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  1. Thanks Chris, looking back do you regret leaving the hair Salon industry...? 🤔 I've wanted to know more about the people on AS and what brought them here on lifes journey. (Not as in my wife on facebook, stalking people like CIA deep cover operative) Not even to give more credence or weight to thier posts and thoughts. Just to know about the nice helpful people here. If anything that people here are human being's first not a sound bite in a post. The Reviews have worked very well, setting a high bar. This will be a nice addition.
  2. Ah good old cheap Ebay converters onto the end of some pre made Gent cables. You will need a spare cable as its a through and through design... Me being anal deoxited and ultrasonic cleaned in 100% IPA Good luck Dave
  3. I made that mistake but got out of it with Alex's help. Its a fantastic design double regulated but do order the double for a lot less trouble later. In getting the voltage correct and having to fit it. I have mine with my original LPS1 feeding my Qutest. I did see a lot of interest pre Christmas across the audio web sites, so the price of popularity is patients...and other issues.. Take care Dave..😷😁
  4. Just ensure your temps are in the safe zone with any stress testing programs. Over clockers have used them for years for GPU CPU testing. With a poorly fitted heatsink not the best. Id just leave it on with the sound off...
  5. Middy

    Corona Virus

    After watching people panic buy, this brings back a little faith in my fellow humans.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/world-52026908
  6. Middy

    Corona Virus

    A little positivity from the guys at benchmark living with the new world. https://benchmarkmedia.com/blogs/application_notes/surviving-covid-19?omnisendAttributionID=email_campaign_5e7a3c358a48f77bf53e5e70&omnisendContactID=5cf9379d15b61cc5a20e4679&omnisendScopeID=5cf925d58653ed3ed535228a_2_3217609&utm_campaign=campaign%3A+Home+office+(5e7a3c358a48f77bf53e5e70)&utm_medium=email&utm_source=omnisendl
  7. Middy

    Corona Virus

    The UK is now free from panic from latest new from the government over Covid 19 BBC News - Coronavirus: Off-licences added to list of 'essential' retailers https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52033260
  8. Middy

    Corona Virus

    My wife was worried I picked a virus in China and over Asia but i told her I always use a condom at the strip club.... At least ive time to make up more bad jokes....
  9. No issues with my phone S8, on wifi going through a browser like chrome was a non starter i thought my WIFI was broken. The Euphony APP perfect... Keep safe all and keep posting Good luck Dave
  10. Middy

    Corona Virus

    Thats the fingerprints, not the guy half out the window with your TV and Beer supply..
  11. Middy

    Corona Virus

    Stay safe Sandy, if the internet breaks we have the shed, garage or just good old fashioned glaring at family members. Please stay safe all, thanks for the replies. Its keeping me going.. Dave VID-20200320-WA0001.mp4
  12. Middy

    Corona Virus

    My wife is a manager in a supermarket, no such thing as social distancing when grabbing loo roll in the UK, i did barrier nursing and worked on the infectious diseases ward in a past life as a student.. Governments to your own home is a balancing act of keeping things going verse risk (infrastructure). For us its a 'when' as she is in public contact but in general we are fit and healthy. My company its half home half in, making aerospace parts. Epidemiologists must be pulling thier hair out ATM. Too much to mention.. But feel free to say hi or ask questions, let concerns out here or something to smile about.
  13. Middy

    Corona Virus

    If Chris @The Computer Audiophile feel's this is appropriate to post here for members to talk specifically about issues, concerns, thoughts, well wishes or anything people wish to discuss. We are all going to be affected as human beings with this virus, as a distant concern to hard reality for our world wide community. Our friends, family, comunities, job's and the least of it all our hobby that makes up this little community. Whatever the future landscape, a little moral support from like minded people doesnt go a miss. There are kind and knowledgeable people on AS. For my part i hope you and those who matter stay safe and good luck over the coming year.. Sincere regards David
  14. Thanks @ecwl I did have the Zen blue into the Qutest but no issues for me, i suppose system dependent for loops. Playing Devils advocate for safety ensuring the supply and Qutest aren't faulty. Good luck Dave
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