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  1. Not Robinson but here goes....................................... I am not sure about whether there is a multi-sub option for the stereo version but you should ask Dirac about that. OTOH, if you treat all 3 subs as one, you get the same EQ on all and that might be OK. Some people EQ the subs individually before connecting them up to Dirac for the final touch and you can do that with hardware (e.g., DSPeaker Anti-Mode X4 or a miniDSP device) or software (e.g., MSO).
  2. To do this, you need 8 channels, 5.1 on the first 6 as usual and Sub2/Sub3 on channels 7 and 8. They will play the LF of the main channels plus the .1 (LFE). You can use the same setup UNLESS you insist on stereo subs. For that, you will need a different channel arrangement with L, R, LSub, RSub with the mains content copied to the Sub channels. However, I am uncertain if you can use full DLBC for this or if the simpler manual control of the simpler methods will work. I have not tried stereo subs in many years.
  3. That is not my purpose. OTOH, I made a serious suggestion (which you could have simply ignored) but you dismissed it on the basis of its low price without any direct experience while casting disdain on any who might recommend it based on their direct experience. I regard that as foolish.
  4. 1. I agree with that statement, too. 2. "Relay volume board with resistor ladder. " Same as in the Topping Pre90. 😘
  5. IMHO, that says nothing, one way or the other. Ignored. Whose reporting would you accept? How is it implemented?
  6. Why? There are many reports about that. Do you have any information on the volume control? Their website reveals nothing.
  7. JRiver does HDCD flagging and decoding since v25. How is this an advance?
  8. Please enlighten us as to what reviewers to listen to.


    1. Kal Rubinson

      Kal Rubinson

      Aside from me, it is a problem for me to do any naming in public since I would be excluding some friends as well as some others to whom I choose not to show disrespect for personal reasons.    In addition, there is a philosophical divide between those whose goal is honest and transparent reproduction and those whose goal is personal enjoyment and emotional involvement.   Clearly, I am in the former camp although I do derive great enjoyment and musical engagement consequent to approaching my goals. 


      However, once you join one of these camps, comments from the other are not relevant to your reality.   For example, I refuse to apply the term "musical" to any audio equipment since anything deserving of that term is already embedded in the source/signal and the role of reproduction equipment is to reproduce and reveal it, not to endow it with anything else.





  9. It's only 2 bays/drives. If my 8 bay NAS was 75% quieter, I could keep it in the room with me, too.
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