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  1. That would add two USB processes to the endpoint and we like to keep USB assigned audio playback only.
  2. That is not optical Ethernet. It’s also proprietary and only works with their gear.
  3. The opticalModule is not available yet and this is just another connection scheme. Also, Andrew has a lot of sonicTransporters in the wild and this would be a simple and effective way to convert them to optical output without the need for another power supply. I'm going to test with my Mac which can access the internet via WiFi and assign an IP address to another unit. Andrew has code in his sonicTransporters to access the internet via Ethernet and assign an IP address to another unit. So we just need to load the driver to get this to work.
  4. This weekend I plan to test this StarTech USB to fiber media converter This adapter would allow one to stream from a computer directly via optical Ethernet to an opticalRendu and provide 100% galvanic isolation over the connection. There are a couple of versions available on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2ue7hSf 1. StarTech USB A to Fiber Optic Converter, open SFP, Gigabit Ethernet 2. StarTech USB C to Fiber Optic Converter, open SFP, Gigabit Ethernet
  5. Currently waiting on cases and fine tuning the operating system. I'm not able to post an expected ship date at this time.
  6. The only thing left is for you to send it in so we can have a look at it. Email us so we can provide you an RMA number. Please include original purchase information.
  7. Try connecting the unit that is not getting a green status LED directly to your router.
  8. Follow option 1 here: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/28808-signalyst-hq-player-101/
  9. Swap the units from one location to the other. You may also want to power cycle all the equipment on your network. You can also try different ports on the switch.
  10. I wouldn’t rule out a Rendu / SBooster combination. I recommend it over the original LPS-1 power supply.
  11. There isn’t one for that protocal. If you suspect something, it’s not regularly reported, just reboot the unit.
  12. Orange LED status means no internet access. I’m not thinking P.S. You could put the working units SD card in the not working unit. Not really thinking SD card and more a network issues as of know.
  13. We have not changed anything on the Rendu series in that respect recently. I know different DAC firmware add different features and I think one on that DAC adds volume control over a USB connection.
  14. That was not a good solution and defeats the inherent isolation. Also, the LPS-1 was replaced with the LPS-1.2 which is reportedly better than the original in measurements. IMO these are apples and oranges, but no worries I understand where you are coming from.
  15. Yes. I know because you stated it above. I was just trying to be complete in my answer.
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