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  1. Filkin, Thank you very much. I am continuing to work to update the lead post to show in one place what I am doing. I am playing with NUC as a server right now, so that has been fun also. I will add to the first post some links as I get that part of the project completed.
  2. I deleted the file unique_id in that settings folder on the bridge and everything is working. I did not change it on the server yet. If someone else has this problem remember to fix it on real media if you are running in RAM
  3. Roon audio device issue with two AL machines in the same network. @hifi25nl any ideas? Anyone else? @austinpop I have one AL NUC machine running Roon Core. I have a Sonic Transporter running Roon Core I have a second AL NUC running RoonBridge When the Sonic Transporter is the Roon Core the NUC running roonbridge shows the DAC hooked to the USB port in Roon Audio Settings When the NUC AL machine is the Roon Core the same NUC endpoint does not show the DAC hooked up to the USB port in Roon Audio Settings. ALSO when the two NUCs are running the devices "Connected to CORE" do not show up at all. If I shut down the NUC running roonbridge the "connected to Core" devices appear. This is weird to me. Of note that both of the AL machines are built from the same download of AL and have been updated online. (I should be properly licensed to run two) NOTE: I built a new USB stick today for the roonbridge machine just to test.
  4. I started a thread that has what I think you are asking for.
  5. The Folks I forgot to add the heatsink to the Optane SSD!! Using the pad attach the heatsink to the SSD!
  6. I forgot that.I will add it.
  7. I am looking into having two NUC machines running Audio Linux in my system, server, and a network bridge. Both are running Roon software. Rajiv sent me his document to kick off my idea of taking my NUC network bridge and turning it into a Music server. It did not sound like it would be hard just challenging as I am not fluent in Linux. First I had to upgrade the NUC with an Optane Stick. I purchased a 32Gb stick to install in the Akasa NUC As I showed in the initial build, there are four screws to take the top off of the case. The NUC7i7DNBE has two M.2 slots. The one closest to the board is for the Intel WiFi/Bluetooth radio card. The slot that is further away is the 80mm long slot for PCIE NVME SSD, and it is Optane ready. There is a small screw that holds down the end of the card. Make sure to use proper anti-static precautions here. Remove that little screw. The plug the card into the M.2 slot and replace the screw holding down the M.2 card. Here is the overall picture of the inside of the case with the Optane card installed. I the BIOS I had to turn that M.2 slot back on. Notice that the BIOS shows that there is a card in the slot. Just check the box shown and save the BIOS and exit. It took me some time to work through the process that @austinpop provided. I had to relearn some stuff and LEARN some more stuff. The drive and partition ID scheme is Linux is a bit different that MacOS and Windows. I made a couple of typing mistakes and had to redo a couple of steps! I had a couple of stumbling blocks, but we worked those out. Oh and one email to @hifi25nl when I got desperate, but Rajiv had already solved it! The NUC is setup on my test bench and connected to the network along with a keyboard and display. I did most of the work on my 27in screen iMac so that I could have the document and a shell into the NUC side by side. I found that the nano editor works fine for me but it was not working right in Termius so I just opened the Unix Terminal on the Mac and SSHed into the NUC. I have my music library stored in three places for "safety." My Sonic Transporter has it stored internally, and it is on my QNAP NAS. I setup Roon on the NUC server to access the library from the NAS. Roon is still crunching in the background fingerprinting the music. I have one more step on the bench to complete. I am setting up a network bridge on AL so that I isolate the main stereo endpoint. The NUC server will be on my basement equipment rack with the NAS. Both will be powered by the HDPLEX 200. I will be testing with a couple of network bridge endpoints shortly. MANY MANY thanks to @austinpop
  8. The computer could be a Roon core, mine is not yet setup to do that. I feel that it needs persistant storage so a 32GB Optane “SSD” for storage and then reconfigure Audio Liniux. I have the Optane SSD but I have not done the work to setup Audio Linux or installed it yet. This is on the “bucket” list. I am also looking at trying the endpoint with an internal wireless network. This “might” reduce the need for an audiophile network switch.
  9. bobfa

    New HDPLEX 200W LPS

    Rajiv, My Sonic Transporter i7DSP came with a Dell-branded 90W "Laptop Brick". Here are a couple of pictures. This is my first real test into improving the server and network side of things. **** I am sorely tempted to move the server and power supply into the LR and put a "good" ethernet cable between them or put a wireless card in my NUC. So many options. (but that is not part of this thread!!)
  10. I found that if you start the "purchase" process on the Intel NUC site it shows you places to buy the product. By doing that with Simply NUC you can avoid their up-sell items. I have purchased from SimplyNUC also. The Akasa cases seem to be in low stock. I wonder if we are increasing the demand?? Thanks for sharing what you built and your experience.
  11. bobfa

    New HDPLEX 200W LPS

    I ran the power supply for 24hours on the bench just loaded down with a small NAS and a NUC. I then put the supply on my Sonic Transporter Server. After another day I started listening on the small system in my office and found some interesting changes. This afternoon I was able to "borrow" some time to sit down and listen on the Living Room system. WELLLLLLLL,..... The power supply is worth it to me. It increases the server cost from $2000 to $2500. The whole experience is better. A couple of the BT tracks I use for reference show more detail and are more "open/relaxed". The sound track to The Lord of the Rings; The Return of The King feels more "alive". The choir vocals stand out better. The Billy Boyd vocal sounds more like you are in the hall listening to him sing. The music is more moving. Annie Lennox feels more present singing "Into the West" . It was hard to go back to work. I really like this kind of homework.
  12. Dan, Thanks for the report I am glad your system is sounding better and that it is a lot simpler. Quick question are you using a wired Ethernet connection between the two NUC boxes? In the first part of the post you mentioned Ethernet but I was wondering if you had gone to wireless when you installed the server? Bob
  13. That is great then others can more simply play with that config.
  14. Gsquared, Are going to boot off of the Octane stick and run from RAM? It would be cool if you could document the steps for that so others can duplicate the process. Bob
  15. bobfa

    New HDPLEX 200W LPS

    Quick suggestion. Edit the lead post in the thread and put this info into it.