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  1. Hi does anyone knowledgeable have compatible Apacer memory module number for a NUC6CAYH DDR3. Just wondering if anyone has bought it, where to order it ? and if its worth the upgrade? I looked and couldn't see laptop size modules.. Thank you if you can help. David 😁
  2. Same here, i tried my old one on the upstream cable and at best did little or nothing for the data sending reclock side of the Silencer. Its the 5v filter rebalance tech on the NUC 5v usb bus.. It was only I when removed it and placed it on an external drive and bought another from a suggestion of a poster. In an empty slot just to see if it did anything!... on a late night whim on Amazon..... NUC6CAYH using the back 2 slots near the PSU in. I am cautious about posting when a suggestion means spending but i don't get the wow factor much.. it works for me, happy days and keep quiet... I really wanted confirmation from single NUC users, that maybe aleady have one lying around and just Amazon another to trial... $49 isnt a 'Bartok' and pop it back in the post if you think Middy was talking rubbish out of his down stream port..😀 I want someone to try but this wasn't a subtle change and other cheap IFI products have been. Greater than win10 to Euphony . My premise is the NUC internal DC to DC converter noise, larger ATX PCs don't have and that better internal cabling/ Power supply helps them from What people here are saying. 5v filtering isn't just the out going data +- / 5v gnd but in the NUCs case the whole motherboard well at least the bus i think.. Euphony is running buffer and RAM root pre update trial. 2 Uptone lps1s , ldvr dxp lt3045s, isolation transformer, Qutest DAC, modded Sbooster ifi dc purifiers... Only my headamp PSU to upgrade. I don't get to add much benefit back to the community, i thought this is one time.. Good luck if you try... Dave
  3. Gents, I mentioned this on the big thread but got a little lost in the noise.(electrical) Pursuing better power works but removing/ reducing awitching noise internally really suprised me with adding some IFIi Silencers. It felt like more of a jump going from windows to Euphony/ fanless. Real detail and depth...quite suprising . Nice re-listening to my music again, Mine is a single NUC celeron with now 3 silencers, so I dont know how effective they would be on a well supplied ATX MB/ Paul Hynes / Uptone/ HDplex set up. Or how affective the other USB PCI filters are but ther inverse filtering part of the i Silencer worked really well on my 5V NUC bus that had a marginal effect on my other transports. I am only pushing because as they have returns if you try a couple cheap and want others to benefit as much as my set up has. 2 maybe the magic number i bought the third the next day so yet to decide... Good luck Dave
  4. Sorry i never asked is the NUC in its original case or in a fanless one? Going fanless does add a bit more detail again. Lots of detail on doing it here or a PC ahop can do it quick i imagine for very little... Trying one more isilencer as i was so impressed with the improvement. Detail and new 3 dimensional aspect made me stay up late re listening to my favourite tracks. For me it was almost as big a leap from original NUC /windows to Linux euphony +fanless case. Comes tomorrow from Amazon.. so fingers crossed
  5. I tried a tip from @Anwar on his NUC stylus thread. I tried my old IFI I silencer on my NUC with the SSD and before the out going cable. Couldn't tell if it helped. Anwar tried a second on an used port and reported a gain. I just bought a second and its like the first is broken. The detail just snapped into focus, i was expecting nothing but a £50 draw filler. A really nice boost on the NUC!, i dont know if this is mitigating the DC to DC converters you guys are trying bypass with ATX boards and clean rails.? If anyone has any old ones try them and please report back, i think its a win, definitely on a NUC. Good luck Dave
  6. Hi all and @Anwar, I am running the euphony trial atm and so far so good on a single Celeron NUC. I have had the ifi iDefender isilencer when they came out but only got a little to nothing in increased/perceived fidelity on an old PC/ phone transport. As i have an external SSD i tried both in series, as before i had on the upstream usb cable to an intona/ iso regen... (played around experimenting 😉) maybe something there??, hard to tell easily. I searched Euphony and found yours thread below bobs great experiments thread and saw you had two isilencers. I really am suprised at the second in the unused back port that came today. A quick isopropyl clean and deoxit then in but what a change, it really has snapped back into focus the outer detail in my music, sounds shaper and more defined. I didnt expect much if anything but wow really happy. Not sure if the idefender i am using to port 5v from a phone battery bank is helping reduce noise from the ssd/reducing bus noise? Normally I at least try and get a few more results from others before endorsing anything so if you have these in a draw or secondary system try it. I may be tempted to by a third to see if it scales or diminishing returns or nothing. Magic factor x2 for me? ifi state double for double noise reduction I know the big boys dont use NUCs as it has no ATX connections for separate clean rails and the NUC uses DC to DC converters. So this is maybe reducing that noise but whats more important clean DC or packet noise? Just a big thank you all and if i push for a third ill chime in on any changes. A silly question have you also removed the monitor keyboard mouse. It helps as much as going to a fanless case... (Or those considering going trying a NUC or Euphony) Good luck Dave😀 Ps my system is a bit more than mentioned ; Chord Quest powered by Uptone LPS1 7v to Ldvr DXP LT3045 regs 5V out to DC ipurifier2 Intona feeding ISOREGEN lps1 to DAC To head amp Gilmore lite MK2 MrSpeakers Ether and Ether2 headphones Modded 13v Sbooster: new low ESR Caps, quad core canare replaced cable with older DC Ipurifier hard wired in feeding the NUC Balanced isolation transformer to 230v sinewave regenerator. X1 AC I purifier.. Alot when you actally write it down... if the wife realised..
  7. Cheers bob just a local HD on a Celeron NUC. I may have to ticket before purchasing, was hoping this was already brought up before. Only occasionally but makes you jump.. Thank you for the reply.. Kind regards Save
  8. Hi gents, without going into great detail i get the occasional blast of static /white noisesome times on my euphony trial. Like an old untuned tv channel with the volume turned up, above the volume i was listening too. Can last a few seconds to 20+... pause and play fixes it. Any one had this? Thoughts and fixes?🤔 Thank you regardless Dave😁
  9. I've been buying more lottery tickets because of this review. You getting quoted on different manufacturers web sites is an honour and a privileged responsibility. The general quality of writing on AS has gone up quite a few notches lately. I hated Tears for fears and those 80s NR bands growing up... Now I'm contemplating getting that album to play on my future lottery win Bartok on Wilson speakers. You have set the bar so high we will expect you to be in the next Olympics Austinpop ....😁 Good luck for 2020 Dave
  10. If anything it gives me more confidence in Uptone and Alex as a person. Hate to think what grief some small companies have to deal with in the background, this expensive time sponge must be up thier in the top 10 pains in the ass. Most countries have decent consumer rights for the bad ones... This isnt a bad company in any stretch of the imagination.
  11. @TubeLover Good luck my friend, disclosure be dammed! i am glad you mentioned it.!!! I did this thread to remind people we are living breathing human beings first and foremost with feelings. Audio is the least of it but brings us together all the same. New year's just an excuse to remember that simple fact. My small time in nursing taught me to stay positive whatever comes. Enjoy that time with people who matter doing things you love than spend it worring, a great attitude you have T.L. Best wishes David
  12. @Nenon If you have any photos, when you have time. Would love too see what you did. Thank you.
  13. Jealous, who said i am jealous? Have a nice cup of hot Java watching lava Chris..
  14. Its been another great year here on AS and I thank everyone here for that. Its nearly a new year so i should have called this the "bury the hatchet thread", as there are a few spare lately. So 2020 should be '2020 vision' in remembering we have more in common than divides us with this diverse group of people and the better we are for it!. With @The Computer Audiophile at the helm. The Jack Sparrow' of Audio forums. I hope life brings you all you need for the coming year with those who matter most sincerely. Happy New Year David
  15. I've never gone wrong with Flare Audio in ears, if you want to add that to your consideration list.. sale on as well.. https://www.flareaudio.com/products/flares-jet-earphones Good luck Dave
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