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  1. Correct. That's how it works in the latest FEMTO revision of the card.
  2. Correction: JCAT USB Card is not bus powered IF a PSU is connected to the card. Regards, Marcin
  3. I'd also try bridging both ports on the NET Card. Regards, Marcin
  4. Correct, the price is 435EUR and the price includes free worldwide shippng via UPS too. Regards, Marcin
  5. Hi Paul, I called UPS and they will get to me today, but I think it could be some issue in the UPS tracking system and you should receive the package today. I've just received an email from a customer in Japan that there was no movement since last Monday and 5 minutes later he wrote again that the package arrived despite UPS system saying it's still in Poland. I will let you know what UPS says. Best regards, Marcin Ostapowicz JPLAY & JCAT Founder
  6. All orders have been picked up by UPS. You should see tracking updates now in the UPS system. Regards, Marcin
  7. Hello Guys, Just a quick update: both JCAT NET Card FEMTO & JCAT USB Card FEMTO are back in stock and all pre-orders will ship on Monday. Thanks to @romaz & @austinpop reviews there was a huge demand for the cards. BTW - if anyone is in Munich next week for the High End show and has any questions or just want to say hi, please visit Hall 2, Booth E01. I will be there Regards, Marcin
  8. Hello Guys, Just a quick update: both JCAT NET Card FEMTO & JCAT USB Card FEMTO are back in stock and all pre-orders will ship on Monday. Regards, Marcin
  9. I agree. I've done many comparisons and I always came back to DSD256 setting.
  10. Great review, Chris! APL DSD-MR is my reference DAC that I've had in my system for over a year now. Before that I had a previous model, DSD-M, and before that, DSD-S, which started my journey with APL. Each upgrade was a big step up and the DSD-MR is by far the best DAC I've heard. I also prefer the DSD256 & NORM filter setting in my system which is the most natural and detailed to my ears. That said, the DSD128 setting has a bit better trarnsient response and is a bit sharper, but it doesn't sound as spacious. The DAC is very sensitive when it comes to power cords and vibrations. It is worth playing with both to extract the full potential. Regards, Marcin
  11. Plus there are no switching power supplies on the card which means that the effect of your pristine external LPS is not destroyed Regards, Marcin
  12. How to use JPLAY FEMTO with Roon Enjoy! Regards, Marcin
  13. You could also try using internet connection sharing and manual IP config for both ports or running a DHCP server on the port which connects to Lumin: http://www.dhcpserver.de/cms/ Best regards, Marcin
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