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  1. Please try remove the motherboard's CMOS coin battery, wait a few minutes, and then put the battery back. Try and see if it boots ok (you will have to redo the BIOS settings including date/time).
  2. I can share my limited experience with mini ITX mobo with Intel SoC onboard. Previously I have tried Gigabyte J4105N H and AsRock J4105-ITX. Currently AsRock J5040-ITX is my favorite. All the 3 mobos I have tried can run Volumio, Daphile, and Euphony. Zero experience with AudioLinux.
  3. I know 1 person who tried Win 10 + JPLAY using his gaming NUC. He cannot hear the difference between Win 10 vs Win 10 LTSC, but he can hear JPLAY SQ. 8GB is sufficient for Win 10. On my Pentium Silver 2.0GHz SoC, the CPU utilization is 4% when JPLAY is playing music. As long as no other tasks/apps running, Celeron J1900 is fine since it has 4 cores.
  4. It's not that difficult to beat Euphony SQ if you are willing to use Windows 10 (dedicated PC for audio only). I have 2 Euphony licenses. After trying manually-tweaked Windows 10 (including the LTSC version) with JPLAY FEMTO, it is really hard to go back to Euphony. Euphony is very stable, reasonably good GUI, with easy systems updates, but SQ is not on par with JPLAY FEMTO + Win 10. However, JPLAY has its own problems too with stability.
  5. If you want to upgrade from NUC, I recommend go straight to desktop motherboard. To keep cost down, you can start with Intel Pentium SoC mini-ITX motherboards where the CPU and passive heatsink are already included. I have good results with Pentium Silver J5040 and its cost is lower than NUC. Start with 12V DC LPSU powering DC-DC ATX like PicoPSU, and 5V DC for SSDs and USB regen card, if any. Later you can upgrade to full ATX LPSU. NUC has limited / no upgrade path unlike the cheaper mini-ITX Intel SoC-onboard motherboards.
  6. There is no fresh install straight to 20210716. If image is downloaded from Euphony website, one has to start from 20210421, then perform feature updates to get to the latest version. But if I am wrong above, please point me to where I can download image for 20210716 fresh install. Thx.
  7. I have seen pictures from the older Innous website that Zenith Mk3 uses Intel D3-S4510 Series SSD. I don't know the brand of 8TB SSD now offered.
  8. I have Zenith Mk2 with 2TB. The Samsung EVO Pro 2.5" SSD is located under the TEAC slim optical drive. Need to remove the whole TEAC drive assembly first, and in the process, the rubber grommets may get damaged. The SSD is accessible only after the TEAC drive assembly has been removed. IMHO, it was never designed for easy SSD replacement by owner.
  9. This is the idea I have if the new FC10 back plate design needs to comprehend all use cases. Maybe Streacom can add 4 extra holes and a mounting plate for AC rocker switch. User needs to drill the mounting plate to install AC rocker switch, preferably circle type for ease of installation.
  10. Viktor, good point. Additional 2 holes can accommodate IEC inlet with fuse and without switch, like Furutech. The issue then is with the AC rocker switch - too many options, but must fit within the available space. Is there a need to use audiophile-grade rocker switch? Maybe an additional plate to fill the hole after Furutech type inlet installed, then drill the plate to install selected rocker switch.
  11. Thank you for checking and sharing your finding, Darryl.
  12. Yes, the design was finalized in June 2021 and it is in the pipeline. Unfortunately I have purchased enough FC10 cases (existing design). I hope they offer this new backplate to existing FC10 owners. I suggest you contact them directly on availability.
  13. Based on my emails with Streacom, here are the pictures of the final FC10 backplate design for their audio customers.
  14. Since the difference in SQ is system dependent, I suggest you download 20210421 and burn the ISO to thumb drive, boot from thumb drive, update to 0716, and then listen yourself. To facilitate comparison, copy a few favorite music files to the thumb drive music folder after the installation was completed.
  15. Hi there, chill please. Remember to enjoy listening to music. Without capability to control music playback, what is purpose of computer audio playback? Might as well use a CD player with IR remote since there is no LAN connected to the CD player. This is not ASR forum where people listen to measurements and not music.
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