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  1. Hi


    Interested in HQAV.




  2. I did a quick run with the updated DL a while back but, because I have been using review sample streamers while my core streamer was out of service for upgrading, I have not really been using DL lately. Now that my renovated machine is back, that is on my agenda. I will be using it with JRiver. I do not know if or how one can use it with Roon.
  3. Want some now? I still have a pair of them in my closet.
  4. Sure. But for the past 2 decades, we have been in the 21st century and I have thousands of recordings made in this period. My point is that there have been no new classical vinyl releases (save for a handful of "audiophile specials) recorded in the 2 decades.
  5. The problem for me is that there has not been a relevant new vinyl issue in 2 decades. So, who cares?
  6. I scanned the list and can live without all of them. This is not to say they are unworthy but that they have no appeal to this audiophile. (Also, ain't most of them old?)
  7. Let me plug my last MITR contribution as a starting point for your further efforts. It focuses on multichannel but the general recommendations apply to stereo high resolution as well. See: https://www.stereophile.com/content/music-round-100-multichannel-merging-anubis
  8. "Recorded in DXD format" Very common. In fact, most SACDs/DSD and much of high-resolution PCM is recorded in DXD but they are not released on disc as DXD. I doubt this is because there's no player for it. Ted is correct. You are mistaken. Correct again. Welcome to reality. If you want to play this stuff in the format it was recorded, you will have to do that.
  9. Can you provide pix or a link? I am very curious. Why not all into one format? Why not? You can play SACD. I can play SACD and DVD-A. As for DXD, it is not a standard disk format. Can you restate that? What is an "SACD recorded CD?" I do not believe that a "DSD file burned onto a CD is possible. The cable is irrelevant. I appreciate your effort.
  10. According to the McIntosh website, your MCT500 supports SACD, CD, CD-R/RW and DVD-R; popular file formats such as AAC, AIFF, ALAC, DSD (up to DSD128), FLAC, MP3, WAV (up to 24-bit/192kHz) and WMA. So, no. BTW, I've never seen a DXD disc, have you? Even if it does, upsampled to DSD is not the same as DSD.
  11. Thanks. Perhaps I should have separated the two thoughts into separate paragraphs. The "wildly different choices that individuals make in building a system" due to "different criteria and value systems" also biases the variable of "good/better" because the majority of people make their assessments with full knowledge of the identity and cost of the product. So, ideally, how would one gather valid information to do this? One variable, price/cost is objective while the other is a mixed bag. I, for one, do not see a pressing need to do this anyway. It was just an expression of
  12. No single example. Assuming that you could somehow reasonably quantify good/better (which I doubt) and graph its value against cost/price in a scatter plot, I predict a cloud without a visually discernible trend. It may be possible to derive a statistically defined trend line but its usefulness would be minimal. Just look at the wildly different choices that individuals make in building a system and how many of those choices would be antithetical to others because they are based on different criteria and value systems. Vivent les différences. 😎
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