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  1. You should go into the switch's software and enable "flow control".
  2. If you use Spotify and you are having issues please email me at [email protected]
  3. I want to be sure you have the latest SonicOrbiter. Go ahead and update the unit and reboot.
  4. Weird! I don't know how to help you except to ask some questions. Does this happen with other Airplay streams? Which DAC? What are the network devices? router, switch, etc.
  5. It's just his subjective opinion. This is something you can try yourself or wait for the reviewer to provide feedback.
  6. A lot of what we do is bug fixes and app updates. Typically we roll them into a new release and let people know the highlights then.
  7. I haven't heard of this before. What version of Sonic Orbiter do you have?
  8. One just needs to object and give a reason why. Standards aside I asked Jussi if he could do something and he said no and gave his reasons to me. I even said I supported Jussi's decision in the other thread. It does support flow control, but it was being rigorously debated otherwise. I'm not blaming you. That is his opinion. On the other part I think you are reading to much into it. I don't want to get into the technical discussion or discuss the fix.
  9. The Rendu series has always supported pause frames. Historically, customers have needed extra help with network setup if they used managed switches. The need to enable flow control in the managed switches is required to get things to work properly together. These managed switches as discussed sometimes have their flow control disabled so the request is ignored. Now move forward to the introduction of the opticalModule. Two customs have reported issues with HQ Player / NAA while using an opticalModule and micro/ultraRendu combination. One customer moved to an opticalRendu which has a built-in switch which inherently doesn't have flow control issues. The other customer reports no flow control issues when he excludes the opticalModule from the network. As a result, we added some additional code to Sonic Orbiter to request pause frames when using an opticalModule and John confirmed that this worked in the lab. This fix was then uploaded to all the Rendu software and all is great. Except that this fix still doesn't work for the one customer. We don't know why the fix doesn't work for the customer but we will have an alternative for him to try soon. Jussi feels singled out here, but that is not the intent. We are simply trying to help a customer with an issue, fix anything that is needed, and move. Finally, I think you are out of line in the way you spoke to John above. You are not part of the design team, you don't know what is going on behind the scene, and you don't have all the information to accuse him of wrongdoing.
  10. Can get back to helping the customer with the HQ Player / NAA playback issue.
  11. I didn’t say it wasn’t using pause frames. I simply said that I didn’t do anything special to make it work.
  12. I have my Rendu and NAS connected directly to my router. I have a dumb switch connected to my router but it's only used for non audio drops in the kids rooms. I have a WiFI access point also connected to the router. The only custom settings on the router is that I turned of it's internal WiFi.
  13. Send Miska a private message and I'm sure he will be happy to forward you any information you need.
  14. I set up the SMB test because I hadn't done it in a while. I use the UPnP setup all the time. Its playing now with the same file and the same results...sounds great.
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