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  1. Sorry to hear that Alex, here's to a quick recovery!
  2. Outstanding SF and Elan! Thanks guys. I totally missed that on their webpage
  3. SF, I'm going to need to make some cables for this ps. Can you tell me the wire/pin assignment on the XLR connectors please? Thanks Chris
  4. Thanks Colin. I'm in the July build and just got notice my SR4 will be shipping next week or the next.
  5. Colin, what mos. were you promised the SR4?
  6. Good to hear. Waiting anxiously for my July batch of SR4
  7. How about consistency Chris? I'm looking to put a streamer in the family room, nothing fancy. More important is ease of use and consistency for family members.
  8. I'm very clueless still about streaming with a device like this. What software do you use? And is it as easy and consistent as say a Sonos or Bluesound Node?
  9. I think any discussion of any other switch should be on another thread. I'm checking in for updates on the switch, not how to use/implement a Cisco router. Thanks! Chris
  10. Rather depressing news here. I bought an SR4 for July. But heck, May orders still haven't been delivered. I'm setting my expectations accordingly. So I'm planning on a Sept delivery (expect the worst, hope for the best). So my NUC will be continued to be powered w. a LPS 1.2 till then.
  11. Thanks John! So pumped! What's the name of the venue? No idea that there was even one there. And I sure hope you guys are right about the weather. Not looking forward to packing/moving in the freezing cold!! I'm going to miss the gang this yr. Have good fun everyone!
  12. I won't be there guys, we closed on a new house Tues in Portland OR. Maybe next yr.
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