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  1. My Heavenly Soundworks 517 speakers do not have USB in, so no I have not compared.
  2. I have listened to many different streaming systems. The OS on the streamer, the Power Supply on the Streamer, The power cords, and lines all effect things.. I have reviewed several commercial systems Such as the Volumio Primo, the Allo USBridge Sig. I have built custom servers, I have had a custom server built for me! My current "best so far" system is a combination of the Aurender N100SC connected with fiber network (Sonore optical module to my Ubiquity network gear). Using Puritan Audio Laboratories Ultimate AC cords (two, from the wall to the PSM and from the PSM to the A
  3. Hello and welcome to AS! You are asking a rather wide open question so help me target this a bit more. What do you want the screen on the "streamer" to do.? It looks like you are using LMS as the music server system? Which chain are you talking about updating? Which DAC is in in that chain? What do you use for controlling the playback? Phone/Tablet/OS? Bob
  4. When you get setup give Audirvana a trial. It is pretty darn good.
  5. I cannot compare it to something I did not have!
  6. Chris, I have listened to a couple of them twice and I have missed a couple so the directory helps. I am SURE you need a break as this is a lot of work! It has been very enlightening to hear how each of these companies and people see their own fit in the world of audio. Their individual driving forces were brought out into the light! Thank you. Bob
  7. I use DBPowerAmp for ripping on the Mac. I have an external powered ASUS drive I use for ripping CDs
  8. You might be VERY surprised VERY! Spend some more time around here, go listen some more. You can watch some videos from: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR4tuhqPppVp-PD0q17sPEA and much more.
  9. Direct from the "horses mouth" : Jack Yamazaki. Tachyon Limited. The SDTrans384 OS is coded in assembler. All music playback is performed by the FPGA without going through the OS. Therefore, it is not affected by OS interrupts. The OS controls buttons such as PLAY and STOP, SD card recognition, LCD display, and other functions other than music playback. When the PLAY button is pressed, the FPGA reads the signal from the SD card and outputs it to S/PDIF or HDMI independently. The standard clock for the SDTrans384 was the NZ2520SD, but the current version uses the NZ2520S
  10. Wikipedia has a reasonable page on this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transport_(recording) There is no D to A or A-D on the recording side.
  11. Patrick, Everyone has different feelings about sound and system operations. I am very glad that you are happy with what you are listening to! And if nobody welcomed you to the forum, I will. Welcome, enjoy the banter here, but most of all enjoy your music listening! Bob
  12. I have been reading that thread. It is wild, and fun. I do not think i am up for that! I have two transports on order to play with, the SDtrans384 and the MPD-2.
  13. I will look into it. The website shows drawings of all of their gear no real pictures..... Thanks
  14. Ordered it today. Now i am looking for some SLC SD cards for it
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