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  1. Your converter uses USB bus power and your LPS-1 does not have enough power to run is along side of the opticalRendu. I warned you against this. Also pushing the power supply to its max current is not good for the sound and these sudden drop offs could damage the Rendu. I would stop using it this way and order a SGC power supply from our website.
  2. You might be able to use it as is. I'm not interested in making something similar though.
  3. Anyone who ordered the starter kit will get one. We are not going to continue selling the starter kit with the switch because we will just be selling the opticalModule.
  4. Sounds like a fun weekend project:) 9V is not recommended as the unit will run hot.
  5. We modernized the checkout process on our webpage and it calculates the shipping based on the weight and the actual service. There was a lot of work going on behind the curtains to make this product launch:)
  6. How are you doing this connection with an opticalRendu? I'm also curious about the PS setup? Please keep in mind that the opticalRendu uses a bit more power compared to microRendu and ultraRendu. I would consult with you power supply specifications and with your DAC specifications. The following is from the opticalRendu product webpage: Power input: 2A peak current and 1.5A continuous current at 6-9 VDC output Uptone Audio UltraCap LPS-1/LPS-1.2 power supplies - for use with USB devices that do not use USB bus power
  7. I'm not sure what you mean, but I assume you mean opticalModule. The opticalRendu and starter kits will ship together and you will likely need it to play music until the opticalModule starts selling. Just email us and we can work out what you need to get this all working.
  8. Right now all I have on ordered is horizontal faceplates. Later in the year we may consider it.
  9. In Apps / DAC Diagnostics look for a Momentary Frequency. for this you have to start playback and refresh the webpage. If a Momentary Frequency is listed then the Rendu is receiving the stream. With a Momentary Frequency listed the issue would likely be elsewhere. Could be the DAC analog stage, some hidden volume control, or interconnect issue, amp, etc.
  10. Update opticalModule is now on sale pre-order only. It's to soon to set a firm ship date, but we expect to ship the opticalModules in about 2 weeks or sooner if possible.
  11. Update I'm very happy to announce that today we starting shipping the opticalRendu. By tomorrow all back order units will have been shipped. We also have inventory ready for new sales so order with confidence. Enjoy! opticalModule is now on sale pre-order only. It's to soon to set a firm ship date, but we expect to ship the opticalModules in about 2 weeks or sooner if possible.
  12. There is a lot going on behind the scene here and it’s all starting to come together:)
  13. On the Rendu go to Apps / DAC Diagnostics and make sure your USB device is listed. On the Rendu go to Settings / RoonReady and press Save. On Roon go to Settings / Audio and make sure the Rendu is listed and Enabled. On Roon make sure the Rendu is selected as the Audio Device.
  14. These should be available at the end of the month and should be added to the website this weekend?
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