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  1. Question for those Meitner ma-1 v2 owners with Roon on WinServer2016: Did you have to tick the 'work around drivers that misreport device capabilities' option under the Wasapi device setup settings ? Unless I tick this option, I do not see bit-perfect support for PCM352.8khz, PCM384khz and DSD128 for Wasapi.
  2. Tx. Will post here once I have a proper solution.
  3. Have you guys seen what's new in the box? Could you please check with your dealer? In my case, the only change with my MA-1 will be the rectangular blue digital board. The red analog board, the square blue digital board and the power supply stay untouched. I hope below image from 6moons review of the MA-1 V1 will clarify what I am trying to tell: Is there a way to check what my firmware version is?
  4. Need help here. I m trying to install SOtM sCLK-48 as an upgrade to my existing tX-USBexp card. My case is an HDPlex H5s (1st gen), it's very similar to the Streacom F5. My motherboard is microATX size and I have one SSD in the case. The good old CAPS v3 Zuma setup. Is there anybody out there who has accomplished this? Comments? Recommendations? Any pics?
  5. Similar experience here. I have a 3 rail SR7. Always on. Never very warm.
  6. I installed Server2016 GUI version and made Jriver22 and Roon work with no problems, only to find that I can not switch to core using AO ServiceTool like I did with Win2012R2. Yesterday night, I tried to clean install Server2016 Core and failed miserably. I could not even install the ethernet adapter. With the GUI device manager, life was easy: I just chose Intel i219-LM instead of i219-V from the list and it worked fine. Other drivers were even easier to find, most of them were updated to the most recent version with Windows Update anyway.. In Server2016 core, I cannot even see what drivers I am missing in addition to the ethernet adapter.. Please help..
  7. Hi Phil, I need your help. I hope this is a right place to ask: I finally upgraded my single audio PC setup. I prepared a triple boot. Win10 family friendly. 2012r2 and 2016 both in core and AO, audio strictly only. Most probably I will ditch one once AO is fully integrated with 2016. I am an old-time fan of JRiver, actually have not really experienced anything other.. I would like to first start out on AO2012r2 with Jriver and will definitely try Roon+HQPlayer immediately after. Now comes the question: Can they co-exist? Can I just exit one and start the other during the test period? Or do I have to reverse everything back from a backup image to try the other option? Any tips or recommendations regarding the installation steps etc would be most appreciated. By the time I make up my mind with the player software, I bet AO 2.20 and 2016 will full on and I will make a clean switch there
  8. I see only i3 and not i7 on the website but will try to find a local Supermicro dealer and ask..
  9. That's exactly what i will do. My experience with the Intel DH77EB motherboard + i7-3770T and WinServer 2012 R2 core mode has been great. I hope to get lucky again..
  10. Thanks Bullwinkle for the Supermicro suggestion. It looks like it will not support i7-7700T. I already have the CPU in hand and will try to find a mobo for it. It looks like the only problem is the ethernet driver and I believe I can find a solution for it.. I will stick to my short list. And yes, it s a great name for a new thread :)))
  11. Thanks everyone. I was about to purchase the Asus H270M Plus. It has the Intel I219-V and this is not supported by neither 2012R2 (which I have) nor 2016. It looks like hardly any of the new z270/h270 boards are supported by Windows Server 2012R2 or 2016.. This is crazy. I could not find out the LAN detail for Gigabyte. I will look into it..
  12. Will these new mobos and cpus get along well with the WinServer2012?
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