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  1. Hmm, and each card works fine on its own, but not if both are installed, correct?
  2. OK, thank you for the information Have you tried installing the cards in different PCie slots? Please verify if the connection to PCIe slot is firm. Regards, Marcin
  3. Hi Rob, Which PSU are you using to power the cards? Regards, Marcin
  4. Yes, the same chipset. The improvements over NET Card FEMTO are: - OCXO - power supply section - Upgraded RJ45 connectors wiith better isolation properties Regards, Marcin
  5. Most orders shipped on Friday, the remaining will be dispatched today. Regards, Marcin
  6. Cards are here now and we're preparing all orders to be shipped tomorrow. Thank you for your support 🙏 Best regards, Marcin
  7. Gavin wrote in a different topic that the issue was solved with another USB cable. Regards, Marcin
  8. Happy New Year! As auricgoldfinger wrote, The NET Cards XE have just been released from customs. Tomorrow is a public Holiday in Poland, so all orders will ship on Thursday / Friday at latest. Best regards, Marcin
  9. Hello, There is some feedback here: http://jplay.eu/forum/index.php?/topic/3686-usb-enhancer/ Best regards, Marcin
  10. The cards were just shipped to us. I suspect we'll be able to ship all orders next Monday (January 4th) due to New Year's Eve this week. Happy New Year ! :) Best regards, Marcin
  11. Hi Cazzesman, Yes, there is a long burn-in period. I suggest a minimum 48 hours, but the card will improve up to 200-250h Enjoy :) Best regards, Marcin Ostapowicz JPLAY & JCAT Founder
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