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  1. Black Friday has finally arrived - Time to announce some amazing deals. These deals are available now and will end on Monday, November 30th at 11:59 PM EDT: See All Deals Don't forget, free shipping on all orders over $200. Use promotion code FREEBLACK2020 at checkout. Happy Holidays!
  2. Introducing the Sonore microRendu 1.5...yep we redesigned the original microRendu. The original Sonore microRendu v1.3 was discontinued in March 2020 because certain parts on the unit were becoming hard to get. Soon afterward we decided to redesign the unit improving some components and upgrading others. Another key goal of the project was to reduce the price without compromise to the performance. With a little bit of hard work we were able to achieve all the project goals and we think you will be thrilled with the new Sonore microRendu v1.5. So what's new? 1. Improved
  3. Introducing the Sonore opticalModule Deluxe...yep we redesigned the original opticalModule. We just wanted to assure that all devices regardless of speed (100/1000) were compatible. So what's new? Supports both 100 speed and 1000 speed network devices Supports flow control Designed on the same form factor as the ultra/opticalRendu and the ultraDigital Compatible with the original Rendu (ethernet input to SPDIF/i2s output) Compatible with the Sonore endPoint (ethernet input to SPDIF/AES-EBU output) Improved circuit layout Supports the use of the Sonore dual faceplate Has a link L
  4. **New Feature** RoonReady protocol support (pending Roon certification)
  5. I complied some information you might find useful here: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/56113-hdcd-feedback-and-information-thread/
  6. The ultraRendu supports pause frames with most routers/switchs and the EtherREGEN. The opticalRendu does not need anything specific to support pause frames because it has a switch built in already. opticalRendu will work connected to a opticalModule, router/switch, and the EtherREGEN.
  7. That statement is to generalized and may not apply to all cases. What if the master clock from the LVDS i2s source is really good. What if the master clock from the LVDS i2s source is ignored and the local clock is used. What if the master clock from the LVDS i2s source is properly reclocked in the receiving unit. These cases exist in the wild so we would need to know the design of this unit.
  8. I met B (as I call him) here on AS (then CA) and since then we have had great fun making DIY DACs and more recently cool Sonore gear. We also met many years ago at RMAF in the PS Audio room where I found you with Ted just hanging out. Speaking of Ted...he would be another great interview for the 'Meet The Audiophile Style Community' series. Anyway, B is a great guy! PS: Question #4 does not have a response?
  9. Chris has been generous in hosting Sonore here on AS and I very much appreciate it. Sonore has also been a long time supporter of AS and we plan to continue that support. The Sonore sponsored section will be utilized primarily for marketing / promotional material. As a AS member I plan to post as time permits.
  10. It will go away by itself...give it a couple days. The only way to make it go away instantly is to use the power down button from the web interface of the Rendu.
  11. Sonore does not import Chinese power supplies...the Chinese power supplies are imported, distributed, and supported by SGC.
  12. lxgreen, please confirm the following: 1. Version of Sonic Orbiter on the Rendu? 2. When was the Rendu updated last?
  13. What version of Sonic Orbiter do you have? 2.8 is best Which DAC do you have? Have you pressed the update recently? update it if not Did you follow the steps I posted above? recommended Pick one protocol first and lets get that working. Be more specific...is the unit seen by the server, does playback start, is the DAC listed in DAC Diagnostics, momentary frequency reported in DAC Diagnostics during playback.
  14. 1 Go to Settings / RoonReady and press Save. 2. The Rendu needs to see your DAC before it will show up in Roon. 2a. To verify if the Rendu sees yours DAC go to Apps / DAC Diagnostics. If the DAC is not listed you may have to remove and reconnect the USB cable, then refresh the page. 2b. If your DAC is still not listed try power cycling (remove the AC cable and reinsert) the DAC followed by power cycling the Rendu (remove the DC cable and reinsert) and then go to Apps / DAC Diagnostics. 3. Now go to Roon and in Settings / Audio Devices Enable the Rendu for playback. 4.
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