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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, Just looking forward to spend max $150 if I get a DAC/Amp to get better sound from Audio Technica M40x. I currently use FiiO E10. Please throw some suggestions. Regards.
  2. I have spent most of this year playing with my system trying to simplify and get it "right" (for me). I have been testing Amps, DACS, servers, power supplies, USB cleanup, cables, WHEW. Almost all of the changes I have made are at least different, sometimes good, sometimes yawn, and just a couple of ooooh NICE. ?. One of the larger improvements has been the Ayre AX-5 Twenty integrated amp. I have been fortunate to be able to test several DACS over the last year. The two Brooklyns, the CODEX, the Mojo, and a Meridian NADAC. The overall system design has been simplified with the Small Green Computer Sonic Transporter i5 setup in the office/computer room as the Roon server. Nothing fancy on the network right now it just goes to my 24 port switch. In the music system I have simplified using the Sonore ultrarendu but I have it powered by an UpTone Audio JS-2. The UR is connected to the DAC and the network with short Transparent HP USB/Ethernet cables. (will see what UpTone does with Ethernet cleanup later. Note I have an ISOregen but it is not in the system right now, again more later! Yesterday my Yggdrasil DAC arrived and I pulled the loaner CODEX from the system and installed it. (sorry Schiit I did use a Transparent HP power cord). Of course I had to listen for a bit. And YEP it was different from the CODEX, it was "interesting". When my son got home from work today he listened for about 2 hours. (Yes it is not warmed up yet, let alone broken in). After about an hour we both declared that this DAC is better in my system than any DAC we have tried this year. One album just sounded wrong on on the Brooklyn DAC+, and not great on the CODEX is the new release from Joe Ford "Colours in Sound" (Tidal has it). After listening to the album my son declared that the Yggdrasil made the album sound RIGHT! Now this is just a short report and is not conclusive but : Schiit Happened to me and I am happy about it. RJF
  3. The Hubbell outlet did a couple of things on my system. First the bass response on the system improved there is more extension and there is more precision. It also improved the sound stage making it a bit larger! The original outlet was a standard contractor grade home outlet. Note that in these pictures there is no separate ground wire the EMT in the home acts as the ground. In the second phase of my testing I changed to a different wiring scheme That I will discuss in another post. Also note that the original wiring is a pass through to the next outlet in the chain of outlets in the room. Here is a link the the catalog so you can pick the model and style you like from their catalog: Bob Here are some "poor" pictures of the install.
  4. Equipment: macbook air(solely dedicated to audio) audioquest dragonfly kimber cable 8TC Richard Gray power conditioner Dynaco ST-70 Angrstrom Image speakers Looking to upgrade from the dragonfly. I know there's lots of options and i'm learning about 'synergy' between equipment. Considering what i've got are there rec's for a dac in the $300- 500 range? I tend to buy used equipment (usually pretty good at weeding out the riff raff. . .ha!) With that said, i can be swayed to buy new if with something like a DAC it's not with the risk used. All suggestions and references welcomed. Thank you!
  5. Hi everyone. I tried to find an answer to my question searching the forums but could not. I have fallen behind my hobby in the last 4.5 years and computer audio has moved on considerably. The last time I shopped around and felt like up to date, there was no Roon and no Microrendu, no HQPlayer. It was mostly about Jriver, Jplay and AO. And definitely linear power supplies. I’m willing to upgrade what I have in hand and I’m very confused. I will very much appreciate if you can help. Please do not recommend me to do years of reading. Help if you can. Digital side of my setup: 1. Dual boot Single PC CAPS V3 Zuma (Intel i7-3770T / Intel DH77EB Micro ATX / SOtM tX-USBexp / SOTM Sata filter / Streacom F5 / 128gb SSD only for OS) 2. Powered by 3 rail Paul Hynes linear power supply (Motherboard, SOTM, SSD) 3. Dual boot: a. Jriver19 on WinServer2012R2 AO1.26 Core – strictly audio b. Jriver20 on Win10 – audio, video, family, ease of use… 4. Meitner MA-1 DAC 5. Synology NAS – where all audio(/video) files are Now the hard part, I would like to upgrade my hardware to venture into more resource intensive software like Dirac and/or HQPlayer. My idea is to upgrade the CPU, motherboard and memory cards and stick with the rest (case, ssd, sotm gear and the power supply). I really need video capability, that’s why I have the dual boot currently. Does this make sense? I already have a brand new CPU in hand, i7-7700T. Can you recommend me a motherboard? Preferably microATX to stick with the former CAPS v3 design? Or am I being foolish? This route will ignore the MicroRendu trend, right? Spending all that money for new mobo, memory etc I could very well get myself a MicroRendu. Am I sacrificing too much for that friendly video capable win10 boot for family? Is there a way to have best of both worlds? Your guidance will be most appreciated.
  6. I have the über Bifrost and now see one can send it to Schiit for the Multibit upgrade. Has anyone done this and, if so, what are your impressions?
  7. Hello, I'd love to know what, if anything, I could do to improve the audio quality of my setup. Not that it doesn't satisfy currently, but, you know, with the addiction and all...I'm just curious if there are any obvious places where I could look to improve. What could my upgrade path look like? Here's how I listen to music: 1) Rip the CD to FLAC using Max 2) Put the files on an off the shelf Buffalo something or other wireless NAS that has DLNA built in 3) Connect the NAS to an airport extreme 4) Connect a separate airport express to my Marantz SR7005 via LAN (The Marantz reads the NAS off the network) 5) Take the digital optical out of the Marantz into a Rega DAC 6) Rega DAC RCA out to a Primaluna Dialogue Two integrated tube amp 7) Out to a pair of Quad 22L2 floor standers and a pair of REL R205 subs Any weak points in the system? I'm not really looking to swap out speakers, I'm more thinking about the source and signal path. Are there better ways of doing this? My computer and NAS are in a different room and I need to keep it that way. I don't know much about digital audio...I always thought it's ones and zeros, sound is either all there or not, but apparently there's other factors at play... Any suggestions? Thanks a million!
  8. Hello. I am new to the forum. I just picked up the Rotel and I am quite impressed. I was wandering if anyone else is using this DAC. It substantially betters the Schiit Bifrost I had prior. I am also looking for tweaks and USB cables. I currently have an Audioquest Carbon but the difference is negligible vs my Media bridge cable. Upgrades I am considering are the Totaldac USB cable/filter or IFI USB power. I am currently running channel d pure music from a 2009 Mac book pro. thanks in advance!
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