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  1. When I started this thread just over a year ago, I could not have imagined how far Euphony has come with software updates and more. I think the one thing we have proven is that there is a direction here. Euphony Stylus as an OS and music playback is easy to install, operate and sounds great! There are a lot of permutations that can change how things sound. Keep testing! While I have personally moved to other software and hardware (Sonore Optical Module to the Antipodes CX+EX with Roon) which sounds better to me in my system.
  2. Thanks @austinpop I have a copy of the Stravisnsiki on cassette.. I have to see if I can find it to see who performed it.
  3. Sorry all I have been a bit distracted. I have several customers that needed help and a couple of work projects that take precedence! And well I am also spending this week listening to a Chord Hugo TT2. Thanks to loaner program at https://www.ttvjaudio.com/
  4. @PurpleWarrior Thank you for the review. Your methodology and prose are very enjoyable. When I wrote my review of the Naim Unity Atom, I did not find the SQ entirely up to what I am accustomed to. Yet it provides a similar satisfying feature set and physical presence. The other part of the equation that I find rather interesting is the software side of these systems. How the user interacts with the system can be problematic or can be enjoyable. There are some undertones here that we can watch. To me, there is a trend in some systems designs to build systems that are more forward, sharp, or harsh. One example for me is the difference between the Diamond 2 and Diamond 3 versions of the high-end B&W speakers. I find the D3 models to be harder to enjoy. I have very little exposure to the newer models past that, but what I have heard is progress in the wrong direction for me. This trend reminds me of TVs on display at the local Best Buy, where all the screens are on SHOUT mode. Or some of the smartphones where the color saturation defaults to OMG! Bob PS Thumbs up to Side One of Led Zeppelin IV
  5. If you have been following things, Amazon is changing the flow of goods and materials into and out of their system. They have stopped accepting some kinds of inbound items into their system in favor of the things that we need. In other words TP not NUC☺️ rjf
  6. Chris, I assume that you fed the DAC with the AES from the W20SE? Did you use the Alpha USB from another source? Just curious about architecture. Bob PS thanks for the links to the music!
  7. This morning I finally figured out why I could not make accurate-LSR run to balance the location of my test microphone. The USB devices have to be plugged into the laptop before it boots up so ASIO4ALL works right??? So following instructions now and I got the mic centered, and I took another measurement. Then @mitchco built an updated filter.
  8. I updated the post above with the full range filter.
  9. The curve was sort of matched to the 8c's. We will be testing further.
  10. Here is the first set of curves for the Kii Three's Plus BXT. @mitchco asked me if I was using Subwoofers for this, no this is the BXT. There is a lot of signal down way low. You can see the differences between the two speaker system in the graphs from a couple of days ago. When I look at the Frequency Response graph I wonder if I need to adjust my boundary controls a bit. So the filter is loaded up in Roon. I will try to get some listening time this evening! And continue reading @mitchco's book! Mitch also made a second filter that extends the range down to where the speakers are working in the room. There is a good response of the BXT in the room down to 13hz. I am really happy with the results. Lots more listening to do. Bob
  11. As I am working from home, which is normal for my business, I take time to go listen to music, etc. After about two weeks of listening to the Dutch and Dutch 8c.'s I moved the Kii Three's back into the living room for this next round of listening. Both of these systems are phenomenal, how do I describe them? The Kii Three’s are a perfect Martini, and the 8c.’s are a Manhattan! The Kii’s are clean and crisp where the D&D are robust and full of flavor! I love both! I wonder what Musical Parings are perfect for each system? I found a quote yesterday while studying some of Siegfried Linkwitz's work that seems to fit what I am trying to discover: Siegfried Linkwitz I could add more to Siegfried's statement above, but it is best to just let it stand and settle in! Bob
  12. Continuing “The Journey” First steps into room correction. I as noted before, I am working with @mitchco of https://accuratesound.ca/ to develop room correction convolution filters using the Audiolense software I purchased in order to capture the impulse response of the 8c.’s and room, so that Mitch can do the magic. Here is the first test configuration we are working with using the Dutch and Dutch 8c.’s As Mitch says, we have a pretty ideal situation here. The curves look very good, and the correction is almost textbook. I was taken aback by a couple of things. One is the clarity of some of the vocals I am hearing. I did not realize how much this would improve vocal clarity. Second, the filter has a noticeable effect on the overall volume level because it is subtractive. I think it is about 5db down. Next, I am going to do a mic location balance setup using the log sweep alignment software to align the microphone placement almost perfectly. This procedure is in Mitch’s book, Section 2 C. We will take a couple more measurements and listen to some new filters. Just a reminder that these filters are going into Roon, so it is pretty simple to switch things in and out.
  13. This is the other radio I have in the house. It is now non-functional. It was in the Dining Room. We had a defective dishwasher that leaked in the kitchen, It soaked the floor there and ran under the wall in to the Dining Room. At that time the Radio had been left plugged in and the cloth cord soaked up the water and shorted out. Big mess.
  14. Chris, Thanks for publishing this. I had a lot of fun building the Victrola out.
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