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  1. ClassicalDJ

    Oppo UDP-205

    It's here: http://oppodigital.com/blu-ray-udp-205/blu-ray-udp-205-Overview.aspx I was sincerely hoping for multichannel pcm/dsd input via asynchronous usb (giving us an affordable alternative to exaSound), but alas. Is the asynchronous HDMI Audio Jitter Reduction feature just a gimmick, or is there something really new here that could improve the audio from SACDs or USB stick over HDMI to my Denon 4310?
  2. One can only hope. I've seen that Oppo plans to release new Ultra HD Blu Ray player(s) in time for the holidays (Sony and Oppo confirm plans to release UHD Blu-ray players - FlatpanelsHD). Even if the price increased somewhat significantly, it would be half the price of an exaSound E28. I'd purchase such an Oppo in a heartbeat, even though I have little interest in the 4k source upgrade.
  3. It appears BIS 5.0 downloads are finally available from eClassical, and at no extra charge for previous purchases! Check them out here: eClassical - BIS. Most of the recent releases are updated offering a surround download, and I assume the missing ones will be caught up with soon. Guess it's time to invest in an exaSound e28!
  4. ClassicalDJ

    Ideas for Intermediary between MacBook Pro and NAS

    I do use JRemote from time to time with my iPhone and it doesn't quite cut it for me with things like multi-tiered browsing (my library is mostly classical and I like to browse by things like composer and genre and year simultaneously).
  5. ClassicalDJ

    Ideas for Intermediary between MacBook Pro and NAS

    I am trying to free up the MacBook for other purposes. Right now it is basically unusable while playing files from the NAS unless I string a USB and ethernet cable (wifi has proven unreliable) across the room. I still have a lot of tag updating to perform on my library and I often do this while listening to music (I know this is shortsighted but I have grown tired of having to hook up the MacBook every time I want to listen to music).
  6. Hello computer audiophiles. I am currently storing my music files (SACD ISOs, 24-bit FLACs etc.) on an NAS (QNAP HS-210). I use JRiver Media Center 20 (for Mac) on my MacBook pro as a media player and connect via USB to my TEAC UD-501. My hope is to stop using my MacBook Pro to run the media player and use it to stop/start play and select songs through the JRiver interface without stringing long cables across the room. My thought is to implement some kind of intermediate PC to run JRiver (Mac or Windows) that I can remotely access and control from my MacBook Pro (if I need to use Parallels or VMWare Fusion that is acceptable). Here is a visual of my idea (I apologize if I am not using the best terminology): TEAC UD-501 DAC ^ ^ usb ^ ^ MacBook Pro >>>remote wifi connection>>> Computer running JRiver >>>ethernet>>> QNAP HS-210 NAS If any of you use this kind of setup, can you provide some examples/suggestions on the optimal way to set it up? Or perhaps you have a better idea that I have not thought of. Thanks!
  7. What is the optimal way to connect my MacBook Pro to my QNAP HS-210 NAS? Currently I am connected via ethernet (thunderbolt adaptor) to a router, which is connected via ethernet to the QNAP. Would it be better to connect to the QNAP directly via ethernet or USB? (My MacBook does have two USB 3.0 ports, so I suppose it would not conflict to use one USB port for the QNAP and the other for my Teac UD-501). If I connect to the QNAP directly via ethernet, would this preclude connecting the QNAP to the internet for remote access? Secondly, should I add a library manually to JRiver or use the one that automatically appears on the library list? I think I need to maintain two JRiver libraries - one for at-home listening and one for headphone listening on the go - or is there a way to connect to my NAS to JRiver via the internet?
  8. ClassicalDJ

    Multichannel DSD with JRiver for Mac/HDMI

    What about converting the Multichannel DSD to 24/176 or 24/88 and then sending over HDMI? I can do this with foobar2000 on my PC, but the proper setting has been elusive with my Mac and JRiver.
  9. Is it possible to use JRiver for Mac to send multichannel DSD over HDMI to an Oppo 103? I keep getting the error that DoP 2.8MHz 5ch could not be started on the output "Core Audio".
  10. ClassicalDJ

    Music Server Solution - Wired or Wireless?

    Thanks firedog for the great information! I'm liking the idea of the QNAP or something similar. My new MacBook Pro (2012 13in retina) does not have an ethernet port, but I suppose a thunderbolt to ethernet adaptor will solve this.
  11. I have just purchased a MacBook Pro (8gb memory, 128bg ssd) and need to setup an external storage system for my music library (currently about 500gb). I have a Teac UD-501, and with my old PC I used Foobar2000,. What kind of external storage device(s) should I consider, and how should I connect to it (wireless, ethernet, thunderbolt, usb)? My budget is about $750.
  12. ClassicalDJ

    Music Server Solution - Wired or Wireless?

    I actually think this thread should have been posted on the disk storage/music library forum. Anyway, I have a MacBook Pro on the way. What kind of external storage device should I use to store my music library, and how should I connect to it? My budget is about $750.
  13. Will Apple's iPad Camera Connection Kit work with my iPhone 4S? My research indicates the kit only works with iPads. If not, is there another connection kit that will work for me?
  14. ClassicalDJ

    Music Server Solution - Wired or Wireless?

    I apologize for my lack of clearness, as I am not very familiar what solutiions are available. Currently I only have a Windows laptop running Foobar2000 plugged into a USB DAC (Teac UD 501). I definitely need a separate solution for storage, but it can be in the same room as long as it is silent (I am going to upgrade my laptop to a MacBook or something else that is very quiet).