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  1. @Foggie, sorry to be confusing.... I’m a die hard HQPlayer user, after quite a bit of listening I would have to say Stylus sounds more musical than Roon no matter how you compare things. I have not used Stylus without HQP as that would require the direct connection to my DAC or the used of StylusEP. I will say that I have compared Roon with its own upsampling engine and while it’s more that listenable I still like Stylus + HQP more so. The Summus and PS are in another room. No time to move things around right now. I do miss the smooth integration of Qobuz that Roon affords when using Stylus. I switch back and forth depending on my mood.
  2. @hasticus, so far I have only been listening using Roon/HQPe and Stylus/HQPe to the OpticalRendu. I have not done a direct connection between the Summus and my Bryston BDA-3 DAC. As far as Sonic quality goes the Stylus Player is very musical, at times I like it very much and other times I like how Roon sounds. If I had to make a choice I would say Stylus is probably the better of the two. At some point I will connect the Summus directly to my DAC, I just have not had the time . The EtherRegen definitely took things up to another level.
  3. That would be a Digital to Digital Convertor. Check out the Denafrips GAIA. https://www.vinshineaudio.com/product-page/denafrips-gaia
  4. It’s the same Motherboard that is used in the Roon Nucleus only a generation newer. It’s a 8th gen i7...
  5. Cool, looking forward to your impressions as well. What Power Supply are you using? Enjoy the Music Marc! Mike
  6. Did you by chance try connecting your laptop to the Ethernet cable coming off the Airport Express to see if you have internet access?
  7. Hi Blake , I might be late to the party.....What are you using to display the Sonicorbiter GUI? Maybe try rebooting it and clearing the cache. Maybe eliminating things in the chain might reveal something. It’s frustrating when these things happen. I hope you figure it out soon. Mike
  8. The Wall Wart powers the LPS-1.2 and the LPS-1.2 powers the ISORegen.
  9. Their web-site says: ships within 52 weeks....that’s a bit odd.
  10. Ticket submitted....Zeljko responded, Gapless Playback only supported in Stylus alone. Not in conjunction with HQP.
  11. Thanks, I have only have the Summus about 2 weeks. Still getting familiar with Stylus. I seem to remember reading that somewhere. I will submit a ticket, I’ve been hammering Zeljko, they have been really awesome.
  12. Good evening all. I have a question, I am listening to Pink Floyd “The Wall” using Stylus + HQPe on my Summus. I have been completely Buffering Albums before playback and also using Cache settings. Anyone have an idea as to why the tracks are not being played gap less? Tried not using cache, tried not buffering, tried add and play. All scenarios the same, not playing gap less. Just tried it in Roon + HQPe, plays fine.... Spoils things if ya know what I mean. Appreciate the feedback. Mike
  13. I think it has to do with the processing power of the GPU and it’s ability to assist with offloading some of the Main CPU tasks. Not about the overall video quality.
  14. This is a screenshot of ....poly-sinc-mp-2S/DSD5EC/ DSD 128 to DSD 128 Native. You had quite a few updates dealing with stability since the version that is in play on the Summus.
  15. @Miska Hi Jussi, Getting back to my original issue and based on my answer to your question, once things are up to date with the Summus Server do think things might be a bit more stable with regards to the stress level the Summus is seeing with HQPe or plan on going with a second more robust device? If I do need to go with the later how would you organize things? Both devices are capable of Running Roon and HQPe, my thinking is use the Summus as my core and play to the second server with Euphony/embedded on that. Or the Summus could be the receiving device, in both cases the endpoint is my OpticalRendu.
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