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  1. That is entirely logical, of course, but several fabricators have suggested otherwise. In this, I feel blind without either usefully comparable measurements or hand's on (or ear's on) experience.
  2. I've been told otherwise but that's why I wish there was reliable and comparable test info.
  3. I have heard that the pump can be noisy but I wish there was adequate noise documentation to know more.
  4. HDMI support for SACD began with version 1.2 so I doubt your AVR will work. OTOH, it is is easy to try.
  5. I have the Suzuki but have not really listened to it. The opening bars seem sluggish. I will give it a run later this week.
  6. Certainly. My response was to the situation proposed here where the battery supply was stated to be lower in noise than the AC PS.
  7. Removing the AC/PS reduces/removes the noise. The battery neither adds nor removes anything (ideally).
  8. That doesn't make any sense to me. If the source of the noise is inside the device, neither should affect it. If it exists with the PS, it or the AC line is the culprit. The battery (assuming it is adequate to the load) should not introduce any.
  9. Possibly but I am always experimenting to ferret out those matters. No, the other PS was adding noise. The bass was always there but the added noise made it difficult for the listener to perceive it.
  10. Just as the mosquito net is necessary for reasons other than transparency. 😉
  11. Neither is his neuroscience as presented in this gloss.
  12. In my experience, it does the opposite if properly recorded and balanced.
  13. Instead of wrestling with DFF, I suggest converting them to DSF. There are several programs that will do that.
  14. Probably. I've been using v25 since its release and never had such a message..............................from Win10.
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