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  1. I have made offers to give away my two PS3, both of which are working perfectly at the moment. This friend took me up on one. Anyone who wants the other, let me know. Local P/U in NYC only.
  2. Thanks. I can rip them myself as I have already done thousands. What I am trying to do is to give a friend the facility to do it himself but his constraints are (1) it must be on a Mac (no Win, no Linux) (2) it must work on a PS3 which I am gifting him (3) he has quite minimal computer skills and (4) he is about 2K miles from me. If he had a PC, no problem. If he had an Oppo, no problem. I am about to give up unless I come up with something in the next day or two.
  3. I do that with a MacMini but, in this case, it is not a possibility since the intended recipient of the PS3 would not be able to handle it. Thanks for the candor. I guess I will have to look at a different solution for him.
  4. No filename issues and I tried several SACDs as well as 3 different directories. No log data. in Terminal. OK: This may be a clue. If I switch to File Input mode, the GUI does not see any of the ISOs nor the subdirectories.
  5. The paucity of detail and granularity in the incoming data and how reiterative processing fleshes it out. It runs counter to the traditional analytical model where the CNS is bombarded with raw data and must extract salient features.
  6. I posted a link to the original paper if you want to take a deep dive.
  7. Hmmm. That is not a new finding/observation and I looked at the article from the perspective of knowing that. The message I drew from it was different.
  8. I don't think that "and this is the point of the article." I think that the report of the article has precipitated our tangential discussion. Certainly!
  9. We add and lose connections all the time and that applies to all our neural systems, I am not sure what it means in terms of hearing unless you care to offer a more precise definition of the term "hearing."
  10. Thanks, again. However, I am trying to set this up for someone with even fewer Mac skills than I have and I am gifting him the PS3. The added concatenation step would be the end of the project. It is bad enough that I am instructing him to first rip the ISO and, afterwards, extract the DSF. If this was for my use, I'd simply do with my PCs and my Oppos.
  11. Thanks but the problem I have with that is that many of the ISOs are too large for the size of USB stick that the PS3 will support and concatenating the partials is a big pain. Also, I had used this same Mac for ripping from an Oppo without problems.
  12. OK. This is a little embarrassing but I need help with ripping SACD from a PS3 with a MacBookPro. Here's the problem. I can rip from my PS3s with my PC. However, I cannot rip from them with the Mac. Using the stock-standard 3 files from Sonore and opening ISO2DSD in the Mac, it finds the PS3 at the expected address and begins the process by listing all the tracks in the ISO and seems to begin the rip. Then, it just stops and hangs without getting any data into the ISO file it has opened. That's it. I am not a Mac person so what am I missing?
  13. Although cortical structure does vary from area to area, there is a basic pattern in the layering and the interconnections between the layers. Auditory and visual cortices are superficially similar. Possibly but I suspect that influence may lie somewhere beyond Layer 4Cα and likely not in V1 cortex, itself. Link to original publication: https://www.cns.nyu.edu/~shapley/Publications/Chariker-Shapley-Young2016.pdf
  14. This is true in a simplistic sense. However, those pulses can be generated in trains and the membrane modulations that trigger them are continuously variable in time and space.
  15. No but it will do multichannel via HDMI and act as a multichannel renderer via LAN. Well, don't use its crummy GUI. I am listening right now to 5.1 DSD played on my JRiver/PC with the Oppo 103 as a renderer. (FWIW, I am also using the Oppo's HDMI output as input to a Marantz AV-8805 prepro!)
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