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  1. It’s something we need to fix...Ill keep you posted here.
  2. Everything look normal there. I was able to replicate your setup and stream to my DAC via native DSD so it looks like the driver is not working.
  3. Sonicorbiter.com remembers the unit and since it did not shut down properly it will remain there for a while and automatically remove itself from the list. The mostly likely issues are: bad power supply, bad SD card, bad network connections.
  4. Chris, you preface it with, “In fact, if there was more Linux support for native DSD playback with HiFi DACs, I would've never gone down this path” How many devices are not supported on Linux....2 or 3. It’s misleading and a poor excuse for having to make this device.
  5. Chris you said, "In fact, if there was more Linux support for native DSD playback with HiFi DACs, I would've never gone down this path. I would use my Sonore Signature Rendu SE optical for one half of this CAPS design. Unfortunately manufacturers like Sonore can only do so much in their efforts to support native DSD. Because of these efforts there is support for many DACs, but if hardware manufacturers are unwilling to work with the Sonore team, there is little they can do." The term "support" can mean different things. We support almost all DACs on the market without the customer having to do anything and new devices are being added all the time. The work we do is mostly trivial taking place after the fact because DAC companies don't reaching out to us in advance. Recent changes to the Linux Kernel have added automatic discovery for some devices simplifying things further. To say, "Sonore can only do so much in their efforts to support native DSD" in light of all that we have done without their support is very misleading.
  6. This is not a DIY project and we want consistency with units in the wild for current and future customers. Not to mention for my own sanity:) Forum support is only one support avenue with most people emailing questions. We have many units in the wild across several SO based Rendu and only two or three of you have an issue with the update system and version number.
  7. Your next step is to try a new SD card. Pick one up from our website under Software.
  8. John or Alex have posted measurements with cable Ethernet showing the affect of noise from the power supply on an upstream network device. The whole shunting of the DC negative to AC ground was part of the proposed fix. This type of noise transmission is simply not possible over fiber optic networking.
  9. That is not showing playback at all. When it does it shows a Momentary Frequency and we need it to see what rate it's receiving.
  10. It would be impracticable to show a difference from this at the output the DAC.
  11. It’s entirely possible that the update doesn’t work. However, LMS support of native DSD is available on specific versions only and may require a plug-in and configuration. The combinations are bit confusing. On Sonic Transporter SGC has this sorted out for you. For trouble shooting play DSD64 and post the complete output of DAC Diagnostics. Make sure to refresh the page to get the latest information.
  12. This is specifically what we are trying to avoid. It just needs to be a different number.
  13. Updates are free...just press the update button. Upgrades are not free...just buy them from our website. This has always been the case...nothing all the sudden about it.
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