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  1. Jean Michel I have a whole thread dedicated to setup. Short answer is you can boot from USB but I would not do that with sever.. There is a problem with Roon Bridge setup. I do not know the minimum ram.
  2. The current bug is that it does not run roon bridge properly. You can run Squeezelite and that will work. The problem you have is that the unlicensed version will not boot on that NUC
  3. Rick, I would think that it would be valuable if YOU could test this on YOUR systems and validate or invalidate what I am hearing. That would "add to the shared knowledge" in a positive way. In addition, there are many OS variants that are used in audio systems that could be compared. I think that while it might be interesting to develop that list and learn from it, we might not have time to sit down and listen for fun! I started this thread to encourage others to try what I am finding. I really want others to just boot-up Euphony and see if it works for them.
  4. Over the past few days I have been listening to the system and have some observations to report. What I have been doing is swapping between Audiolinux booting to the RAM and Euphony booting from the Optane M.2 stick in the NUC endpoint The endpoint is running Roon Bridge. The Server is running Roon on Euphony. ***As of right now this is hard to do with a configuration problem in Euphony that is patched on my system and should be in the next release. (Bleeding edge) The first track that three of us have observed a significant and immediate difference is "Fanfare for the Common Man" on the Telarc release. The first minute of the track tells us a lot. Running AL the ring of the inital Gong hits are almost recessed. They just do not sound right. Reboot into Euphony and that wonderful ring is there and the decay just lasts forever. The kettle drums are more distinctly presented. Then the single trumpet comes in and it is haunting. Listening to Rodrigo and Gabriela play on their third album is a joy. With Eyphony the edge of the guitars is gone the low and middle registers are much more present. You can listen to the whole album and not feel drained. Ok, we are moving off to a little different world here. Grab "The Sound of Silence" from Immortalized by Disturbed. Play that track all the way through a couple of times on Audiolinux and then listen to it on Euphony. You tell me what you hear! Note: This version is a perfect rendition for our times as was the Simon and Garfunkle original for that time! (The YouTube video is cool too.) Joe Ford is an electronic music artist and there is quite a lot to listen in his works. On the album "Culture" the second track "Distilled" will really show you the differences in the operating systems. Euphony is amazing at playing this one back. When you are done with that track try the first track "Culture" I have to run for now, but one last note. Listen to "Omega" from BT's "Untitled" album. The inital really deep base portion is amazing. The track is long and the second half is very detailed and quiet. Also around the 6 min mark there are a lot of differences to be heard. Stuff is just missing on Audiolinux. Bob PS: Sorry for your Wallet!
  5. Take a look at the SimplyNUC PORCOOLPINE and maybe a SR-4 or the HDPLEX. I am using one output of my JS-2 for this, it is only 12V and there is some evidence that 19V might be better. Look in the "massive SQ" thread.
  6. Have you actually hooked the NUC to the DAC? How does it sound? I am using the NUC in place of my UltraRendu. Now I am only running roonbridge on it. I run roon server on another machine.
  7. @hifi25nl never quits making little changes to improve the headless OS. I think we are at the point now that you can boot the USB stick and create a Roon Server on an Optane or other SSD and never touch the command line! Kudos again!
  8. bobfa


    Take a look at what I did with my server. I have a multi-rail supply I am using. the HDPLEX 200. IS working for me.
  9. bobfa


    I assume that you would use the SSD as Music Storage? You can do that with no problem. Is 1TB enough? I would note that most of the folks playing with the NUC machines are not using any SATA storage devices to reduce potential electical noise injection. I built my own server and it is setup with a USB 3 external drive that is separately powered.
  10. The fans in the Intel NUC cases never seem to shut off. Things get warmer in there than you think. I like what the folks at SimplyNUC have done. I have not purchased one yet. IP address is controlled by the OS. I have not looked at Audio Linux to see how to do that, I use DHCP. Roon has a discovery protocol that it runs on the network to find devices.
  11. Rebuild the USB stick from a new download. Update it to the latest everything. Try again..... I had that happen to be and just did a clean start.
  12. I have started the A/B (wait) test. When I fire up AL it loads into RAM, so the startup is slow. It takes almost 2 minutes I listen and then I shut down, remove the USB stick power up to listen to Euphony. That is about a 30 second gap. Doing this blind is almost impossible. My typical test is to pick a selection of music and listen to 30-40 seconds, then listen again and make the swap and listen a third time. This process is hampered by the swap time. Very slow progress. BUT with a couple of swaps in Euphony is winning in presence, depth, detail, and fullness of the lower registers. There is a precision here I have not heard before out of my system. Progress has been made.
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