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  1. Did I read it correctly, it’s 315ma 250v. I have a Audio Magic Fuse that I’m not using but I think it’s 2amps.
  2. I think there is only one 100mb port the rest are 1G.
  3. It is below the IEC Connector. The tray pulls out.
  4. Any benefit to upgrading the Fuse in the UltraSupply?
  5. So I have been listening to my oRendu/oModule since Thursday evening. It has clearly improved since then and I’m sure it will continue to improve as things settle in. Right off the bat it is Hyper Detailed with instrument staging very precise, sound stage is very wide and the sense of depth is quite prevalent as well. Quite punchy as far as Bass presence is concerned. Initially I found the highs to be a bit over the top, very sharp or shrill sounding. Much smoother now. Vocal presentation is also quite real in my opinion. These are very revealing components and it shows. Very happy with the sound, foot tapping continuously........😃! Soooooo anyone using their ISO Regen between the oR and their DAC? I know there was one comment somewhere along the way, just can’t remember where.
  6. Thanks Barrows, seems to be stable now. I’m use to having the dac on before boot up of the uRendu. I appreciate the instructions. Thanks.....Mike
  7. Got it working....rebooted everything including unplugging my DAC power wise and disconnecting the USB cable as well. YAY!!!!!! Sounds nice so far....
  8. So we are off to a very bumpy start. Got all connected, unable to get audio via HQ Player. Decided to try Roon Ready, had audio for a bit, paused it to answer the phone, came back no audio, Roon just scrolled through the tracks. Tried HQ Player direct over NAA, no go either. All of this I think is because the oRendu is not seeing my DAC which it did initially. Is there a set reboot pattern? I’ve tried a few times without any luck. I also tried reseating the SD Card as well. Tried updating....nothing seems to work. Help!!!!!! PS...If I engage Roon Ready in the web gui, Roon does not show the oR as an audio device.
  9. I ordered the Sonore Ultra PS and have a LPS-1.2 as well. My understanding is that the ability to use the 1.2 on the oR depends on the DAC. We shall see.....
  10. Thanks for the insight. My DAC is a Bryston BDA-3 and I’m using a Lush 2 USB Cable. As far as Power goes my existing LPS-1.2 will be on the Optical Module and the Sonore Ultra Power Supply will be on the Optical Rendu. The Bryston is really good, been toying with the idea of the Holo 2 so I can do DSD512 via HQ Player but I feel the Optical Rendu with the oModule will be really good and the better result in terms of sonic’s. It is never ending, a Sonic Transporter is on my to do list as well. That may happen during the Black Friday sale. Enjoy the Music! Mike
  11. Thanks, would have loved to have gone really really all all in with the SE, someday.....🤔!
  12. OK, just went all in on the Optical Rendu, Optical Module, Sonore ultraSupply and Optical Cable! Now to put my ultraRendu up for sale. Can’t wait..... Mike
  13. Unless the modem has a router built in it will not work as a modem is not going to hand out IP Addresses to any devices connected to the etherRegen. The router has to go before the Uptone device, the etherRegen will isolate the connected devices from the WiFi Router. There are many options out there regarding stand alone Routers and Access Points, but this comes with a larger expense. I am using a eero System and have no issues. The etherRegen will take it to another level sonically.
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