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  1. Looking good Barrows. Big thanks to Bricasti Design for they gear which is on loan for the show. Check back in with us because we will be sharing some unique show features as we finalize things.
  2. Thanks for letting us know that the opticalModule is working great with multichannel...enjoy!
  3. Thanks for letting us know...enjoy!
  4. I was able to confirm your observations via Roon since it list if the title is MQA or not.
  5. 7VDC output is available now and it works on the Rendu series and the Module series. 5VDC output is coming soon as Barrows advised.
  6. If you see an expensive quote like that you can email us and we will look into it.
  7. I just a search for Tom Petty in Kazoo and it found two of 'The Last DJ' album. Both play as 44.1kHz.
  8. The reason I ask is because when you are using Kazoo the Tidal masters are not presented and there is no way to just select them. Even if you search MQA only one album shows up that is MQA.
  9. Do you mean an MQA file?
  10. Try to assign the Rendu a fixed IP address in your routers settings.
  11. Also the 8 days lease time was arbitrary on my part and you can use more or less as you see fit.
  12. Assign the static IP address in the router settings. There is no way to assign a static IP address in the Rendu settings.
  13. PS Audio has great customer support so why pay the dealers to pass along a telephone number to the customer while making ~40 points.
  14. Maybe in the US only? A dealers might still be useful in counties with language barriers.
  15. Over on another thread someone mentioned they have access to radio stations on their $$$$ kit. The Rendu series also has access to free radio stations on the internet. Not wanting our guys and gals to feel left out I wanted to post a quick how to guide. To do list: 1. From Apps / Software Manager install Logitech Media Server (LMS) and then reboot the unit. 2. Go to Settings / SqueezeLite and press Save. 3. If you go to Apps you will see the LMS icon 4. Install iPeng on your mobile device and select the Rendu as the output device. The iPeng costs a few bucks and it's worth it. 5. Now click on the Radios button and select something. Enjoy!
  16. For issues with a Rendu which drops off of your network I have been experimenting with a router and Rendu and this fix should keep your unit from dropping off the network during usage. Please log into your router and look for a setting named DHCP Lease. When you find this settings make the DHCP Lease time 8 days and press Save. This should be a global setting, but some routers might have a port specific settings you can tweak. Mine was set to 10 minutes and causing me periodic issues during testing today. After increasing the time all issues are now gone. Another thing you can try is to assign the Rendu a fixed IP address in your routers settings.
  17. Let's stick with the plan...local storage and MPD or LMS.
  18. Send it in and we will swap it out.
  19. Technically a Rendu with a high capacity drive is a network attached storage. So Roon core on a computer can see the content and then stream the content back to the Rendu via the RoonReady output mode.
  20. Some time ago I contributed to a DVD Audio database. I don't recall how I got involved except to say that it was related to DVD Audio ripping on Vortexbox. The content of the database might be outdated. However the content of the database might still be useful to some. You can view the database here on Google Docs: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15wSj4tB-z1WpbqikmbKBndVxu_NM5QcnYAqudgPx0mc/edit?usp=sharing Also, while looking at one of my DVD Audio disks I noticed a webpage that provided information. The webpage is no longer available, but the Wayback Machine archive found some of the content. Have a look here for some historical information: http://web.archive.org/web/20010303003613/http://www.dvdaudiopreview.com/titles/index.html
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