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  1. Middy

    Best alternatives LPSU to Paul Hynes SR7

    I have heard both sides saying for and against using a linear for the Qutest. I have one on order (Studer) to see. If anything to loose another wall mart. Id love to see if a secondary REG like LDOVRs would improve things more.. 8uV out low noise... Thanks for the heads up, i wasnt going to try with my Qutest from what was said in general... Ill post when it comes Good luck Dave
  2. I thought this interesting, from a piece from Darko talking to Gordon Rankin. Many bits tie in to aspect of the Dual NUC, Buffering and external USB V internal drives. Product aside, a cleaner to reduce CR errors. Something to read. https://darko.audio/2016/05/gordon-rankin-on-why-usb-audio-quality-varies/
  3. Just to add to the oddness, i had two copys of headless tried for ages fiddling with bios.. didnt boot. A copy of the original DL worked ??? On the same USB I burned the original DL file 3 times, the copy got picked up first time. The server original failed, its copy worked. How the original failed ??? Copy was a minute later. Can you easily check the checksum? If a file is corrupted do the checksums count match? Just wondering...
  4. Middy

    The Paul Hynes SR7

    Hi and thanks again for that listen too your Dave in Milton Keynes way back. Headfi quiet room. I have the Qutest off this experience now. My isolation trans was pulsing and getting worse over time i tryed rubber Car panel and PC rubber noise blocker. I even have a mains DC blocker.. Off another issue i bought a mains pass through reader, i was getting the max UK voltage of 251V in Birmingham. I added the Power inspired pre Isolation trans as it outputs 230V Sine. This pulsing has gone. Moving to another part of the national grid might have solved this for you. Most trans seem to be 110 220 230v. I dont know and want an answer if its core saturation, mag flux with higher voltages over 230v causing hum pulsation??? , not sure what others abroad have 240+V as well as UK. Love to know what the cause is just to empower others... SR black suprised me just hate the cost. Glad its fixed, wish i had the PH to play with. Happy new year Dave
  5. +1 Iso regen improves the SQ with my Qutest. A solid DAC at the moment just running off the Switching supply. Powering the Iso regen is my LPS1. Alex and John are cornering the input market with thier leading products. My Qutest sounds simply better with them both cleaning up the signal. Never an issue with recommendations. I hope this helps @Chiler54 Just a nice company..
  6. Middy

    Article: CA is now Audiophile Style!

    Makes a good tag line.. "If its about audio, do it in Style.."
  7. Case removal and sbooster helped. Didn't the mac mini Mod by Uptone kill the square wave noise. Removing the fan entirely doesn't have this noise pulse. It ia an audible difference, more than i thought it would be.. Better power helps, the mac mini is Alex's domain.. i use my LPS1 for the iso regen..
  8. Love to see this threads take on the 3.0. As always some positive reviews on this improved spec version of the ipurifier.
  9. Middy

    Article: CA is now Audiophile Style!

    The king is dead..Long live the king. Lovely job Chris, cant wait to see what else is in the pipeline. Happy new year to all on A.S. Dave😎
  10. Top off the line are probably the phone makers P+P machines. Those things are monsters placing hundreds of parts per min. Running these is a full time job set ups change overs programming....glad i dont run them anymore. Hats off to you, hand placing a full board is a pain, soldering the lot worse... Good luck as always.. Dave
  11. Middy

    Question about Voltage

    Probably the wrong place to post this but my balanced isolation transformer was ringing/ pulsing loud and had been getting louder. (Bedroom) i bought some sound deadening wrap (car and PC). It helped a little.... UK voltage 240v i get 251v. I reintroduced my power inspired regenerator as it outputs 230v, pre isolation trans the loud ringing is gone. A DC offset filter did a little. I thought over voltage would just produce heat not ringing as its the same 60hz. Or is this over saturation? Just interested as a non EE, Happy i can hear my music again and keep my iso transformer. I hope you find the right solution Chris.
  12. Happy new year all. To the CA family and those who are important to you. Thank you for a great years worth of reading and learning from you all. Its been a pleasure Best wishes David
  13. @bobfa thanks for posting your journey with this. I just found the HQ Player trial, from in built player. A more rounded sound with a bit more bass. Highs are more even. Not had much chance to play around, just enjoying the music..
  14. Middy

    2018 CA MVP Awards

    Wrong site thats computer Abs-iophile, Wrong thongs az they can't fing very well.. Anyone who helps anyone with genuine intention gets a shout out from me. That covers 80% of CA, arguments be dammed, it the dam fine people keep me coming back.
  15. Middy

    DIY DC power cables

    Hi Ralf hope you had a good day my friend. Its for headphone amp power lead + - 0v. I have quad already, and will use that for plus minus 15v. It was the Ov the issue as does it make a difference single wire or a twisted pair to match the length in the quad. I can solder very well, this is hard wired, my issue is electrickery. I am lucky that i work for RR controls electronics, taking an 18v rcore LPS and using Alexie's LDOVR dual polarity reg. I am getting a lot of help.. a lot.. Headamp promised a better PSU and i want rid of the walmart brick.. Hopefully i can get a bit more SQ when i finally get it all together. Have a great new year Ralf David The cables the only bit i can do solo...?