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  1. Mike, There are a couple of things that confuse me with your described issue. If you go back to the standard power supplies on your router devices does that solve some of your issues? There could be some sort of issue with grounding, or something else.. That said I would suggest that you toss the mess out and start over. Wifi Extenders are terrible. I am a HUGE fan of Ubiquity UniFi hardware. There is a process to selecting the right gear from them. Install is very reasonable. It sounds like you have a a recent cable modem? What Model
  2. The comparison of the Hub vs The G1 has been really hard. I stand by my early results. BUT I have not been able to get a digital path that I can insert the “device under test” properly yet. I still stand by my early on testing that the G1 sounded better. The setup at that time was using Google Cast in the middle of the system to the Hub, it is too much of a black box to me to understand the software path. Now I can try USB to the Altair and USB to the Hub using Audirvana from my MacMini. That should help me feel better about A.B testing..
  3. Along with running Roon as an alternate to the Lightning DS system. And, YES it adds more hardware.
  4. @lolligagger Thank you for the response. The detail that Mads passed along to you is very interesting. We can have a long discussion of BlueOS, but for now we do not have it. I am very familiar with speakers that have integrated electronics like the A500. I am downsizing from a pair of Kii Three s+BXT and a pair of Dutch and Dutch 8Cs. (I used to sell audio gear). I think we can both agree that the A500 has a very high price/performance ratio. As I have stated the goal for me is simplicity. There have been multiple roadblocks to that simplicity. The Hanson
  5. You have seen what good cables can do. That is not the core question in my mind. I have the speakers and the Hub and on the “side” have the AURALiC Altair G1 part of the system. The G1 is really amazing for the price. The G1 does double the total cost of ownership of the system. ($1500 in cables, $2800 for the G1 and $600 for 4TB of storage) For me the Question of the Day is Hub VS G1. The similarities between the two are rather interesting. The Hub will be driven by a Mac Mini using a Transparent USB cable until I can get UPnP working right.
  6. I am actually trying an different Mac right now. I will let you know. I CANNOT BELIEVE that I did not try this myself. Lost in so many things.
  7. Peter, thanks for your observations. One of the tests I am conducting here is with the A500's and XLR cables. I have a set of Mogami Gold and a set of AudioQuest Water. The Mogami are around $100 or less and the AuudioQuest are at around $1000. Are the $$ worth it. The same can be said for the Hansong Hub vs my Altair G1. Is it worth it? To replace the Altair I need some computing stuff so it is not only the hub.
  8. My ongoing listening on the A500's Do to re-arranging the Living Room for Christmas. (not my fault) I have had to move the system into a different location. For the work I am doing I cannot have a Christmas tree between the right speaker and my ear. I have flipped the room around a bit to support both. This has changed the presentation a bit in the lower registers of the system.. It will take me a couple of days to sort out speaker placement as best as possible in this setup. The differences are not terrible, they are just different. It may give me more impetus to use the
  9. I said that "I" have a surprise. Not Mads.......🤐😇
  10. First please do not go out and spend money unless you really feel the need. I am interested in how others find any differences.. I have used Mogami Gold cables for audio systems. I have found that Transparent are very good. I am currently using Audioquest Water cables between the Altair G1 and the A500s. I will not argue your research on balanced cables. I have experience that tells my ears different things. MOSTLY balanced cables do a lot to help reject induced noise. That is their purpose on very long runs. On shorter runs in very resolving systems their noise reduction
  11. This is exactly what I was asking. Your Mac mini is the source of your music and you use USB to the Hub! OR through your other system again to the hub. Have you tried the balanced output of the Dave directly to the A500's? I have been using my Altair G1 direct to the A500s with a set of AudioQuest Water cables. How do you have the Mac and Audirvana setup via USB? I am fussing over the volume control not working right. I have not spent any real time figuring it out. I read something in the hub manual about how it locks the volume control on USB so that you can use
  12. How are you listening to the A500? What software? I am REALLY interested.
  13. Very interesting... I do not understand how other reviewers really like this stuff.. Now the ARB-51 speakers are pretty darn good as long as you use their analog input.
  14. Part of this is just the delays in companies getting together and making things work. But I have the feeling that there are other dynamics in play. Sometimes I get really frustrated and this thread is the result of some of that. NAD being a part of the Bluesound "team" might be an indicator there. While I do really like the flexibly of Bluesound there are some oddities there too!
  15. I wrote the review to follow along my 45 day journey. I had a lot of fun with that, and it felt like the right thing to do! That is what surprises are, things to keep you guessing.. I actually did run the room correction. In the time I had available I did not get a good understanding of what it did. I will be going back and working with it some more. I think that part of the problem is IOS14 beta that I was running at the time. I noted that another reviewer was having trouble. I did not want to short-shrift the feature. I switch between using m
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