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Found 16 results

  1. Hi Has anyone tried the Allo Shanti Supercap Power Supply? https://www.allo.com/sparky/shanti.html It has 2 5V outputs and is a whole lot cheaper than Uptone's UltraCap LPS 1.2 Anyone compared it to that one?
  2. Will a shanti work for these two products https://www.tp-link.com/us/business-networking/accessory/mc200cm/ https://www.djmelectronics.com/gigafoilv4-inline-ethernet-filter.html
  3. 1) I understand in this bundle all power gets through the Kali, there is no way to feed the RPi alone. 2) Is the recommened 5V 3A enough for stable performance? 3) The IPower delivers 2,5A IS that (also) enough? Thanks!
  4. I'm successfully running the Allo Katana V1.2 Player with "Sound Quality Output Stage" option: mounted on RPIB+; a stock 5.1V DC 2.5A USB Micro-B) supply to the RPI; an "audio" 5V 3A USB-C supply to the Katana MC. Compared to the Allo Boss, which I enjoyed very much, I hear much more detail. I'd like to make an upgrade to this setup, and it seems I have at least a couple of choices: install Allo's I2S Isolator; or improve one of the existing power supplies I'm using; or add a 3rd high-quality audio supply. Which of these options (or another, if I haven't considered it here), would yield the most benefit? If it's a new power supply, I would be grateful to be provided with links to an existing product. Thanks! Michael
  5. System: Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Allo BOSS HW Rev 1.5 Power source: linear regulated 5V 20A (Acopian 5PT20FHP) using the USB-C connector to the BOSS. Software: Moode 4.4 The RPi red LED is not steady on, but can be off for several seconds at a time. Voltage reading on the supply is stable. Haven't measured the RPi board voltage. Function is flawless. Sound quality is fantastic. Extremely happy with the system. The RPi/BOSS is behind the cabinet, can't see it, doesn't bother me, so no problem. Right? Using a cheap $3 5V 2.5A SWPS and the RPi USB power connector in the same system, the LED is solid on. Thank you Allo for a great sounding product.
  6. I've been powering my micro Rendu for the past year off the adjustable 9V tap (set to 7.5V) on an HDPlex LPS power supply. I see in window shopping that Sonore recommends 7V for both micro and ultra Rendu so I'm feeling pretty good about buying a better (quieter?) power supply that I can use for now with the micro and later make the upgrade to the ultra Rendu. Has anyone compared the different flavors of power supply, if so for under $1K what are your thoughts, advice? Looking for comparisons please, not owner loyalty statements.
  7. I have a CAPSv3 Carbon (purchased from Small Green Computer). I was looking at the specs for the v4 Pipeline, the HDPlex Linear Power Supply power supply in particular. I was wondering if I could use this to run my Carbon along with my Synology NAS, replacing two power bricks (those that came with the Carbon and the Synology) for better sound. The issue is this: the Carbon motherboard can take 9-19v, with 12v suggested. I would use the 12v output from the HDPlex Power Supply to run the Synology, per its specs, the 9v for the SOtM card, and the 19v for the Carbon motherboard. Is there any harm in doing this? The Carbon does not run for long periods -- usually I power it up one evening a week, or less. But I don't want to shorten its life or anything by running it at the top of its allowable power input. Thanks for advice on this!
  8. Product Details The CLONES POWER STATION LITE is the low current version of the POWER STATION. Provide 3A current output. The good power source can make a huge deifference performance is the fact to admit of no doubt. The POWER STATION built with all discrete components. Ultra low noise but capable to drive the high consumption devices as the CAS, Laptop, NAS storage server… We accept the custom order for the output specification within from 3A and 5V to 12V. Lite Package included: - Custom DC cable - POWER STATION ultra low noise power supply unit * The modification is reversible for warranty issue. * The standard length of the POWER STATION DC cable is 1 meter. Specification Output: 12V/9V/7.5V/5V 3A (Fixed) Weight: 3.5KG Dimensions : 100(W)x150(D)x100(H)mm * 3 year warranty HKD2,990 (USD387) + shipping Price in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) CLONES audio
  9. Long time lurker, first poster. I seek advice/opinion from any prepared to offer it. My system consists of: Music Server(s): e-Machines er1402 Net-top Music Server Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit) Digital to Analog Converter(s): Audiolab 8000ap (via HDMI) Preamplifier: Audiolab 8000ap Amplifier(s): Musical Fidelity XAS100/Sure Electronics DIY 4X100 D class Loudspeakers: Spendor S6 (original front ported model) Interconnects: Ubranded HDMI Van Den Hul RCA DIY RCA Loudspeaker Cables: Tellurium Q Black-front QED silver- centre Unbranded 19strand OFC - rears Power Cables:Unbranded Remote Control(s): Philips Pronto (pretty much only used to control volume/input source on Audiolab) wireless mouse Android Phone/gmote (rarely if ever used) I'm either happy with, (or working on) everything 'downstream' of the Audiolab but I'm very weak on I.T. stuff so I'd like to ask how I can maximize output from the net-top. I'm very keen to keep most of the the functionality of the net-top. I use it for video and audio (HDMI) hooked up to a flat screen tv. I don't have much hi-rez music yet, but I plan to build a collection. Shamefully, most of my listening is done via Spotify, which I use to 'explore' music, which I then buy on cd to play on my Musical Fidelity X-Ray (optical TOSlink-Audiolab). I've discovered that despite the low rez, I really love Spotify as I love listening to stuff which is new to me. I pay for premium spotify and have spent months building up playlists so I'm not really considering MOG as it would be a huge pain to re-create my lists (or would it?). God I wish Spotify would offer a proper high rez option!. Physical media holds no real attraction for me, quality and choice are everything (not necessarily in that order!). I'm assuming that software or power supply changes are all I can do to maximise quality?. Where should I look for replacement power supply's?. Is it possible (and worthwhile?) to disable the wi-fi in the net-top? (I have ethernet). I've read that windows doesn't make the best of audio, but I really can't get my head round Linux etc, so I'd like to do what I can to make the best of Windows. I currently use (and quite like)XBMC for video, and I'm trying to get used to MediaMonkey for audio (can't say I particularly like the interface so far, but early days yet), but could I make better choices?. Anyway, sorry for the lengthy question and thanks to anyone prepared to advise!.
  10. With the introduction of transports like the Allo DigiOne and USBridge, single board computers requiring power supplies able to deliver about 3A at 5VDC or less are becoming increasingly popular as stand-alone music server or as S/PDIF and USB network renderers. Some contributors to these forums have argued that improvements in sound quality that can be achieved by powering single board computers with high quality power supplies. What are suitable high quality power supply for single board computers? Has anybody compared UpTone Audio's JS-2, Custom HiFi Cables' DC3, Paul Hynes power supplies, etc. to less expensive wall wart power supplies like the ifi iPower and the Allo 5V/3A? If so, please, report your findings!
  11. For sale is a lightly used, Yulong P18 Power Processing Center in Black. Selling a very nice, fully-funcitonal, Yulong Sabre P18 Power Processing Center in Black. It has 4 power outputs, including 2 for Digital and 2 for Analog devices. It really provided a noticeable difference in my audio setup in combination with Audioquest Jitterbugs. Yulong P18 Features: Enormous ferrite core, wound with 11 AWG Pirelli wire Vishay 8uf X2 MKP common-mode filter Vishay Sprague Y2 differential-mode filter Vishay transient voltage suppressor used to avoid sudden impulsive signal noise LITTLEFUSE varistor (VDR) used for absorbing voltage surge Double layer parallel wide traces on PCB with 20 oz copper 11 AWG Pirelli wire used for internal wiring Schurter IEC inlet socket Cooper IG8300 receptacles Specially designed aluminum enclosure provides electromagnetic shielding Separate output levels for digital and analog equipment Phase and grounding error LED indicators 10 x 7.5 x 2.5 in (25.4 x 19.05 x 6.35 cm) 5lbs Includes: P18 unit and new 6' power cord. Asking $250. I'll cover PP fees; buyer pays shipping cost
  12. The SBooster Ultra for the UpTone Audio Regen USB Hub is their first switch-mode power supply add on based on active filter technology. Compared to the passive SBooster Single Unit you will get with the Ultra an even greater crispness, tightness, distinctness and focus. Last but not least your Regen will run a lot cooler which has a positive influence on the overall sound quality. The SBooster Ultra upgrade for the Regen is a plug & play addition to your stock supplied Mean Well switch-mode power supply (MW SMPS). The SBooster Ultra uses active filter technology to purify the high frequent ripple and noise of the MW SMPS. Furthermore the Ultra also enhances the poor power characteristics of the MW SMPS completely in order to get the maximum sound quality out of your Regen system powered by a switch-mode concept. With the SBooster Ultra you get high performance, but still economic upgrade option for your Regen. The SBooster Ultra upgrade improves following aspects of the SMPS and Regen: Reduces ripple and noise of the MW SMPS; Improves the stability of the MW SMPS; Lowers the internal power dissipation of the Regen. The SBooster Ultra for the Regen will be delivered as a plug & play device and requires no technical knowledge. The Sbooster Ultra has to be used in combination with your stock supplied 7.5V Mean Well (switch-mode) adapter. This product qualifies for Free Shipping and 5% back in points when you register for Club Ciamara Membership Rewards Program 1.844.CIAMARA (1.844.242.6272) High End Audio Store NYC - Experience Ciamara
  13. All, Welcome the to VR MINI general discussion thread! Last month we began shipping the VR MINI. Here is a link to the MINI page: Vinnie Rossi MINI PURE DC-4-EVR Power Supply http://www.vinnierossi.com/mini/ Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you, Vinnie
  14. Hey there. I have a PS-1 in mint condition for sale with three modules (and cables) included. It's modular design allows up to four devices to be powered at once, and they can even be different voltages. The PS-1 has four power zones in back. Each power zone holds a power module. Each power module can be set to one of four voltages (5v, 9v, 12v, 15v) and can power one device. I bought brand new from Wyred 4 Sound and have used it to power up to three different devices myself, including Chord 2Qute, SOtM sMS-200, and SOtM tX-USBultra. It's bloody brilliant, but I recently sold my sMS-200 and 2Qute, so I really only need a power supply for the tX-USBultra. Retail on the PS-1 with three modules is $700, plus shipping. I am looking to get SOLD $500, asking buyer pay PP fees and shipping. Pics up shortly. Thanks for looking!
  15. Anyone have advice or experience improving sound quality from a nuc? Currently use i5 5425 board, msata ssd, streacom nc1 fanless case (a beauty). --> Purchased a Cooler master 65 watt 9 volt dc adapter. --> Then hrt streamer, marantz 6003, CM5 speakers. Controller via ipad with jriver, music on nas. Sometimes i hear electrical fuzz... Is it worth getting different dc adapter / power supply? Is there a difference with the "front" or "back" usb outputs?
  16. Hi, I am looking for a low noise linear power supply for my Netgear EX7000 WiFi bridge feeding the network player. I need 12V, 2.5A any suggestions?
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