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  1. Clearly the future is streaming from cloud services to all-in-one Wifi connected boom boxes.
  2. The placebo effect is real. There can be benefits to getting our conscious selves out of the way.
  3. Haha, well maybe the Greenwell meant just one less electrical outlet for her unruly kids to stick a butter knife in 🤣
  4. Sangam is amazing. Listened to 'Air Hadouk' last night.. good stuff. https://tidal.com/album/89414143 https://open.qobuz.com/album/3298499014807
  5. I would prefer that they use a readily available "noise sniffer" rather than something that is out of production. This choice makes me think that they are being intentionally obfuscatory. Granted, this is a "show report", but it doesn't appear that they were making any claims (based on actual listening or otherwise) beyond the numbers reported on the Entech noise sniffer going down. Recently I was troubleshooting an issue with static electricity discharges and my desktop rig and saw that Greenwave makes an EMI meter to test AC power. Does anyone here have any experience with this device and would it be functionally comparable to the Entech? https://greenwavefilters.com/dirty-electricity-meter/
  6. I'm liking that new Over the Rhine album. The new BJM is sounding promising as well.
  7. Has anyone compared the S2D with the similarly priced DAC1 from March Audio?
  8. I'm sure someone on Etsy will crochet a knob cover for you in your color of choice 😏
  9. Not so relevant in context of this review since Auralic made a conscious and reasonable decision not to support MQA. Regardless, it will be interesting to see how the G1 compares to the Brooklyn Bridge.
  10. The Eitr makes a world of difference w/ the Amethyst on my 2ch speaker system. Through the USB input, the sound stage was distractingly incoherent, in that it sounded like it was bouncing between speakers with a big gap in the middle. So far the Eitr seems to eliminate that effect, but I'll need to do some more listening. Before the Eitr, I was ready to relegate the Amethyst to headphone listening only.
  11. Same here. I would't mind simplifying my rack, but it's tough to justify the extra $800 over the DAC+. Regardless, I'm still super-happy with my OG Brooklyn. Hopefully someone will do a review comparing the Brooklyn Bridge to the Manhatten II w/ Streamer Card..
  12. March 1, 2019 -https://www.stereophile.com/content/stereophile-next-generation
  13. I have an Eitr on the way to pair with my Amethyst. Connected via USB, the Amethyst seems to be very sensitive to static electricity. I haven't tried coax yet, but I haven't had any static issues when using the optical input.
  14. Metrum Amethyst w/ the MQA add-on board.
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