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  1. There are still some minor bugs to fix, but otherwise I think we reached MVP and the app will be released later this year. Regards, Marcin
  2. I will copy&paste reply I wrote on jplay forum: JPLAY iOS app will work with JPLAY FEMTO or HQplayer Embedded which also can act as UPnP renderer. The app won't work with Roon even with hqplayer on top Best regards, Marcin
  3. Android version is not planned at the moment. JPLAY app is a native iOS app which is why it works so smooth.
  4. Only Bubble UPnP & Mconnect have full Tidal/Qobuz implementation. Other options will not work with Tidal/Qobuz if renderer doesn't support Tidal/Qobuz. A workaround is using BubbleUPnP server between control point and renderer.
  5. NET Card XE in one of the best systems in the world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ul5zwEJa3cw
  6. OPTIMO nano ELEVATE YOUR COMPUTER AUDIO TO THE NEXT LEVEL. Filter and enhance power coming from computer or so called ‘audiophile grade’ switching power supplies. It will revitalize JCAT cards and allow them to express their full potential. During development of OPTIMO nano we tested many computer like power supplies and we’ve seen noise level even up to 30 – 40 mV. OPTIMO nano drives this into uV range – close to more or less not measurable value. SPECIFICATION: 5V DC / 2A power supply active filter and buffer Designed to buffer and filter typically very noisy 5
  7. Yes - replacement is on the way! Regards, Marcin
  8. "Wow… this is seriously something different. What an immense amount of improved resolution with this new Jcat NET Card XE network card! Unbelievable. We’re not exaggerating when we say that everything just seems tighter. We hear more rhythm and microdetail comes off more easily and gets more of its own place in the whole." 😍 Alpha Audio review of NET Card XE in combination with OPTIMO 3 DUO now available in English 🇬🇧 https://alpha-audio.net/review/review-jcat-net-card-xe-optimo-3-duo-clean-stream/
  9. "Seduced by the intimacy of the JCAT Optimo. The Optimo 3 Duo has a wonderful balance of musicality, dynamics, and sparkle. Not to mention an ample amount of room-shaking bass and a large and deep soundstage." Full review available here: https://audiobacon.net/2021/08/06/the-worlds-best-audiophile-linear-power-supplies/5/
  10. Hi Larry, Can you please check if USB memory stick is detected when inserted to USB card's port? If not then I'd check if 5V PSU connected to the card is OK. Regards, Marcin
  11. JCAT INITIO 3, USB Card XE, NET Card XE and USB+LAN Ground Conditioner reviewed by Hifi Knights: http://hifiknights.com/reviews/sources/jcat-net-card-xe-usb-card-xe-initio-3-2/
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