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  1. My guess is that they are experiencing the effect of galvanic isolation. I have been hearing about the benefits of optical isolation since the early days of the mR. Anyway, I’ll make sure Adrian and Barrows get to try it out as well.
  2. Update the unit and reboot. Then go to Settings and the output you want to use and press Save.
  3. I'm sorry you are confused. I'm simply asking, because I'm curious. How does connecting a device with poor clocks and poor power regulation circuits to the output of an EtherREGEN preserve the significant reduction in phase-noise fingerprint? Put another way doesn't the dirty device inject its phase-noise fingerprint into the DAC anyway. When you say connecting anything to the output of the EtherREGEN is always desirable you are confusing me.
  4. There is really nothing to hash out. I can’t help it if people want to instigate.
  5. I have valid concerns and it doesn’t matter how many high fives you get. I think it’s disingenuous to promote a connection scheme which goes against the very premise of the device. I’m sorry that you don’t like the concern or the message behind it but that’s the reality of the situation.
  6. This is the perfect thread to discuss the installation and usage of the unit.
  7. I think we do a pretty good job. I also take plenty of measurements, as does John, and sometimes I have been known to post them here but not everyone appreciates the message. However off the shelf boards are not going to have good oscillators and clean power regulation circuits feeding them. Also can’t ignore the fact that some DACs are using $12 network cards.
  8. Don't try to curtail this discussion. Also also, if you’re going to make things and sell things through this forum why don’t you sponsor it and pay Chris for your advertisement.
  9. No one is mitigating anyones choice here. Also we’re not talking about the A side of the device. Clearly anything connected to the A side will have no effect on the rest of the network upstream.
  10. I have spoken to John about this on several occasions and he feels that the clock closest to the DAC is the most important one because the effect of the clock fingerprint diminishes as it passes from gear to gear. Unfortunately, I think you are correct about the filth. We are talking about devices with incredibly low noise floors and distinguishing something will be very difficult.
  11. No need...I welcome the descending opinions and comments. We don’t need to agree on everything and discussion is necessary to furthering our understanding. I know you and I are after the same thing and that is to understand this completely and scientifically. I understand the moat, the flip flops, and the clock fingerprint concept but those measurements are needed for validation and IMHO you should wait and proceed with caution about claiming things. If John is correct even an opticalModule will diminish the effect of the clock fingerprint. However, I don’t claim this anywhere in the marketing of the product because we lack the measurements to prove it. I also don’t think it’s audible but that is another discussion. Also, in regards to my comment #3 above what good will the moat, the flip flops, and the clock fingerprint concept have if you are connecting to crappy endpoints which themselves will inject the very thing you are trying to isolate into your DAC. People need to understand this if it has any chance of working as John intends. Its not possible to achieve what John is trying to do with typical computers, streaming DACs, and some endpoints.
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