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  1. I sent Sebastian a note on this suggestion, but he didn't reply. I switched over from Tidal due to SQ. But I listen to a lot of rap/hip hop when I'm outside doing stuff. Tidal had new playlists of every genre put out nearly every day/week. I had many playlists to choose from. But Qobuz has one! That's updated to me, rarely. I asked him to make more playlists, it should be so easy. If QB doesn't improve this, I'll prob. switch back to Tidal.
  2. View Classified Reduced SXPWR Dual Stage Power Supply Brand new/never used. 13.5vdc IN to 12vdc OUT. $145 pl $8 shipping USPS Seller Forehaven Date 08/18/20 Price 145.00 USD Category Power Supplies / Power Products
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    Brand new/never used. 13.5vdc IN to 12vdc OUT. $145 pl $8 shipping USPS

    145.00 USD

  4. It was the original Freya. and yes and yes to body and weight. As well, it wasn't as resolving. And now that I recall also that it was very susceptible to microphonics after try various tubes. For the money though, it's pretty decent.
  5. I have the MZ2 preamp, and demoed the Freya, the LTA was by far for me the more accurate and musical enjoyment. Just my .02
  6. Yowsa! 400 E for just the smallest one. Too rich for my blood
  7. What motherboard are you using currently Larry? These new B550 boards look very interesting.
  8. I'm really enjoying this Soekris 1321 dac: http://www.soekris.dk/dac1321.html Plus, you can power it with your best 5v DC PS
  9. Hi John! Oregon's been a dream, though I must admit I'm getting a bit tired of clouds and rain lol Though we have our first 71F and sun this coming week! That's a pretty cheap/affordable activating ps! Thanks! I see below that the battery alone isn't as good as the LPS2, but surpasses with Alexey's regulators. Does anyone know, are these dual regulated devices better than two LT3045's in series?
  10. Wondering the same thing John. Also, to be clear, you all are using these Poweradd batteries to power LPS-2's? Which model?
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