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  1. Good. I have one that I am keeping.........................................just in case.
  2. These two are not really suitable for unbalanced lines. Look online for a used Zektor switch.
  3. I just installed 3 new SVS subs and, at the moment, they are just playing LFE. Tomorrow, I plan to install DL3 and use it for bass management or, as they say, bass control.
  4. You can do this in Roon and, while I have fooled around with it, it is not my standard operating arrangement so I cannot send you a screen shot.
  5. I am not sure of either. Yes. I found the introduction and the discussion more interesting than the experiment, such as it is.
  6. Pretty clear: "(A) a Straight-Wire Virtuoso higher-end (retail price ~$500 for 0.5 m) 0.5 m long balanced XLR-to-XLR cable with polytetrafluoroethylene insulation and (B) a MonsterCable11 Interlink 400 entry-level (retail price ~$50 for 2 m) 2 m long RCA-to-RCA cable with polyethylene insulation."
  7. Upscaling it does not create "something ultra hi res" nor does it necessarily create "superior sound files." In addition, you should include a description of the provenance of your offerings so that your buyers/users/etc. are not misled into thinking that they were recorded in DSD512. FWIW, there is absolutely no shame in creating and offering true 32/192 recordings. and I, for one, would prefer them as such and not up-sampled. I can do that for myself if I choose to. Good luck.
  8. And it was not much of a secret, even then.
  9. Or, if not available, the stereo DSD.
  10. I have no idea. No experience with the Primare streamer but, imho, it is the DAC and, of course, the source files that will be the major determinants of the sound quality.
  11. Hardly. Aside from the vast difference in metadata support, the Oppo gui, while functional, is medieval by comparison. OTOH, if it floats your boat............................................
  12. That is another semantic ambiguity from Jriver . What Jriver is doing, quite properly, is repackaging the 2 channels into a 5.1 channel output but without conversion or upmixing.
  13. I think so as I have the same results. Unless upmixing/downmixing is invoked, there is only remapping.
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