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  1. There are logistical issues that impact the situation so it is rarely first come, first served. The OKTO's time will come. Besides, Pavel can barely keep up with orders anyway.
  2. I use it for all my off-line conversions and, in concert with MakeMKV, to rip all my BluRay discs.
  3. OK. I have not yet tried Audiolense although I want to and have downloaded it. Too many disruptions in my system of late have gotten in the way.
  4. personal. It' seems to me that @michael123 has made his choice based on his needs and preferences while my choice is based on mine. There are more options than just Roon and Jriver out there, so if these don't suit, you should experiment.
  5. That is not so with the custom views and a few custom tags. And, yes, I have thousands to deal with, too. Roon simply fails, too often, to recognize complete classical works which consist of multiple movements/parts and its workarounds for correcting it are tedious, to be kind. As I said, I rarely use PlayDoctor because it is useful only for non-classical music since it, like most such programs, is based on tracks. It was just suggestion but, obviously, from different perspective.. Nope. I understand that others have found ways, including feeding Roon's output through JRMC, but they are complex kludges, imho. At this time, I have a better alternative. 😎
  6. I usually do but sometimes (rarely) I use PlayDoctor. I never use playlists (except for parties) since I rarely play individual songs and, if I do, it is usually just to play only that song. ??? EZ for me, I guess. I have several custom views so that I can see my collection in the way I want at the time. My interests are heavily in classical music and Roon can be magical for that. I am impressed with its metadata but, for classical, it screws up much too often and, when it does, fixing the classification and metadata is nearly impossible. JRiver just does what I tell it and its fixed. We have different user, clearly, but size of collection isn't an issue either way, imho.
  7. There is no limitation on library size and the interface can be customized to your needs. But I suppose that you know this and that you are making another point. Can you be more explicit? FWIW, my comment was intentionally glib. Roon is a good product but not my preference.
  8. You did say "objectively."🙄
  9. How did you count the goosebumps? Were your eyes closed?
  10. Can you post/link a better copy of the cartoon? I cannot read the text even if I enlarge it. Thanks.
  11. It is relatively easy to do with JRMC (which has built-in tools for channel processing, DSP and VST plug-ins) or Roon (lacks plug-ins) and a multichannel DAC. No preamp needed except for personal convenience. OTOH, it is hard to find a finished speaker without a crossover so your options are to build one (many good kit projects out there) or buy a good speaker and remove the crossover. In terms of asset management, perhaps a used pair would be the way to go.
  12. Unfortunately, there is too much else in there that I would not want others to see.
  13. Can't help you with that. I can still picture it.
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