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  1. What motherboard are you using currently Larry? These new B550 boards look very interesting.
  2. I'm really enjoying this Soekris 1321 dac: http://www.soekris.dk/dac1321.html Plus, you can power it with your best 5v DC PS
  3. Hi John! Oregon's been a dream, though I must admit I'm getting a bit tired of clouds and rain lol Though we have our first 71F and sun this coming week! That's a pretty cheap/affordable activating ps! Thanks! I see below that the battery alone isn't as good as the LPS2, but surpasses with Alexey's regulators. Does anyone know, are these dual regulated devices better than two LT3045's in series?
  4. Wondering the same thing John. Also, to be clear, you all are using these Poweradd batteries to power LPS-2's? Which model?
  5. I have a spare, unopened new DXP-1A5DSC https://www.ldovr.com/product-p/dxp-1a5dsc.htm Input Voltage: 13.5vdc Output Voltage 12vdc $149 pl $8 shipping Chris
  6. I'm using this to switch my subwoofers from HT to 2 channel. Though I can't say how transparent it is... https://www.amazon.com/ONE-Little-Bear-Balanced-Converter/dp/B00OY0TBMA
  7. I'm moving from Tidal to Qobuz and I've used Soundiiz to make QB playlist off Tidal. It worked for the most part, but a few of the playlists made by me aren't found in TIdal in Soundiiz. Anyone know why some lists show up and others don't? Thanks!
  8. LOL First thought too Chris. I've tried everything. I can log onto the Qobuz webpage perfectly, but not on webplayer nor Roon. I guess I'll shoot QB an email. Thanks bud! Chris
  9. I'm giving Qobuz a try here guys. I created an acct, and can log in on the website. But I can't log into Roon/Qobuz, nor the webplayer using the same log in info. Any ideas?
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