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  1. I'd use the word "glaring" to describe it. Still, powerful, dynamic and gut-wrenching.
  2. Oh, I certainly agree. As for Abbado/Berliner, I have not listened to it in years. Mebbe this weekend.
  3. I am not discounting the Hafler circuit which I used for quite a while in the distant past. I do take issue with the reason for your preference since the vast majority of discrete multichannel music recordings do not place you "in the center of the band." In fact, many devotees of "immersive" mixes complain about that. (Movies are a different issue, imho.)
  4. Yes but, in multichannel, I prefer the performances by Abbado (Lucerne) and Zander (Telarc). Dunno but I don't bother much with remasterings, except in very rare cases.
  5. The Bernstein/Vienna is a mediocre recording, at best, but the overwhelming performance makes that fact fairly irrelevant.
  6. I agree that JRMC is the best way to play HiRez MCH files. Here, I cannot agree but that's a personal decision. I find it hard to find what I want from my own library with Roon because of search limitations and I find it frustrating to edit metadata with Roon. Yes, my collection is mostly Classical and, when Roon gets the metadata right, it is a delight. Too often, the recognition process is faulty and the parcellation and identification of works/tracks is corrupt. Fixing it is daunting.
  7. It has been a while but I liked them a lot. https://www.stereophile.com/content/psb-imagine-t-loudspeaker-kalman-rubinson
  8. Arguably, the editor might have selected better reviewers. The point is that the error here is at the source.
  9. Clearly, their review process failed. That is unfortunate. Would public revelation (and/or shaming) of the reviewers have made any difference?
  10. Right. The onus is on the marketing abuse on not on the source. Hardy uncommon in many fields.
  11. In a scientific journal, the role of the reviewer is to insure that the work was done properly but there is no stamp of approval on the results or the conclusions. The audience for peer-reviewed papers is not the consumer. It is the relevant scientific community. Very likely.
  12. ..................................and I prefer it that way. 👍
  13. I am guessing not the majority. It is one of the reasons why, even before CD sales sagged, some SACD/multichannel producers began moving to CD physical releases and to file downloads for multichannel.
  14. Agreed. I found the Discogs entry form a bit tedious for creating a new entry.
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