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  1. The most recent version is 5.18.125 from last Oct. https://www.notion.so/Public-Release-Note-3f6678a5745d401895e64c7c848c2e8e
  2. I’m pretty sure it’s a bug. Had the same issue sometime last year and Aurender had to delete remotely. Didn’t need to delete another album till this recent one so I hadn’t noticed if it was fixed previously, but I guess it still hasn’t. It only happens with albums that tidal has deleted from their library.
  3. No such issue on my A10. However, I’m not able to delete albums on my library that Tidal has deleted..pretty minor issue for me but have submitted a report with no replies yet. Otherwise I’m pretty happy with all the recent updates, especially artist, song title display with internet radio. Really helpful...👍
  4. I find that Symposium platforms or the Rollerblocks work great on digital gear. I use a Symposium Svelte Plus under my A10 with great results. Bass is tighter and vocals more precise in their space.
  5. I remember that. I agree that it would be very useful if Aurender can add this option again as I listen to online radio about 40% of the time. i seem to remember asking aurender about this a year or 2 ago but never received a definitive answer.
  6. Same here, don’t really care for the light or warm themes. I do like the more 3D shadows on the buttons, of the older one as this looks a bit flat to me. Yes, I know, I’m never happy but thank you Aurender for the update.
  7. Thank you. Will email support again.
  8. Yeah, sometime last month it seems Tidal cleared out more than a few albums from their jazz library. Now I have around 15 albums that are unplayable but are still in my library. Same thing happened last year but that was only 1 album and Aurender had to remotely access my A10 to delete it. Wish the fix would come soon.
  9. Anyone know how to delete previously saved albums in their library that Tidal has deleted from theirs? I have about 10 that I want to delete and “Remove from library” does not delete the albums. I’ve emailed support a few times and have gotten no replies 😕.
  10. Yeah, I downloaded new app FW a few days back. They seem to be a few days late on the updates announcements. I always just check the App Store. Some improvements with issues I was having. Couldn’t access my playlists previously but my “fave artist” still not grouping correctly on tidal. I also suggested a few minor improvements on the UI that I hope aurender looks into. I’m guessing it’ll be a while till we get the new skins...🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. I’ve asked that myself. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. Dark 👍. Any news on when we “might” expect the new skins?
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