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  1. Family/ personal issues yes but not financial...I thought he had it made, just manufacturing scalability. I really wanted to try the SR4.. I just hope in time it can be resolved for all parties..
  2. It's easier to do than the Blue Peter crafting section... no toilet roll tubes included.....🤣 But if it makes my Qutest sound even better I'll ask the wife to save them.. The premise is why spend $1000's on footers when you can use in situ vibration dampening.. https://www.tungstengroovesaudio.com/science-in-action/ The old blue tak mod on speaker bases + tungsten powder got me this. But only after I read a university paper on the environmental effects changing the Phase noise of crystal oscillators... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tungsten-Rig-Putty-i
  3. The CHORD QUTEST experiment Intona redux part 2 When your called David how can I not agree... it doesn't come in big sheets (I have.)and SMT PCB Skyline isn't even I did cover both sides with the 3M AB5010 except any inductors or transformers... I think there is a clock on the clean side of the moat but I can't find a data sheet or reference. I ran out of putty so only added the last to the clock? and x2 xilinx FPGAS.... not the capacitors... I can't stop smiling absolutely no doubt of improvement, the clarity is just lovely. Each step on each device an impr
  4. I've just redone the iso regen and again a modest but more realistic presentation.. vocals, micro details and transients again.. the clock and 3 caps tungsten encapsulated... the bottom side covered in AB5010... Only small increases but unmistakably there... more focused.. The regen is a little warmer... stone cold on the Qutest and SRC DX. But the Regen is stepping down to 5v... So happy just the Intona to be redone.. Cheers David
  5. Nothing at all.... I've been trying it accumulatively and at least trying some sort of basis for change... I read it can act a little like a ferrite so kept away for inductors and SMT transformers as this can effect to circuit balance design ?..... The tungsten on the RCA main clock was a nice suprise. Vibration control is divisive on solid state... Gleaning off research articles on clock phase noise and environmental effects.. I put 2 and 2 together with the putty... it worked and caused a change... Part anti vibration, part localised mass. I just took apart my SRC DX and applie
  6. Hi all, I have been experimenting again with the Qutest and got a little more SQ from trying. Smaller improvements but positive. I went all out with the EMI absorbing AB5010 on the circuit blocks and traces on the PCB. I de coupled the PCB from the chassis to see if this helps but the small improvement seemed to be from the tape.. Less cross talk.? Great.. I was reading about anti vibration and tungsten footers using Tugsten and tungsten powder.... also the affects of vibration on clocks phase noise.... I found a tungsten putty used for fishing weights but it's
  7. A beautiful story with a happy ending. We are all bound by social conventions in life, yours seemed enough to knit a thick jumper.... They are nothing but community guide posts for navigating the world, freedom is the unbeaten track, were good people can flourish. Quadraphonic babies....my mono system is as loud and complex as I can handle.... please keep us updated on your trials and tribulations...thats the good stuff.... and as much luck as I can imagine coming your way... Really lovely. Dave
  8. The power supply gain was subtle even playing with the Qutest voltages... Bypassing the USB you'd think it was broken....just better.... I thought any old DDC might do it and it may...but this works..
  9. One thing I couldn't find was industry guidance on cleaning... You can use Fibre optic cassettes for cables but nothing for the ports. Very little real information about Toslink, just the standard it doesn't make a difference arguments...and the years old PS audio thread...
  10. I wasn't keen on the Toshlinks and could clearly hear the differences with a .... well Rob mentioned it £8 cheap thing to try.. The Canadian High spec plastic and a Japanese corning glass. Bypassing the Amanero USB is an instant win and makes it a Qutest Plus+ or the real Qutest. The most obvious change I've had so far as a one off event. Barrows gives good advise 👌 changing the PSU gave more subtle refinement. The EMI rfi tweaks come off Rob's suggestions, a heated debate about dark matter/ Barrows and the DX designers core principles.. I really can
  11. I can post this here I thinks 🤔 I broke into the SRC-DX... Very nicely made clean board.. 1 FPGA think a HUB chip and x2 clocks.. Gents i can't overstate the gains I've accumulated doing these minor EMI mods... nothing wow singular but a forward step each time the Qutest the greatest in one step. I did my DXP-1A5DSC regulators with case my second Ghent DC cable and now the internals of the SRC DX.. My main guide for gains has been a tiny part of Janis Ian's track at 17. These a bell strike thats now a crystal clear ring that carries thr
  12. With whats being shown, i am getting more interior design tips than audio system's..... To be honest, i returned the Dave as it clashed with the chaise lounge...😁 Some lovely systems keep them coming..👍👍
  13. Man such nice stuff in beautiful settings.... i could offer my services as a cheap maid or just hide in the corner quietly.... 😇
  14. If be happy doing either..the shots like a piece of art in a fancy art gallery...
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