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  1. Ah!! Now that makes sense Larry. Despite all the improvements we've seen recently, there's still more to be had perhaps with clocks in particular. I'll be following with much anticipation
  2. Larry, " I expect to replace the i7-6700k and z270 with a modern coffee lake and related motherboard in the next few weeks." Really? So interesting! TBH, I'm surprised still to hear again that an i7 NUC sounds better than our super tweaked out pc's. Amazing progress in so little time
  3. Forehaven

    Article: Qobuz Announces Opening of US Beta

    Yeah, I just checked over at Roon Community, and the latest word is so lame: We don’t generally talk about what’s coming or when, but people are welcome to ask questions and discuss what they hope is coming.
  4. Forehaven

    Qobuz USA launching soon!

    Thanks Left Channel!
  5. Forehaven

    Qobuz USA launching soon!

    I'm using RoonServer and Roon Endpoint/PC and a NUC. I'm using a spring I2S via Singxer SU-1. Sounds like I just may have to wait. Too bad as I really am curious as the SQ.
  6. Forehaven

    Integrating Qobuz Trial

    I fortunately have obtained a Qobuz trial. Is there any way to integrate this into my audio system...using my DAC/Pre/Amp? I'm using No Machine to access my AL NUC. Thanks Chris
  7. Forehaven

    Qobuz USA launching soon!

    I have a trial, anyway to get this to play thru Roon, or if not, getting it to play through my DAC/Pre/Amp?
  8. Forehaven

    USB Hardware DRM Coming

    Wow, so bad!
  9. Forehaven

    AudioLinux and NUC Troubleshooting and Tuning

    If this is the case, just use a dremel w. a wire attachment and eliminate the anodized layer no?
  10. Not sure what you guys are talking about, but my Spring 1 plays 48k just fine
  11. Forehaven

    AudioLinux and NUC Troubleshooting and Tuning

    Hi John, don't count on it being too much faster, I ordered a couple cables 11/1 and I still don't have it. China mail super slow, and at least here, Chicago mail service is terribly slow too. It's been in Chicago since 12/11. Just a heads up
  12. I still have a pop when going from DSD to PCM in AL. I play everything native.