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SOLD Weiss DAC501

SOLD Weiss DAC501

6,800.00 USD

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Weiss DAC501 in mint condition with all original packaging (and what packaging it is).

I am the second owner. I purchased locally from the first owner who bought it new in February 2021 and quickly realized it was way more DAC than he needed or wanted in his system. I bought it from him a month later and it had barely been used at that point.

It functions perfectly, works as a Roon endpoint with an ethernet input, has a headphone jack (which I verified as working but never listened to because I am not a headphone guy) and has a very sophisticated suite of DSP options, Room EQ being the big selling point, because it allows you to correct for room modes. It is startling the effect this has.

Hands down, this is the best DAC I've ever had and I've owned quite a few of the big dogs - TotalDac, Aqua, Ayre, Denafrips, Holo. The combination of transparency and musicality with this DAC makes it the most 'you are there in the recording studio' digital musical experience I've ever heard. And if you think I'm just laying it on thick to sell it, take a look at this page on the Weiss website - https://www.weiss.ch/products/dac501-dac502 - and click on Reviews and User Feedback. That pull-out quote - that is from me. I was corresponding with Daniel Weiss about the DAC501 and he asked if he could use some of one of my emails on his site. I also recommend checking out Michael Lavorgna's review at Twittering Machines, and John Atkinson and Jason Serinus at Stereophile (writing about the DAC502, which is the 501 in a full size box, the only difference being it has a balanced headphone out).

I'm selling because... well because I am an insane audiophile who just needs to cycle through gear... but primarily because I just bought a pricey all-in-one - the Boulder 866 - and I can't afford to keep the Weiss. I don't even have the Boulder yet, and though it certainly has gotten rave reviews, I can't say that I am sure that it will better my combination of the Weiss with a Pass Int25. But I am planning to move onto much less sensitive speakers than I currently have and the Boulder's power will be needed.

If you're looking at this you know these are rarely seen used. $6800 shipped CONUS.

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