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  1. In my systems design with a NUC endpoint and a custom built Xeon server I have found that Euphony sounds best to me.
  2. I have more to test. I am going to narrow the matrix down and I am going to put the endpoint on WiFi. I will be skipping the Squeezelite testing where I am using Euphony OS as their StylusEP outperforms the rest.
  3. This thread has turned to something different for me. It has turned into a mission to standardize my setup for simplicity. I have been refining my systems design over the past few weeks and both AL and Euphony have been providing regular updates. Everything is now working as I want it to. Here is a quick outline of the system cleanup and testing I have done to prepare for the shootout. My home network is now on all Ubiquity Unfi hardware. The 24 port switch has two fiber ports. One port connects to my server, and the other connects to my endpoint. The FMC devices are connected powered linear power supplies. I have upgraded Ethernet cables from the FMC to the end devices. Both AL and Euphony can now use WiFi and appear stable. I have a dedicated SSID for the system that only broadcasts on 5Hgz. I have conducted multiple tests over the last couple of weeks, and I cannot hear a difference from my server when it is bridged and directly connected to the endpoint. I think that the switch may have made a difference. I had previously tested my NAS vs. External HD over USB. After an evening at @johnseye and listening to his system with the USB upgrades, I see that there is a possibility here to improve further. As of now, the NAS is where I am keeping my music. I have not been able to hear a difference in my system. I have both Fiber and Ethernet cables running from the basement to the living room. I can boot AL from USB and run in RAM on my i7 NUC endpoint. The 32GB Optane card in the endpoint is where I have Euphony installed. The endpoint can swap simply between OS and audio software. The server is “fixed,” it is running Euphony and Roon server. The server has bridging turned on as needed. I have a set of three tracks I am using to evaluate these configurations I went through all the tracks multiple times with each setup. I can swap systems designs using a Web Browser on my iPad in the listening chair. The average swap time is about 40 seconds. The Tiebreaker for me is between dual system Roon w/StylusEP on the endpoint and single box Stylus. Today after about three hours of listening pointing me to the dual system as best I found that taking a 2-hour break and then coming back to listen to track "Artifacture" by BT on his untitled album. Just listen to the segment from 6:00 to about 7:00 a couple of times. If I had never built the server and had been running a single box system I could have been satisfied. I have not gotten to endpoint re-clocking, I am not using my TLS switch. I am sure that I could optimize AudioLinux further. Here is my current status: SW for endpoint Notes "Results" AudioLinux V 1.3- menu 118 ramroot, boot extreme,operate extreme Roon Bridge I used to think this was great SL Default This told me that Roon Bridge is not as good as it could be SL w Large Buffer Not tested yet Euphony Running 3.0 the 0520 release Roon Bridge This is better than the AL setup. more space, depth. SL Default This takes us up a couple of notches, the depth and "blackness" improve. SL w Large Buffer Not tested yet Stylus EP The stage opens up the music is expansive and there is much more detail. This is still the best I have done BUT have not spent enough time on the standalone setup. Stand Alone Testing I do not pay attention to this to start with... I should have. Roon Skipping for now. Roon +SL Skipping for now. Roon +SL large Buffer Skipping for now. Roon + Stylus EP I am having a very hard time telling the difference between this and Stylus! Stylus This is very close to the dual box, but I still fall behind on expanse and depth.
  4. The folks over at Headd-fi have been chasing some really interesting amps and stuff from small vendors in China. I have heard some great reviews. I am really happy with my Schiit LYR3. Another area of nervosa. Tube Rolling...
  5. Sorry if you mis-understood my mentions. Very Very few people have the desire or skills to build, setup , install a many of these systems. Let alone understand what a SAN (Storage Area Network ). Is I am sorry that you mis-interpreted what i wast talking about. I intend no harm no foul. You have been here a long time. and You appear to CARE. That is GREAT. Please keep that up. I can only comment on what I have heard. I have owned two models of Sonic Transporters, a microrendu and and UltraRendu, and the SOTM trifecta. They have all been moved along as I try for whatever I am looking for in sound quality. The engineer in me says that the server should not make a difference, but to my ears it does. If you are in the Chicago area some time I would love to have you listen to what I am hearing. I agree that Innous has servers that are more expensive than the gear from Small Green Computer and Sonore. I really do not know if they sound better. I have not had Innous gear in my system as of yet. As I said I cannot calculate value to the user and I cannot calculate the costs of doing buisness for any of these companies. I know that my business could not do what Andrew or Jesus do for the prices they sell gear for. There is a LOT of value there. I want to agree to disagree that there is not more room for folks to build digital music playback gear. I feel there is. There is so much more we can improve it is WONDERFUL to see this segment grow. So with apologies to you for my words that may have offended. None was intended. Sometimes the written word does not convey meaning well. Bob PS can you show us what you found, the suppliers, costs. etc. It is of interest. Where to buy and if you have the time how to buy>. If you are so inclined setup a group buy??? This sounds a little like the CAPS system from a few years ago.
  6. How is your HD connected? Try USB in an external enclosure with an LPS lead powering it. Thanks @lmitche for that tip! I was listening ant @Johnseye system and we found that the HD connected as above to his Roon Server sounded better than the NAS. I think we are starting to get the computer noise down.
  7. Update today from Euphony that fixes the WiFi setup issue where you lose software license and go in-registered. I am testing now but it seems to work. I can now do more with my Shootout.
  8. There is a new release of Euphony today that fixes the issue where running WiFi only caused the machine to lose licensing. I have updated to that release and I will proceed to the testing with WiFi. I have my spreadsheet updated and will put that on here somehow.
  9. Paul, Since you quoted me I will outline a couple of things. I do not know what the guy in the video sells, it does not impact my thoughts here. I agree that there is stuff out there that is way over priced. Value is hard to determine. In my opinion the video was put out to create noise and draw attention to the author. It may have been done with some spite? I do not know. I feel that it is short sighted to do things like that. I do not know what you found in your research, but like the video it appears to hand wave over the whole package of running a company and building a “system”. I know what it takes; I run my own company and I have worked elsewhere that build systems. As one example I worked at Motorola where we built specialized computer systems for our customers. It is not just buying a bunch of hardware from China and boxing it up for sale. A 2 to 1 price vs cost is a short trip to bankruptcy. I have built my own server and endpoint and they are documented here. (see my “from 0 to” threads). The cost for that hardware is a lot higher even if purchased at wholesale. My labor is “free to me” not others. The software in my system is not free and I am paying, through licensing for that. There is a lot more. How do you account for the research labor time or experience. My rough estimate of my hardware purchases is around $7000 (retail) and software is around $1100 (retail). My time is not included. You have posted over 13000 items on the forum, I assume that you care. If you can build, ship and support a product like Innous or the fancy chair, please do so and help the rest of us out. Get us a better product for less. Teach us how to do that. Add to the value, PLEASE!
  10. I was trying to connect direct I did not scroll down to find stylus EP! My bad.
  11. I am trying right now with Roon Core running on the single box. The only output device I can run is roon. I cannot run squeezlite or stylusEP. Yes i have the squeezelite "switch" turned on.
  12. It does not work. My USB Device is disabled. Took logs and screenshots and sent them off for review.
  13. It is my understanding that there was a problem with the last build that sometimes the WPA supplicant would not install. It is my understanding that here is a fix coming for this.
  14. Thanks for that. Very interesting. I will be doing the Roon+stylus_EP vs Stylus testing on my NUC shortly.
  15. It had a problem but then worked. Another build shortly. It was not always installing the supplicant
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