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  1. This is a prototype of a music server that I showed in Munich last year. There have been new developments since then which will delay the music server. Regarding smaller endpoint device, I've been working on it for quite some time already - designing a computer from a scratch is a complex project... Regarding 5ppb oscillators - these are small these days, you will see. Anyway, this is OT discussion.
  2. Windows will load the drivers automatically, but I recommend installing the drivers from intel. The drivers from intel are also available for Linux
  3. I think that some settings can be adjusted, but I can't provide detailed instructions as my experience with linux is limited.
  4. Current JCAT NET & USB Cards will not be updated / replaced
  5. Thank you! No extra cost - Emile used the original Telegaertner cables that come with the switch The extra cost is if one needs more than 2 cables. Regards, Marcin
  6. Correction: these are my cables with Telegaertner GOLD connectors. The M12 SWITCH GOLD comes including 2x Telegaertner cables with M12 X-Coded connector on one side and Telegaertner Gold RJ45 on the other side. These cables cost 700EUR / piece.
  7. Yes, that was a tease 5ppb - no more details for now, sorry Regards, Marcin
  8. Hi Paul, I did, but I don't think many customers would use it. I have sth better in the works. Please stay tuned till March Regards, Marcin
  9. Emile of @Taiko Audio just posted a comparison between swtiches including the m12 switch gold. Link to the comparison: https://www.whatsbestforum.com/threads/taiko-audio-sgm-extreme-the-crème-de-la-crème.27433/post-625209 Here is the latest review of the m12 switch gold on YouTube by Pursuit Perfect System: And here is the lastest customer testimonial: https://www.whatsbestforum.com/threads/m12-gold-switch.29842/post-620363
  10. For now I can only say that it's a true linear PSU (no switching power supplies anywhere) with two independent galvanically isolated DC outputs each capable of delivery up to 3A of load. For more information please wait for the official release in February. Yes, but not sure if I mentioned hd-plex or this. Optimo 3 Duo is a proprietary design of JCAT and is Made in Poland. Regards, Marcin
  11. I'd recommend you to wait until next month for the JCAT Optimo 3 Duo LPS, at least to see what the features are. Best regards, Marcin Ostapowicz JPLAY & JCAT Founder
  12. In my opinion and my experiences with fiber optic connections this is not the best way to go in terms of sound quality, so I'm hesitant to introduce SFP in the NET Card Happy New Year! Regards, Marcin
  13. Actually, if it's not a problem in your scenario, 10Mbit also sounds great, but make sure to set it to full duplex.
  14. I'd check 1Gbit and 100Mbit link speeds - this is the biggest difference. Regards, Marcin
  15. Great post @joelha I agree with you. Unfortunately the disease spread to other areas, not just our hobby, altough I have to admit that hi-end audio is heavily stigmatized - mostly from people who do not understand it nor did experience it. Best regards, Marcin
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