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  1. That is correct. Any source that does not decode HDCD content and can pay it bit perfect will work.
  2. RR advised that they use the HDCD flag (so the light lights up) on our HRx discs- but no HDCD decoding is possible in high resolution files. The files on HRx discs are WAV files, at 176.4 kHz/ 24 bits. They use the HDCD flag as a test that the files were copied properly.
  3. Mani, the design is base on the PDM100. Looking at the PDM200 data sheet it does not seem to really offer much more. I read that it supports 24 bit / 192 kHz HDCD decoding, but most people will not have this format. I also did a quick search and did not find samples of the IC for sale. Did you make hi-resolution HDCD content when you had your pacific Microsonics unit? Anyway, we are buds and I'm happy to put you on the list for a free sample?
  4. I have not tried or even thought to test an Apple TV as a source...interesting.
  5. Kal, some guy reverse engineered the decoder and released the code that is in most servers and rippers. It's generally understood that the code is not complete. This is an actual HDCD integrated circuit performing the decoding.
  6. This is one of my recent skunkworks projects. The goals were to play HDCD decoded content my regular DAC, reduce the input jitter of noisy sources, up sample the input signal, deemphasis flag detection, and use the unit for bit perfect checks. FYI HDCD technology appears to be owned and copyright by Microsoft. This device uses new/old HDCD integrated circuits. Features 1. On board HDCD decoding 2. Input bit rates / sample rates - 16 bit or 24 bit @ 44.1 kHz, 16 bit or 24 bit @ 48 kHz 3. Output bit rate / sample rate - 16 bit or 24 bit (default) @ 176.4 kHz 4. It
  7. I don’t keep track of VB, but I tested a sonicTransporter via LMS into a Rendu and that is working fine.
  8. Apple recently released lossless content at 16 bit / 44.1 kHz and we have been testing it here for bit perfect playback. Fortunately, the Sonore Rendu and the endpoint series both support bit perfect streaming via Apple Music Lossless playback. On the Rendu series running Sonic Orbiter 2.8 install Shairport from Apps / Software Manager and then go to Settings / Shairport and press Save. On the endpoint series a firmware update is needed for Apple Music Lossless playback Please contact me at [email protected] for assistance.
  9. Let’s leave the general discussion about HDCD for another day. The test methodology Chris is using is simple and very effective. In fact, the LED lights up and stays on as expected when it appears the stream is bit perfect and does not light on and stay on when it appears the stream is not bit perfect. Chris went above and beyond in using the specific content he did with the approach strengthening the use case. FYI I spoke with R.R. about their 24 bit HDCD content and they told me the flagging is only used for checking bit perfect playback. I’m not certain all HDCD DACs can be used w
  10. Chris, thanks for doing this research. Also, thanks to Peter and Marco.
  11. The differences i’m getting are very small and likely from the capture setup. I’m going to test Shairport-sync with stdout in the next couple days. This will simplify things and I should be able to reproduce your results. I also have a change to the Shairport-sync configuration that I want to try on Chris’s unit to see if it helps with the HDCD stream.
  12. On your suggestion...I tried testing full length tracks and was not able to make them align bit perfect.
  13. I was able to test a Apple Lossless 16/44.1 track and it was bit perfect with my local rip of the same track. M.K. had similar results with his tests with a different track. These are the results from DeltaWave on the track I used: Files are a bit-perfect match at 16 bits Files are a bit-perfect match at 24 bits Bit Perfect! 100% Our shairport-sync implementation is 16 bit only. The output of the iPad via the Lighting to USB adapter was 24 bit yet look at the Spectrogram of that in the post above: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/63
  14. Test #4 Comparing locally stored track playback with Apple Lossless for the same track 1. Apple Lossless at 24/44.1 streamed via Apple iPad mini (camera adapter) to Sonore ultraDigital. 2. Sonore ultraDigital -> AP with output to 24/44.1 wav file (20 second capture). 3. Compare captured wav files from test #1 (local rip) and #2. FYI The AP reported 24 bit playback not seen with Apple Airport Express or Shairport.
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