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  1. Wow, reminds me enough of work that the lack of redundancy is setting off all kinds of alarms in my head 🤔 Regardless, thanks for including the playlist in part 1 of 5!
  2. Agreed. My now sold Magni 3 had 410mW @ 300 Ohm and it ran my HD600s just fine.
  3. mrvco

    HQ Player

    nm, doesn't that my 2012 Mac Mini would benefit. Makes a new Mac Mini all that much more enticing I suppose. Thanks @Miska for keeping v3 available.
  4. mrvco

    HQ Player

    Wow, I had no idea. Thanks.. Looks like I'll be sticking with v3 for now. Not sure what v4 adds over v3, but unfortunately it isn't in the budget at the moment.
  5. mrvco

    HQ Player

    @Miska I just wiped my Mac Mini and did a clean install of Catalina. I have HQ Player installed (4.1.1), but I'm not able to apply the xml registration file. I've tried Help--> Register and selecting hqplayer3-lx-key.xml from a local directory, but it remains in "registered: EVALUATION" mode after restarting HQP. I've also tried dragging and dropping the XML on to the HQP UI, but that doesn't work either. I purchased and received this license key on November 28, 2015. Thanks! Mike
  6. I ping (8 hops, Cloudflare) at 12-15ms from my home network connection via Wifi (Comcast). (10 hops, Google) and (7 hops, Comcast) are each a few ms higher on average. I'm not sure how that translates to actual DNS performance, but as long as the DNS server in question is up and working, the difference between each of these isn't perceptible of course.
  7. I know local DNS caching used to be a thing when you were more dependent upon your ISP for DNS. I can imagine it still speeding things up a bit for people with sub-par ISPs and/or high-latency Internet connections.
  8. It can be a bit faster and work if your chosen DNS servers are down. There are also the privacy concerns related to informing Google of your every interaction with the Internet. Cloudfare's / DNS servers are a good alternative that are a bit faster without directly contributing to Google's already vast db of information. It's slower than Cloudflare, but I also use quad9 DNS as well without issue.
  9. THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT AND NOT AN ACTUAL NEWS ARTICLE, BLOG, OR CONSUMER PROTECTION UPDATE The linked site is click-bait trash. On the topic of legit wireless range extenders, I used a wireless range extender for a while (Netgear something or another) and it was better than nothing until I invested in a proper wifi setup and got all the consumer junk out of my network, but it wasn't reliable and required periodic reboots. I highly recommend Ubiquiti Networks and their UniFi WAPs and Switches as well as their EdgeMax Edge Routers. Even if you have zero tech ab
  10. I was using mine as a preamp, but got the itch to try a DAC without preamp functionality. So I bought a Wyred4Sound STP-SE. I have yet to buy another DAC, so I set the output on my Brooklyn to fixed output rather than variable and use it as a standard DAC / Phono pre. I haven't tried going back to using the Brooklyn as the pre to compare yet, but I didn't notice a dramatic difference when I added the STP-SE. Having high-efficiency speakers, I've never run the STP-SE anywhere near getting beyond its passive output stage. With the Brooklyn, I used the balanced outputs to connect
  11. You can 24x7 audiophile pimp without wearing out your tubes I suppose.
  12. Quite a bit less expensive than the RME, but the Pro-ject Pre Box S2 Digital w/ the optional remote is an option (if the codes aren't already in the Harmony db). Used OG Mytek Brooklyns are showing up for what the RME DAC sells for new (Harmony says they support RC-5 commands).
  13. mrvco


    Depends on your rig and its power requirements of course, but if you have a local PS Audio dealer, you could demo one of their Power Plant products (e.g. Stellar Power Plant 3) and determine whether you hear any benefits. That should provide a good baseline for comparison with other company's products.
  14. I'll withhold judgement until the pro reviews are published.
  15. Looks like an interesting (and less expensive) alternative to the Pre Box S2 Digital if you don't need a headphone amp. What is the 'in house chip' that you see? As far as I can tell it uses an ES9038 DAC chip.
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