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  1. Similar - I still have several months to go before my plan renews - would like to get the discount sooner 🤷‍♂️
  2. Out of curiosity, I took a look at the earlier 24/96 release (2013?) vs. the 2021 4-album collection - track is "Morning Morgantown" First is the earlier release, second is the 2021 remaster. Not sure how to read all the numbers at the top, but the frequency response graphics at the bottom are fairly revealing - the newer remaster has a slightly shallower rolloff in the treble and extends slightly higher. Also, the earlier version seems a bit louder and more "punchy" ... which is what I heard, as well. Joni's voice is more front and center in the earlier v
  3. I've had the 96/24 version for weeks (from Qobuz). They sound great, as you'd imagine - not sure I'd be able to tell 96/24 from 44.1/16, though 🤷‍♂️
  4. Love the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, esp. in Mozart! Wonderful.
  5. Well, this sounds like a great deal; however, I'm seeing some teething pains :/ I started to upload my ALAC (iTunes-based, but stored on a local NAS) collection overnight, and so far, it's only uploaded 185 (of 120,000) tracks - the service seems to be responding VERY slowly and is consuming almost 150% of CPU on my Mac Mini. Also, the Vox player is timing out trying to load the few albums (I'm assuming) that have been uploaded already (gateway error or the like), so I can't even use / listen to what has apparently been uploaded. Given I have 300Mb Internet
  6. The orthodoxy from the Roon team is that bitperfect software is bitperfect; therefore, any discussion of "sound quality" is moot. They do not acknowledge the possibility of sound quality differences other than from DSP or faulty hardware, etc. - at least as far as I can tell in reading the site and comments from Roon itself.
  7. I've read elsewhere that's exactly the case - you can only download AAC versions.
  8. Pretty brutal reaction on the Facebook livestream to the "subscription only" model :/
  9. I started with Backblaze Personal but switched to Backblaze B2 recently because it's so easy to automate from my Synology Diskstation. Very fast uploads, reasonable prices.
  10. I haven't seen that post, but have been looking for it! It seems it would be pretty simple to implement a color-picker control to change 1) Background color; 2) Accent color; 3) Return to default
  11. The purple. It's an abomination. Make it stop. Please.
  12. Still no word about (supported) remote access / mobile mode. I guess that will be reserved for 2.0 :/ Nevertheless, looking forward to the newish UI and expanded "smarts", especially in Classical handling :)
  13. I'm looking for the same - I have the 3.0GHz dual-core i7 Mini currently and I can JUST about upsample to DSD128 with only a few hiccups. The M1s seem to be blowing away older Macs on the benchmarks, wonder how they'd do with HQPlayer.
  14. Well, I use the Pentacon cable with my Focal Elegia - definitely not an IEM ;) I just ordered a custom cable (i.e., with Focal connectors on the headphone end and the 4.4 on the other). I believe I used LQi Cables, but you can find LOTS of boutique cable shops online, from anywhere from around $50 to ... sky's the limit. I wouldn't spend more than about $150 on replacement headphone cables.
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