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  1. The Rendu sends a flow control request on boot to the connected device (server, router, switch, etc.). The current version of SonicOrbiter v2.8 is required. My understanding is that your DAC is based on an Amenero USB interface. The firmware that interface uses will more likely than not dictate the highest sample rates you can stream and how nice it plays with Linux. There is a post on the SonicOrbiter Forum under Sonore Product Support that has more information.
  2. Here is an example of optical isolation of a opticalrendu. Copper cable (white) in this example is coming from a switch or router. Fiber optical cable (orange) is going from opticalModule to opticalRendu or Lumin X1.
  3. Here is an example of optical isolation of a 100 speed or 1000 speed network device. Fiber optical cable (orange) in this example is coming from a switch with SFP port or a second opticalModule. Copper cable (white) is going from opticalModule to endPoint.
  4. BTW Production images have been added to the top post.
  5. Some updates: Now shipping. Pre-orders are shipping in the order received.
  6. I would like to post Sonore's/SGC's intent with respect to this topic. 1. The copper network output on the servers was offered for completeness. Some people wanted to test it and others needed it due to only having one cable in the room. We have never promoted it as the best solution. 2. The optical network output on the server was made to provide 100% galvanic isolation from the dirty server to the clean connected device. 3. Using the optical network output into a Rendu or into a opticalModule is our recommendation. FYI The new opticalModule coming out this week su
  7. Introducing the Sonore microRendu 1.5...yep we redesigned the original microRendu. The original Sonore microRendu v1.3 was discontinued in March 2020 because certain parts on the unit were becoming hard to get. Soon afterward we decided to redesign the unit improving some components and upgrading others. Another key goal of the project was to reduce the price without compromise to the performance. With a little bit of hard work we were able to achieve all the project goals and we think you will be thrilled with the new Sonore microRendu v1.5. So what's new? 1. Improved
  8. Introducing the Sonore opticalModule Deluxe a redesigned the original opticalModule with new features like support for all network devices regardless of speed (100/1000). So what's new? Supports both 100 speed and 1000 speed network devices Supports internal flow control for NAA streaming Designed on the same form factor as the ultraRendu and opticalRendu Compatible with the Sonore Rendu (ethernet input with USB output and SPDIF/i2s output) Compatible with the Sonore endPoint (ethernet input with SPDIF/AES-EBU output) Compatible with 100 speed Ethernet DACs and DDCs (PS Audio
  9. I complied some information you might find useful here: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/56113-hdcd-feedback-and-information-thread/
  10. The ultraRendu supports pause frames with most routers/switchs and the EtherREGEN. The opticalRendu does not need anything specific to support pause frames because it has a switch built in already. opticalRendu will work connected to a opticalModule, router/switch, and the EtherREGEN.
  11. That statement is to generalized and may not apply to all cases. What if the master clock from the LVDS i2s source is really good. What if the master clock from the LVDS i2s source is ignored and the local clock is used. What if the master clock from the LVDS i2s source is properly reclocked in the receiving unit. These cases exist in the wild so we would need to know the design of this unit.
  12. I met B (as I call him) here on AS (then CA) and since then we have had great fun making DIY DACs and more recently cool Sonore gear. We also met many years ago at RMAF in the PS Audio room where I found you with Ted just hanging out. Speaking of Ted...he would be another great interview for the 'Meet The Audiophile Style Community' series. Anyway, B is a great guy! PS: Question #4 does not have a response?
  13. Chris has been generous in hosting Sonore here on AS and I very much appreciate it. Sonore has also been a long time supporter of AS and we plan to continue that support. The Sonore sponsored section will be utilized primarily for marketing / promotional material. As a AS member I plan to post as time permits.
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