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  1. Yes but that is not really what is meant by multichannel audio (as distinct from stereo).
  2. exaSound e38 When I had the NADAC+, I used it from a Windows PC via Ravenna. WinPC-based Server (Baetis Prodigy) running Jriver. USB output via SoTM to e38 to AR MP-1 preamp (or bypassed directly) to: --3xBenchmark AHB2 amps to 3 B&W 802D3 (LCR). --McCormack DNA-1 Rev. A to 2 B&W 804D3 (SL/SR). --JLAudio Fathom f113 subwoofer. Other amps, DACs around. Occasional use of ROON, HQPlayer. General use of DiracLive. Big changes coming soon, though.
  3. According to what I have heard, the Anubis is not particularly convenient for multichannel because "Two channels come out through XLR connectors, two through line level phone jacks, and the remaining two through the headphone jacks." I prefer DB25 snakes to that!
  4. Agreed. Moreover, the scientific adventure is simply not practical. Given the number of candidates within a particular price/size class of loudspeakers, it is virtually impossible to blind test/compare a significant number side-by-side. It is even difficult to get to hear+see, the particular ones of personal interest, side-by-side at local dealers. Again, agreed but only if it is a fair test under suitable conditions.
  5. True but, at the same time, there have been great improvements in DACs that are less expensive, so I do not think that their relative position has shifted much.
  6. When I had the Kii speakers, checked JRiver and they had a maximum distance delay of 33feet but when I changed the readout to metric, it said 33meters. So, I asked about it although, of course, I could use the metric setting. JRiver responded that it there was no real limitation and all it took was for them to change the range to 100 for both of them. So, you can get 100feet or, if you want to go metric, 100meters. 😊
  7. So, blinded audio tests should be stress-free. 😎
  8. And spectacular in vivid multichannel, as well.
  9. I don't now exactly how to answer that. On the one hand, yes, it will play everything up to 24/192 and up to 8channels without any issues but it will not do DSD. On the other, its audible performance does not compare with that of some other (much more expensive) DACs that I have used. Whether it is superior to using your AVR (I think that is what you are saying you tried), I have no idea.
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