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Found 6 results

  1. I've just completed the process of putting together a dedicated machine to run Roon + HQPlayer. I'm upsampling everything to DSD 512 (which I feed into a T+A DAC 8 DSD). The OS is W10 (Enterprise) and I've already removed a lot of applications which I will not be using (like One Drive, Skype et al). In this context, and while I'm in awe with the SQ, I would like to get the last drop of performance and Fidelizer or Audiophile Optimizer seem to be the most widely used options. Which one do you think will work best with W10? Thanks!
  2. On my server I realized some improvements: I am using the Pachanko USB Iteration cable, now. My cable I had before, I thought, that this one is really good. But the Pachanko is even better. The stage is more realistic and the sound becomes warmer and fuller. I bought the Mutec Ref 10. Only in the combination with the Mutec MC3-USB the sound quality improves. The rhythm section really plays on time, now and the sound stage sounds even more realistic. The Mutec Ref 10 has a lot of more outputs and I wanted to use. SO I replayed my SOTM clock and bout the SOTM SCLK-ex with the external master clock option. I connected the Mutec Ref 10 to the master clock output. Inside the servers I am using three outputs of the SCLK-ex to connect with the mainboard, LAN and the USB card. The sound quality even improved much more. It feels like live music or being in a concert hall. O am planning to buy a DAC with 10 Mhz Clock input. Unfortunately these DACS are rare. Mutec will develop a DAC with such an input. I am really looking forward to test this DAC.
  3. Hi everyone. I tried to find an answer to my question searching the forums but could not. I have fallen behind my hobby in the last 4.5 years and computer audio has moved on considerably. The last time I shopped around and felt like up to date, there was no Roon and no Microrendu, no HQPlayer. It was mostly about Jriver, Jplay and AO. And definitely linear power supplies. I’m willing to upgrade what I have in hand and I’m very confused. I will very much appreciate if you can help. Please do not recommend me to do years of reading. Help if you can. Digital side of my setup: 1. Dual boot Single PC CAPS V3 Zuma (Intel i7-3770T / Intel DH77EB Micro ATX / SOtM tX-USBexp / SOTM Sata filter / Streacom F5 / 128gb SSD only for OS) 2. Powered by 3 rail Paul Hynes linear power supply (Motherboard, SOTM, SSD) 3. Dual boot: a. Jriver19 on WinServer2012R2 AO1.26 Core – strictly audio b. Jriver20 on Win10 – audio, video, family, ease of use… 4. Meitner MA-1 DAC 5. Synology NAS – where all audio(/video) files are Now the hard part, I would like to upgrade my hardware to venture into more resource intensive software like Dirac and/or HQPlayer. My idea is to upgrade the CPU, motherboard and memory cards and stick with the rest (case, ssd, sotm gear and the power supply). I really need video capability, that’s why I have the dual boot currently. Does this make sense? I already have a brand new CPU in hand, i7-7700T. Can you recommend me a motherboard? Preferably microATX to stick with the former CAPS v3 design? Or am I being foolish? This route will ignore the MicroRendu trend, right? Spending all that money for new mobo, memory etc I could very well get myself a MicroRendu. Am I sacrificing too much for that friendly video capable win10 boot for family? Is there a way to have best of both worlds? Your guidance will be most appreciated.
  4. I've been streaming audio for about four years now. Until recently I was using a variation on a C.A.S.H. server running Windows 7 and various versions of JRiver. That computer died and was replaced with an Intel NUC i3. running Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit. I'm looking for advice on using the various OS modifying software. What works best? In the two computer mode do both computers have to be dedicated to the audio system or can the control computer be any other machine on the network? Does OA improve the sound even after JPLAY is installed? Are there other software packages to consider. Thank you to anyone who can shed some light on this for me. Beowulf
  5. Hello, I hope somebody can help me with the following problem. I have a two PC setup, one Control PC and one AudioPC. The ControlPC is on Windows 8.1 and only running RoonServer. I had my AudioPC also on Windows 8.1 and only running RoonBridge, but decided to change to Windows Server 2012 R2 to further improve the sound quality by using Audiophile Optimizer. The installation did go OK with only an .INF-file I had to change to get the driver for the network adapter (Intel i217-V) accepted. But after running Audiophile Optimizer at the last part when Windows is doing the changes I get the message "We couldn't complete the features, Undoing changes". Audiophil pointed out that this was a Windows problem, perhaps it could have something to do with a component store corruption. I did run the command to repair this and got the message that the repair was successful. Unfortunately the message "We couldn't complete the features, Undoing changes" remained. Any suggestions on how to solve this? Your help is greatly appreciated.
  6. i am tryng to test amarra with the object of install over it tidal app, and going to optimize with AO and fidelize , using windows 10 enterprise . is necesary to buy a licence to amarra for tidal to test it before purchase ?my intention is to set amarra app as shell and get the best sound possible from bothoptimizators. as a new be any comments should be very appreciated- wilfredo
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