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  1. Since the difference in SQ is system dependent, I suggest you download 20210421 and burn the ISO to thumb drive, boot from thumb drive, update to 0716, and then listen yourself. To facilitate comparison, copy a few favorite music files to the thumb drive music folder after the installation was completed.
  2. Hi there, chill please. Remember to enjoy listening to music. Without capability to control music playback, what is purpose of computer audio playback? Might as well use a CD player with IR remote since there is no LAN connected to the CD player. This is not ASR forum where people listen to measurements and not music.
  3. I tried "Play and disconnect". I do not use audiophile-grade network switch. My consumer-grade network switch uses 12V dual regulated (2 x LM1084) DIY linear PSU. I only hear slight improvement in SQ with "Play and disconnect". I hear a lot more SQ improvement when replacing the network switch stock SMPS to LPSU.
  4. if you run 0421, you may be prompted with 0614 update before this, and now 0716. it's worthwhile trying 0716.
  5. I have updated from 20210614 to 20210716, and the other partition has 20201102. Based on my quick comparison, this latest feature update (took < 1 min) improves SQ, back to 1102 sound. I will do more critical listening and will report back. I hope others can share their listening impression too.
  6. Hi Michael, If your source and destination SSDs are both Samsung, then you can use Samsung Data Migration free utility to clone the SSD. If not, you may want to try EaseUS Todo Backup. I am not sure the free version can clone the whole disk.
  7. I have not done any comparison with the older Euphony versions using my current streamer build. I do have the image for 1102, can try when I am free.
  8. I use the latest version 20210614. The issue with not using the latest version is that we will be prompted to upgrade to the latest version, can't disable that.
  9. Two years ago I bought my first Euphony license for my Intel NUC with LPSU after I evaluated various Windows and Linux playback software. I bought the second Euphony license a month ago for another box. For both licenses, I only use Stylus with playback of music files from local SSD. Euphony O/S installed in a small SSD while music files in a separate 2TB SSD. RAMROOT and buffer before play always turned on. My streamers now are low-powered mini ITX desktops with DIY multi-rail LPSU (details and pictures in my Profile -> Audio System). Recently I tried Windows 10
  10. I want to share my experience. My Marantz SA-10 CD/SACD player is also a DAC. It can play music files though its USB drive input and can also take USB Audio input from streamer. It took me a while to reach a stage where an external streamer using SA-10 as a USB DAC produces better sound quality versus playing music files with SA-10, and that's through a DIY streamer with music files stored in local SSD. https://dranwarali.com/2021/06/06/audio-recording-01/ In your case, consider getting a streamer with local SSD and with digital audio output suitable for your existin
  11. Innuos uses low powered Intel Celeron CPU in their product line. I don't think HQPlayer will work.
  12. After I purchased FC10 Alpha for my DIY streamer project, I run into problem of finding a neat way to place AC rocker switch and fuse. FC10 allows easy mounting of IEC inlet, but it was not designed with switch and fuse. The chassis is so nice causing my reluctance to hand-drill it, in case the finish will not be nice. I also read a lot of comments here that audiophiles prefer low profile PCIe cards that go in straight to the motherboard, like FC9. So I provided feedback to Streacom asking them to design another back panel option for the audio community, i.e. no risers required
  13. I am getting used to 421 too, initially a bit reluctant, but now getting used to it. It has better resolving ability; I can hear more details yet still musical.
  14. I have a question to those who built their own LPSU or purchase LPSU for use with music server/streamer: The power up and power down sequences are specified here: https://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/public/us/en/documents/guides/power-supply-design-guide-june.pdf If separate LPSU DC rails are purchased/built, and all the LPSU DC rails are always on, i.e. not truly ATX, since the LPSU does not include power supply supervisor IC (for PSON, DC rails, and POWER GOOD sequencing), and/or the voltage regulators do not have SHDN pin, are there any issues having all DC ra
  15. My preferred Euphony version remains 217. My DAC is actually a CD/SACD player (Marantz SA-10), so every streamer or Euphony versions I tried, I compare its SQ with internal rendering by SA-10, either playing discs or from USB thumb drive attached behind, which I consider my reference SQ since there are no other external components involved, everything happened inside SA-10. 217 comes really close to matching the SQ of SA-10 rendering, but not the other Euphony versions. My streamer: DIY multi-rail LPSU powering ASRock J5040-ITX Pentium Silver with turbo boost turned off. Separat
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