Sounds wonderful
  2. I can't see 3D, either I may just be too "literal" in my thinking and sensing.
  3. I am one of those people who do not hear "depth" or "soundstage" from any stereo system I've ever heard - sound is, for me, very much on a two-dimensional plane running through the two speakers. Multichannel systems, OTOH, give me a very palpable sense of depth and "reality" that no stereo system can. I wish I could "learn" to hear the depth out of a two speaker systems but has never happened for me.
  4. The poll is off because it is self-selecting, like a lot of online polls. Only people who know what a "multimeter" IS are likely to click on the topic in the first place, and only people who enthusiastically use one are liable to answer the poll. I've never owned one, and would have no clue how to use one if I did. That said, electronics (in general) is a subject I'm starting to become more interested in, so I may get one sooner or later
  5. I love his live album with the Steep Canyon Rangers and Edie Brickell - great bluegrass and a lot of really funny asides.
  6. Some very cool music and nice work from the RSPO horn section, especially soloist and first horn Markus Maskuniitty. https://www.qobuz.com/us-en/album/schumann-saint-saens-gliere-works-for-horn-orchestra-sakari-oramo-royal-stockholm-philharmonic-orchestra-markus-maskuniitty/wxnzn6j7nrcrb
  7. jhwalker

    HQ Player

    Yep, that's it. I was also seeing initial failure in "seeing" the NAA (i.e., unable to open output device, or whatever), which is now working properly, as well. So the questions would be: 1) Can the IPv6 issue be "fixed" in HQPlayer? if not 2) Can this setting be saved so that it can be launched normally rather than via the terminal?
  8. jhwalker

    HQ Player

    Yep, strange 3.x works fine on either my Mac Mini (localhost) or MacBook Pro (over the network), but Roon cannot connect to 4.x on either machine. I guess I'll keep an eye on this before attempting to buy. By the way - your blurb didn't say how much the discount was for 3.x license owners. I see the license price has gone up quite a bit since 3.x - would like to think the coupon would bring it back down, at least.
  9. jhwalker

    HQ Player

    HQPlayer Desktop 4.x is running on the same box as Roon server (address defined as "localhost") and Roon reports it cannot connect to HQPlayer 4.x. Just for grins, I enabled network connections and added a new HQPlayer in Roon ("HQPlayer 4.x"), specifying the actual IP address of the server, with no success there, either:
  10. jhwalker

    HQ Player

    Very nice to see this update It appears that integration with Roon no longer functions? If not, is it planned for a future iteration? To be complete - it appears integration with HQPlayer 3.x on the same machine works just fine, so I'm assuming this is a limitation or temporary glitch with the 4.x "server"?
  11. Either you and I have extremely similar taste or I got these suggestions from you originally Probably both LOL.
  12. This "reconstruction" is actually 80%+ pieces from the St. John and St. Matthew passions I mean, OK, but ... if you've heard the St. John or the St. Matthew (as I know you and I have many times!), it's just a mishmash. Definitely not my cup of tea, unfortunately.
  13. Nice write-up. I recently switched from Aeon Closed to Elegia as my main device, and have been very pleased. I've found with just a minim of EQ, these really shine.
  14. I was quite heartbroken yesterday when I heard the news - so much happier today as I heard the magnificent "rose" windows were saved, along with that incredible organ! Now to get it rebuilt better than ever.
  15. Thanks, have been looking for info on these (hinted at on another website a couple weeks back). Let's see: new car, new headphones ... new car, new headphones ... That cover photo, though - perspective distortion makes them look about the size of a football. LOL.
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