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  1. I tried the red/ black and converted me...but the cost.... I'd need £900 in oranges but I am the one being Squeezed.... The wife From Del monte says ...No..
  2. Hi all, A notice for potential buyers.. I bought the LPS-1 from K-man. I've had some bad experiences in the past but K-man bent over backwards to put thoses fears too rest. A great price and saved me getting a new Ghent cable ....gratis. My system now has 2 LPS1's in situ, I could never afford new but the difference is remarkable, so I am thrilled with my purchase. Great responses, delivered as fast as my Amazon items, well packaged with proof of postage, working as described with photos... A genuinely helpful, nice guy and a pleasure to correspond with. I hope this helps if you wish to buy from him. Sincere Regards Middy Aka David😀 Merry Xmass all.
  3. A lead roof has better EMI and vibration properties.. Happy holidays USA people..
  4. Sorry a little apprentice engineer humour with a hint of truth....i nearly suggested 2 cans of WD40 and an ice bath but the angry E-mail from your assistant about the new returns she is getting..... simple trick keep the tx square then a light tap on top. Drives the shaft down a touch and breaks the alu thread- coated screw bond....or just wait til its cool... going down the helpful rabbit hole sorry Alex.... Why are there no Dr Audiophiles... They have no patients....
  5. Havent posted for a while as my now 2 year old still hasnt slept through x3 times a night... I had the studer 900 on my Qutest using a nuc> LpS1>Isoregen. Gave up with Linux for now with no time to fix it, my wife works weekends...the boy..oh god the boy..hes nuclear powered.. I tried the new IFI blue Zen BT just to get by... later for active speakers in the baby room. I swapped out the studer900 tried the LPS1 again now its free, lurking i re read that the LPS1.2 is double L3045 regulated, as money is tight i tried Alexeys LDOVR DXP Regulator. The Zen is great and i cant think of a better Blue tooth implementation, especially at that price and the sound is good..... But its no audio linux NUC The LPS1>ldvr DXP in the Qutest is almost there compared....With a Studer NUC lps1>ISOREGEN sound. If you can afford it get the LPS1.2 dual regulated. If you have an LPS1 get the LDVR DXP. Cheap linear PSU/ Studer get a DXP. UPTONES products are A1 if you have the cash, a no brainer. Alex and John do good stuff. LDOVR DWP a really nice regulater well made. Alexey is prompt, becoming respected for his designs and now its in a case. Its also modular with an upgrade path. I now want the NUC working again and get another Lps1 or 1.2. If Bluetooth can now sound so good with better power to my Qutest i should be in for a treat. Nothing here that isnt already confirmed around the AS forums, but iam getting that new DAC sound feeling, detail in the music again...more veils lifted than a Sultans honeymoon..... I hope this helps, confirms or gives food for thought.. Thanks and good luck Dave Ps i hope the thread OP found his PSU he wanted..
  6. If you have hand press or fly press you could make a simple holder to dispense the 2 part into a dish. / On a HSink 1. Pushing rods Tapped mild steel rods in a plate. Or a simple small wooden block with 2 dowels screwed in. Slightly longer than the syringe.. 2.Base is just a block to hold the dual syringes. (Drill 2 holes) 4 off feet to raise it off the plate so a mixing tray can fit underneath. Or an upside down heatsink... cocktail stick mix and fit. Fancy systems use pneumatic or worm screws. So... 2 blocks of wood and a length of Dowling. A drill and 6 screws If you have press handy....? And a happy assistant who wont crush your hand as you wish her happy holidays.. More an excuse to wish you all luck, been lovely watching this take shape. Have a lovely break. Kind regards Dave PS if in the picture they are black anodised blocks, cutting up the clear trays make free mixing trays....
  7. LPS1 is driving my iso regen and mixed opinions about replacing chords Wall mart. I burned my happy time secret Audio tokens on 2 intel NUCs and bits. So a cheap fully built studer can fill the wallmart gap and finally rid myself of them until i can afford an Uptone. Apologies to the Thread OP as other than Uptone i couldnt give a recommendation. I hope his purchase works well in his system. I'll post details if the Studer900 built unit gives me a boost on the Qutest.. Good luck all and thank you. Dave
  8. Always ways with tools. You can draw around a connector. Drill lots of little holes near, then file out the rough bits. 3mm hss drill and needle files... Rubber grommets for sharp edges... Sorry OT
  9. I copied the description from the link and then search inside aliexpress. Got the exact model coming in the post..
  10. I have heard both sides saying for and against using a linear for the Qutest. I have one on order (Studer) to see. If anything to loose another wall mart. Id love to see if a secondary REG like LDOVRs would improve things more.. 8uV out low noise... Thanks for the heads up, i wasnt going to try with my Qutest from what was said in general... Ill post when it comes Good luck Dave
  11. I thought this interesting, from a piece from Darko talking to Gordon Rankin. Many bits tie in to aspect of the Dual NUC, Buffering and external USB V internal drives. Product aside, a cleaner to reduce CR errors. Something to read. https://darko.audio/2016/05/gordon-rankin-on-why-usb-audio-quality-varies/
  12. Just to add to the oddness, i had two copys of headless tried for ages fiddling with bios.. didnt boot. A copy of the original DL worked ??? On the same USB I burned the original DL file 3 times, the copy got picked up first time. The server original failed, its copy worked. How the original failed ??? Copy was a minute later. Can you easily check the checksum? If a file is corrupted do the checksums count match? Just wondering...
  13. Hi and thanks again for that listen too your Dave in Milton Keynes way back. Headfi quiet room. I have the Qutest off this experience now. My isolation trans was pulsing and getting worse over time i tryed rubber Car panel and PC rubber noise blocker. I even have a mains DC blocker.. Off another issue i bought a mains pass through reader, i was getting the max UK voltage of 251V in Birmingham. I added the Power inspired pre Isolation trans as it outputs 230V Sine. This pulsing has gone. Moving to another part of the national grid might have solved this for you. Most trans seem to be 110 220 230v. I dont know and want an answer if its core saturation, mag flux with higher voltages over 230v causing hum pulsation??? , not sure what others abroad have 240+V as well as UK. Love to know what the cause is just to empower others... SR black suprised me just hate the cost. Glad its fixed, wish i had the PH to play with. Happy new year Dave
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