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  1. Here are some tips/comments on DACs. 1. Most DACs need USB bus power. USB cables without bus power should be avoided because they more likely than not cause issues and all bets are off on support with them. 2. If your DAC has Thesycon drives for Windows you want to update to Sonic Orbiter 2.8 which has improved support for these devices. 3. Some DACs from PS Audio and Lamizator need Linux firmware installed on there USB interface. Please contact them directly to arrange this.
  2. Here are some tips/comments for reporting issues: 1. When was the last update. (fixes known bugs) 2. Have you pressed Save in Settings. (solves most issues) 3. What output mode used. 4. What version of Sonic Orbiter is reported on your device. (if you using something older than 2.7 it's time to update) 5. Are you able to Manage the unit from Sonicorbiter.com (the Sonicorbiter.com temporarily stores previously found devices, the question is can you access the unit) 6. Have you reboot your switch and router. (useful for people with skipping tracks) 7. If you are using an LPS-1 have you tried it's charger to power the Rendu directly. (helps identify a PS issue) 8. Is your DAC listed in DAC Diagnostics. (servers will not see the Rendu without this) 9. If you are using Roon do you have a log from Apps / RoonReady. (we can send these to Roon for comments) 10. Have you increased the lease time in your router. (decreases chances of a network drop) 11. What country are you in. 12. Do you have firewalls and VNPs disabled. (causes connections issues) 13. For ultra/opticalRendu what color status LED. (red=power, orange=boot, green=internet) 14. If you updated Sonic Orbiter you need to enable the Rendu in the server. (for Roon go to Settings / Audio) 15. If you have playback, but no sound do you see a Momentary Frequency in Apps / DAC Diagnostics. (if yes, the issue is more likely than not downstream) 16. For opticalModule is your device 1000 speed. (oM only works with 1000 speed devices) 17. What USB device are you using.
  3. Guys the reports are helpful, but you need to contact us via email so we can track you order date and see if there is something else we can do. We need to work with you individually and get more information.
  4. Red means no boot and no internet. It means you have power but that can be deceiving if it's not enough power.
  5. This kind of digital signal processing is best done at the server where you have enough CPU power for the job. Having the Rendu on the other side of the network isolates it from the server and its noisy tasks.
  6. That is not normal. The update yesterday takes 30 seconds at most. What color is the status LED when it turns off?
  7. I saw an order for a new card in ShipStation.
  8. This has been fixed...just update the unit.
  9. If you see your DAC in DAC Diagnostics and you pressed Save in Apps / RoonReady then in Roon go to Settings / Audio enable the Rendu.
  10. I'll try not to be to controversial:) Sonic Orbiter 2.8 is for sale and we have shipped a few and are shipping more each day. This is a big update and we are doing this slowly on purpose incase odd things pops up as we move along. FYI this is typical of any of our releases. The reason for the new OS is as previously discussed...update apps, fix broken apps, add a new feature(s), and modernize the OS. I recommend people update to Sonic Orbiter 2.8 and keep the older OS as a backup. SQ wise it sounds great...enjoy!
  11. Okay. Just hit me up again if it won't play when the issue with the DAC has been resolved. My guess is that it's fine.
  12. Have you checked the DAC with your computer?
  13. Post an image of Apps / DAC Diagnostics.
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