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  1. Online coverage of the recent Florida Audio Expo by Positive Feedback mentions a new Sonore Music Server being statically displayed. Any additional details? Mike
  2. It might have to do with which Roon Core is the active one.
  3. I would try reformatting the USB Stick and then download and install the OS again. I have just started messing with this myself so I’m not exactly a seasoned veteran. If all else fails reach out to them, very helpful....
  4. How bout without the http://? Just type the IP address.
  5. You have to open up a browser to connect. The Terminal Screen indicates the IP address to use, unless you are not getting to that point. I use an iPad to connect.
  6. Hi, If it’s Sonore Optical Modules you are talking about powering then it’s the LPS-1.2’s you will need. The USB Regen is placed in between your USB source and DAC and serves a different purpose. Mike
  7. I would try rebooting your network and all associated devices, also close the Roon App and reopen it.....bizarre!
  8. This is for a 4+ year old Bryston Balanced Headphone Amp w/ a Pair of Audeze LCD-3’s and an upgraded Headphone Cable from Cardas. These have received very little use and are not fully broken in in my opinion. Included are the Wood Case and also a HP Stand from Woo Audio. Full disclosure there is a crack in the wood on one of the Headphone Cups, I have contacted Audeze and they are repairable for $250, both are replaced including the cushions. Current List Price’s: Bryston $2295 Audeze $1945 Cardas Clear 4.0M $800 Woo HP Stand $79 Total Cost $5119 Asking $3100 shipped including PayPal, I will consider offers as well. Thanks....Mike
  9. Hi, I have been using 2 MacMini’s; one as my Roon Core and the other is hosting HQPlayer Desktop. I have been considering a Sonic Transporter that will do both tasks @ roughly $2800. I did try Euphony a while back but was only able to use Roon with Tidal, I was not able to play my local files as they are attached via Firewire Hard Drives and could not figure out how and did not have the time to dig in. I did like the sound quality. Based on the 2 Mac Mini scenario would I need a Euphony License, an Endpoint License or both? I’m guessing that by having HQP desktop on a separate device I can circumvent the need for HQP Embedded. Thanks.....Mike
  10. Tried breaking the ground on the Cat 8 going from my wall jack to the EtherRegen with some heat shrink. Holy Moly, things came alive.... Then I tried removing each of the EMO-70HD’s, first from the HQ Player Mini and listened, put that one back and removed the Roon Core Mini one and listened. Then listened with neither, end result they are both out for now. I’m probably doing to much tinkering too soon as the ER is not fully settled in; I’m having fun though, it’s only gonna get better.....
  11. I’m on my 3rd day of listening to my music files & Qobuz with the etherRegen in play. While it is nowhere fully broken in I already have a good sense of where things are headed. I am amazed at how much of a difference it is making. Like others, deeper and more solid bass response, much larger sound stage both in width and depth. More transparent and dynamic. So much more enjoyable. The impatient person that I am, I have already put the isoRegen back in and substituted the supplied power supply with the LPS-1.2 on the EtherRegen. Both of which had a positive impact as well. Even lower noise floor and more smoothness. Some more experiments to be done, I have 2 emo 70-HD’s in line that are connected to each Mac Mini, using the Monoprice Cat 8 cables which have the shields intact, the emo’s break those ground points. I plan on re terminating them, also I’m guessing that since I’m using the Optical connection from the EtherRegen to my opticalRendu and the B side of the EtherRegen is fed from the network (the same Monoprice cables although I think I may have broken the ground on that cable) that the shields being intact is less of an issue. Correct me if I am wrong. Maybe the emo’s can be placed somewhere else in the network and have a different purpose. By the way, no regrets with regards to selling my expensive AudioQuest Ethernet cables..... The Monoprice cables are getting the job done. Enjoying the Music for sure! Thanks to Alex and John for bringing to market such innovative and awesome sounding products. Looking forward to more goodies and goodness.... Mike
  12. And we’re off to the races! Up and running....all ancillary devices are out of the loop. ie: ISO Regen, Optical Module. Straight into to the “B” side from my Cisco Switch and SFP out to my Optical Rendu.
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