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  1. I think that Xeon is a significant upgrade. You'd have to use a hdplex 400W or teradak ATX psu or some sort of DC-DC converter such as PIco PSU in combination with your Hynes LPS - if the Hynes LPS provides enough current for Xeon. The JCAT USB Card FEMTO really benefits from external PSU. It's a major upgrade, especially with a great LPS such as Hynes. That said, power supply for the motherboard/CPU is still very important, even the DC cables are. Best regards, Marcin
  2. No. Although I'd recommend updating the driver from intel once in a while. Regards, Marcin
  3. 'One thing that’s clear about the JCAT Signature LAN cable – it doesn’t sound like any other Ethernet cable I’ve heard. It’s the most transparent, quickest, and quietest Ethernet cable in my arsenal.' 😊 Link to the full review below https://audiobacon.net/2019/11/02/the-jcat-signature-lan-a-1000-ethernet-cable/ Regards, Marcin
  4. There is a guide I wrote available for all customers who purchased the card. Please send me a PM if you have not received it. The article is not publicly available - it's a free bonus for everyone who purchased the card. Regards, Marcin
  5. There are some QNAP NAS models which allow for installing PCIe extension cards and the JCAT NET Card FEMTO works plug & play in the QNAP NAS. See the picures below Regards, Marcin
  6. Good to hear! Give it a good burn-in (about a week) and it will sound even better. Enjoy! Best regards, Marcin
  7. JPLAY manual is now available in Japanese too: http://jplay.eu/日本語/ Regards, Marcin
  8. Thanks. I hope you will be satisfied with the performance. 1. It has the latest 2.0 firmware 2. If you want to double check, please run the firmware again - it takes only a few seconds: https://jcat.eu/usb-card-femto-gets-a-free-update-to-ver-2-0/ 3. I'd remove all jumpers from the card. Then only the USB chipset and the clock will be powered (no 5V via USB ports) Please let me know if you have any further questions. Regards, Marcin
  9. Exactly. And using a good linear PSU with the USB (or NET) card unveils true potential of the USB connection for audio playback, which some people consider not worth using in a high-end audio system. The full USB chain must be pristine in order to enjoy sound quality at the highest level. Regards, Marcin
  10. Marcin_gps

    M12 SWITCH Magic

    Audiophile network switch.
  11. Version 7d


    JPLAY FEMTO is a complete network music software player for the most demanding audiophile. It consists of JPLAY femtoServer, ultra-light and ultra-optimized UPnP media server & JPLAY FEMTO UPnP Renderer. It supports virtually all audio formats and resolutions including DSD Native (RAW) up to fs256 & DSD DoP up to fs256. It improves sound quality of local library and online lossless music services such as TIDAL & Qobuz (including hi-rez Qobuz Sublime plan).
  12. Hi Kevin, The JCAT USB Card will most definitely improve the sound in your setup if you connect it to Gustard U12 or directly to a USB DAC. If not then you get your money back. Please check for opinions here on the forum, there are many satisfied users. Best regards, Marcin
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