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  1. Sure but the e28 has no WiFi or ethernet connections. What was connecting to the LAN?
  2. I wonder how pervasive the problems are.
  3. Ah. I see. It is, of course, EQ but not of the system. It is an EQ for the source material. Might be fun.
  4. Is there something new here? There are many such EQ systems out there.
  5. Here's another: https://www.stereophile.com/content/streaming-salvation-sequestered
  6. You need to enable a separate and independent DSP Studio setup for network DLNA playback. 1. Go to Tools > Options > Media Network > Add or Configure DLNA Servers. 2. Choose or add a server with a specific name. Try "Audiophile 24bit DAC" or whatever you use. 3. Scroll down and click on "Audio" 4. Specify/choose output format. 5. Click on "Advanced" 6. Choose "DSP Studio" 7. Configure this as you need to including the insertion of convolution filters. 8. OK your way out and back to the normal display GUI that you use. 9. Choose the network renderer you wish to use and "right-click" to associate it with the server name you specified in Step 2. 10. Play
  7. Can you confirm the model number of the PS3? Is there any way to determine if the PS3 had a later OS than FW 3.55 at some time before?
  8. You can find such instructions in Section 3 of this "classic" document: https://newtoolbox.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/sacd-ripper-primer-v4-0.pdf
  9. I agree and I use an inexpensive DROK USB volume knob to manipulate the JRiver VC so that I have a physical control which I can access intuitively and quickly if necessary. It is also friendlier. Unfortunately, it won't work with Roon. Same story for the Microsoft Dial.
  10. Same here in NY. 🤪
  11. True. However............................. ...................the message is in the title which proffers it as "A simple solution." I'd change that middle word to "compulsive."
  12. Merging's Horus, NADAC+ and Anubis will provide that.
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