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  1. You are welcome. I actually went from a 14B2 to the 4B3....Let’s just say I was not dissatisfied in the change, I was actually quite pleased. There is a difference between the squared and the cubed in my opinion. I went from Krell to Bryston, had to have a big amp in my mind. Sold the 14B to help with other expenses. You will like the 4B3..... Enjoy.....Mike
  2. What player ie: software are you using? I also have a BDA-3 and have no issues with DSD 256. I am using Roon and up sampling via HQ Player. If you are streaming from a Mac Mini for instance your player settings would have to be set for Native DSD not DoP. Hope this helps. Curious to know how the SE sounds via the BDA-3? I have both the OM and the Optical Rendu.
  3. Have the SD Cards started shipping yet?
  4. From a preset Playlist standpoint I noticed there are more choices available in the Qobuz app vs Qobuz via Roon. Any plans to catch up via Roon or am I missing something? Thanks.....Mike
  5. BCRich

    HQ Player

    This may be redundant, but can you see the Rendu on the network? If so did you check the status of your DAC and did you also try to restart HQP in the Sonic Orbiter interface? I know how frustrating this all can be.... Mike
  6. Thanks for the input. But that’s just it the i7 mini that is hosting HQP is attached to the network not my DAC. So my guess is I do need it. I haven’t had time to dig in, plus it’s a pita getting everything working after it stops for whatever reason. There are 3 variables, Roon Core configured for HQP, the HQP mini itself and then the Optical Rendu which has an HQP NAA Protocol as well.
  7. Hi Jussi, I am running 2 MacMini’s.. the first is a core2 duo with Roon Server, the 2nd is a 2012 i7 with HQP4 Desktop. I have the NAA running on the i7 which ultimately plays to a Sonore Optical Module and Optical Rendu. It is working but I am wondering is if it is even needed? I have Roon configured with the IP Address of the i7 and that is reflected in Terminal on the i7 mini. The oRendu is configured for HQP as well. I’m guessing this is all good. Thanks for your input. Mike
  8. Could it be CEC/HDMI control turning it off? To be honest I don’t recall if that was supported on the OPPO players, just a thought. Mike
  9. So my pre ER experiment has begun. I started to receive the Monoprice Cat 8 cables across multiple shipments from amazon today. The first swap I decided to employ was replacing the AQ Diamond going from my Pakedge Switch to my Sonore Optical Module. Things definitely got more livelier......I also felt there were more subtle detail’s being resolved. The AQ cable seemed dull and lifeless when I did a comparison. Things did get a bit edgy here and there, hoping some burn in will take care of that. The next thing I did was replace a generic cable and a AQ Diamond cable both of which also fed 2 Mac Mini’s via a Pakedge Switch; one for my Roon Core (Server) and the more powerful one for HQ Player functionality. This had more of an impact on the overall soundstage and presentation. I’ve yet to replace the Verizon ONT/Modem/Eero feed’s as of yet. I also plan on running CAT8 from my Cisco Switch to both Pakedge Switches as well. I should have plenty of burn in on these cables by the time I receive my etherRegen. Already thinking about a second ER but at the same time it might be nice to swap out the MacMini’s with a i9 Sonic Transporter.
  10. I was also considering the Ghent JSSG360 Ethernet cables as well as the Phasure ET^2, all of which are quite a bit more costly. May ultimately try one or the other in key spots. We.ll see.... Pretty much moot until I get my ER....
  11. I think Jesus said it was going to be a new SD Card as the file was too big to push across the SO Interface. Looking forward to the update/upgrade. Mike
  12. Don’t have my ER yet, ordered 5 of these to substitute for AQ Vodka & Diamond. They will replace Vodka’s that go from Verizon ONT to Verizon Router and from Verizon Router to Eero Pro. The Diamond’s go from Pakedge Switch to Sonore Optical Module and from a Cisco Switch to a Mac Mini that runs HQ Player. I have another Mac Mini that I run Roon on, I missed that one. Will have to do a few more. I won’t have my ER until Feb. The question is do I hang on to the AQ cables to do a comparison? All devices pertaining to my main audio system are now covered...
  13. Lower Price....$150 including Shipping and PayPal. Continental US Only....
  14. Lower price to bring this more in line with another ad for a Regen that sold earlier. New price is $160 including shipping and PayPal. Note this includes the SBooster Ultra which is a $95 upgrade. Thanks......Mike
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